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外研版必修二 Modelule 3 Music Period 1 Introcuction and cultural corner

高一外研版必修二 Period I Introduction and cultural corner ? ? ? ? ? ? Leading-in: Thinking: Discussing: Presenting: Explaining: Checking: 5minutes 10munites 10munites 7munites 5munites 3minutes

Leading-in 5ms P21 What kind of music do you know? Leading-in 5ms 古典音乐 摇滚乐 快板乐/说唱音乐 民间音乐 爵士乐 乡村音乐 交响乐 流行音乐 轻音乐 的士高音乐或舞曲 Classical music Rock (Rock ’n’ Roll) Rap-hop Folk music Jazz Country music Symphony Pop Light music Disco music(dance music) Leading-in 5ms choir合唱队;唱诗班 orchestra管弦乐队 谷建芬 ---A large group of people playing many different Beethoven kinds of musical instruments together, led by a band 乐队 conductor. a group of people who sing together composer/musician作曲家 conductor/director指挥 Leading-in 5ms drum鼓 piano钢琴 lute诗琴;鲁特琴 flute长笛 guitar吉他 violin小提琴 saxophone萨克斯管 erhu二胡 Leading-in 5ms 叶小刚是当代中国乐坛成绩斐然 的作曲家。国际音乐节为中国音 乐家办专场音乐会,这在历届音 乐节中尚属首次。在这场音乐会 中,演奏了叶小刚以中国为题材 创作的四部交响作品《西藏之 光》、《远方的呼唤》、《最后 的天堂》和第四交响曲《长城》。 这些以中国各地不同的风俗和地 域景貌写成的音乐作品,不仅展 What do you know 现了作曲家娴熟的创作技巧、成 about 熟的个人风格,同时更表现出叶 小刚对自己祖国所怀有的一颗赤 Ye Xiaogang? 子之心 。 叶小刚 Thinking 10ms I. Read fast and choose the best answer. II. Read the passage carefully and learn the language points. III. Finish the exercises related to the language points. Discussing 10ms 1.Check the answers and deal with your confusions in groups. 2.Questions: Is it a good idea to mix Chinese and western music?(For very good classes) Presenting 7ms 1. 展示答案时声音要洪亮,思路要清晰。 2. 说明“Answer---我展示,Question---我质疑, Add--- 我补充, Correct---我纠错

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