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四川省邻水中学2016高考英语二轮复习 完形填空选练(1)

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 I’ve always had strong opinions of how love should be expressed, but others had their own ways of showing care. What I 1 most about visiting my boyfriend’s parents is the loud tick of the clock 2 ate our meal. With so little conversation I was quick 4 to go home, his father suddenly

in the dining room as we

to 3 his family as cold. When we got into the appeared. 5

, he began to wash his son’s windscreen. I could feel he was a caring

man through the glass. I learned another lesson about love a few years later. My father often 6 me early

in the morning. “Buy Xerox. It’s a good sharp price,” he might say when I answered the phone. No pleasant 7 This manner of his or inquiry about my life, just financial instructions.

8 me and we often quarreled. But one day, I thought about my

father’s success in business and realized that his concern for my financial security lay behind his 9 I 10 him. 11 . morning calls. The next time he called and told me to buy a stock,

When my social style has conflicted with that of my friends, I’ve often felt For example, I always return phone calls 12

and regularly contact with my friends.

I expect the same from them. I had one friend who rarely called, answering my messages with short e-mails. I rushed to the 13 : She wasn’t a good friend! My anger 14

as the holidays approached. But then she came to a gathering I

15 and handed me

a beautiful dress I had fallen in love with when we did some window-shopping the previous month. I was considered her to be 17 16 at her thoughtfulness, and regretful for how I’d . Clearly I needed to change my expectations of friends. 18 expressions, eagerly expecting them to do 20 other persons,

Far too often, I ignored their things in my love signs. 1. A. remember B. enjoy 19

. Over the years, however, I’ve learned to

C. value

D. admire


2. A. excitedly 3. A. regard 4. A. bus 5. A. Punctually 6. A. visited 7. A. greeting 8. A. interested 9. A. long 10. A. praised 11. A. content 12. A. in order difficulty 13. A. feeling 14. A. disappeared 15. A. opened 16. A. depressed 17. A. uncaring uncooperative 18. A. unique 19. A. opinion 20. A. send

B. nervously B. treat B. train B. Carefully B. interrupted B. meeting B. angered B. short B. remembered B. guilty B. in turn

C. silently C. take C. car C. Proudly C. warned C. apology C. encouraged C. warm C. blamed C. curious C. without delay

D. instantly D. think D. plane D. Coldly D. telephoned D. explanation D. surprised D. polite D. thanked D. disappointed D. without

B. suggestion B. grew B. refused B. upset B. dishonest

C. judgment C. helped C. hosted C. fascinated C. unhappy

D. belief D. declined D. invited D. shocked D.

B. common B. way B. read

C. pleasant C. mind C. give

D. familiar D. life D. express

【参考答案】 1—5 ACACB 11—15 DCCBC 6—10 DABBD

16—20 DAABB

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选 项。

People in communities have slowly been pushed apart through the years, mostly because people simply aren’t taking the time to say a simple “ hello. ” After considering this phenomenon, I decided I was going to My 2 who 3 1 the way I was doing things.

came one morning when I was in the community library. I passed by a girl her books out of her locker. Thinking like most that someone else would 4 because I

help her pick them up, I continued my way. However, when I had to

stupidly forgot my book, I noticed she had just finished packing them up by herself. No one had stopped to 5 her.

“OK,” I thought to myself, “this is where I should have changed.” My best opportunity came a few days later when I saw a man 6 by himself waiting

for the library to open, so I sat down next to him and began a 7 . It was difficult to get started, and even when I had to say goodbye, almost every had a tone (语气) of doubt in it. And who could blame him? People aren’t used to making an 9 how 10 chat with a stranger. But a change, no matter 8 from my new friend

it is needed, doesn’t just happen. It takes people like us to make it

possible. I 11 you to take a small step out of your comfort zone and try to make someone’s day a little brighter. Together, we can really make society come a whole. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. change ) 2. A. trouble ) 3. A. took ) 4. A. come out ) 5. A. please ) 6. A. sitting ) 7. A. discussing ) 8. A. joke ) 9. A. unchangeable ) 10. A. desperately ) 11. A. allow B. explain B. doubt B. dropped B. stand by B. greet B. walking B. lesson B. response B. unprepared B. frequently B. warm C. learn C. wish C. got C. go back C. help C. riding C. report C. cry D. show D. opportunity D. pulled D. turn up D. praise D. running D. conversation D. story D. unfinished D. widely D. advise

12 as

C. unforgettable C. simply C. order


) 12. A. later

B. straighter

C. closer

D. slower

文章大意:本文是记叙文。文章通过作者记叙自己在社区图书馆的经历,来劝告人们通 过尝试与陌生人交流来增进彼此之间的关系。 1. C 考查动词。根据文章,作者在思考了社区内人与人之间距离逐渐疏远这一现象后, 决定改变之前的行为,值得注意的是,后文即对作者的行为进行描述,会发现第三段的最后 一词即为 change 符合前后对应原则。 2. D 考察名词,一天早上,当我在社区图书馆的时候,我的?出现了。可以 通过理解打出答案 3. B 考察动词。对应后文 pick up,可知小女孩之前是将书掉落,选 dropped 4. C 来的地方 5.答案 C。考察动词。前文 someone else 和后文的 no one 对应,所以动作也应该对应, 所以选 help。 6.答案 A。 考察动词。 后文 so 是解题点, 说明作者的动作与男人的动作一致, 故选 sitting。 7.答案 D。考察名词。第 44 题后面一个词 chat 即为本题答案,因此选 chat 的同义词 conversion。 8.答案 B 考察名词。文章说我的新朋友的每?中都显示出怀疑的语气。首先 joke,cry, 和 story 文中均未提及,直接排除,选 response。 9. B 考查形容词。文章说,人们对于一个陌生人并不习惯于进行?的交谈。此句是由 考察短语。根据文意,作者后来发现没人帮助小女孩,说明作者必定重新返回原

前文作者对于陌生人的反应而总结出来的。前文作者对于陌生人的交谈很不顺利,如何开始 如何结束都显得十分困难,因此本题应该选择与困难相近的词,纵观备选项 unprepared 未准 备好的,符合文章。 10. A 考察副词,文章说,无论和陌生交谈方式改变的需要无论是?,它都不会发生。 此题单纯从文章理解比较困难,建议用排除法。frequently, simply, widely 这三个选项均 不是文章讨论的内容,可以排除,剩下答案 desperately 十分,非常地修饰这种需要的迫切 程度 11. D 考查动词。最后一段作者针对与陌生人疏远这种情况,建议人们努力改善,答案

容易得出。 12. C 对应第一段的 apart, 此处应选择相对应的反义词,closer.

完形填空。阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选 项。 “Yes, I’ll be ready at nine. Goodbye, dear, and thanks again.” Mrs. Robinson replaced the 1 and crossed the hall into the 2 . It had not been an easy

telephone call for her to make. Her daughter had been very kind, 3 , and had immediately agreed to help. Since her She had 8 6 4 her up, but Mrs. Robinson 5 to admit that she needed

passed away ten years ago, she had prided herself upon her ___7 .

to live in their little house alone and had refused to go and live with

her daughter. But on this evening, she was standing at her living-room window, “SOLD” notice in the small front garden. Her feeling were was 12 . But at the same time she was looking forward to spending her last sea, __14 in the little sea town where she was born. With the 15 13 near the 11 9 out at the

10 . Naturally she

at the thought of leaving here, as it was full of so many

from the sale

of the house, she had bought a little flat there. Her husband had always been very 16 this house. She hadn’t been 18 17__ here,

but it didn’t mean as much to her as it had to him. lived in the street had it. Next morning Mrs. Robinson 1. A. book 2. A. bedroom 3. A. however 4. A. pick B. data 19

most of the people who

away, and it was this that had made her decide to sell

20 the house for the station in her daughter’s car. C. receiver D. door D. living-room D. specially D. warm

B. dining-room C. garden B. of course B. bring C. therefore C. cheer


5. A. liked 6. A. lawyer

B. hated B. friend

C. tended C. daughter C. talent C. continued C. reaching

D. pretended D. husband D. ideal D. dreamed D. pulling D. mixed

7. A. independence B. future 8. A. moved 9. A. sticking 10. A. blamed 11. A. sad 12. A. pets 13. A. lives 14. A. down 15. A. insurance 16. A. fond of 17. A. funny 18. A. Soon 19. A. fled 20. A. sold B. hoped B. staring B. excited B. hard B. folks B. years B. up B. allowance B. busy in B. lucky B. Shortly B. moved B. returned

C. embarrassed C. pleased

D. delighted

C. descriptions D. memories C. wealth C. back C. reward C. afraid of C. happy C. Recently C. turned C. left D. treasure D. away D. money D. interested in D. unhappy D. Immediately D. traveled D. locked

【参考答案】 1—5 CDBAB 11—15 ADBCD 6—10 DACBD 16—20 ADCBC


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