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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Neither he nor I ________ (be) for the plan. My family as well as I ________ (be) glad to see you. My father, together with some of his old friends, ________ (be) there already. There are two roads and either ________ (lead) to the station. Nine plus three ______________ (equal/be) twelve. Twenty miles ________ (be) a long way to cover. Very few ________ (know) his address in the town. When and where this took place ________ (be) still unknown. I know that all ________ (be) getting on well with her.

10. The rest of the novel ________ (be) very interesting. 11. Our family ________ (be) a happy one. 12. The boy sitting by the window is the only one of the students who ________ (be) from the countryside in our school. 13. More than one answer ________ (have) been given to the question. 14. The students in our school each ________ (have) an English dictionary. 15. The pair of shoes ________ (be) worn out. 16. A professor and a writer ________ (be) present at the meeting. 17. Those who ________ (enjoy) singing may join us. 18. There ________ (seem) to be a knife and fork on the table. 19. Over 80 percent of the population ________ (be) workers. 20. The whole class ________ (be) greatly moved at his words. 21. The wounded ________________ (take) good care of here now. 22. Deer ________ (run) faster than dogs. 23. The police ________________ (search) for a prisoner now. 24. It was reported that six ________________ (kill) including a boy. 25. The United Nations ________________ (found) in 1945. 26. I, who ________ (be) your good friend, will share your joys and sorrows. 27. Between the two buildings ________ (stand) a monument. 28. Laying eggs ________ (be) the ant queen’s full-time job. 29. Peter, perhaps John, ________ (be) playing with the little dog. 30. Many a student ____________ (make) that mistake before. 31. The Arabian Nights ________ (be) well known to English lovers. 32. Your new clothes fit you, but mine ________________ (fit) me. 33. Tom’s teacher and friend ________ (be) Mr Smith. 34. All that can be eaten ________________ (be) eaten up by now. 35. Some person ________ (be) calling for you at the gate.

36. On each side of the street ________ (grow) a lot of trees. 37. The number of the people who ________ (own) cars ________ (be) increasing. 38. No one except Jack and Tom ________ (know) the answer. 39. Nothing but cars ______________ (sell) in the shop. 40. Here is a message of importance to every man and every woman who_____(vote). 41. Politics ________ (be) one of the subjects that I study. 42. ___ already been interviewed. A. A number of applicants have B. A number of applicants has C. The number of applicants have D. The number of applicants has 43. ___ is misused in the sentence. A. A word or two B. One or two words C. One and two words D. Many words 44. There ________ (be) priceless jewellery on display at the exhibition hall. 45. I am the one who________ (be) wrong. 46. Each of the footballers ________ (weigh) over 150 pounds. 47. There ________ (be) a great deal of rice. 48. Half of the material ________________ (take) away by now. 49. The manager or his assistant ________ (be) planning to go. 50. There ________ (be) too ________ furniture in this room. 51. His brother rather than his parents ________ (be) to blame. 52. What caused the accident and who was responsible for it ________ (remain) a mystery to us. 53. To know merely the main facts ________ (be) enough. 54. Watering the flowers and looking after the children _____ (be) all I have to do every day. 55. Each boy and each girl ________ (have) got a new book. 56. American and Dutch beer ________ (be) both much lighter than British. 57. It is not I but you who _____ (be) the first to run to the goal in that competition. 58. Every means ________ been tried since then. 59. One and a half bananas ____________ (leave)on the table. 60. There ___ in this room. A. are too many rooms C. are plenty of rooms Translation: 1. 今年,我有能力可以买的一幢房子。(afford) B. are too much room D .is plenty of room.

2. 他的疾病使他老得更快。(age)

3. 惟有努力学习,你才会赶超班上其他同学的。(Only, go ahead)

4. 我祖父还很有活力,比我们年轻人更活跃。 (alive)

5. 据我所知,只有她能回答这个问题。(only, alone)

; leads ; equals/is 6-10 is ; know ; is ; are ; is 11-15 is ; is ; has ; have ; was/is
1-5 14 题:本句中主语为 the students, 所以谓语动词用复数 have,后面的 in our school each 做 students 的后置定语,不作考虑. am ; are ; has been

16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-45 46-50 51-55 56-60

were ; enjoy ; seems ; are ; were are being taken ; run ; are searching ; were killed am ; stands ; is ; is ; has made is ; don’t fit ; is ; has been ; is grow ; own…is ; knows ; is sold ; votes is ; A ; A ; is ; is weighs ; is ; has been taken ; be ; are…much is ; remain ; is ; are ; has got are ; are ; has ; are left ; D

; was founded

5. 加 plus 减 minus 乘 times/multiply e.g. Five times three is 15. = Five multiplied by three is 15. 除 divide e.g. Eight divided by four is two. 8 除以 4 等于 2

43. a word or two 做主语,谓语用单数 One or two words 做主语,谓语用复数 44. 比较 worthless valueless priceless invaluable

Worthless adj.无用的;不值钱的 Valueless adj.不足道的;毫无价值的,不值钱的 Priceless adj.贵重得无法衡量价值的,无价的;极为有趣的,极为荒唐可笑的 Invaluable adj.无价的,价值无法衡量的 valuable, invaluable valueless, valued 用法区别 区别一: valuable (宝贵的,有价值的)和 invaluable (极宝贵的,极有价值的)并不是一对反 义词, 而是一对意义相近的词, 后者比前者语气更强, 相当于 extremely valuable。 如 : It was a valuable (an invaluable) painting. 那 是 一 幅 很 有 ( 极 有 ) 价 值 的 画 。 Your help has been valuable (invaluable) to us. 你对我们的帮助是非常宝贵的。

注: 在现代英语中, invaluable 通常不用来谈论价格 (price) 或钱 (price) (money), 而是指“极其有用的”(=very useful indeed),即侧重品质而不侧重东西。 区别二: valuable (宝贵的,有价值的)与 valueless (无价值的,没有用的)是一对反义词。 如: This jewellery is valueless; it is made of glass and ordinary metals. 这首饰不值 钱,它是由玻璃和普通金属做的。 The metal looked like gold, but in fact it was valueless [worthless]. 这块金属看起来 像黄金,但实际上不值钱。注: valueless 和 worthless 是同义词,均指“无价值的” 、 “不值钱的” 。

翻译: 1. I am able to afford a house this year. 2. His illness ages him very quickly. 3. Only by studying hard will you go ahead of the rest of the class. 4. My grandfather is still very much alive, more alive than us young people. 5. As far as I know, only she is able to answer this question.



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