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2014-2015学年度高一英语同步课堂 人教版必修4 Unit 4 Body language[配套课件]

Unit 4 Body language

1.curious adj.好奇的;求知的;古怪的 be curious to do sth.渴望去做某事 be curious about/with 对??好奇 It is curious that-clause 很奇怪?? 运用 完成句子

(1)我们很想知道那里发生了什么事。 are curious to know We ______________________ what has happened there. (2)那男孩对所见的一切都感到好奇。 was curious about/with The boy ___________________________ everything he saw.

2.approach vt.& vi.接近;靠近;走近 n.接近;方法; 途径 approach sb./sth.接近某人/物

an approach to ??的方法或途径/入口
at the approach of...在快到??的时候 be easy/difficult to approach 容易/难以接近的 运用 完成句子 (1)我想问问他的看法,但却发现他难以接近。 I'd like to ask his opinion, but I find him ________________. difficult to approach

(2)他处理这个问题的方法是错误的。 approaches to the problem His __________________________ are wrong.

3.defend vt.保护;保卫;为??辩护 defend sb./sth.against/from 保卫某人/物以免受?? defend sb./oneself/sth.(against/from) 为某人/自己/某事辩护 defence n.防御;保卫

in defence of 防御;保卫
运用 完成句子 (1)他们抗敌卫国。 defended their country against/from enemies. They _______________________________ (2)许多英雄儿女为捍卫自由而牺牲。 in defence of Many heroic men and women have died ________________


4.likely adj.可能的;预期的

It is likely that-clause 很可能??/有希望??
sb./ likely to do sth.某人/物很可能/有希望做某事 辨析 possible/likely/probable 这三个词都可以表示“可能的”,实现的可能性依次递增。 possible 常用于“It is possible for do sth.” 或“It is possible that-clause”;而 probable 只用于“It is probable that-clause”; 三者中只有 likely 可以用人作主语。

运用 用上面所提供的辨析词填空 possible (1)We will come as soon as ________. likely (2)She is very ________ to enter a key university. probable/possible (3)It is _________________________ that the disease has a

genetic element.

用所学单词及用法完成下列句子 1.他可能已经改变主意了。 is likely to He ________________ have changed his mind.

were curious to know We _________________________ where she had gone. 3.别误会他,他可是一个好人。 misunderstand him, for he is a good man. Don't ________________

4.地图上的红线表示铁路。 represent The red lines on the map ________________ railways.

approaching The time for graduation is ________________. 6.哨兵守卫大门以防突然袭击。 defended against/from The sentry ________________ the gate ________________

sudden attacks.

1.turn one's back to 背对 turn to 求助于 turn over 翻转 turn out 结果是;证明是 turn against 背叛;与??为敌

运用 完成句子 (1)千万不要在朋友遇到困难的时候背叛他。 turn against your friends when they are in trouble. Never ______________ (2)她求助于我,向我请教一些建议。 turned to She _____________ me for some advice. (3)跟我说话的那个人被证实是我们的新老师。 turned out The person I spoke to _____________ to be our new teacher.

2.lose face 丢脸 make a face 做鬼脸 face to face 面对面 lose heart 失去勇气;丧失信心 lose weight 减少体重 lose touch (with) (与??)失去联系 lose sight (of) 看不见

运用 完成句子 (1)在众多女孩子面前跌倒,他丢尽了脸。 lost face He ________________ when falling down before the girls.

face to face The thief turned the corner and found himself _____________ with a policeman. (3)他说他和他们已经失去了联系。

lost touch with He said he had ________________ them.

用所学短语及用法完成下列句子 1.我们班上的学生年龄都很接近。 are close to each other in age. The students in our class ______________ 2.妈妈吻了吻女儿的脸颊。 The mother _____________ her daughter _______________. kissed on the cheek 3.我不会因为他现在穷苦潦倒而背弃他。 my back to him just because he is poor now. I won't turn ________________

take action The government should ________________ to prevent unemployment from getting worse.

5.我想我们还没互相介绍过,我还不知道你的名字。 been introduced to each other, therefore I don't think we have ____________________ I don't know your name.

losing face He dare not do that because he is afraid of _______________. 7.总的来说,她的作品不错,不过这篇文章糟透了。 In general ________________ her work has been good, but this essay is



As I get to know more international friends, I learn

more about this cultural “body language”.随着我结识了更多的国
际朋友,我更多地了解了“身体语言”文化。 as 引导一个时间状语从句,意为“随着??”。

精练 根据中文提示,完成下列句子

兴趣。 As I made more progress in English I became more and more ___________________________
interested in it.

运用所学语言基础知识,补充完整下面短文,并背诵之 Body language is a way of communication. However,

not everybody (并非每一个人) can use the same body language (1)___________
communicate with to (2)____________________ ( 与 ?? 交 流 ) others.People from misunderstand ( 误 解 ) the gestures different cultures may (3)_______________

used.For example, when we nod at somebody we mean we agree
with his opinion.But in some countries nodding one's head means look at somebody in the eye disagreement.We will (4)______________________ (正视别人) to

show that we are listening to him attentively, while in some areas, it

means hostility.People may have different body languages even if (5)______________ ( 即使,尽管) they live in the same country. Therefore it is very important for us to (6)____________________ have a good understanding of
(很好地了解) the body languages there if we are in a foreign country.

“故事复述”备考指导(二) 3.抓住重点,补充故事细节 第二次听完故事时,要在原有记录的基础上对故事进行适 当补充并完善细节。以下简述两个重要步骤。 (1)筛选信息,简要概括。 记录细节时,要关注主要信息,忽略次要信息。考生平时 可通过阅读材料来锻炼自己筛选信息的能力。阅读某段故事材 料时,先找出关键词,然后把关键词串连,尝试用自己的语言


例:(原文) Ella Fant was a middle-aged lady who lived with her only son John in a small house.She loved John very much.In her eyes he couldn't do anything wrong.Every morning she would give him breakfast in bed and bring him the newspaper to read.It wasn't really true that he was too lazy to work—in fact he had tried a few jobs.First of all he was a window-cleaner and in his first week he managed to break at least six windows.Then he became a bus conductor and on his second day, a passenger stole his bag with all the fares collected.He even lost his job as a postman because he

sent off all the letters when he should have taken them to people's houses.It seemed that there was no suitable work for him.So he decided to join the army...

通过提示得知,故事主要讲述 Ella Fant 溺爱儿子的各种事 例,因此原文画线部分可以简单概括为“She took good care of

John.John had tried a few jobs, such as a window-cleaner, a bus
conductor and a postman, but he failed to do them well.”。

发表看法 读写任务常常在概括上文内容要点后,要求考生对作者的 某一观点发表看法。考生对此观点既可以表示赞成,也可以表 示反对,但不论赞成或反对都应简单说明理由,最后还可以重 申主题或得出结论。

【实用套语】 1.表示赞同 (1)I firmly support the view that... There are two factors

contributing to this point.In the first place, ...In the second
place, ...Therefore, there's no doubt that... 我 坚 决 支 持 这 个 观 点??有两个因素让我支持这个观点。第一??第二??因此, 毫无疑问?? (2)As far as I am concerned, I can't agree more with...I hold

my view for the reason...So it goes without saying that...就我而言,

(3)I fully agree with his statement that... mainly because... 我 完全赞同他??的说法,主要是因为?? (4)From my point of view, I am in favor of the idea that...依我 之见,我赞成?? (5)What the writer said sounds reasonable.作者所说的听起来 很合理。 (6)I'm for the writer's idea that... 我支持作者的观点??

2.表示不赞同: (1)Personally speaking, I strongly argue against the idea that...It is not only because...but also because...就本人而言,我强 烈反对??不但因为??而且因为?? (2)To be frank, I can not support the opinion.My argument for this view goes as follows.For one thing... For another...坦率地说, 我不支持这一观点。其理由如下:一是??二是?? (3)From my point of view, I oppose the idea/statement that...

For one thing...For another... 依我看,我反对??一是??二

阅读下面短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。

Teenagers' secrets should be kept to themselves and no one else, their parents included, has the right to stick their nose into their private life.

As we know, teenagers are going through a special period of
development both physically and psychologically.They are curious about and puzzled by the unexpected changes in their body and mind.What's more, exposed to a world of adults, it is only too natural for them to begin imitating adults' behaviors in secret.Boys begin to smoke and girls begin to spend time doing their hair and

care more about what to wear.Some even begin to date with a girlfriend or boyfriend without letting their parents know.They are doing all this in secret because they are still unsure whether it is right to do so and afraid that, if found out by their parent, they will get misunderstood and even punished.In fact, in many cases, parents can not deal with such matters well but hurt their children's feelings badly, making children unwilling to communicate with

them any more.When this happens, it hurts terribly feelings of the
family as well.Therefore, it sounds reasonable and acceptable that teenagers should keep their secrets to themselves instead of sharing

them with their parents, who should give them the freedom in
dealing with secrets.

[写作内容] 1.以约 30 词概括上文的主要内容; 2.以约 120 词就“青少年的秘密该不该与父母分享”这一 话题发表你的看法,内容包括: (1)你是支持还是反对与父母分享秘密; (2)你支持或反对的理由是什么; (3)结合你的实际, 谈谈你是具体怎么做的。

[写作要求] 1.作文中可以使用亲身经历或虚构的故事,也可以参照阅

2.作文中不能出现真实姓名和学校名称。 范文诵读: Teenagers' Secrets Should be Shared with Their Parents

Many teenagers have their own secrets but their parents
always want to know them, which will probably hurt children's feelings.As a result, they won't like to share their secrets with their parents.

Oppositely, I insist that teenagers' secrets should be shared by their parents.For one thing, parents are the closest relatives in

the world, who trying every possible means to do good to their children, should be respected and trusted.For another, lack of experience, teenagers need some help and support in making decisions or solving problems.If many of the secrets are kept to children themselves, they may do unimaginable harm in the long run. Speaking from my experience, I always let my parents know my secrets, like a close friend.In return they appreciate my attitude so much that they are always ready to offer me valuable advice, which benefits me a lot in this special time of development.


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