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课时作业 14(模块五

Unit 2)

Ⅰ.完成句子(每空一词) 1.主持人让大家自由发言的结果是很多人发言谈环保。 (floor;result/led) The way the host ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ a large number of people giving speeche

s about environmental protection. 2.只剩下十分钟了,我们没有足够时间来清理将被用作会议室的房间了。 (leave;clean;use) With only ten minutes ______,we don't have enough time to ______ ______ the room ______ ______ ______ for the meeting. 3.已经用光所有的煤,我们肯定要度过一个寒冷的冬天了。 (run;sure) ______ ______ ______ ______ our coal supply,we are ______ ______ have a chilly winter. 4.他们的钱花光了,不得不返回家乡。 (run) They had to return home when their money ______ ______. 5.各种各样关于环保生活的建议都提了出来。 (range;regard) ______ ______ ______ ______ suggestions were put forward ______ ______ ______ living an environmentally friendly life. Ⅱ.语法和词汇知识 1.What surprised me most was ______ to meet his girl friend again. A.not his allowing B.his not being allowed C.his being not allowed D.his having not been allowed 2.The other producer provides ______ the provincial market demands. A.half as B.half what C.half that D.half much 3.______ about Lucy,the teacher called her mother to find out why she was so often absent from classes. A.Concerning B.Considering C.Concerned D.Considered 4.I really appreciate ______ to relax with you on this nice island. have had time B.having time have time having time 5.At the meeting they discussed three different ______ to the study of mathematics. A.approaches B.means C.methods D.ways 6.The prices of daily goods are rising,so we have to ______ everyday expenses. A.cut back on B.put down to C.look back on D.keep up with 7.To the joy of us,he who didn't study at all now is ______ to achieve the same goal of our class. A.sparing no effort B.making all effort C.made an effort D.making every efforts 8.______ by his neighbors as a kindhearted man,Mr Harrison was widely accepted as a candidate for that award. A.Thought B.Viewed C.Looked D.Treated 9.This picture was taken a long time ago.I wonder if you can ______ my father. A.find out B.pick out C.look out D.speak out 10.The boy's biggest ______ is that he forgot to ask the famous writer for her signature. A.shame B.pity C.regret D.worry 11.—How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers? —The key ______ the problem is to meet the demand ______by the customers. solving;making solving;made solve;making solve;made 12.The old sweater reminds me of my aunt who made it for me.Which sentence means the same? A.The old sweater makes me think of my aunt.

B.I look back on the old sweater with my aunt. C.The old sweater associates me with my aunt. D.I remember the old sweater when I see my aunt. 13.The conference is aimed to discuss the effects of tourism ______ the wildlife in the area. B.on D.with 14.They asked a wide ______ of questions. A.rank B.diversity C.list D.range 15.We have nobody to blame the consequence ______ but ourselves. A.for B.with D.on Ⅲ.完形填空(一) I am in my seventies now.Of all the people I remember with __1__,my grandfather stands out.I was fourteen and appearing in a school play.Two hours before it began,the actor to play the most important role,a homeless tramp(流浪汉) ,called to say that he could not __2__ it.His decision shocked Mr Razin,the director,and the entire cast sat __3__.At that moment,my grandfather walked in. Mr Razin stared at him and got enthusiastic.“Sir, can __4__ our play! Nothing could have been more you ” __5__.My grandfather was a banker,highly successful and respected.He was,as always,perfectly dressed in a formal suit,and wearing a pair of leather dress shoes.My grandfather asked me,“Will you really have to cancel the play?” I __6__.My grandfather then said,“I will do that part.” Mr Razin took my grandfather into the costume area.My grandfather was shocked when he was asked to __7__ his shoes since no one had ever told him to do that.I suddenly realized that my grandfather had agreed to something that might make him look __8__.I remember that day as if it were yesterday.I can still see shiny dress shoes sitting on the floor.Then he was given his few __9__ and played his part perfectly. Looking back,I didn't realize what it meant for my grandfather to be __10__ into a tramp in front of many people who knew and respected him.His outer identity had been __11__ while the man himself was on the stage.He had done it for me.He always put family first.But the sacrifice he made would not become __12__ until I was older and knew something about life. 1.A.envy B.appreciation C.pity D.admiration 2.A.make B.take C.reach D.catch 3.A.hopefully B.desperately C.angrily D.patiently 4.A.act 5.A.humorous B.marvelous C.ridiculous D.adventurous 6.A.nodded B.hesitated C.added D.ignored 7.A.put out B.take off C.take down D.put on 8.A.foolish B.perfect C.charming D.attractive 9.A.stories B.words C.papers D.lines 10.A.directed B.modelled C.transformed D.equipped 11.A.put down B.left behind C.left out D.put on 12.A.apparent B.moving C.pleasant D.certain Ⅳ.完形填空(二) The environment is __1__ around us,for example,air,water,animals,plants,buildings and so on.They all affect us in many ways and are closely related to our lives.People can't live __2__ the environment.Everybody needs to breathe air,drink water and eat food every day.We burn coal to keep warm,and we use wood to make paper.As a result,we become __3__ of the environment. The environment has been getting worse for many years.We have been upgrading our living standard __4__ the environment has been polluted.Smoke from factory chimneys pollutes __5__ air.Machines and engines make noises __6__ annoy us constantly.Animals are homeless because the forests are decreasing every minute.Streets are crowded with people and vehicles.The environment is the most important things, it is becoming painful for but us to live in it now.So it's time to solve those problems. __7__,it isn't too late to correct our mistakes.People are coming to realize the importance of the environment.We have begun to try our __8__ to improve it.Laws are being made dealing with air,water and noise pollution.The river will be clean,the sky will be clear,the flowers will be beautiful,and the sunbeam will be dazzling and pretty.We believe that we will be able to save our environment and live in a better world.

Ⅴ.阅读理解 About 10 years ago,a very successful businessman named Josh was traveling down a Chicago neighborhood street.He was going a bit too fast in his shiny,black,12cylinder(汽缸)Jaguar XKE. He was watching for kids rushing out from between parked cars and slowed down.Suddenly,a brick sailed out and—WHUMP! hit the Jag's shiny black side door! —it Immediately Josh stopped the car, jumped out, seized the kid and pushed him up against a parked car.He shouted at the kid,“What was that all about and who are you?Just what the heck are you doing?”Building up a head of steam,he went on,“That's my new Jag;that brick you threw will cost you a lot of money.Why?” “Please, mister, please...I'm sorry! didn't know what else to do! I ”begged the youngster.“I threw the brick because no one else would stop!” Tears were streaming down the boy's face as he pointed around the parked car.“It's my brother, mister, he said.“He fell out of his wheelchair and I can't lift him up.” Sobbing, boy ” the asked the businessman,“Would you please help me get him back into his wheelchair?He's hurt and he's too heavy for me.” Moved beyond words, young businessman felt no anger.He lifted the young man back into the wheelchair the and took out his handkerchief and wiped the scrapers and cuts,checking to see that everything was OK.He then watched the younger brother push him down the sidewalk. It was a long walk back to the car—a long and slow walk.Josh never did fix the side door of his Jaguar.He kept the dent (凹痕) remind him not to go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at him to get his to attention.Feel for the bricks of life coming at you. 1.The boy threw a brick at the businessman's car because ______. A.the businessman drove at a high speed B.he envied the brand- car very much new C.he wanted to ask for some money D.he wanted to get help from the driver 2.Which of the following is the right order of the story? a.The younger brother threw a brick at Josh's car. b.The elder brother fell out of his wheelchair. c.The younger brother begged Josh for help. d.Josh lifted the elder brother back into his wheelchair. e.Josh shouted at the younger brother. A.b,a,e,c,d B.a,c,d,b,e C.b,a,c,e,d D.a,c,b,e,d 3.What can we learn about Josh? A.Josh would accept the money from the kids. B.The two kids were Josh's neighbors. C.Josh was a kindhearted man. D.Josh's new car broke down easily. 4.Josh checked everything was OK ______. order to make sure the little boy wasn't lying case that the boys should need more help as to make clear the boys were poor an effort to prove the elder brother was hurt 5.By the last sentence the author wants to say that ______. A.trying to get ready for the trouble in your future life B.driving fast in a neighborhood street is dangerous C.trying to be more considerate of others' troubles D.protecting oneself from being hurt


Ⅰ .1.opened the floor resulted in/led to 2.left;clean up;to be used 3.Having run out of;sure to 4.ran out 5.A wide range of;in regard to Ⅱ .1.B 本题考查非谓语动词的否定式。非谓语动词的否定式是在非谓语动词前直接加 not。 2.B 倍数词+what 引导的名词性从句,其中 what 在从句中做主语、宾语或表语。 3. 题意: C 因为担心露西, 老师就打电话问露西的妈妈为什么她老是不来上课。 这里考查 be concerned about/for “对??担心”,用形容词来作状语表示原因。 4.B 考查重点词汇 appreciate 的用法。appreciate 后接动名词,不能接不定式,即 B 项符合题意。 5.A 四个选项都有“方法”的意思,但是只有 approach 后可以接 to,表示“??的方法”,其他选项都 没有此用法。注意 way 的用法是 the way to do sth.或者 the way of doing sth.,此处不合题意。 6.A cut back on “削减,减少”;put down to“归因于”; look back on“回忆”; keep up with “跟上”。 句意:日常用品价格上升,所以我们不得不削减每天的开支,故选 A 项。 7.A 考查固定短语的用法。不遗余力做某事有下面几种表达法:spare no effort to do sth.;make an effort/efforts to do sth.。故此处 A 项符合题意。B 项的 effort 应该用复数;C 项的 made 改为 making。 8.B 根据语境,空白处单词应为“将??看做??”之意,表示此意思的短语有 think of sb./, view sb./,look at sb./和 see sb./。treat sb as...意思是“将??人作为??看待”,不合语 境。 9.B 句意:这张照片是在很久前拍摄的,我想知道你是否能认出我父亲。pick out “挑选,辨别出” 符合语意;find out 表示查明(真相等) ,发现;look out 表示留神,照料;speak out 表示大声说出、大胆 地说。 10.C 句意:这个男孩最大的遗憾是他当时忘记向这位名作家要她的签名了。此处用 regret 表示主语 自己的遗憾。要用 pity 或 shame 需说 It's a big pity/shame that the boy forgot to ask the famous...。 11.B the key to doing sth.表示做某事的关键,又根据句意可知后面的 demand 和 make 之间是被动关 系,故用过去分词短语。 12.A 这件旧毛衣让我想起我的姑姑。look back on 意为“回想起”;associate A with B 意为“将 A 与 B 联系起来”;remember 意为“想起”。 13.B have an effect on...表示“对??有效果,有影响”,固定短语。故此处用介词 on。 14.D a wide range of...=a wide variety of...“各种各样的”,指种类之多,范围之广。 15.D 题意是“这个后果我们没有别人可以怪罪的,只能怪我们自己”。blame sth.on sb.意思为“将某 事怪罪在某人身上”。 blame sb./sth.for sth.意思是“因为某事而责怪某人”,如果用后者, 题干应该为“We have nobody to blame for the consequence but ourselves.” Ⅲ .1.D 由最后一段中作者的感慨可知,作者对爷爷能为家人付出表示钦佩。 2.A make it 意思是“做成某事”,句子意思为“??打电话过来说他演不了了”。 3.B desperately 意思是“绝望地”,表示演员们听说演流浪汉的演员来不了之后的情绪。 4.D 爷爷来了,成了救星。故应选 D 项。 5.C ridiculous 意思是“荒诞的”,整句意思是“这事再荒诞不过了”。因为后句说“我爷爷是银行家, 很成功也很受到尊重,总是穿着西装和皮鞋”,和流浪汉形象相差甚远。 6.A 此处指“我”点头称是。 7.B 此处情节应为:我爷爷被叫到服装区去换戏装,要脱下自己的鞋子,所以爷爷感到很惊愕,因 为从没人要他那样做过。take down 为“取下某物”;put on 为“穿衣”;put out 为“扑灭(火)或熄灭灯”。 8.A 此处指爷爷同意去做会让他显得很傻的事情。 9.D 然后爷爷就学了少得可怜的几句台词。lines 为“台词”之意。 10.C transform A into B 意思是“将 A 变成 B”,此处指爷爷被“变成一个流浪汉”。 11.B leave sth.behind 意为“将??丢在身后”,此处 leave behind his outer identity 意思是“忘却自己的 身份”。 12.A 意思是“他所做的牺牲直到我长大并且懂得生活之后才变得明晰”。故选 A 项。 Ⅳ .1.everything 通过 for example 后面的 air,water,animals 等这些列举可知应该是所有的一切。 2.without 人们没有环境是活不下去的。 3.part 我们也成了环境的一部分。 4.while/but 表示转折或者对比。句子意思是“我们一直在提高生活水平,然而环境已经被污染了”。 5.the the air 特指我们环境中的空气。 6.that/which 引导定语从句,且在从句中作主语。

7.Fortunately/Luckily/Thankfully 幸运的是,现在改正我们的错误做法还不算太迟。 try one's best 为固定搭配,意思是“尽某人最大努力”。 Ⅴ.1.D 根据这个男孩的叙述可知,他哥哥从轮椅上跌下,他想找人帮忙把他弄回轮椅上。 2.A 略读文章的第二、三、四段,寻找关键信息可确定事件发生的顺序。 3.C 根据约翰的表现:开始生气,但在知道真相后还帮助别人,而且这件事情发生后还用它提醒自 己要留意生活,体谅别人。这说明他是个心地善良的人。 4.B moved beyond words 意为 “感动得无以言表”,由此可推断他是想进一步帮助这兄弟俩。 5.C 倒数第二句说他留着这个凹痕没有修理是用它来提醒自己留意别人的需要或困难。由此可知, 这句话想要告诉人们的是 “要关心别人的疾苦,留意别人的困难,体谅别人。”



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