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必修三各单元词汇专项练习 Unit 1 Exercise 1 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. 1. ---Can we enter the park now? ---Sorry, anybody can’t go in without p_________. It’s not free of charge. 2. She is a sexy western b__

________. 3. Nothing can s_________ him, he’ s always complaining (抱怨). 4. You f ________ me to death suddenly shouting out by my ear. 5. I a________ him for his success in business. 6. He was a_________ a medal for his bravery 7. These books are ___________ (最喜欢的东西) of mine. 8. Christmas Day is a __________ (宗教的) festival. 9. I made my ___________ (道歉)to my hostess and left early. 10. I ___________ (原谅) her long ago. Exercise 2 根据句意, 用所给的词或词组的最恰当形式填空(注意有多余选项) --------------------------------------------------------------------------do (no) harm ( to), lead to, have fun with, wait for, It is obvious that… set off, be made of , decorate… with, take place, look forward to play a trick on, in the shape of, be proud of , in memory of -------------------------------------------------------------------------1. _____________________Diaoyu Island belongs to China. 2. This misunderstanding _________ a war between the two countries. 3. Sam used to be a spy ___________ a journalist. 4. Great changes __________________ in the past few years in Zijin. 5. Don’t ____________ me; I’m not a fool. 6. He ended the letter with “____________ seeing you soon”. 7. The parents __________________ their child’s success. 8. What time are you planning to __________ tomorrow? 9. Father bought a Christmas tree ____________ coloured lights a week ago. 10. The Dragon Boat Festival is ________________the famous ancient poet Qu Yuan. Unit 2 Exercise 1 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. 1. Don’t take some e___________ exercise when you have caught a cold. 2. He opened the letter addressed to his classmate out of c__________. 3. Tom would never a__________ to being wrong. 4. Nearly every teenager can b________ from job experience. 5. In order to have a healthy body, we should keep a b________ diet. 6. 7. He could do nothing but stand and ___________ (徘徊;漫游). 8. The subject has already been fully _____________(研究). 9. Dao Lang is ____________ (受欢迎的) among the youth.

10. Hydrogen ____________(结合) with oxygen to form water. Exercise 2 根据句意, 用所给的词或词组的最恰当形式填空(注意有多余选项) --------------------------------------------------------------------------earn one’s living, care about, are for, after all, above all, take park in , take the part of, success, avoid, long before, before long, feel fit, provide --------------------------------------------------------------------------1. He’s been ill for weeks and doesn’t __________ for work yet. 2. She ______________ by singing in a nightclub. 3. He was extremely angry yesterday and said he would not come back. But he returned today ______________. 4. How many countries will be _______________ the games? 5. He _______________ Hamlet in the play. 6. I just stopped cycling to ________ running over the cat in the street. 7. He wasn’t ___________ as a teacher because of lacking of experience. 8. That sad thing had happened ___________. 9. All the woman ____________ their children. 10. The firm __________ me with a car since I worked here. Unit 3 Exercise 1 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. 1. She is an i_________ actress in modern times. 2. After three hours of waiting for the train, our p_________ finally went to end. 3. The fans s___________ with excitement when they saw the star. 4. She seems g_________ but can I trust her? 5. He has a good sense of h_________, so most of the students like his class. 6. His illness ___________ ( 是……的原因;解释) his absence. 7. I only found it ____________ (偶然地). 8. He was _________(妒忌) Tom’s success. 9. You can tell from her __________(外表) that she has been ill. 10. Dogs are not ___________ (允许) in the building. Exercise 2 根据句意, 用所给的词或词组的最恰当形式填空(注意有多余选项) --------------------------------------------------------------------------care about, carry out, do with, deal with, promise, bet on, stare at, look, in rages, account of, to be honest, not…until --------------------------------------------------------------------------1. He took no ___________ what I said and failed. 2. Tell me what you ____________ yourselves last Sunday. 3. He spends all his money ________________ horses. 4. Don’t look at me in such way; I don’t like being ____________. 5. The program made in yesterday’s conference will soon _____________. 6. You shouldn’t consider Tom poor though he is ____________. 7. I don’t think she ______________ what happens to her children.

8. ______________, I don’t think we have a chance of winning. 9. _____________ we know more will we be able to improve the situation. 10. I can’t ___________, but I will do my best. Unit 4 Exercise 1 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. 1. A __________ is scientific study of the sun, moon, stars, planets, ect. 2. Christian, Buddhist and Hindu are the main r_________ in the world. 3. The a___________ over dinner was warm and friendly. 4. The firework e__________ in his hand. 5. The news he s__________ around the town was not true. 6. It’s a _______ (谜) to me why they didn’t choose him. 7. We must care about further ___________ (进展). 8. As a parent, you should not ___________(鼓励) bad habits in a child. 9. The ECP ___________ (出版) weekly. 10. The force that attracts objects in space towards each other, and on the earth pulls them towards the center of the planet is called ____________ (重力). Exercise 2 根据句意, 用所给的词或词组的最恰当形式填空(注意有多余选项) --------------------------------------------------------------------------lessen, dissolve, depend on, prevent…(from…), lay, now that, on earth, on the earth, on time, in time, surface, gradually --------------------------------------------------------------------------1._________ you’ve finished your homework, you can go and play football to have a rest. 2. I’ve phoned you several times. What __________ are you doing? 3. Nothing on earth can _________ me ________ loving her. 4. Do you best in your career, you’ll succeed ____________. 5. You must not look only at the __________ of things. 6. Salt ____________ easily in water. 7. The old man ____________ his two sons for food and clothing. 8. The cuckoo(杜鹃) __________ its eggs in other bird’s nest. 9. After hard working, they improved the things ______________. 10. The pain _________ already ___________ after taking the medicine. Unit 5 Exercise 1 据句意及所给单词首字母或汉语意思完成下列句子. 1. China is in Asia, one of the seven c__________ on the earth. 2. The house was s_________ by high walls. 3. Nowadays, mothers usually t________ the babies by telling stories of wolf or ghosts. 4. China’s former Prime M_________, Zhu Rongji stressed the need for equality and fairness in the world at the Earth Summit. 5. We must make sure that everyone is able to take part in the new world we

c_______ to develop the world successfully. 6. They couldn’t wait to stop to admire the ________ (风暴) on arriving the park. 7. I’m __________ (极其,非常)sorry for the delay. 8. We must reach the _________ (港口) before sunset in case of the bad weather. 9. He is going to __________ (竞赛,比赛) against his old rival in the second round. 10. Not having seen each other for ages, they found it difficult to make ___________ (交谈). Exercise 2 根据句意, 用所给的词或词组的最恰当形式填空(注意有多余选项) --------------------------------------------------------------------------flow into, figure out, do well in, be ready to, spend, take, at dawn, at noon, as/so far as, as well as, in size, at least --------------------------------------------------------------------------1. He grows flowers ____________ vegetables, so he can save much money to buy from the market. 2. They started _________, hoping to arrive before 10:00 am. 3. Offers of help __________ the homeless people because of the tsunami. 4. ____________ I can see that is impossible. 5. I can’t ___________ how much the holiday will cost before it ends. 6. My house is the same as hers ____________. 7. She may be slow, but ___________ she’s reliable (可靠的). 8. I’ve got changed, so I ______________ start work at any time. 9. Take trouble to _____________ your examination despite you are good at it or not. 10. Although he is a man, he _________ too much time on clothes.


参考答案: Unit 1 Exercise 1: 1. plenty 2. starving 3. satisfies 4. frightened 5. admire 6. awarded 7. favorites 8. religious 9. apologies 10. forgave Exercise 2: 1. no harm 2. led to 3. in the shape of 4. has its origin as 5. play a trick on 6. Looking/ Look forward to 7. are/were proud of 8. set off 9. decorated with 10. took place Unit 2 Exercise 1: 1. energetic 2. curiosity 3. admit 4. mention 5. benefit 6. balanced 7. wonder 8. research 9. popular 10. combines Exercise 2: 1. feel fit 2. earns/ earned one’s living 3. after all 4. taking part in 5. takes/ took the part of 6. avoid 7. a success 8. long before 9. care about 10. Provided Unit 3 Exercise 1: 1. incredible 2. patience 3. screamed 4. genuine 5. humor 6. accounts for 7. by accident 8. jealous 9. appearance 10. permitted Exercise 2: 1. account of 2. did with 3. betting on 4. stared at 5. be carried out 6. in rags 7. cares about 8. To be honest 9. Not until 10. promise Unit 4: Exercise 1: 1. Astronomy 2. religions 3. atmosphere 4. exploded 5. spread 6. mystery 7. developments 8. encourage 9. is published gravity Exercise 2: 1. Now that 2. on earth 3. prevent…from 4. in time 5. surface 6. dissolves 7. depends/depended on 8. lays/laid 9. gradually was…lessening Unit 5: Exercise 1:



1. continents 6. scenery Exercise 2: 1. as well as out 6. in size spends

2. surrounded 7. extremely 2. at dawn 7. at least

3. terrified 8. harbor 3. flowed into

4. Minister 9. compete

5.create 10. conversation 5. figure 10.

4. As/ So far as 9. do well in

8. am ready to




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