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【高考领航】2015届高三英语(人教版)一轮练习:必修2-Unit 4 课时训练9]

Ⅰ.阅读理解 I grew up knowing I was different,and I hated it.I was born with a cleft(分裂的)lip,and when I started to go to school,my classmates were constantly laughing at me-a little girl with a cleft lip and crooked(歪的)nose.I couldn't even blow up a balloon without holding my nose. When my schoolmates asked, “What happened to your lip?” I'd tell them that I'd fallen as a baby and cut it on a piece of glass.Somehow it seemed more acceptable to have suffered an accident than to have been born different. Then I entered the second grade, and Mrs.Leonard's class.She was round and pretty.Everyone adored her.But no one came to love her more than I did.And for a special reason. The time came for the annual “hearing tests”.I was barely able to hear anything out of one ear.So I cheated.I had learned to watch other children and raised my hand when they did during group testing.The “whisper test” required a different deception(骗术):each child would go to the door of the classroom,turn sideways and block one ear with a finger.And the teacher would whisper something from her desk, which the child would repeat.Then the same thing was done for the other ear.Nobody checked to see how tightly the untested ear was being blocked,so I pretended to block mine. My turn came.I turned my bad ear to her,plugging_up the other ear solidly with my finger, and then gently backed my finger out enough to be able to hear.I waited, and then heard the words that God had surely put into her mouth;seven words that changed my life forever. Mrs.Leonard,the pretty teacher I adored,said softly,“I wish you were my little girl.” 1.The author lied to her classmates because she____________. A.didn't want to tell others her story B.wanted to get sympathy from them C.wanted to make her cleft lip more acceptable D.wanted to be a special person 2.We can learn from the “whisper test” that________. A.everyone would be tested in groups B.there was something wrong with one of the author's ears C.the teacher would check whether the untested ear was blocked D.the students had to be face to face with the teacher 3.The underlined words,“plugging up”,in Paragraph 2 from the bottom,can be replaced by “________”.

A.protecting C.examining 4.What is the best title for the text?

B.covering D.holding

A.A Teacher Who Makes Others Confident B.The Words of God Saved Me C.A Small Expression of Love That Went a Long Way D.An Unforgettable Test That Corrected My Mistake


It was a Thursday in Germany.I was taking an autumn walk through the fields when I saw a handbag lying on the ground.It looked like it might have__1__a midaged lady. Thinking it had been stolen and__2__aside,I picked it up.Maybe there were some__3__left that the owner still needed.But when I opened it,the__4__seemed undisturbed. Actually,the papers showed its owner was a__5__woman of Turkish origin (let's call her Lale).I tried to__6__Lale.However,she wasn't listed in the phone book. A prescription(药方)inside showed her doctor's__7__.I called the doctor's office.__8__,they didn't have her number either.I__9__turning the handbag in to the police,but I was curious.Who was Lale?So I drove to her__10__. It was a nice apartment building.I rang the doorbell but nobody__11__.I was about to write a__12__but then Lale's mother__13__.She was so happy that I had__14__her daughter's bag and she asked me to come in for coffee. When Lale got home, she was so__15__that I'd brought her bag back.She was supposed to go on a class trip to Austria,and wouldn't have been able to__16__the borders without her resident's permit! Lale's mother invited me for dinner and I was happy to__17__.She served me a delicious Turkish dish that I had wanted to learn to make.Lale's mother gave me her__18__and showed me which kind of cabbage to use and__19__me on the right kind of tomato puré e to buy. After dinner I was served coffee and sweets.When I was__20__Lale's mother invited me to visit again. How wonderful life can be if you just follow wherever kindness leads. 1.A.belonged to B.led to

C.devoted to 2.A.put C.taken 3.A.books 4.A.shape C.contents 5.A.poor C.pretty 7.A.number C.advice 8.A.Unfortunately C.Eventually 9.A.enjoyed C.imagined 11.A.answered C.helped 12.A.letter C.note 13.A.burst in C.ran away 14.A.checked C.protected 15.A.surprised C.worried 16.A.cross C.visit 17.A.admit C.promise 18.A.recipe

D.added to B.thrown D.looked B.papers B.surface D.brand B.young D.strange B.tell D.remind B.reputation D.announcement B.Obviously D.Especially B.remembered D.considered D.destination B.laughed D.walked B.diary B.came out D.turned out B.guarded D.returned B.determined D.terrified B.arrive D.find B.accept D.join B.method

C.thought 19.A.included C.instructed 20.A.standing C.leaving Ⅲ.对话填空

D.rule B.presented D.described B.sitting D.stopping

阅读下列对话,掌握其大意,并根据上下文填写空白处所需的内容(不多于 3 个单词)或 所提供单词的正确形式。 Jane:Sorry,I'm late,Andy.I had to do some tidying up__1__I came out. Andy:Yeah,I know.I hate getting home and finding I've still got to wash up from breakfast. Jane:Well,in fact,it's my mother.She treats me like I__2__(be)twelve or something.She doesn't have to tell me__3__to do.You've no idea how lucky you are__4__(have)your own flat.It usually takes me much time to find things I want.What really gets me annoyed is that she makes me do all sorts of stupid__5__every Saturday round the house.She isn't going anywhere.She's got all weekend to do it. Andy:Oh,come on.Why__6__she do the housework all weekend__7__you enjoy yourself? Jane:She hasn't got exams next month.I haven't got time. Andy:I think you're being a bit__8__(reason).You have time to come and meet me. Jane:Whose side are you on,here? Andy : Look , perhaps I just have a better idea of how much your mum has to get through.When you're responsible for__9__place it makes a lot of difference. Jane:Oh,don't be such a pain.Are you going to keep__10__(lecture)me all evening or are we going to see this band? Andy:Oh,let's go now.

课时训练(九) Ⅰ.阅读理解 【语篇解读】 作者是裂唇,她不想让人知道自己生来如此,所以撒谎说是

事故造成的。她的一只耳朵有毛病,在每年的听力测试中为了听清老师的话,总 是作弊将手从耳朵上移开。一次测试中老师对作者说的一句话改变了作者。 1.选 C 细节理解题。根据第二段中 Somehow it seemed more acceptable to

have suffered an accident than to have been born different.可知 C 正确。 2.选 B 细节理解题。根据第四段中 I was barely able to hear anything out of one ear.及第五段中 I turned my bad ear to her...可知 B 正确;根据第四段可知 “hearing tests”是在小组中进行测试, 所以 A 不正确; 根据第四段最后一句可知 C 不正确;根据第四段中...each child would go to the door of the classroom,turn sideways...可知 D 不正确。 3.选 B 词义猜测题。根据第五段中...then gently backed my finger out enough to be able to hear.可知作者先用一只手紧紧捂住耳朵,然后将手轻轻地移 开以便能清楚地听到别人的话。cover 覆盖。 4.选 C 文章标题题。本文主要讲作者出生是裂唇,却撒谎说是事故造成

的。作者一只耳朵有毛病,在每年的听力测试中为了听清老师的话,总是作弊将 手从耳朵上移开。一次测试中老师对作者说的一句话改变了作者的一生。故 C 项最符合文章的主旨。 Ⅱ.完形填空 【语篇解读】 本文主要讲“我”捡到一个女士包,很好奇包的主人是谁,

于是“我”开车去了女主人的家。女主人和她的妈妈热情招待了“我”,并教 “我”学习做土耳其菜。 1.选 A 它看上去可能是一位中年女士的。belong to 属于;lead to 导致; devote to 将……奉献给;add to 加入。 2.选 B 根据后面的...I picked it up.可知包可能是被人偷了并扔在了地上。

3.选 B 根据第三段中的 the papers showed...可知选 B。 4.选 C 当“我”打开文件时,发现内容是完整的。

5.选 B 上文第一段最后一句提到包的主人可能是中年女性,事实上文件 的主人是一位年轻女士。 6.选 C 联系她。 7.选 A 根据后面的 I called the doctor's office.及句意可知药方里有医生的 联系电话。 8.选 A 根据后面的...they didn't have her number either.可知很不幸,他们 也不知道她的号码。 9.选 D “我”想着把包交给警方。consider doing sth.考虑做某事。 10.选 A 根据下文内容可知“我”开车去了她家。 11.选 A “我”按了门铃,但没人开门。answer 响应。 12.选 C “我”正要写便条。note 便条。 根据后面的...she wasn't listed in the phone book.可知“我”试图

13.选 B 这时 Lale 的妈妈出来了。burst in 突然进入;come out 出现;run away 逃跑;turn out 生产。 14. 选 D 她的妈妈很高兴“我”把她女儿的包送回来了。 return sth.送还某 物。 15.选 A Lale 回到家很惊讶“我”把她的包送回来了。

16.选 A 没有居民执照 Lale 不能过境。cross the border 过境。 17.选 B Lale 的妈妈邀请“我”吃晚餐,“我”很乐意地接受了。

18.选 A 前面讲“我”很想学做土耳其菜,Lale 的妈妈给了“我”她的菜 谱。 19.选 C 20.选 C Lale 的妈妈指导“我”怎样买好的番茄酱。instruct 指导。 晚饭后,当“我”要走时,Lale 的妈妈邀请“我”再来拜访。

Ⅲ.对话填空 1.before 2.was 6.should 7.while 3.what have 5.housework

8.unreasonable 9.a 10.lecturing



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