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人教版 高中英语选修六 第三单元 阅读二 导学案附答案

Where there is a will, there is a way. 编号:gswhyyxx6u3….003 Unit 3 A Healthy Life 2015. 10 .22

Peroid3 Reading 2 Language points

学习目标 1.能掌握阅读这部分的重点词汇,重点句子及用法。 2.通过学习了解艾滋病及其传播,教育学生在生活注意预防。 学习过程 Step1:课文理解 True or false .
1. You can only get HIV from injecting drugs. ( ) 2. It is very likely that you will die if you get infected with HIV. ( ) 3.If you look healthy, you can’t have HIV. ( ) 4. It could be dangerous to have sex without a condom. ( ) 5. Taking food from the same dishes as someone infected with HIV will give you HIV too. ( ) 6. If you have HIV, you will always get ADIS eventually. (


Step2: 合作探究 Choose the best answer.
1. The word “homosexual” means ( ). A. People only attracted by the same sex B. people who only care about themselves C. People who are very sexy D. people who often have sex 2. We can infer from the passage ( ). A. HIV is equal to AIDS B. HIV is different from AIDS C. HIV weakens a person’s immune system D. You can have HIV in your blood for quite a long time 3. In order to stay safe, you ( ). A. should not use the needle someone else has used

B. have to avoid using anything else that the person has used while injecting drugs C. should use a condom if you have sex with another one D. all of the above Step3: 合作探究 ( 单词句子) 1. judgement n. 看法,判断,判决 judge n. 法官 v.判断 judge….by 根据…..判断 judging from/by……. 判断 1) Do not judge one by his looks. 译文: 2) his appearance, he must be an expert. (judge) 2. risk n/v 冒险 take a risk =take risks 冒险 at risk 处于危险中 risk doing… 冒险做…. at the risk of doing…… 冒着…….的危险 1.) The disease is spreading, and all children under five (处于危险之中). ( at risk) 2.) He saved my life his own. (他冒着生命危险救出了我的 性命) (risk) 3.Woman are slightly more likely to become infected than man. be likely to do sth 有可能做……… It is likely that……… 有可能……… It is possible that…….. 有可能…….. Eg: Tickets are likely to be expensive. 票有可能很贵。 It is likely that I will be busy tomorrow.明天我可能很忙。 一句多译:我有可能来参加会议。 1.) attend the meeting. 2.) attend the meeting . 3.) attend the meeting. Step4: 节节过关 选词填空 : get into stand for due to addicted to in spite of feel like at risk 1. ---What do the words “FYI” mean? ---They “for your information”. 2. It’s reported that all houses within 100 meters of the seas are of flooding. 3. They made it on time the fact that they got a flat tire. 4. I never used to like jazz but I’ve been it recently. 5. --- Are you coming to have a swim with us? --- I don’t it today. 6. My son’s computer games --- he hardly ever comes out of his room. 7. the bad weather, we regret to inform customers that this store will be closed early. Step5:教学反思

003 导学案 Step1:F ,T, F, T, F, T Step2: A , B, D Step3:合作探究 1:1)不要以貌取人。 2)Judging from 1. 1) are at risk 2) at the risk of 2. 1) It’s likely that he will 2) It’s possible that he will 3)He is likely to Step4: 1. stand for risk 3. in spite of 4. got into 5. feel like 6.addicted to 7.Due to



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