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江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语必修五《Unit 1 Grammar and usage(1)》教案

主备人:何莉 课题 用案人: 授课时间:____________ 课型 总第 New 7 课时

Unit 1 Grammar and usage(1)

Enlarge students’ to learn something about To-infinitive and Bare infinitive 教学 目标

Let them know the functions of To-infinitive and Bare infinitive


Try to use To-infinitive and Bare infinitive


How to make To-infinitive and correctly

them to use Bare infinitive


Teaching 教 学 内 容
学生主体 活动



Step 1 Introduction


由“不定式符号 to+动词原形”构成, 否定形式 not to do。 是动词的一种非谓语的形式,在句中不能单独作谓语。

动词不定式具有动词的性质,可以有自己的宾语和状 语,也可以有时态和语态的变化。同时,它也具有非动 词的性质,相当于一个名词、形容词或副词,可以在句

中担任主语、 宾语、 宾语补足语、 表语、 定语和状语.[来 Functions: 1.作主语

(1)不定式短语在句中作主语。谓语动词用单数形式。 e.g.: To say is one thing and to do is another. To know oneself is difficult. 但在很多情况下,为了保持句子平衡,通常用 it 作为形 式主语,而把不定式移到谓语之后,


e.g.: It is difficult to know onself. It is important to learn English. 2. 作表语. 不定式作表语说明主语的具体内容或表示目的。 e.g.: His wish is to become an engineer. To live is to do something worthwhile. 3.作宾语. 作动词的宾语,即动词+to do sth. 常见的要加不定式作 宾语的动词有:decide/ determine, learn, want, expect/ hope/ wish, refuse, manage, pretend, offer, promise, choose, plan, agree, ask/ beg, afford, prefer, require, enable, need, order… e.g.: He agreed to meet here but so far she hasn’t turned up yet. He pretended not to see me when I passed by. 在 find, make, think, consider 等动词后,如果宾语带有 宾语补足语时,常用 it 作形式宾语,而把真正的宾语放 在宾语补足语后. e.g.: I find it interesting to study English. I think it impossible to work out the problem. 4 、作宾语补足语,即V+ sb. (not) to do sth. 如动词 advise, allow, ask, cause, challenge, command, consider, enable, encourage, forbid, force, inform, invite, persuade, tell, send, urge, want,warn…. Eg. :I want you to speak to Tom. Ask him not to make noise. (1)在感官动词以及使役动词(let, have, make)后作宾 语补足语,不定式都不带 to.变为被动语态时,原不带 to 的不定式要变成带 to 的不定式.


“一感(feel)二听 (hear, listen to )三让(let, have, make )四 观看(see, observe, watch, look at)” e.g.: I often hear him sing the song. Did you see him go out? The boss made the employees work ten hours a day. The employees were made to work ten hours a day. (2)在表示心理状态的动词后作宾语补足语,这时不定式 通常是 “to be+形容词或副词”的结构.这类动词有: consider, think, believe, find, imagine, judge, suppose, prove 等。 consider, think, find 后的 to be 常可省略. e.g.: We consider him (to be) a good teacher.[Z|xx|k I thought her (to be) nice and honest the first time I met her.[来 5.作定语. 不定式作定语通常放在其修饰的名词或代词之后, 与被 修饰的名词或代词之间是主谓关系、动宾关系、同位关 系. e.g.: The next train to arrive was from New York. He has a lot of letter to write. He was the best man to do the job. Women and children were the first to get into the lifeboats. She has a child to take care of. There is nothing to worry about. The Browns have a comfortable house to live in. He had no money and no place to live (in). 6. 作状语.


不定式作状语可以表示行为的目的、结果、原因、条件 等. e.g.: To save the child, he laid down his life. To look at him, you would like him. He got to the station only to find the train had gone.(only to do 常表意想不到或不愉快的结果) I’m very glad to see you. (表喜怒哀乐的形容词后跟不定 式表原因) years.

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