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Cooperative discussion: 1. What is a park? What is a park for? 2. What kind of activities do people do in a park?

What do you suppose a theme park is?

Hong Kong Ocea

n Park

Hong Kong Disneyland

Disneyland is the oldest theme park in the world and it is the most popular park in the world, too. In the Disneyland, people can not only enjoy the exciting activities there, but also get close to the life-size cartoon characters like the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, which appear in some of Walt Disney’s famous cartoon films.

Window of the World in Shenzhen

World Water park in Canada is a park where people can take part in all kinds of activities in water.

China Folk Culture Village

Shenzhen Happy Valley

Yunnan Nationalities Villages

Now guess which are parks and which are theme parks.

What is the difference between traditional parks and the theme parks?

What do you think you can see in a theme park? buildings, castles, statues, rare animals and birds, and so on.

What can we do in a theme park?
bumper car roller coasters merry-go碰碰车 过山车 round 旋转木马
ferris wheel 摩天轮 pirate ship 海盗船 horror films 恐怖电影 Amusement park slide 滑梯

bungee jumping free-fall rides 蹦极 跳楼机


roller-coaster rides

Bungee jumping

Ferris wheel


bumper car

Pirate ship

1. Has your partner ever tried any activity mentioned above? 2. Which activity does your partner prefer in an amusement park? Why?

Read the passage quickly and give the main idea of each paragraph. Para. 1: The common points of different kinds of theme parks.

Para. 2: Disneyland.
Para. 3: Dollywood. Para. 4: England’s Camelot Park.

The text mainly introduces
theme parks which include ____________,

different themes, and then it gives
_____ three examples.

Read the passage again and decide if the following statements are true or false.
True False 1. Disneyland can be found × everywhere. □ □ Disneyland can be found in several parts of the world. 2. You can meet any cartoon × character you like at Disney land. □ □ You can meet fairy tale or Disney cartoon characters at Disneyland.

3. Tourism develops where a

True False

Disneyland is built. the southeastern USA.

√ □ √ □

4. Dollywood is in the mountains in 5. Country music singers perform in

Dollywood throughout the whole

√ □

6. Dollywood has the only electric train still working in the USA. Dolly wood has the only steam-engine train still working in the southeastern USA.

True False

× □

7. Visitors to Camelot Park can True False × □ □ taste candy like the candy made in ancient England. Visitors to Dollywood can taste candy like the candy made in the American South 150 years ago.

8. Camelot Park has the oldest True False × roller coaster in the world. □ □ Camelot Park does not have the oldest roller coaster in the world. 9. Camelot Park has an ancient □ √ □ English farm.

10. Camelot Park has places True False for visitors to watch and √ □ □ maybe take part in sword fighting.

Fill in the blanks with information from the passage. Disneyland Name: __________ Location: In several parts of the world Theme: Fairy tale stories Activities:

◆ Travelling through space ◆ Visiting a pirate ship ◆ Meeting fairy tale or Disney cartoon
__________ characters ◆ Riding in a swinging ship

◆ Going on a free-fall drop

Name: Dollywood

In the Smoky Mountains in

____________________ the southeastern USA Theme: _______________________ America’s traditional
southeastern culture _____________________ Activities:

◆ Listening to country music ◆ Watching _________ craftsmen making
objects ◆ Trying traditional candies ◆ Riding on the only ________________ steam-engine train ◆ Watching bald eagles ◆ Riding on Thunderhead

Name: Camelot Park Location: England In ________ Theme: Ancient English history and stories Activities: ◆ Watching magic shows ◆ Visiting the jousting area ◆ Visiting the _____ farm area and learning about farms in ancient England

Lily, Jim, Tony, Jane and Kate want to visit a theme park. Help them to choose the theme park which is suitable for them.

1. Lily is interested in the life of ancient people, so she could visit _____________. Camelot Park

2. Jim wants to experience rides, especially the wooden roller coaster, so __________ Dollywood is a good place for him. 3. Jane is a girl who likes fantasy and loves fairy tales very much, so she is advised to visit __________. Disneyland 4. Kate is crazy about American country music, so she may go to ___________. Dollywood

Discuss the questions below. 1. What is the purpose of Dollywood? What kind of people do you think will visits this theme park?
The purpose of Dolly wood is to show and celebrate America’s traditional southeastern culture. Probably a lot of Americans will visit this theme park.

2. What do you know about ancient English stories? What other activities do you imagine there are at Camelot Park? 3. Disneyland is a place to have fun. What will you do if you have a chance to visit Disneyland? 4. If you have a chance to visit one of these three parks, which will you visit? Why?

1. Read the passage carefully and underline some words, phrases or sentences which you don’t understand. 2. Preview– learning about language.



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