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必修四unit1 单词(一)

Unit 1 Women of achievement

1. achievement
n.[C]成就;功绩;[U]实现;完成;达到 联想拓展 achieve v.取得,实现 achieve one’s aim/goal达到目标 achieve success 获得成功 他因科学上取得的成就而获得诺贝尔奖。 He received the Nobe

l Prize for his scientific achievements.

2.connection n.联系,关系
There is a connection between A and B A和B之间有联系 in connection with sb./sth.与??有关 have a connection with/to sb./sth和……有联系 have sth to do with be concerned with 与??有关(或相关) A man in connection with the murder of the teenager has been arrested. 一名与该谋杀少年案有关的男子被捕。

connect (vt.)使联结,与……有关联
(1)connect A with B 把A和B连接起来 A railway connects Oxford and/to/with Reading. 牛津和雷丁之间有一条铁路相连。

(2)be connected with ?
with pollution.


I'll mainly talk about the problems that are connected 我将主要谈一下与污染有关的问题。

【牛刀小试】 完成句子 (1)他身体不好与饮食有很大的关系。 His poor health has______ ________ ________ ________his diet. 答案:a strong connection with (2)这个会议和建新游泳池的计划有关。 The meeting is________ ________ ________the plan for building a new swimming pool. 答案:in connection with

3.campaign n.运动;战役 vi.作战;参加运动 从事争取/反对…的运动

campaign for/against...

4.behave v. 举止;行为;表现
behave oneself 守规矩,表现得体 Behave yourself! 规矩点儿!/礼貌点儿! behave as if/though表现得好像…… behave well/badly towards/to sb.) (对某人)表现好/差 a wellbehaved / illbehaved / badlybehaved kid 一个表现好/差的孩子 behaviour n. 行为,表现 on one’s best behavior 举止规矩

5.(1)worthwhile adj. 值得做的; 值得花费时间(精力)的;可作定语和表语 a worthwhile experiment/job. The experiment is worthwhile. 做某事是值得的 It is worthwhile to do sth It is worthwhile doing sth (2)worth adj 只能做表语 … be (well) worth doing (很)值得做… (主动形式表被动意义)

(3)worthy: 值得的 值得做某事 be worthy to be done be worthy of being done be worthy of + n. 这本书值得一读。 The book is worth reading. The book is worthy to be read. The book is worthy of being read. It is worthwhile to read the book. It is worthwhile reading the book.

be worth +钱数

be (well) worth + n
这辆自行车值50英镑。 The bicycle is worth £50.

is(well) worth a visit. The museum_________________________.

一句多译:杭州值得一游。 (3)Hangzhou is ________________ worth / worthy of a visit. worth (4)Hangzhou is ________________ visiting. worth / worthwhile visiting Hangzhou. (5)It is ________________

worthy of (6)Hangzhou is ________________ being visited.
worth (7)Hangzhou is ________________ to be visited.

worthwhile (8)It is ________________ to visit Hangzhou.

6.observe v. 观察;注意到;遵守;庆祝 observe sth. 注意到某人做/正在做某事 observe that... 注意到?? 跟不定式作宾补时,如果变成被动语态,要把不定式符 号to加上。类似用法的动词还有:see, watch,hear, notice, find等。 Sb be observed to do 某人被看到做了某事 Sb be observed doing sth. 某人被看到正在做某事

2)遵守(规则、法律等) observe the rule/law 遵守规则/法律 3)庆祝(生日、节日、周年等) Do you observe Christmas? 你们有过圣诞节的习俗吗? observe Christmas (National Day) 庆祝圣诞节(国庆节) n.观察;观察力;监视 observation

1. respect vt.尊敬,尊重;n.尊敬,方面
respectable respectful respective adj.值得尊敬的 adj.恭敬的,对人有礼貌的 各自的
(1) respect sb.for sth. 因某事而尊敬某人 respect sb. as…尊敬某人为…… (2) show/have respect for sb./sth. 因为……而尊敬某人 with respect 尊敬地 (3)give one’s respects to sb. 向某人致意

in some respects 在某些方面 in every respect/in all respects


即学即练 respectable respectful respective

1 Our Chinese teacher was so respectable ___________ that I respected him very much. He thought that I was a respectful __________student. 2 The two friends said goodbye and went their ___________ ways. respective

__________ __________ __________ we are very fortunate.在这方面我们是很幸运的。 [答案] In this respect 【即学即练】 The youngsters are to be taught to have resepct__________social moral standards. A.of B.for C.over D.with [答案] B

2.argue v. 争论;辩论;争吵;劝说 argue with sb. about/on/over sth. 与某人争论某事 argue for sth.支持某事,为??而争论 argue against sth.为反对某事而辩论 argue sb. into/out of doing sth. =persuade/talk sb. into/out of doing sth. 说服某人做/不做某事 argument n.争论;辩论;论据 beyond argument 无可争辩的

【典例填充】 1.We argued ________ the waiter _______the price of the meal. [答案] with;about/over 2 . The workers are arguing __________the right to strike. [答案] for 3.They argued him _________ withdrawing his complaint. [答案] into

9.crowd n. 人群;观众 vt.挤满;使拥挤
1)a crowd of一群;一堆

in crowds成群,大群地
go with/follow the crowds随大流 2)be crowded with满是,挤满了 3) crowd in(想法、问题等)涌上心头;涌入脑海
crowd into one’s mind/head(=crowd in on sb.)

crowd in/into sp.涌入/挤进某场所

crowded adj. 拓展 (1)________


After the football match,__________ the crowd cheered the

____________________ were looking on. A crowd of people (4)房间挤满了客人。 crowded with guests The house is ____________________. (5)他从来不随大流。 He never ____________________. follows the crowd (6)人群涌入拥挤的街道。

The ________ crowd into the ________ crowded stree.

10.inspire (vt.)激励,鼓舞,激发,启发
1)inspire sb. to do sth.激励某人去干某事 inspire sb. with sth. inspire sth. in sb. 激起/引起某人?? 2)inspiring (adj.) 令人鼓舞的,鼓舞人心的;启发灵感的

inspired (adj.)

an inspired performance/poet
出色的演出/富于灵感的诗人 inspiration n.灵感,鼓舞 n.&vt. 支持;拥护 1)support sb. (in sth.) 在(做)某事方面支持某人 support oneself 自立谋生

2)give/lend/offer/provide support to提供支持 in support of 支持
派生 (1) supporter n.支持者;护者 (2) supporting adj.次要的;配角的

(5)他要养一大家人。(一句多译) ______________________________________________________ He has to support a large/big family.或

He has a large/big family __________________

to support.

12. look down upon/on 蔑视,瞧不起 look up to 尊敬

联想拓展 调查某事物 look into sth. look up 查阅(单词、资料);向上看 look out for sb./sth. 警惕或留心某人/某物 look forward to 盼望;期待 look through 浏览;检查

【牛刀小试】 (1)(2009·湖北)Would you please________the paper for me and see if there are any obvious mistakes? A.look around B.look into C.look up D.look through 答案: D 本题考查动词短语的词义辨析。 look around“ 向 四 周 看 , 环 视 ” 。 look into“ 调 查 ” 。 look up“ 向 上 看 ; 抬 头 看”。look through“浏览,检查”。由句 意可知D正确。

(2)(2009·江西)It is reported that the police will soon ________ the case of the two missing children. A. look upon B. look after C. look into D. look out 答案: C 考查了动词短语的辨析。题意: 据报道警察将会很快调查这两起儿童失踪 案件。 look into“调查”; look upon“认 为 , 视 为 ” ; look after“ 照 顾 ” ; look out“注意,小心”。

? Do the exercises on P3 、6 in金版新学案


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