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高中英语 Module 1 Basketball-Period 1教案 外研版选修7

Module 1 Basketball
乐善中学:唐学勇 Part One Teaching Design Period 1 Reading – Basketball 教学设计说明 ·话题介绍 本模块主题是“篮球” ,学习目的:帮助学生熟悉篮球运动的起源、 发展和现状, 了解优秀篮球运动员的风采, 认识篮球运动的安全性, 讨论篮球运动在国内外的普及度,体会不同国家的篮球文化,从而 激发学生更加热爱篮球运动。 Period 1 Reading INTRODUCTION 和 READING AND VOCABULARY 合并为第一课时“阅读 课。 “教师还可以参考“教学资源”The Analysis of the Difficult Sentences from Module 1Basketball 中的材料,帮助学生解决字、 词、句等方面的问题。 Period 2 Function 第二课时 FUNCTION 是 “功能课”expressing feelings and emotions , 学习表达感情及情感。教学重点是-ing,-ed 表情感的用法。 Period 3 Grammar Period 4 Writing Grammar conversion and suffix,通过转换和词缀构词法掌握词义 writing 然后模仿其语篇结构,尽量运用课文中学到的词语、结构 和话题模式,回复信件。 能识别所学词语及结构并听懂意义,能听懂并理解包含感情和情感 Period 5 Listening and Everyday English “阅读课”注重技能阅读。根据上下文支持句将题目选出。 Period 6 Reading “文化阅读课”注重意义阅读,了解各种球类运动。 Period 7 Cultural Corner ▇Goals · To read about the basketball players: Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain; Practice 的日常用语;能进行谈论篮球和其他运动的对话。


· To Learn to enjoy the titles ■Procedures Step 1: Warming up by learning Introduction Please think about the following questions: (1)Do you love team sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball? (2)Can you name some basketball players, at home or abroad? Do you know what positions they play? (3)What are the forwards doing---attacking or defending? (4)What is the referee doing? For reference Michael Jordan guard, Wilt Chamberlain center, Yao Ming center attacking watching and controlling the game 1. Fill in the blank with proper words. Let’s look at the picture on page 1 and what do the words mean? For reference court---the playing area hoop---the circular metal band which is attached to the backboard and holds the basket basket---the rope through which the ball must pass in order to score points slam dunk—one of the shots with which a player can score 2. What is the NBA? Class, what basketball games do you love watching? Why? For reference NBA games, CBA games, exciting, fast and furious, the attractive star players rich in good skills But do you know the history of the NBA? Let’s read the introduction. And reply to the following questions. For reference 1. Yes they are now. 2. No, they aren’t. (USA, Canada) 3. The players in a professional team get paid. It is their job to play basketball. amateur, n., person who practices a sport or artistic skill without receiving money for it Step 2: Practice for words study average break dream head play record score throw Our school basketball team is awesome. Last year we _________ over 3,000 points. At the start

of the season, our two star __________, Yang Hua and Xiao Ping _________ of getting 30 points each in every game. They didn’t manage that, but they _________ about 25 each. The game I remember best is the one where I _______ the ball through the basket six times in the first 15 minutes. Our coach said that was a _______ for our team. When the game was over, everyone jumped out of their seats and _______ for me; they wanted me to sign their programmes. My pen _________ because I had to write fast. Keys: scored players dreamed/dreamt averaged threw record headed broke Step 3: Before you read 1. Information about Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain Class, are you familiar with Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain? Here is a poster to introduce the two star players in the USA. Read it and complete Exercise 1. For reference 1. No, they didn’t. 2. 19cm 3. Jordan 4. 63 5. Consecutive seasons leading scorer 2. Since you have known something about the two basketball players, who would like to compare them in different aspects? For reference Michael Jordan was born in 1963 and Wilt Chamberlain was born in 1936. So Jordan was 27years younger than Chamberlain. Chamberlain joined NBA in 1959 but when Jordan started to play in NBA in 1984, Chamberlain was already out of NBA career. Step 4: While you read 1. Fast reading for general ideas of the text Shall we get the details of the two famous basketball players? As we have known, they are outstanding and are well thought of in the history of basketball. Read the two titles and they are meaningful. “Michael Jordan--- Head and Shoulder Above the Rest”. Look at yourself, and your head and shoulder are always above the rest of the other parts of your body. It means somebody is much better than others. “Wilt the Stilt --- the Tower of Power” Class, have you ever seen people walk on stilts in the Spring Festival? They are taller than people who don’t. As we know, Chamberlain was even 19 centimeters taller than Jordan. He was not only tall but also full of power and magic on the basketball court. Comprehension—understanding what you are reading—is important. To read in thought groups is an easy, yet effective, way of improving reading comprehension. (Divide the whole class into two groups) Group A read the first passage about Jordan and group B read the other. And then introduce the basketball player to each other by using the information of the text. (a form of finding topic sentence or general idea of each paragraph) For reference Michael Jordan 1. During the 1990’s Michael Jordan was probably the best known athlete in the world. 2. Michael Jordan became the top scorer in the NBA in his first season (1984-1985). 3. Michael Jordan, the second player to score more than 3,000 points in a season, made

contributions to the Bulls and the United States Olympic basketball team. 4. Michael Jordan, who once retired from the sport, rejoined the Bulls and was admired by his fans. 5. Michael Jordan opened his own restaurant and even acted in a film. Wilt Chamberlain 1. Wilt Chamberlain, the first to score more than 3,000 points in a season, used to have various health problems in his childhood. 2. Wilt Chamberlain was much better than all the other players of his generation. 3. Wilt Chamberlain played for four teams and was named the MVP. 4. Wilt Chamberlain held his own record. 5. Wilt Chamberlain deserves the title “outstanding player of his generation”. Now read the recording of the text. Pay attention to the details while listening and reading. 2. Fill in the form Michael Jordon Born Height NBA Career First Season Position Games Points Record holder Reputation For reference: Michael Jordon Born Height NBA Career First Season Position Games Points Record holder 17

Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain 21

February 1963

August 1936

1.98m 15 seasons 1984-1985 Guard 1,072 32,292 1 Most seasons leading scorer: 10 2 Consecutive seasons leading scorer :7

2.17m 14 seasons 1959-1960 Center 1,045 31,419 1 Most points in a season: 4,029 2 Consecutive season: 7 Outstanding generation player of his


3. Complete the article with one word in each blank During the 1990s, Michael Jordan was probably the ___________ athlete in the world. He was _________ the most valued player five times. Millions of fans admire his athletic ability, ___________and confidence. Off the basketball __________, Michael Jordan opened his own steak restaurant and he also found ________ as an actor. Keys: best- known, named, motivation, court, success

The first player to _________ more than 3,000 points in a ________ was Wilt Chamberlain. He is the only NBA player who _________ over 50 points per game for an entire season. There is no _________ that he __________ the title “outstanding player of his generation”. Keys: score, season, averaged, doubt, deserves Step 5: After you read 1. Retell the text 2. Introduce the two famous sportsmen Useful expressions from Basketball during the 1990s, the top scorer, play for the Chicago team, be named the most valued player, in the history of, with an average of, seven consecutive seasons, win the NBA title/championship, known as, win the gold medal, retire from sport, admire his athletic ability, motivation and confidence, rescue from, end in a tie/draw, have eyes closed, off the basketball court, have various health problems, at one point, who knows, there is no doubt that, deserve the title



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