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高 考 完 形 填 空 解 题 技 巧
完形填空属于对英语语言知识的综合运用能力的考查,解题中需要运用很多技巧,现结合2016年的 高考试题对这些技巧分析如下: 一、利用复现关系解题 复现是行文不可避免要使用的一种词汇衔接手段,它通过原词、同(近)义词、概括词等形式重复某一信 息。复现包括原词复现、同根词复现、同(近)义复现、反义复现和解释型复现等。看下面的例子: Introduction to Letters to Sam Dear Reader, Please allow me to tell you something before you read this book. When my 36 , Sam, was born, my heart was filled with joy. I had been sitting in a wheelchair for 20 years before then, and I have been (37. seriously) ill many times. So I wondered if I would have the (38. time) to tell Sam what I had (39. observed). For years I have been hosting a program on the listeners and 40 and writing articles for a magazine. Being 42 41 to move freely, I have learned to sit still and keep my heart , exchanging thoughts with thousands of 45 . I hoped that Sam would (46. read)

43 . So when Sam was born, I (44. decided) to tell him about school and friendship, romance

and work, love and everything else. That’s how I started to write these them sooner or later. (2010年重庆卷) 36. A. son 40. A. radio 41. A. ready 42. A. warm 43. A. hosts 45. A. letters 二、利用语境共现解题 B. nephew B. television B. unable B. broken B. visitors B. emails C. brother C. stage C. anxious C. closed C. readers C. books

D. grandson D. bed D. eager D. open D. reporters D. diaries

完形填空的文章是一个意义相关联的语篇,围绕一个话题展开,因此在行文中语境的共现是不可避免 的。看下面的例子: (2010年江苏卷) Another person’s enthusiasm was what set me moving toward the success I have achieved. That person was my stepmother. I was nine years old when she entered our home in rural Virginia. My father (36. introduced) me to her with these words: “I would like you to meet the fellow who is probably start throwing rocks at you no 37. A. distinguished 38. A. sooner B. favored B. later 38 37 for being the worst boy in this county and will D. rewarded D. earlier than tomorrow morning. ” C. mistaken C. longer

本文为夹叙夹议类记叙文。作者通过讲述继母对于自己以及一家人的改变所起的作用,让我们明白一 个深刻的道理:热情的有效释放,将会成为人前进的巨大动力。 三、利用上下文逻辑关系解题 只有明确文章结构,了解段与段之间、句与句之间的逻辑关系,才能加深对文章的理解,从而在空白 处填入正确的词语,这就要求考生熟悉和掌握一些常用的表示逻辑关系的词语。 (2010年北京卷) I met Mrs. Neidl in the ninth grade on a stage-design team for a play and she was one of the
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directors. Almost instantly I loved her. She had an unpleasant voice and a direct way of speaking, was encouraging and inspiring. For some reason, she was impressed with my work and me. 36. A. and B. yet C. so D. for 四、利用文化背景和生活常识解题



完形填空以完整的语篇信息为基础,其问题交织渗透着各类相关的文化背景知识和生活常识,考查考 生灵活运用该方面知识的能力。现以2010年陕西卷为例分析如下: I used to live selfishly, I should admit. But one moment changed me. I was on my lunch break and had 26 the office to get something to eat. On the way, I 28 27 a busker (街头艺人), with a hat in front of him. I had some in my pocket, but I would not give them to him,

thinking to myself he would (29. only) use the money to feed his addiction to drugs or alcohol. He (30. looked) like that type — young and ragged. (31. But) what was I going to spend the money on? Only to feed my addiction to Coca-Cola or chocolate! I then (32. realized) I had no right to place myself above (33. him) just because he was busking. 26. A. left 27. A. led 28. A. chocolates B. cleaned B. chose B. coins C. prepared C. saw C. tins D. searched D. fooled D. drugs

本文是一篇记叙文。文章记叙的是发生在作者身上的一件真实的事情。正是这件事情改变了作者,让 他认识到“给予”本身就是一种快乐。前三空可利用生活常识解题。 五、利用固定搭配或习惯表达解题 运用词语间的搭配关系,考生经常可以无需过度依赖上下文信息而直接确定答案,即使确定不了答案, 也往往可以排除一些明显不符合搭配关系的选项,缩小选择范围,提高答案的准确率。 (2010年江西卷)When Alice started to cycle home from Jenny’s house, she wasn’t nervous. She was certainly not afraid of the dark. (36. Besides), it was only a 15-minute ride home. But halfway there, she began to wish that she hadn’t been so (37. brave). As she rounded a sharp bend, it suddenly (38. grew) cold-very cold. Alice’s breath became puffs of white cloud and her legs were so cold that it became hard to ride. With her heart beating fast, she struggled so hard to move (39. forward) that she didn’t hear the car which suddenly appeared beside her. She stopped by the road. The big black car also (40. stopped). Slowly, the passenger-window began to slide down. Alice held her breath. In the soft light inside the car, something (41. moved). Then, the light brightened and Alice was staring at a sweet, grey-haired old lady. “Hello, dear,” said the old lady. “I need (42. help). I’m afraid I’m lost. I need to find the nearest airport. I must be there in the next five minutes.” “Airport? You (43. certainly) are lost,” Alice said. “You need to go back five kilometers (44. until) you reach the T-junction. Turn left and (45. drive) for about another 10 kilometers to the main highway. From there, just follow the (46. signs) to the airport. But I’m afraid there’s no 47. A. doubt 48. A. have it B. room B. get it C. time C. make it
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you’ll get there in five minutes!” 48 D. way D. finish it in time.”

“Thank you very much, dear,” replied the old lady. “Don’t worry—I’ll

本文是一篇记叙文。爱丽丝骑自行车在寒冷的夜晚从珍妮家艰难地回家。在路上,遇到一位因去机场 而迷路的驾着黑色小车的老妇人,爱丽丝尽其所能地帮助了这位老人。 六、利用语篇结构层次解题 完形填空的取材多为完整性、严密性非常好的文章。如果是记叙文,其故事结构完整——包括事件的 时间、地点、人物、起因、发展以及结局等。如果是说明文,应该层次分明、一目了然。如果是议论文, 应论点明确、论证严密。 基于完形填空取材的上述特点,我们可以从中得知一些解题信息。例如: (2010年安徽卷) First of all, a pen should fit comfortably in your hand and be (40. easy) to use. The thickness of the pen is the most important characteristic (特征) (41. determining) comfort. Having a small hand and thick fingers, you may be comfortable with a thin pen. If you have a (42. larger) hand and thicker fingers, you may (43. prefer) a fatter pen. The length of a pen can (44. also) influence comfort. A pen that is too (45. long) can easily feel top-heavy and unstable. Then, the writing point of the pen should (46. allow) the ink to flow evenly (均匀地) while the pen remains in touch with the paper. (47. This) will make it possible for you to create a (48. smooth) line of writing. The point should also be sensitive enough to (49. prevent) ink from running when the pen is lifted. A point that does not block the (50. flow) may leave drops of ink, (51. as) you pick the pen up and put it down again. 52 , the pen should make a thick, dark line. Fine-line pens may (53. compensate for) bad handwriting, but fine, delicate lines do not command (54. attention) next to printed text, as, (55. for example), a signature on a printed letter. A broader line, on the other hand, gives an impression of confidence and authority (权威). 52. A. Meanwhile B. Generally C. Afterwards D. Finally

本文为说明文,介绍的是选购钢笔的一些方法与技巧。 七、读好段落首句,推测全文内容 完形填空通常首句不设空,目的是让考生迅速进入主题,熟悉语言环境,建立正确的思维导向。读好 第一句不仅能把握文章大意,而且能把握住作者的态度:对于此事是褒是贬?态度不同选用的词汇自然就 不同。在读了第一句后,不妨略作停顿,推测一下故事的发展。有了与作者同样的思路便有了良好的开端, 避免走弯路。 【例】Behind our house is the start of a fascinating trail (小径). This trail is one of the old roads that wind through untold miles of forest. My 36. A. deer B. dog 36 , Beans, and I walk the trail frequently… (2010 湖南) D. man Beans is a white dog, quite handsome and… C. lady

【解析】B。根据第二段第一句Beans is a white dog可判断选B。短文的第一句话提到作者的房子后面 是一条小径的开始。据此,我们可以推测出此后的内容肯定和这条小径以及作者的这条狗有关。 八、妙用语境 一般来说,完形填空的四个选项词性相同,如都是动词原形、副词、名词复数形式等。所以要注意他 们之间在意义上的细微差异。同时,一定要把这些选项放到特定的语境里进行区分、辨别,从而选出正确 答案。 【例1】 Beans is a white dog, quite handsome and very also often makes sounds… (2010 湖南) 38. A. smart B. sweet C. slow D. shy
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. He not only understands what we tell him, but

【例2】Moody faces 34. A. unemployment


in three years, when he hopes to run the foundation full-time. (2010 天津) C. competition D. retirement

B. challenge

完 形 填 空 专 项 练 习

(一 )

When you make a mistake, big or small, cherish (珍视) it like it’s the most precious thing in the world. Most of us feel should try to 2 1 when making mistakes. That’s only natural: we were taught from a young age that we 3 when we make mistakes — at home, school or work. 4 . If you think about it that way, mistakes should be mistakes. We are always 5

Yet without mistakes, we couldn’t learn or celebrated for being one of the most and 6 possible. Think about how we how to do it. You don’t right away. 8

things in the world: they make learning possible; they make growth

7 : we don’t just get information about something and instantly know it or know read about painting, writing or computer programming, and know how to do them

9 , you get information about something from reading or from another person or from observing usually. Then you them — 10 14 a model in your mind. Then you test it out by 12 according to the results. And you 15 . 16 — because if you succeed at something, it’s probably 17 — at most it’s 19 , if it’s a good you’ve learned how to do something. 11 13 it in the real world. Then you make that — making mistakes, learning from mistakes. Then you revise the

That’s how we learn as babies and as

Mistakes happen when we learn to do something the last step on your journey, not the journey. So if you smile. 1. A. sick 2. A. hate 3. A. examined 4. A. grow 5. A. worrying 6. A. movement 7. A. act 8. A. just 9. A. Therefore 10. A. construct 11. A. delivering 12. A. reason B. strange B. correct B. scolded B. breathe B. amazing B. education B. practice B. even B. Instead B. hire B. increasing B. model C. bad C. ignore 20 18

something you have already known how to do. You haven’t really grown much from that journey. Most of the journey was made up of

learning, growing and improving, then you should celebrate your mistakes, cherish them and D. cold D. avoid D. disturbed D. work D. shocking D. construction D. learn D. carefully D. Still D. recognize D. trying D. comment

C. permitted C. live C. amusing C. improvement C. compete C. patiently C. Besides C. check C. tasting C. mark

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13. A. compare 14. A. until 15. A. teachers 16. A. easy 17. A. distance 18. A. whole 19. A. mistakes 20.A. invite

B. prepare B. if B. adults B. similar B. direction B. same B. experiments B. meet

C. repeat C. unless C. men C. popular C. success C. first C. evidences C. refuse

D. forget D. although D. women D. new D. state D. different D. goals D. Value

B “Can I see my baby?” the happy new mother asked. When she looked upon his tiny The baby had been born without ears. 2 , however, proved that the baby’s hearing was perfect. It was only his appearance that was marred (损 坏). When he 3 home from school one day and cried in his mother’s arms, she sighed, 4 that his life was to be a series of heartbreaks. He cried out, “A big boy … called me a freak (畸形人).” He grew up, handsome and a favorite with his fellow students. He might have been class president, but for that. The boy’s father had a for a young man. Two years went by. Then, “You are going to the hospital, Son. Someone will The operation was a 12 9 . Later he finished college and 10 One day, he asked his father, “Who gave me so much? I could you could,” said the father, “ 13 The years kept their mother’s casket (棺材). Mother less 19 .” 20 lies not in what is done and 14 , but the day did come, …one of the 11 15 8 the ears,” said the father. the government department. do enough for him or her.” “I don’t days. He stood with his father over his 17 . 5 with the family doctor. “I believe I could transplant a pair of outer ears, 7 6 they could be acquired,” said the doctor. Thus, the began for a person who would make such a sacrifice 1 , tears filled her eyes.

the agreement was that you are not to know, not yet.”

16 , the father raised the thick, reddish-brown hair to show the mother had no

“Mother said she was glad she never let her hair be

18 ,” he whispered gently, “and nobody ever thought

Real beauty lies not in the physical appearance, but in the heart. Real known, but in what is done but not known. 1. A. leg 2. A. Time 3. A. traveled 4. A. hearing 5. A. party 6. A. unless 7. A. search 8. A. lose 9. A. decision B. face B. Space B. approached B. knowing B. quarrel B. if B. examination B. check B. preparation C. feet C. Theory C. drove C. agreeing C. deal C. although C. program C. donate C. reward D. hands D. News D. rushed D. allowing D. talk D. since D. interview D. collect D. success

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10. A. escaped 11. A. once 12. A. believe 13. A. or 14. A. reality 15. A. shortest 16. A. Gently 17. A. voices 18. A. pulled 19. A. beautiful 20. A. donation

B. accepted B. never B. show B. since B. purpose B. darkest B. Quickly B. hairs B. found B. active B. success

C. entered C. sometimes C. suggest C. but C. promise C. warmest C. Gradually C. ears C. washed C. skillful C. love

D. continued D. always D. approve D. so D. secret D. safest D. Immediately D. eyes D. cut D. confident D. life

C Every morning a woman baked chapati, a kind of Indian bread, for her family and an extra one for a hungry passer-by. She would She This 2 4 1 place the extra chapati on the windowsill, for whoever needed it. 3 gratitude, he a hunchback (驼背者) came every day and took the extra chapati. Instead of day after day. The woman felt 6 ?” 7 this rude man,” she said. She added 9 8 to the 5

would mutter (咕哝) the words: “The evil you do remains with you. The good you do comes back to you!” . “Not a word of gratitude and every day he mutters these words! What does he chapati she prepared for him! As she was about to place it on the windowsill, her hands prepared another one. 10 , the hunchback came, 11 the chapati and muttered the same words. He was totally 13 of him. 16 to find her son 12 the war in the mind of the woman. Every day, as the woman placed the chapati on the window, she distant place to seek his fortune. For many months she had no That evening, there was a 15 standing there. He had grown thin and weak. Looking at his mother he said, “Mom, it’s a miracle I’m here. While I was a mile away, I was so hungry that I fell down. I would have died, chapati.” As the mother heard those words, her face turned had made that morning. It was then that she realized the do comes back to you!” 1. A. always 2. A. remembered B. sometimes B. wondered C. never C. noticed
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One day she decided to take action. “I shall

. Immediately, she threw it into the fire and

for her son who had gone to a


on the door. As she opened it, she was


an old hunchback passed by. He was 19


enough to give me a whole

. She remembered the poisoned chapati that she


of the words: “The evil you do remains with you. The good you D. also D. thought

3. A. publishing 4. A. passed on 5. A. interested 6. A. mean 7. A. get used to 8. A. sauce 9. A. scratched 10. A. For a while 11. A. turned up 12. A. unaware of 13. A. pushed 14. A. truth 15. A. picture 16. A. surprised 17. A. when 18. A. kind 19. A. blank 20. A. significance

B. teaching B. went on B. nervous B. speak B. get rid of B. stone B. broke B. As usual B. picked up B. unheard of B. sent B. understanding B. knock B. frightened B. for B. strange B. pink B. situation

C. impressing C. went off C. alive C. have C. get hold of C. sand C. trembled C. By the way C. looked up C. exposed to C. called C. news C. notice C. awkward C. if C. happy C. pale C. origin

D. expressing D. pulled up D. angry D. want D. get on with D. poison D. hurt D. As a result D. gave up D. capable of D. prayed D. knowledge D. message D. determined D. but D. lucky D. red D. Outcome

D One day while I was walking to work, I decided to bring some flowers that I had picked from my garden that morning. I came across a stranger, and was inspired to give the 2 to do it again. When I got to my Sometimes the 7 little 9 6 4 , I had the idea of anonymously (匿名地) 8 5 flowers around the place. of the building where I work numbs my spirits a little. It’s a nice building with great light, the same way, so why not put a 10 , who doesn’t like 1 to him with a smile card. 3 his day, I wanted by the sense of joy I felt from giving flowers to another person, and maybe

it just feels a little boring sometimes. I figured lots of people might

there, and throw in an inspirational quote (引述) while I’m good at it? 11

flowers? So, for the past month, I’ve been 12 15 . Then today, when I walked in, I noticed It said, “Be the change you 18 For me, seeing this little act was a 16 19 flowers in the cup, and a(n) 17 that someone else had written! 20 to see in the world. — Gandhi.” that, at the end of the day, we’re all just people with hearts, always 14 flowers in a little cup on the sink in the bathroom. Each week, I 13 for me to read quotes like Gandhi’s “The fragrance the flowers and the quote. It always feels

on the hand that gives the rose.” If anything, it at least makes me smile each time I visit the

the various roles and different hats we may wear in the workplace. I did a little dance and was smiling wide for the rest of the day!
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1. A. bunch 2. A. Praised 3. A. attending 4. A. home 5. A. leaving 6. A. look 7. A. but 8. A. like 9. A. beauty 10. A. For example 11. A. ignoring 12. A. changed 13. A. refreshing 14. A. disappears 15. A. company 16. A. similar 17. A. quote 18. A. fail 19. A. story 20. A. because of

B. apple B. Struck B. delaying B. office B. planting B. manager B. for B. have B. hope B. After all B. selling B. posted B. worrying B. remains B. kitchen B. same B. ad B. wish B. theme B. instead of

C. salary C. Rejected C. brightening C. shop C. delivering C. atmosphere C. so C. feel C. life C. In short C. picking C. found C. puzzling C. goes C. bathroom C. old C. address C. promise C. reminder C. in terms of E

D. bread D. Beaten D. feeling D. school D. collecting D. frame D. or D. work D. suggestion D. In particular D. putting D. received D. boring D. happens D. living room D. new D. notice D. agree D. subject D. regardless of

(2011?陕西卷)完形填空 In a land far away, once upon a time there was great poverty (贫困) ,and only the rich could manage without great _26_. Three of those rich men and their servants were_27_together on a road when they came to a very_28_village. The first could not stand seeing the poverty, _29 he took all the gold and jewels from his wagons (四轮载重 马车) and shared _30 out among the villagers. He wished them all the best of luck, and he left. The second rich man ,seeing the _31 situation, stopped for a short time and gave _32 all his food and drink, since he _33 see that money would be of little _34 to them. He made sure that they each _35 their fair share and would have enough food to _36 for some time . Then, he left. The third rich man, on seeing such poverty, _37 and went straight through the _38 without stopping. The two other rich men saw this from a distance and commented with each other_39 the third rich man lacked sympathy. It was _40 that they themselves had been there to offer help. However, three days later, they 41 the third rich man ,who was coming in the opposite direction . He was 42 traveling quickly, but his wagons, 43 the gold and valuables they had been 44 ,were now full of farming tools and bags of 45 .He was rushing back to help them out of poverty. 26. A. loss B. expectations C. success D. problems 27. A. standing B. traveling C. gathering D. running 28. A. faraway B. poor C. different D. ancient 29. A. unless B. because C. so D. if 30. A. them B. anything C. nothing D. those
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31. A. curious 32. A. the villagers 33. A. could 34. A. interest 35. A. returned 36.A.remain 37.A.turned back 38.A.village 39.A.whether 40.A.good 41.A.welcomed 42.A.still 43. A. except 44.A. loading 45.A. food

B. worrying B. his servants B. might B.concern B. gained B.last B.set out B.certain B.met B.already B. instead of B. treasuring B. jewels

C. dangerous D. puzzling C. the others D. the rest C. should D. must C. use D. attraction C. offered D. received D.share C. showed off D. speeded C.field D.road C.where D.when C.true D.strange C.accepted D.persuaded C.always D.indeed C. apart from D. along with C. carrying D. earning C. money D. seeds

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高考完形填空解题技巧 - 高考完形填空解题技巧 完形填空属于对英语语言知识的综合运用能力的考查,解题中需要运用很多技巧,现结合2016年的 高考试题对这些技巧分析如下...


高考完形填空超实用解题技巧_英语_高中教育_教育专区。完形填空解题技巧 一、完形填空常见体裁 (一)记叙文——情节性 核心:故事的展开。做题:明确事件内容、理清...

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