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Unit 7 Where would you like to visit?

Pair work
? ?

A: Where would you like to visit? B: I hope to … I’d like to … I’d love to …<

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1. I want to do well in my school studies. (hope) 2. I’d like to meet a famous person. (dream) What’s the difference between a hope and a dream? A hope is possible to come true. A dream is usually impossible to come true.

I’d love to sail across the Pacific.

Listen and answer this question. The passage is mainly about: dreams and hopes.

Read the passage as quickly as you can and find out the new words and phrases.
New words sail Pacific findings continue report translator dream sportspeople conclusion

thousands of as soon as possible be willing to quite a few dream of hold on to

Read the passage again and answer the following questions.

1).some students want to start work as soon as possible so that: They can provide better lives for their parents. 2).What is important to students about the work they do? They want to do jobs they enjoy.

3). What example is given of an impossible drea They’d like to be able to fly.

Read the first and second paragraphs and answer the following questions. The hopes of teenagers 1) What would students like to do after finishing high school?
2) What’s the most popular

choice of job?

The dreams of teenagers 1).Students also have many less realistic dreams, don’t they?

2).How do they achieve dreams?

Conclusion 1).What do most students hope? 2).What are we supposed to do if we have dreams?

?Discuss: 1) Is there anyone in the world who does not hope or dream? 2)Might the dream of Chinese teenagers be different from western teenagers?

3) Can dreams come true?

Write a passage about your dreams and your hopes, and tell us how to achieve your dreams.

Thank you!




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