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青岛二中 2014 届高三阶段性检测英语试题 第 I 卷(共 105 分) 第一部分 英语知识应用(共两节,满分 55 分) 第一节 语法和词汇知识(共 25 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 25 分) 1. Weifang you see today is quite different city from what it was 10 years ago. A.The;a B./;a C.The;/ D.A;a 2.— Mum,I really think Dad should have a break and get relaxed. A.competitive learning materials. B.had read B.fierce provide C.has been reading C.attractive B.provide 3.Living in a highly —Yes.He ____ too long. reading

society,you definitely have to arm yourself with modern technology and skills. D.sensitive news,business information and D.providing were from C.provided

4.Chinadaily. com. cn is the largest English portal site in China,

5.Barack Obama delivered a speech to 500 local youths during his visit to China,many of Fudan University and Tongji University. A.them B.whom C.which D.those 6.A small plane crashed into a hillside five miles east of the city, _____all four people on board. A. killed B. killing C. kills D. to kill 7.—I'll ask the teacher about the attributive clause. I'm very puzzled about it. —That's just ________ most of our classmates have doubt. A.what B.why


8.She got stuck in a terrible traffic jam on the highway to Shanghai,or she dinner with her family now. A.will be having B.would be having having D.was having 9.—You've got your flat furnished,haven't you? —Yes.I some used furniture at the Sunday Market and it was a real bargain. A.will buy B.have bought C.had bought D.bought 10.In 1778, Bank was elected ____ president of the Royal Society, _____ position he held for 43 years. A. the; the B. 不填; a C. a; a D. 不填 ; the 11.– I can’t believe that Jeff ____ have quarreled and fought with his boss. -- Well, if one ___ ask for trouble, it just can’t be helped. A. would; will B. must; may C. should; must D. need; dare 12.With the nuclear crisis worsening in Iran, the world's attention is fixed again on is called the Middle East. A.which B.that C.what 13.____ piano is her main focus,she's also great at guitar. A.Since B.Once C.Unless D.While 14.Cheer up! Everyone may have periods in their lives everything seems tough. A.which B.where C.when D.that 15.—Hey,you haven't been acting like yourself.Everything is OK? — . A.Sure, it is B.I'm fine,thanks C.That's good D.It's a pleasure 16.Finding a job in such a big company has always been his wildest dreams. A.under B.over C.above D.beyond 17.They will send kids to college it takes, even if that means a huge amount of debt. A.whoever B.however C.whatever D.whichever 18. around the lab, we were taken to see the library. A.Being shown B.Showing C.Having been shown D.To show 19. —Are you still working in that company, Mary? —No, it is ten months ____ I worked there. A.after B.that C.before D.since 20.I have passed my examination easily, but I made too many stupid mistakes. A.must B.will C.shall D.could

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21.Although her disease her eyesight and forced her to leave the dance floor, she refuses to fall into self-pity. A.has affected B.affected C.affects D.had affected 22.—Thank God! This school term is coming to an end! —Yeah , after all that hard work , we all a holiday. A.preserve B.observe C.reserve D.deserve 23.The girl went to have piano lessons at the training center with her sister she would stay for an hour. A.who B.where C.which D.what 24.In my daily life I ignore work , study , and other activities to check my phone for messages. A.fluently B.frequently C.immediately D.practically 25.—You always go to the seaside and swim during the summer vacation. Don’t you want to try something different this year? — . A.Like what? B.With pleasure . C.Let’s go then. D.That’s all right. 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文、掌握其大意,然后从 26~45 各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出最佳选项、并 在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A man hired a taxi outside the airfield.The cab had a woolen carpet with 26 lace edges.On the glass partition that 27 the driver's seat was a copy of a famous painting.Its windows were all clean.The customer was very much 28 and said to the driver, “I've never seen a nicer 29 . ” “Thank you for your praise. ”the driver answered 30 . “The car isn't mine, ” said the driver. “It belongs to the company. I used to be a 31 of cabs. When they returned, all of them were as 32 as garbage cans with cigarette butts and rubbish 33 here and there. On the seats and door-handles could be found something 34 like peanut sauce or, chewing gum. Why so? I thought if the car itself were very clean the passengers would most 35 be considerate and refrain from littering. ” “So when I got a 36 to be a taxi-driver,I began 37 my idea into practice-to tidy and 38 the car. Now before a new passenger gets on my car, I'd make a cheek and be sure it is in good order. When my car 39 after a day's work,it always remains 40 . ” When doing a thing,one makes efforts and wants to see the result.To change others,one has to make twice the 41 but get half the result.To change oneself is the other way round-more fruit with less effort.One had better ask oneself why one makes 42 on others much more than on oneself. 43 you take enough care to do as best you can for other people's sake,your efforts will yield results,If you 44 the inner world of your own, examine yourself and wipe out the dust and dirt,instead of fixing your eyes on other people,you will find a cheerful 45 for yourself and create a pleasant environment for others. 26.A.ugly B.exciting C.brilliant D.favorite 27.A.separated B.covered C.protected D.prevented 28.A.moved 30.A.naturally 31.A.driver 32.A.attractive 33.A.spread 34.A.funny 35.A.likely 36.A.permit 37.A.put 38.A.provide 39.A.speeds B.annoyed B.carpet B.smilingly B.cleaner B.pleasant B.extended B.busy B.willingly B.1icense B.take B.leaves C.disappointed C.garage C.hopefully C.repairer C.dirty C.dotted C.sticky C.extremely C.certificate C.make C.decorate C.arrives D.surprised D.firmly D.customer D.clean D.1eft D.clumsy D.regularly D.passport D.get D.describe D.returns

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40.A.spotless 41.A.progress 42.A.suggestions 43.A.Though 44.A.look into 45.A.spirit

B.pretty B.effort B.comments B.While B.look for B.mood

C.bright C.attempt C.demands C.As C.look up C.mind

D.dirty D.trial D.decisions D.If D.look through D.sense

第二部分 阅读理解(共 25 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 50 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 A In America,Virginia Beach has all the elements of a classic seaside resort:brilliant beaches,a lively boardwalk,plenty of restaurants and nightspots,and amusement rides sure to appeal to kids.Many believe Virginia Beach is at its best in the off-season , when the town is less crowded but the weather is still Meanwhile,some safety tips should be followed,enjoying the happiness and excitement the beach offers. The number l safety tip concerns ocean safety:pay attention to Flag conditions posted on the lifeguard stands.Lifeguards post a red flag to warn when the ocean water is dangerous. Take them seriously! Tourists from land-locked regions are particularly easily attracted by the magic of the waves.However,a calm ocean can become risky without warning.Make sure you swim near a lifeguard.Swimming without lifeguard protection is almost five times as great as drowning at a beach with lifeguards. Never swim alone. Many drownings involve single swimmers. When you swim with someone else, if one of you has a problem,the other may be able to get help,including signaling for assistance from others. Don't fight the current.The facts show that some 80% of rescues by lifeguards at ocean beaches are caused by currents.These currents are formed by surf and gravity,because once surf pushes water up the slope of a beach,gravity pulls it back.This can create concentrated rivers of water moving offshore.If you are caught in a rip current,don't fight it by trying to swim directly to shore.Instead,swim parallel to shore until you feel the current relax,then swim to shore.Most rip currents are narrow and a short swim parallel to shore will help bring you to safety. 46.When coming to Virginia Beach,children can enjoy the happiness of A.walking on the road made of wood C.having interesting rides A.after autumn school term beginning C.during the Christmas holiday A with a friend B.joining the nightspots D.skiing in the sea . the slimmer vacation the cold winter . C with the current D as far as you like .

47.Many people believe the best time to visit Virginia Beach may be

48.Swimming in the sea you'd better not swim B within the sight of the lifeguard . 49.From the passage,we can know in five persons swimming in the sea is drowned B.if one with lifeguard were drowning,five persons without lifeguard would be C.some 80%people drowning by the currents are rescued by lifeguards D.some 20%drowning by the currents are rescued by life guards 50.The passage mainly tells us . B.the happiness and excitement the beach offers A.some safety tips when swimming in the sea

C.Virginia Beach has all the elements of a classic seaside resort

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D.the dangers for tourists from land-locked regions to swim in the sea B " Oh,you must have been a spoiled(宠坏的) kid. You must be really bossy. I wonder what you're going to be like to deal with?" That's often the response Angela Hult gets when people find out she's an only child,she told ABC News, Despite such negative(消极的) remarks,Hult has decided to have only one child herself. And she's not alone. According to the US' Office for National Statistics,women approaching the end of their childbearing years had an average of l.9 children in 2004, compared with 3.1 for their counterparts in 1976. The percentage of one-child families in Britain had risen from 18 percent in 1972 t0 26 percent in 2007. But even though only children are becoming increasingly common,the traditional view that they're selfish,spoilt and lack social skills holds strong. Even parents of only children,like Hult,are made to feel guilty about having only one child. Worried that they're being selfish and endangering their child's future,they flock to online discussion forums seeking advice. Soon, however,they ask themselves: is this social prejudice really reasonable? "There have been hundreds and hundreds of research studies that show that only children are no different from their peers(同龄人) ," Susan Newman,a social psychologist at Rutgers University in the US,told ABC This raises another question: why are only children still viewed with such suspicion? "There is a belief that's been around probably since humans first existed that to have just one child is somehow dangerous,both for you and for the cont.inuation of your race," Toni Falbo,a professor of educational psychology,told the Guardian. "In the past a lot of children died, You'd have had to be crazy to only have one. " Times,of course,have changed and infant mortality(婴儿死亡率) has largely reduced. So what do only children themselves say? Kayley Kravitz,a blogger for The Huffington Post,grew up as an only child and highly recommends the experience. "Being an only child taught me the most valuable skill of all: the ability to be alone," she said. 51. Which of the following could be the best title for the text? A. Are only children lonely:? B. Are only children common? C. Are only children dangerous? D. Are only children different? 52. What does Susan Newman mean? A. Only children are as good as their peers. B. Only children are more selfish and spoiled. C. Parents feel guilty about having only one child. D. Parents will endanger their only child's future. 53. What is the common belief since human existed? A, The infant death rate always stays high. B. People are crazy to have only one child. C. It's easy for only children to earn their living. D.It's hard to continue the family line with only one child. 54. An only child like Kayley ____. A.must be difficult to persuade B can possibly learn to be alone C.should value special skills D.need ignore bad experience 55. What's the author's attitude towards having only one child? A. Neutral. B. Negative. C. Positive. D. Doubtful. C A baby born in India has been declared the world's seven billionth person by child rights group Plan International.Baby Nargis was born at 07:25 local time(01:55GMT)in Mall village in India's Uttar Pradesh state.Plan International says Nargis has been chosen symbolically as it is not possible to know where exactly the seven billionth baby is born. In addition to baby Nargis in India, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Cambodia have all identified seven billionth babies.The United Nations estimated that on Monday 31 October.the world's population would reach seven billion.
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Populations are growing faster than economies in many poor countries in Africa and some in Asia.At the same time,low birth rates in Japan and many European nations have raised concerns about labor shortages. Population experts at the United Nations estimated that the world reached six billion in October 1999.They predict nine billion by 2050 and ten billion by the end of the century. China's population of one and a third billion is currently the world's largest. India is second at 1. 2 billion. But India is expected to pass China and reach one and a half billion people around 2025. India will also have one of the world's youngest populations.Economists say this is a chance for a so-called. demographic dividend. India could gain from the skills of young people in a growing economy at a time when other countries have aging populations. But economists say current rates of growth, although high, may not create enough jobs.Also,the public education system is failing to meet demand and schooling is often of poor quality.Another concern is health care.Nearly half of India's children under the age of five are malnourished(营 养不良). Michal Rutkowski,the director of human development in South Asia at the World Bank, says reaching seven billion people in the world is a good time for a call to action.He says, “I think the bottom line of the story is that the public policy needs to become really,really serious about sex equality and about access to services—to fight against malnutrition,and to provide for access to health services,water and schooling. ” 56.What is true about the world's seven billionth person? A.Baby Nargis is not the only child chosen as the seven billionth baby. B.Baby Nargis has been chosen carefully so it is exactly the seven billionth baby. C.Three countries have all declared Baby Nargis as the seven billi011th baby. D.The United Nations declared Baby Nargis as the world's seven billionth person. 57.Which of the following problems do many European countries worry about? A.Labor shortage. B.Poor health care. C.Not enough jobs. D.Schooling of poor quality. 58.According to population experts,how long will it take for population to grow from six billion to nine billion? A.About 12 years. B.About 40 years. C.About 50 years. D.About 110 years. 59.What does the underlined phrase“demographic dividend”in the fourth paragraph refer to? A.Possibility of lower birth rate. B.Benefit gained by working young people. C.Chances for more employment. D.Disadvantages caused by aging population. 60.Which of the following public policies does Michal Rutkowski call on? A.To encourage late marriage. B.To reduce world's population. C.To gain economic equality. D.To improve health and education. D How often do you sit still and do absolutely nothing.The usual answer these days is“never” .or“hardly ever” . As the pace of life continues to increase, we are fast losing the art of relaxation. Once you are in the habit of rushing through life,being on the go from morning till night,it is hard to slow down.But relaxation is essential for a healthy mind and body. Stress is fl natural part of everyday life.There is no way to avoid it, since it takes many and varied forms-driving in traffic,problems with personal relationships are all different forms of stress.Stress,in fact,is not the “baddy” it is often reputed to be. A certain amount of stress is vital to provide motivation and give purpose to life.It is only when the stress gets out of control that it can lead to poor performance and ill health. The amount of stress a person can withstand depends very much on the individual.Some people are not afraid of stress, and such characters are obviously prime material for managerial responsibilities. Others lose heart at the first sight of unusual difficulties.When exposed to stress,in whatever form,we react both chemically and physically.In fact we make a choice between ―fight‖ or ―fright‖ and in more primitive days the choice made the difference between life and death.The crisis we meet today are unlikely to be so extreme,but however little the stress,it involves the same response.All the energy is shifted to cope with the stress.It is when such a reaction

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lasts long, through continued exposure to stress, that health becomes endangered. Such serious conditions as high blood pressure and heart disease have established links with stress. Stress in some people produces stomach disorders,while others experience tension headaches.Since we cannot remove stress from our 1ires,We need to find ways to cope with it. 61.People are finding less and less time for relaxing themselves because . A.they are working harder than they used to B.they are often too busy to find the time C.they are not clear of how to relax by themselves D.they are suffering from the effects of stress 62.What is implied but not stated in the passage? A.The art of relaxation can greatly help people bear stress. B.People in primitive days know certain ways to deal with stress. C.If one gets into the habit of relaxing every day he can overcome stress easily. D.Stress can lead to serious health problem if one is exposed to it for too long. 63.The underlined sentence in Paragraph 2 suggests that A.stress is not always a bad thing for people C.stress is not so terrible as people often believe it to be A.Relaxation in life only benefits us mentally. . B.stress has a bad reputation of causing ill health D.stress is always harmful to people all the time

64.According to this passage,which of the following statements is true? B.Different people can stand different amounts of stress. C.All the stress can lead to poor performance. D.Large amounts of stress is important to people's lire. 65.What is the writer's attitude to stress according to the passage? A.Stress as well as relaxation is essential for a healthy mind and body. B.Stress should not be rid completely from the life. C.Stress produces both positive and negative effects on people. D.People usually work better under stress if they are healthy. E India is traditionally a tea-drinking country. But, it is now gaining a new taste for coffee. This has led international coffee companies to consider opening businesses in the huge market. Local business people are also hoping to profit from the country’s tea-drinking habits. They want to open new stores that offer tea. It is ten thirty in the morning in India. Two cafes are within meters of each other, near a college in New Delhi. And they are selling a lot of tea. Their main customers are undergraduate students. “We have a lot of break between classes, so whenever we get time, we just go and we enjoy ourselves. It’s a lot of fun , especially when you are with people you enjoy spending time with.” In the past ten years , cafes have become increasingly popular in India. The country’s huge young population have quickly taken to the coffee culture. Coffee stores have spread from major cities like New Delhi and Mumbai to smaller towns. Coffee use has doubled in the last ten years . It is the success of this market that has gained the attention of companies like the American-based coffee chain Starbucks. The company will open its first store in India later this year. Other companies like Lavazza and Costa Coffee are already there. Yet, the growth of coffee will not reduce the popularity of tea. Indians drink eight times more tea than coffee. They have been drinking tea for more than one hundred and fifty years. India is one of the world’s biggest producers of tea, which is known locally as “chai”. Outside homes and offices, it is mostly sold by small businesses on the street. 66.Why do international coffee companies consider opening businesses in India? A.India consumes very little coffee. B.India has a large population. C.People in India now prefer coffee to tea. D.Indians come to like the taste of coffee. 67.Which one is correct about undergraduate students?

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A.They only have tea in the cafes. B.They are the main customers in the cafes. C.They like enjoying coffee with friends in cafes. D.They like to go to the cafes to escape lessons. 68.What can we learn about coffee in India? A.Coffee is consumed more than tea in India now. B.Coffee is much more welcomed by young Indians than tea. C.Coffee consumed today doubles that of ten years ago.D.The growth of coffee will reduce the consumption. 69.Which statement is wrong according to the passage? A.Coffee stores have spread to small towns in India. B.Some foreign coffee companies are trying to open Indian coffee market. C.Local people worry about losing profit on tea. D.Indians drink eight times more tea than coffee. 70.What is the text mainly about? A.Undergraduate students are main coffee consumers in India. B.Indians mainly consume both tea and coffee. C.India is traditionally a tea-drinking country. D.India is becoming a big new coffee consuming country. 第Ⅱ卷(共 45 分) 第三部分 书面表达(共两节,满分 45 分)第一节 阅读表达(共 5 小题;每小题 3 分,满分 15 分) 阅读下面短文,并根据短文后的要求答题(请注意问题后的字数要求)。 Modern inventions have speeded up people's lives amazingly. Motor cars cover a hundred miles in lithe more than an hour,aircraft cross the world inside a day,while computers operate at lightning speed.Indeed,this love of speed seems never ending.Every year motor cars are produced which go even faster and each new computer boasts(吹嘘)of saving precious seconds in handling tasks. All this saves time,but at a price.When we lose or gain half a day in speeding across the world in an airplane, our bodies tell us so. We get the uncomfortable feeling known as j et lag; our bodies feel that they have been left behind in another time zone.Again,spending too long at computers results in painful wrists and fingers. Mobile phones also , according to some scientists; too much use may put harmful radiation into our brains,a consequence we do not like to think about. However,what do we do with the time we have saved? Certainly not relax,or so it seems.We are so accustomed to constant activity that we find it difficult to sit and do nothing or even just one thing at a time. Perhaps the days are long gone when we might listen quietly to a story on the radio, letting imagination take us into another world. There was a time when some people's lives were devoted simply to the cultivation(耕耘)of the land or the care of cattle. No multi tasking there; their lives went on at a much gentler pace, and in a familiar pattern. There is much that we might envy about a way of life like this. Yet before we do so, we must think of the hard tasks our ancestors faced:they farmed with bare hands,often lived close to hunger,and had to make tools from wood and stone. Modern machinery has freed people from that primitive existence. 76.What's the passage mainly about?(within 10 words) 77.List the difficulties our ancestors met according to the text.(within 15 words) ① ② ③ 78.Fill in the blank in the 2nd paragraph with proper words or phrases. 79.Why do we make new products more and more time-saving according to Paragraph 1 of this passage? 80.Translate the underlined sentence in the 3rd paragraph into Chinese. 第二节 写作(满分 30 分)
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假设你是李华, 因家庭贫困, 就读高中以来一直受到美国友人 Carter 先生的热心资助。 新年来临之际, 请给远在美国的 Carter 先生写一封信,信中包括:1.问候 Carter 先生并表达感激之情; 2.介绍自己高三以来的学习生活情况以及新年的打算;3.祝福 Carter 先生,希望他能来中国。 注意:1.词数 120~150;2.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 Mr. Carter, How I miss you and your family! Stepping into the New Year , I’ m writing to

___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, 单项选择:1—5 ACADB 6—10 BCBDB 11—15 CCDCB 16—20 DCCDD 完形填空:26—30 CADDB 31-35 BCDCA 36-40 BACDA 41-45 BCDAB 阅读理解 46-50 AADBC 51-55 DADBA 56-60 AACBD 61-65 DCABC 66-70 DBCCD 71-75 ACBDB 阅读表达:76. Modern technology and its influence.77.①farming with bare hands. ②living close to hunger.③making tools from wood and stone. 78. have their danger/ have bad effects on us79. Because our love of speed seems never ending. 80.那些我们可以聆听电台里的音乐,让思绪飞扬的时代已经远去了。 写作 One possible version: Mr. Carter, How I miss you and your family! Stepping into the New Year, I’m writing to express my thanks and share with you my school life and my New Year resolution. But for your generous help, I couldn’t enjoy a wonderful school life now. I’m on good terms with the teachers and my fellow classmates here. Also, I am getting along well with my study. Actually, I’m making progress. Ever since Senior Three, I’ve been working harder. My goal is to major in physics, which I’m always fascinated with , so I will spare no effort to be admitted into my dream university in the New Year. I want to pass your kindness on by devoting myself to the world of science. Words seem to fail me every time I try to express my thanks to you , and I’ll keep my promise and not let you down. Please be my guest anytime at your convenience. Wish you and your family good health and lots of happiness in the New Year! Yours sincerely, Li Hua Li Hua. 21—25 ADBBA

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山东省青岛二中2014届高三数学12月阶段性检测 文 新人教A版 隐藏>> 2014 届高三阶段性检测文科数学第Ⅰ卷一、选择题:本大题共 12 个小题,每小题 5 分,共...

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