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高中英语作文论自信(On Confidence)

高中英语作文论自信(On Confidence)
高中英语作文:论自信 As we all know, 'Failure is the mother of success.' But I just want to say'Success is the baby of confidence.' First of all, confidence makes us happier in our life. Life is like a wonderful song, a bright and colorful painting. If confidence is with us in our life, we will find that life really becomes richer and more interesting. Then, confidence makes us brave and courageous. If we lack confidence ourselves, how can we overcome difficulties we meet with? If we have confideuce in ourselves, how can we succeed in developing ourselves the future?Without confidence, nothing can be accomplished. That is say, if you want to win, you have to believe in yourself.

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Finally, I would like to use the following words as our mutual encouragement:'If you think you can, you can.'



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On confidence

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