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人教版英语高一必修1Unit 2 English around the world-Writing and summary 课件

人教课标版 高一 必修 1

Unit 2

Writing and Summary

? ? ? ? share ideas with others; decide which are the best ideas; make a list of those ideas; put those ideas into a map so that you can easily see them; ? use the map to help you as you write.

to use for business.

to use in school.

to talk to native speakers.

Why should we learn English?

to read English books.

to write to pen friends. to listen to English music and movies.

the present situations (water, air, noise, light)

the serious result


the cause of pollution

the method to stop pollution

Write a composition after class using

the way---brainstorming.
Topic: My experience of learning English

Canadian; Different kinds of English British, American; Australian Cultural communication


Main differences between Am. and Br. English
Am. spelling color center traveler apartment candy elevator Br. colour centre traveller flat sweets lift


Use the right forms of the words and
phrases in this unit to fill in the blanks. 1. The famous actor said he looked

forward to playing a role in the ____________
movies directed by Zhang Yimou.

2. He changed so much that I didn’t
_________ him at first. recognize

3. In this vacation, I plan to do many things including traveling to Hong ________ Kong. 4. Nobody dared to go against his _________ that everyone should command leave until 8 o’clock. 5. The problem coming up at the _________ meeting has been solved.

1. She told Tom ____ make the same mistake again. A. he can’t B.don’t to C. to not D.not to 2. The number of the visitors, as we had expected, _____ well over two hundred. A. is B.were C. are D. was

3. Someone is ringing the doorbell. Go and see _____. A. who is he C. who is it A. if had I broken B. who it is D. who he is B. had I broken

4. Mary asked me _____ the mirror.

C. if I had broken

D. did I break

5. The request made by her that _____ was really ridiculous. A. everyone left in 5 minutes B. everyone leave in 5 minutes C. everyone to leave in 5 minutes D. everyone leaving in 5 minutes

解析:that引导的从句是request的同位语 从句, 此从句中须用虚拟语气 should+动词原形, should可以省略。

6. The professor can speak _____ five foreign languages. A. so much as B. as much as C. so many as D. as many as 解析: 修饰language,所以用many,as…as… 用于肯定或否定; so…as…只能用于 否定句。

7. Who can you imagine _____ to his
wedding party?

A. inviting
B. being invited

C. was invited
D. to be invited 解析: imagine doing,表示某人被邀请, 则用being invited.

1. Finish the composition.

2. Review this unit.


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