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Charlotte 's Web 习题

Charlotte’s Web

Chapter One

1. What happened last night in the hoghouse? 2. Why did Fern’s dad want to do away the pig? 3. Why were Fern’s sneakers sopping by the time she caught up with her father? 4: Why did Fern think it was unfair to kill the pig? 5. Did Fern think she should control herself? Why? 6. What was Fern’s parents’ decision? 7. What do you think of Fern’s parents? 8. What did Fern see when she lifted the lid of the carton? 9. Was Avery heavily armed when he came into the room? Can you describe this in detail? 10. Did Mr. Arable give a pig to Avery? Why? 11. How did Mrs. Arable help to feed the pig? 12. Did the pig learn to suck the milk quickly? Did he drink much? 13. Why didn’t Fern take notice of others in the bus? 14. When did Fern name the pig? What is it? 15. What mistake did Fern make in class? Charlotte’s Web Chapter Two

1. How did Fern look after Wilbur every morning and every afternoon? 2. What would Wilbur do when Fern was warming up a bottle for him? 3. Why was Wilbur move to a bigger box in the woodshed? 4. How would Wilbur stay warm under the apple tree? 5. Would Wilbur stand and watch the bus go away and disappear from sight? 6.Where was Wilbur when Fern was in school? 7. Why would Fern pick Wilbur up and put him in a carriage? 8. Did Wilbur look cute when his eyes were closed? Why? 9. Was Wilbur also in the brook when Fern and Avery swam and played there? Why? 10. Why did Wilbur amuse himself in the mud? 11. Why was Wilbur called a spring pig? 12. What happened when Wilbur was five weeks old? 13. What else was Wilbur begin to eat in addition to milk when he was five weeks old? 14. What suggestions did Fern’s mom give when her dad decided to sell the pig? 15. How much did Uncle Homer give to buy the pig? Charlotte’s Web Chapter Three 1. What’s the smell of the barn? 2: What was Fern’s uncle’s barn like? (Setting) 3. Why does the writer describe the barn so carefully? 4. Did all the animals in the barn like Fern? Why? 5: What did he mean when Wilbur said “When I’m out here, there’s no place to go but in. When I’m indoors, there’s no place to go but out in the yard.” 6. Who told Wilbur one board was loose? 7. Why were all the animals excited when Wilbur escaped? 8. How did Wilbur escape?

9: What did Wilbur think of the freedom? 10. Why did Wilbur go back to the barn again? Charlotte’s Web Chapter Four 1. What upset Wilbur’s plans? 2. What did Wilbur plan to do from eight to nine? 3. Why was Wilbur unhappy when he found it was rainy? 4. What do you think of Wilbur’s plans? 5, Did Wilbur budge when Lurvey dumped the slops? Why? 6: Why did Wilbur feel lonely? 7. Did the lamb agree to play with Wilbur? Why? 8. Can you describe Templeton’s tunnel? 9. Why did Lurvey give two spoons of sulphur and a little molasses to Wilbur? 10. What happened when darkness settled over everything? Charlotte’s Web Chapter Five 1. Why was Wilbur’s mind full that night? 2. Did the goose cheat a little when hatching eggs? Why? 3. Why did Wilbur have to break the lovely stillness of dawn? 4. Were the sheep happy about Wilbur’s early announcement? Why? 5. Who was speaking to Wilbur? What was it like? 6. Why did Charlotte say she wished she could see Wilbur as clearly as Wilbur did? 7. How did Charlotte usually catch and eat flies? 8. How did Wilbur feel when he was told his new friend drank blood? What do you think of Wilbur? 9. How did Charlotte make a living? What did she say to argue? 10. Make a brief introduction to Chapter Five./What happened in Chapter Five? Charlotte’s Web Chapter 6 1. The early summer days on a farm are the happiest and fairest days of the year. Please describe the life there. 2. Why does the author say “everywhere you look is life”? 3. Why did the goose sit quite still and talk less than usual? 4. How many goslings were there? 5. Who spied the goslings and made the first announcement? 6. What does “dud” mean? 7. What did the goose do with the unhatched egg? 8. Why were both the goose and gander worried about Templeton? 9. What habit did Templeton have? 10: What did the gander warn Templeton? 11: What would happen if the ancient egg broke? 12. How did Templeton move the egg to the lair? 13. How did Mr. Zukerman feel when spying the goslings?

Chapter 7 Charlotte’s Web 1. Why did Wilbur like Charlotte better and better each day? 2. What’s the bad news for Wilbur? 3. Who told him the bad news? 4. Why did the old sheep say “ it’ s a regular conspiracy”? 5. How did Wilbur react when he heard the bad news? 6. How did Charlotte react when she heard the bad news? 7. Who promised to save Wilbur? 8. Why did Wilbur throw himself to the ground? 9. While reading “….You are carrying on in a childish way. Stop your crying! I can’t stand hysterics.” , how do you think of Charlotte and Wilbur?

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