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【金版学案】2014-2015学年人教版高中英语选修七练习:Unit 2 第二学时 Learning about Language]

英语· 选修 7(人教版)

Unit 2


Learning about Language

一、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1. “________ measures should be taken to solve the problem.” the manager said ________.(firm)


2.What ________ Kate most was that when she was writing something ________ about herself , she suddenly found her father standing behind her,which made her more ________.(embarrass)


3.Though he ________ to us again and again why he failed to finish writing the composition , we didn't think his ________



4.More and more ________ youth are needed in the countryside and those who have a ________ for education are wanted.(talent)


5.Another big noise ________ her awake.She was even ________ to learn the ________ news that another bombing had hit the city.(alarm)


6 . All went on ________ after they ________ away all these difficulties.(smooth)


7.He got ________ to her nine years ago after they got to know each other but their ________ only lasted 4 years.After their divorce many people persuaded him to ________ and he decided to ________another woman who was kindhearted though not beautiful. (marry)


8. He is quite ________ and he shows great ________ to those poor children who can't go to school.(sympathy)


二、词语活用 用 declare,declare for/against,declare,declare war on 等 词语自编一个小段落。 ________________________________________________________ ________________

________________________________________________________ ________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________

答案: Nowadays, health problem becomes a hot issue.According to the latest report,there're millions of smokers suffering from heart attack,Lung cancer or dying from smoking every year.Worse still, those who declare themselves as heavy ? smokers declare against stopping smoking and still insist that smoking should be the only way for them to refresh themselves when feeling tired or

frustrated.However , in the late year of 2013 , Chinese Central Government declared war on banning smoking nationwide in public places and declared that schoolyard should become a nonsmoking area.Since then,the number of people declaring for this activity has been increasing.

三、动词专练 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1 . The new machine ________(test) out before it is put into production.

答案:will be tested

2. I felt ________(embarrass) when I entered Jane's house because Jane happened ________(quarrel) with his husband at the time.

答案:embarrassed,to be quarrelling

3 . Professor White began ________(experiment) with a new household robot ________(see) whether it is helpful to housewives.

答案:experimenting,to see

4.Tony,________(wear) an apron,walked into the kitchen, ________(prepare) lunch for Larry.


5.It was ________(disturb) to see a robot walking around the house.

答案: disturbing

6. The young lady felt it ridiculous ________(offer) sympathy by a child.

答案:to be offered

7.I would rather you ________(invite) him to dinner yesterday.

答案:had invited

8.The guests ________(arrive) soon as the party would begin 20 minutes later.

答案:would be arriving

四、 将下列句子译成英语 1.据称,2017 年开始高考制度会有调整。(state,transform) ________________________________________________________ ________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________

答案:It is stated that the entrance examination of college in 2017 will be transformed.

2.美国会对朝鲜宣战吗?(declare war on) ________________________________________________________ ________________

答案:Will the United States declare war on North Korea?

3.别难为情了,我只是说个笑话。(be/feel embarrassed) ________________________________________________________


答案:Don't feel embarrassed any longer.I'm just joking.

4.他正是通过自身的努力才战胜了那么多的困难,取得了今天的 成就的。(It is...that...) ________________________________________________________ ________________

答案:It was through his own efforts that he had overcome so many difficulties and achieved such great success.


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