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山东省高密市第三中学高中英语 Unit 1 Friendship综合练习

Unit 1 Friendship
I. 单词拼写。 1.The snow is __________(松散的) ,and there is lots of air, so it is not as cold as outside. 2.She is so c_________ about music, and she can’t live without it. 3.Draw these heavy c_______ back. Let the sunlight in. 4.The p_________ of the meeting is to select a new chairman. 5.Some drivers simply i________ speed limits, thus causing many traffic accidents (交通事故). 6.An express train ________(发出雷鸣声) through the station. 7.I need to discuss this with my business p_________. 8.She seldom _________ ( 掩藏) her feelings. 9. His sudden death u_____ everybody. 10. I said hello to her, but she i______ me completely! 11. My new trousers are too l_____. I should change a smaller one. 12. That book is written in G______. 13. A rainstorm usually goes with t______. 14. You mistook my meaning e______. 15. I am your lucky dance p______. II. 用括号里所给的动词的正确形式填空: 1. I got my bike _____ (fix) yesterday. 2. While ______(walk) in the street, he met his old friend. 3. Don’t let others _____ (look) at your paper. 4. You should ____ (visit) your grandpa yesterday. 5. ______(make) a list of all the things you need to do. 6. In the early 20th century, China ______(go) through too many wars. 7. Many Jews _____(catch) by the Nazis during World War II. 8. How dare you _____(speak) to your teacher like that? 9. Recently a series of accidents _____ (happen). 10. It is the first time that I _____ (come) here. 11. He told me it was the fourth time that he ______(make) the mistake. III. 单词变身 lonely (名词) _____________power (形容词)____________ German (德国)___________ignore (名词)__________ dust(形容词)____________agree(反义词)____________ entire (副词) ____________loose (动词) ____________ IV. 短语搜索 1. 合计 __________________2. 平静下来 _______________

3. 关心,挂念________________4.在黄昏时刻_______________ 5 经历;经受____________6.记下,放下 ______________ 7 一连串的,一系列的 ______________8.故意 ____________ 9.不再 _______________10.为了??;以??为目的 _______________ V. 完成句子 1. 在听讲座时,你们应该记笔记以备以后讨论。 ________ _______ _______ the lecture, you should make some notes for a discussion later. 2. 直到他跟我解释,我才知道如何解这道难题。 I________ ________ how to work out the question ____ he explained it to me. 3. 很抱歉。我真不该在考试中作弊。 I am sorry. I really______ ___ ___ ____in the test. 4. 使这些疯狂的球迷平静下来很难。 It was hard to ______ _____ the ______ football fans. 5. 我们不得不等到雨停,不是吗? We _____ _______ _____ ______ until the rain stops, _____ we? Ⅰ.单项填空(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。 1.The most important thing is to keep ______ when you get into difficulties. A.quiet B.calm C.still D.silent 2.Joan hasn't been seen for four days and there is growing ______ for her safety. A.power B.item C.concern D. series 3.It is in the classroom ______ our meeting will be held. A.where B.that C.which which 4. ______ finish their task ahead of time, the students worked harder and harder. A.So as to B.As to C.In order to D . In order not to 5.Anne made her diary the best friend and ______ all her important thoughts in it. A.set out B.set down C.set up D.set off 6.You have no idea what I've had to ______ during the last few months. A.come true B.go through C.come up D. look through 7.Some students cheated in the exam,which ______ our teacher deeply. A.settled B.ignored C.recovered D.upset 8.While ______ on the street,she saw a young girl fall over suddenly and ______ still on the ground. A.walked;lay B.walking;lay C.walked;lying D.walking;lying 9.The mother asked her son whether he had passed the exam ______. A.the next day B.the day before C.the day ago D.before the day 10.Mom called me yesterday,asking me ______ I was getting along well with

my English study this term. A.when C.whether D.why 11.—What did Grandpa ask Lily on the phone? —He asked her ______. A.did she pass the exam B.when did she pass the exam C .whether she had passed the exam D.h ow she has passed the exam 12.—Have you finished your experiment report,Jane? —Oh,my God.I've ______ forgotten all about that. A.strongly B.extr emely C.entirely D.freely 13.I don't think she is a nice woman;I am ______ her empty talk. A.tired from B.tired of C.tired out D.tired with 14.—Did he break it accidentally? —No,______. himself chance C.on purpose mistake 15.I don't think ______ possible to master a foreign language without much memory work. A.this B.that C.its 文章大意:手机失而复得让作者对捡到她手机的小伙子感激万分。 Ⅱ.完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项。 I'd been proud that I'd never lost my cellphone until my husband Jack got a call one evening. We went to visit a friend in hospital last year.When Jack's __16__ rang , it was my mother calling from my __17__.She asked if I had __18__ my mobile.I checked my purse.It was __19__! I used Jack's phone to call my number.T hen a boy,whom I'll call Rhys,__20__ it.“I found your phone!”he said,excitedly.“I have been trying to find you, but __21__ it was getting late,I decided to leave.”He gave me the address of a __22__ near his home. Later that evening,I went to __23__ him there.I didn't dare to go __24__, worrying this was some cheater.So Jack came along.After __25__ 10 km,we got to the coffee shop which Rhys __26__. My __27__ were gone.Rhys was just a young boy.“How did you __28__ my mum?”I asked.He __29__ that when he found my mobile by the roadside,he started calling people in my list of contacts(联系人).But all they __30__ was my mobile phone number—which didn't __31__.He'd called many names , starting with the letter A.Finally he got Adam,one of my friends,who __32__ my house. I was __33__ to get my phone back with all the contacts,messages and photos I could have lost for ever.I was so __34__ to Rhys and offered him some money, but he __35__. As we drove back,we praised Rhys for his honesty.

16.A.electric car phone D.doorbell D.home 18.A.found B.changed C.lost D.bought 19.A.gone C.busy D.broken 20.A.accepted B.returned D.answered 21.A.before B.because C.after D.if shop office C.hotel D.supermarket 23.A.follow C.catch D.punish 24.A.slowly B.back C.alone D.finally 25.A.driving B.running C.walking D.riding 26.A.talked about B.looked for C.heard of D.knew about 27.A.difficulties B.fears C.diseases D.hopes 28.A.remember B.know C.tell D.understand 29.A.realized B.repeated C.explained D.believed 30.A.had B.noticed C.expected D.finished 31.A.happen B.matter 32.A.called B.visited C.shared D.sold 33.A.sorry B.glad C.sad D.proud 34.A.useful B.strange C.grateful D.polite 35.A.missed B.appeared C.agreed D.refused Ⅲ.阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Everyone needs friends. We all like to feel close to someone. It is nice to have a friend to talk,laugh,and do things with. Surely,there are times when

we need to be alone. We don't always want people around. But we would feel lonely if we never had a friend. No two people are just the same. Sometimes friends don't get along well. That doesn't mean that they no longer like each other. Most of the time they will make up and go on being friends. Sometimes friends move away. Then we feel very sad. We miss them very much. But we call them and write to them. It could be that we would even see them again. And we can make new friends. It is surprising to find out how much we like new people when we get to know them. Families sometimes name their children after a close friend. Many places are named after men or women who have been friendly to people in town. Some libraries are named this way. So are some schools. We think of these people when we go to these places. There's more good news for people who have friends. They live longer than people who don't. Why?It could be that they are happier. Being happy h elps you stay well. Or it could be just knowing that someone cares. If someone cares about you,you take better care of yourself. 36.The main idea of this passage is ______. A.that people are all friends B.that people need friends to get to know friends D.h ow to name a place 37.Friends ______. A.get along well all the time longer like each other C.sometimes don't get along well D.don't move away 38.Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage? A.People are not happy when their friends leave them. B.People can know their friends in different ways. C.People will never see their friends after they move away. D.People like their friends very much if they get to know them. 39.Why do people who have friends live longer than those who don't? A.Because they feel happier and are healthy. B.Because they get a lot of help from their friends. C.Because they take better care of their friends. D.Because they are being well taken care of by their doctors. 解题导语:本文是一篇说明文,主要说明了在学校我们该如何做才能成为别人的好朋 友。 B One of the most important things in the world is friendship.In order to have friends,you have to be a friend. But how can you be a good friend at school? Listen—Listen when they are talking.Don't say anything unless they ask you a question.Sometimes it's not necessary for you to have anything to say;they just

need someone to talk to about their feelings. Help them—If your friend is ever in need of something, be there to help them.You should try to put them first,but make sure you don't do everything they want you to do.Try to take an extra(额外的) pencil or pen with you to classes in case(以 防) they forget one.Have a little extra money in your pocket in case they forget something they need. Be there for them—Try to make something for your friend to help make them feel better in hard times.Making cards and encouraging them are among the nicest things you can do for a friend.Marilyn Monroe,a famous,once said, “I often make mistakes.Sometimes I am out of control.But if you can't stay with me at my worst,you are sure not to deserve(值得) to be with me at my best.”Always remember this!If you don't want to stay with your friends when they're in hard times,then you don't deserve to be with them when they're having a good time! ______—Try to make plans with your friends.Go shopping,go for ice cream, have a party,go to a movie and so on.Take time to know each other even better by doing something you both enjoy.By planning things together,you both can have a good time.And you'll remember these things when you're all old! 40.While your friend is talking to you about his or her feelings,you should ______. A.give him or her some advice B.just listen unless asked C.calm him or her down D.share your feelings as well 41.When we provide help for our friends,we should ______. A.try to do everything for them B.put them before ourselves C.change their bad habits first D.ignore their faults 42.What can we learn from Marilyn Monroe's words? A.Life without a friend is death. B.A friend is easier lost than found. C.A friend in need is a frien d indeed. D.A man is known by his friends. 43.Which of the following can be put in the blank of the last paragraph? A.Make plans. B.Enjoy yourself. C.Understand your friends. D.Play with your friends. C My name is Chelsea Chowderhead.A chowder is a kind of soup.I was laughed at because of my last name as soon as I started school.So when my family moved to South Carolina,I asked my dad if I could change my name. “You shouldn't change who you are.Let people get to know you first and your name later.When you meet someone new,ask them a good question,something you're really interested in.Once people start talking about themselves , they don't judge(评价) you.” Two days later I headed to my new s chool for the first day of class.At lunch, I noticed that there were twin brothers who were talking to each other.I remembered my dad's advice,so I decided to try.

I noticed that their lunchboxes were identical.“What's it like being a twin?” I asked. They looked surprised.Then one said,“No one has ev er asked us that!” “Most of the time it's good,”the other said.“When you're a twin you always have someone to talk to and have lunch with.” In no time we were laughing and talking.Then one of the brothers said,“I'm Nicholas,and this is my brother,Nathaniel.What's your name?” I took a deep breath and said,“I'm Chelsea Chowderhead.” “Chowder?Like the soup?”asked Nathaniel. “Yes,” I replied,looking down. “Hey,cool!Do you want to come over after school and play basketball with us?” Nathaniel asked.I nodded. And that is how I became friends with the twin brothers. 44.Why did the writer want to change his name? A.People made fun of it. B.He wanted to make more friends. C.It was hard to remember. D.He wanted to be cool in the new school. 45.The writer's father advised him to ______. A.move to a new class B.say hello to others C.share his interests D.ask good questions 46.The underlined word “identical” in Paragraph 4 probably means ______. A.same B.beautiful C.big D.full 47.When the twin brothers asked his name,the writer felt ______. A.surprised B.angry C.nervous D.proud D I decided to go to South Carolina to meet my former schoolmates there.“I could go by bus,but is there any other way?”I wondered.Suddenly an idea occurred to me. On the school bulletin boa rd(布告牌),I put up a notice:“Need a drive to Columbia,South Carolina.Weekend.Will share gas.Call Yu at 3853427.” Jim called.He was a student of history and was going to South Carolina to meet his girl friend.We arranged where to meet and when to start.Then I prepared food and drinks enough for two persons. It was a long way.Jim proved himself to be a good driver by driving his car fast and steady(稳).The cars in front of us were lagging behind one by one.From time to time I served him with food and drink,and we enjoyed talking a lot. Jim showed great interest in Chinese history. “It's wonderful that you have such a long history,”he said,“Maybe one day I will visit China as a history researcher.”“Good idea!I will be your tour guide.”I encouraged his future plan. We talked and laughed all the way to the very doorstep of my friends'

flat.“I'll come to pick you up on Sunday morning at 10.”Saying this,he drove away. Needless to say,it was a happy reunion for several of our old schoolmates to meet in a foreign country.We had photos taken,and made jiaozi in a big flat.“For our getting togethe r in the US,cheers!”we proposed(提议) to drink to this happy moment. In South Carolina there were many Shanxi Chinese students , because South Carolina and Shanxi have a sistership connection,which was set up through the help of the Chinese ambassador(大使) to the US,who was also from S hanxi.When those I met got to know that I had once settled down in Shanxi for eight years,they all talked to me like fellow villagers. The good time passed quickly.It wasn't long before Jim came to pick me up.All of my friends got out to see me off.We shook hands and promised to communicate with each other as often as possible.I waved good?bye to them as the car drove away. 48.From the passage we know that the writer was a Chinese ______. A.tour guide B.traveller C.student D.ambassador 49.The writer must have ______ the trip. A.paid nothing at all for B.suffered a great deal because of C.spent a dozen of days on D.paid for half of the gas during 50.The underlined sentence in the fourth paragraph suggests that ______. A.Jim drove at a high speed B.the road was rather crowded C.they didn't start early D.Jim's car ran very slowly 51.We can conclude from the passage that ______. A.Jim and the writer didn't study at the same school B.the writer didn't return to the school in Jim's car C.Jim was not easy to get along with D.the writer seemed not to be from Shanxi E Two may well be the number of kids accepted by most Americans.But for many, deciding how many kids they could or should have isn't that easy.As today's couples are starting families at older ages than their parents or grandparents,and they are facing the pressure of low pay and increased job demands,many are looking for help making the “right” decision about family size. Well,the idea of two children wasn't always the generally accepted standard, says Steven Mintz,an expert on childhood and culture.In 1800,most American women had seven to ten children,he says.But by the end of the 20th century—and as women became a growing presence in the workplace—two became the number of kids people wanted. What has changed,Mintz suggests,is the way adults view children. “In earlier times,kids were clearly assets(财产),”he says.“You put them to work,and they took care of you when you were old,and you didn't have to spend on their education.What is happening now is that we begin to believe children require investment(投资) in order to have a successful future.”

Robin Gorman Newman became a mother at 42.She says there's a lot of pressure on parents of only children. “Moms feel like they should have had more than one,”she says.But part of the reason is that “they don't want to feel they're burdening(加负担于) their child when they get into old age.” In his new book,Creating Your Perfect Family Size:How to Make an Informed Decision About Having a Baby,Alan Singer suggests things to think about when trying to find the perfect number for your own family,rather than arguing what number of kids is the best. “We've been forced into thinking two children is the perfect size for a family,”says Susan Newman,author of The Case for the Only Child:Your Essential Guide. She isn't suggesting one?child families are right for everyone,but “it's an increasingly popular decision”. 52.Why did two become the standard number of kids by the end of 20th century? A.Because many couples started families at older ages. B.Because many women were tired of taking care of children. C.Because more and more women began working outside their families. D.Because many couples didn't have enough money to raise more children. 53.Which of the following is adults' view on children nowadays? A.Children are their assets. B.Children shouldn't work at an early age. C.Parents have to spend money in order to help their children succeed. D.Parents should depend on their child ren when they get into old age. 54.What's the main idea of Alan Singer's new book? A.What should be considered when deciding the number of kids. B.Parents' realization of their investment in children has gone up. C.How to decide the best time to have a baby. D.What number of kids is the best for a family. 55.What's the best title for the text? A.Why do women decide to have fewer children nowadays? B.Does family size matter?For today's families it does! C.The great pressure today's parents are facing D.The change of family size through the years


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