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The Farmer and the Snake(農夫和蛇) One cold day in winter a farmer was working in his fields. Then he found a snake. It was stiff and

nearly dead with cold. He said, “oh, poor thing! I'll take it home.” At once he laid it near the fire, and got it warm. But as it grew warm and felt pleasant, it raised its head, sprang at the farmer and tried to bite the kind man. “You ungrateful creature!” said the farmer. “I can't keep you alive.” So saying, he killed the snake with a stick.

The Ass in the Lion's Skin(披著獅皮的驢) Once an ass found a lion's skin on the road. He was very glad to get the skin. At once he put it on. He said to himself, “now can go anywhere in the forest. I am the king of beasts. Well, I will frighten the

timid animals.” He was very proud of the skin, and went into the forest. Soon he met hares. When they saw his face, they were all frightened and ran away. Then he met a goat. She was frightened, too, and went away. At last he met a fox. He tried to frighten the fox and cried out in a loud voice. But the wise fox said to him, “oh, you are not a real lion. You are an ass. You are braying, and not roaring. If you keep silent, you will frighten me. But I know you by your voice.” Soon after that the owner of the skin caught the ass, and killed him.

英语短文欣赏 天使一直在你身边 Angels are Always There

Surrounding you are angels, they are there to guide your path. If weakness overcomes you, they'll give you strength if you will ask. They are your protection when life seems too hard to bear, and though you feel alone at times, the angels, they are there… 围绕在你身边的是天使, 她们一直在那里指引着你的道路。 如果软弱 正吞噬着你, 去请求力量吧, 她们会赐予你力量。 她们是你的护身符, 当生活看上去非常艰难,当你有时觉得很孤独时,你的天使,她们一 直就在那里……

Their faces may be hidden, and their voices you might not hear, but they are always with you through your laughter or your tears. 你可能看不见她们的脸,听不见她们的声音,但她们一直都在那里, 伴随着你的欢笑和泪水陪你前行。 They'll walk along beside you, they'll guide your steps along the way, they'll comfort you and hold you, protect you night and day. They'll hold to your hand tightly, and will not ever let it go, and they'll gently lead you forward, taking each step very slow. 在人生的旅途中, 她们指引你前行, 安慰你, 拥抱你, 日夜保护着你, 她们永远都将紧紧握着你的手, 轻柔地引导你前行, 慢慢地帮助你走 出每一步。 When life is overwhelming, and your spirit has grown tired, know that they'll be there for you to uplift and to inspire. And when you're torn and lonely, and you see no hope ahead, know that they will nourish you, and your spirit will be fed. 当生活变得很无奈, 你的灵魂开始疲惫, 你知道她们一直在那里陪着 你给你重新振作起来的勇气。当你身心疲惫,感觉孤独,看不到前方 是否有希望时,你知道他们会滋润你的心灵,充实你的灵魂。 For even in the darkest hour, when all of hope seems gone, they'll give you strength to live your life, and desire to go on. And if your faith in Heaven should ever fade away, they'll help renew your spirit, and help you find your way.

即使在最黑暗的日子里, 当所有的希望似乎都变得渺茫, 天使会赋予 你生活的力量和继续前进和动力。 英语励志短文如果你所坚信的美好 在现实面前有些褪色, 她们会再次激励你, 并帮助你找到自己的方向。 Angles are always there; and upon their strength and guidance, you always may rely. 天使一直就在我们身边; 有了天使赐予我们的力量和指引, 你可以勇 往直前。 同义词趣味巧辨析

delegate, deputy, representative, agent, substitute 这些名词有“代表、代理人”之意。 delegate : 指一般被派参加某一会议的代表。 deputy : 指上级授权代理行事的代表, 特指被选择为执行全部或部分 公务的人。 representative : 一般指被选举或委派代表某人或一些人或某个较大 团体的人,其职务有时是较长期的。 agent : 普通用词,通常指经授权代理另一个人或团体,或指在双方 之间代表一方起中间作用的人。 substitute : 主要强调某人或某物可以用来代替别的人或物的作用。

deliberately, on purpose 上述用作副词的词和词组均有“有意地、故意地”之意。

deliberately : 指经过深思熟虑后而行事。 on purpose : 侧重所作所为具有特殊目的。

中学重难知识点回顾 With 短语 3 go to the hill with sth. [中考]带着东西上山 come along=come with sb. [中考]跟上来 make friends with sb. [中考]和某人交朋友 say with a smile [中考]微笑地说 What's wrong with you [中考]?=What's the matter with you? 你怎么了? move to Washington with his family [中考]和他全家搬到华盛顿

help sb. with sth./help sb. do sth. [中考]帮助某人做某事

argue with sb. = have an argument with sb. [中考]与某人争吵 have a fight with sb.=fight with [中考]与某人打架 get on /along well with [中考]与...相处很好 argue with ... [中考]和...争吵 be busy with sth. [中考] 忙于... be filled with [中考] 充满 be popular with sb. [中考] 受某人欢迎 be strict with sb. [中考] 对某人要求严格 be strict with sb. in sth. [中考] 某方面对某人严格 catch up with sb. [中考] 赶上某人 chat with sb. [中考] 和某人闲谈

fall in love with sb. /sth. [中考] 爱上什么 get along well with sb. = get on well with sb. [中考] 与某人相处得好 get along with sb. = get on with sb. [中考] 与某人相处 offer / provide sb. with sth. [中考] 给某人提供 sb. spend sometime with sb. [中考] 花了多少时间陪谁 talk with sb. [中考] 和某人说话 travel with sb. [中考] 和某人去旅游 with the help of sb. [中考] 在某人的帮助下 have a conversation with sb. [中考] 与...谈话;交谈 be cross with sb. at sth. [中考] 因某事和某人发脾气 with the development of industry [中考] 随着工业的发展

be familiar with sth. [中考] 对...而熟悉 with great force [中考] 用很大力气 play a joke with sb. [中考] 和某人开玩笑 be mad with joy [中考] 欣喜若狂 meet with a storm [中考] 遇到风暴 have no money with sb. [中考] 某人身上没(带)钱 have nothing to do with [中考] 与...无关 be patient with sb. [中考] 对某人有耐心 play with sb. [中考] 与...一起玩 have something to do with [中考] 与...有关系 supply sb. with sth. [中考] 向某人供应/提供

have a word with sb. [中考] 和某人说句话 agree with [高考]同意,与...取得一致, 与...相一致;适合 along with [高考]同...一道(一起) assist sb. with sth. [高考]帮助某人做某事 be acquainted with [高考]开始认识;开始了解 be busy with [高考]忙于... 练习题

(一) When I asked my daughter which item she would keep: the phone, the car, the cooker, the computer, the TV, or her boyfriend, she said “the phone”. Personally, I could do without the phone entirely, which makes me unusual. Because the telephone is changing our lives more than any other piece of technology.

Point 1 The telephone creates the need to communicate, in the same way that more roads create more traffic. My daughter comes home from school at 4:00 pm and then spends an hour on the phone talking to the very people she has been at school with all day. If the phone did not exist, would she have anything to talk about? Point 2 The mobile phone means that we are never alone. “The mobile saved my life,” says Crystal Johnstone. She had an accident in her Volvo on the A45 between Otley and Skipton. Trapped inside, she managed to make the call that brought the ambulance to her rescues. Point 3 The mobile removes our secret. It allows marketing manager of Haba Deutsch, Carl Nicolaisen, to ring his sales staff all round the world at any time of day to ask where they are, where they are going, and how their last meeting went. Point 4 The telephone separates us. Antomella Bramante in Rome says, “We worked in separate offices but I could see him through the window. It was easy to get his number. We were so near-but we didn’t meet for the first two weeks!” Point 5 The telephone allows us to reach out beyond our own lives. Today we can talk to several complete strangers at once on chat lines (at least my daughter does. I wouldn’t know what to talk about).

We can talk across the world. We can even talk to astronauts (if you know any) while they’re space-walking. And, with the phone line hooked up to the computer, we can access to the Internet, the biggest library on Earth. 68. How do you understand “Point 1-The telephone creates the need to communicate?” A. People don’t communicate without telephone. B. People communicate because of the creating of the telephone. C. People communicate more since telephone has been created. D. People communicate more because of more traffic. 69. Which of the following best shows people’s attitude towards mobile phones? A. Mobile phones help people deal with the emergency. B. Mobile phones bring convenience as well as little secret to people. C. Mobile phones are so important and should be encouraged. D. Mobile phones are part of people’s life.

70.Which points do you think support the idea that phones improve people’s life? a. Point 1 b. Point 2 c. Point 3 d. Point 4 e. Point 5 A. c, b B. a, e C. a, c D. b, e 71. The best heading for the passage is . A. Phone Power B. Kinds of Phone C. How to Use Phones D. Advantage of Phones

答案 CBD A (二) Although we already know a great deal about influenza, and although the World Health Organizations is constantly collecting detailed information from its chain of influenza reference laboratories throughout the world, it is extremely difficult for epidemiologists, who study infectious (传染的) diseases, to predict when and where the next flu epidemic(流感) will occur, and how serious it will be.

There are three kinds of influenza virus, known as A, B and C. Influenza C virus is relatively stable and causes mild infections that do not spread far through the population. The A and B types are unstable, and are responsible for the epidemics that cause frequent concern. Following any virus attack, the human body builds up antibodies which can be changed into immunity(免疫力) to that strain of virus but a virus with the ability to change its character is able to bypass this protection. Variability is less developed in the influenza B virus, which affects only human beings. As influenza B virus may cause a widespread epidemic but will have little effect if introduced into the same community soon afterwards, since nearly everyone will have built up antibodies and will be immune. The influenza A virus, which affects animals also, is extremely unstable and is responsible for some of the worst outbreaks of the disease, such as the world epidemic, of 1918&1919, when about half the world’s population were infected and about twenty million people died, some from pneumonia caused by the virus itself and some from secondary complication caused by bacteria. Accurate prediction is difficult because of the complication of the factors. A particular virus may be related to one to which some of the population have partial involved immunity. The extent to which it will spread will depend on factors such as its own strength, or virulence, the ease with which it can be transmitted and the strength of the

opposition in encounters. Scientists, however, have a reliable general picture of the world situation. 72. Which of the following is the most appropriate title for the passage? A. Symptoms of Influenza. B. Man Vs Influenza Virus. C. World Health Organization: Forefront against Influenza Virus. D. Variability of Influenza Virus. 73. What does the author say about the influenza B virus? A. B Virus is relatively stable and causes mild infections that do not spread far through the population. B. B Virus is unstable, and is responsible for the epidemics that cause frequent concern. C. B virus is extremely unstable and is responsible for some of the worst outbreaks of the disease. D. B virus has a very developed variability, and it affects only human beings.

74. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a factor contributing to the extent to which a virus spreads? A. The strength of the virus. B. The strength of the opposition. C. The virus encounters the ease with which the virus can be transmitted. D. The immunity the virus can bring about. 75. This article is quite probably . A. a piece of news B. a special science report C. an introduction to a book D. a scientific fiction

答案 BBDB (三) Many people go to school for an education. 1 learn languages, history, geography, physics, chemistry and maths. Others go to school to learn a skill so that they can 2 a living. School 3 is very important and useful. Yet no one can learn everything from school. A teacher, no matter how much he 4 , can not teach his students everything they 5 to know. The

teacher's job is to show his students how to read and how to 6 . So much more is to be learned 7 school by the students themselves. It is always more important to know how to study by 8 than to memorize(熟记)some facts or formula(公式). It is 9 quite easy to learn a 10 fact in history or a formula in mathematics. But it is very difficult to use a formula in 11 out a maths problem. Great scientists, such as Einstein, Newton and Galileo, didn't learn many things from school. But they were all so 12 that they invented so many things for mankind. The 13 for their success is that they knew how to study. They read books that were not 14 at school. They worked hard all their lives, wasting not a single moment. They would ask many questions as they read and they did thousands of 15 . 1. A. Students 2. A. make 3. A. education 4. A. teaches 5. A. manage 6. A. study 7. A. From outside 8. A. heart B. students C. us D. oneself B. They B. do B. degree B. knows B. expect B. play B. in C. We C. have C. lesson C. learns C. fail C. think C. within D. People D. get D. task D. practises D. want D. work D.

9. A. not 10.A. real 11. A. setting 12. A. famous 13. A. experiment 14. A. kept 15. A. duties

B. actually B. true B. working B. popular B. reason B. showed B. jobs

C. seldom C. certain C. making

D. known D. great D. doing

C. successful D. modest C. result D. way

C. expressed D. taught C. experiments D. records

答案 本文讲述了自主学习的重要性。 也就是说对于学生而言应该学会如何 学习才是更重要的。而对于教师而言,不仅要教学生文化知识,更应 教会他们如何学习,正所谓“授之以鱼,不如授之以渔”。 1. B.they 指上句中的 many people。 2. A.make a living 意思是“谋生”。这里表示学一门技术来谋生。 3. education 意为“学校教育”。 4. B.意思是“不管他懂多少”。 5. D.表示学生想知道的东西 。 6. C.老师不仅教学生文化知识,更应该教会学生如何思考。 7. D.指应该更多的从校外获取知识。

8. by oneself 自学。 9. B.actually 副词,“事实上”。actually easy 表示“真的很简单”。 10. C.certain 这里指“某一个,固定的”。 11. out 意思是“解出”。 12. C.上述的这些人都很成功。 13. B.reason 和 for 搭配,表示“……的原因”。 14. D.被动语态,表示“学校不教的书”。意思是他们获取了很多课外知 识。 15. B.这些科学家都做了很多实验。

(四) Life in the twenty-first century will be very 1 . Many changes will take place, but 2 will the changes be. The population is growing 3 . There will be many 4 in the world and most of them will live 5 than people in the twentieth century. Computers will be much smaller and 6 and there will be at least one in every 7 . And 8 studies will be one of the important subjects in school then.

People will work 9 and they will have more free time for sports, watching TV and travelling. 10 will be much easier and cheaper. And many more people will go to 11 countries for holidays. There will be changes in our 12 , too. Maybe no one will eat meat every day, instead, they eat more fruit and vegetables. Maybe people will be 13 . Work in the future will be different, too. 14 and hard work can be done by robots. Because of this, 15 will not have enough work to do .This will be a problem. 1. A. interesting beautiful 2. A. why what 3. A. slowly suddenly 4. A. people doctors 5. A. long lucky 6. A. more useful useful 7. A. hospital B. factory C. home D. B. useful C. helpful D. less B. longer C. happy D. B. workers C. scientists D. B. fast C. quietly D. B. how C. when D. B. hard C. different D.

town 8. A. science computer 9. A. fewer hours more than eight hours 10. A. Seeing doctors Shopping 11. A. rich small 12. A. food drinks 13. A. fatter more pleased 14. A. Safe Dangerous 15. A. a few people people B. all the people C. many B. Easy C. Simple D. B. thinner C .healthier D. B. clothes C. fruit D. B. Going to the cinema C. B. more hours C. eight hours D. B. maths C. English D.

D. Travelling B. other C. poor D.

D. some people

答案 本文介绍了二十一世纪我们社会将发生的各种各样的变化, 包括就业, 饮食等一系列的变化。

1. C.以下讲的是二十一世纪发生的一系列的变化, 由于变化,生活也 就变得与以前不同,故而选 C。 2. D.这些变化会是哪些变化呢?What 在这里充当的是表语。 3. B.众所周知,人口增长速度很快。 4. A.由上下文可知,这里指人口增多,故选 people。 5. B.由于生活条件和习惯的改变,人们寿命将会更长,所以 longer 为正确选项。 6. A.电脑将发挥更大的作用,故选比较级 more useful。 7. C.电脑将走进各家各户。 8. D.这一小节都讲的是电脑,故选 D。 9. A.根据下文得知人们将有更多的时间用来娱乐, 证明工作时间减少 了,故选 fewer hours。 10. D.根据下文的 for holidays 可知这里说的是旅行。 11. B.由于条件好了, 更多的人都能够去其他国家旅游了, 故选 other。 12. A.根据下句得知,这里讲的是饮食变化。 13. C.由于饮食习惯发生变化,人们将更加健康。 14. D.和 hard 并列的词应选择 dangerous。

15. C.因为很多工作都是由机器人来完成,那么许多人也就面临着失 业的危险。



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