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Module 4
一. 根据本部分所学单词及提示写出所缺单词的正确形式。 1. I don’t want to b________ her with my problems at the moment. 2. A new town has grown up in this industrial d________. 3. I pay more r________ tha

n others because my room is bigger. 4. It’s p________ hard to explain why I’m so late. 5. You can’t p________ your car here ─ or you’ll be fined. 6. A recent s________ showed that 58% of people did not know where their heart is. 7. I know it ________ (听起来) silly, but I’ll miss Jim when he’s gone. 8. Many ________ (当地的) shops will be forced to close if the new supermarket is built. 9. I’ve been ________ (幸运的) to find a job that I love. 10. The ________ (建筑) of Paris impressed me a lot, especially the Eiffel Tower. 11. This country is a member of the United Nations O________. 12. The closure of the factory left hundreds of men u________. 13. Linda spent the summer doing m________ labor on her uncle’s farm. 14. Some of his work has been exhibited by local art g________. 15. The ________ (委员会) has decided to close the factory. 16. Please write down your name, address, and ________ (职业). 17. Tom became a(n) ________ (专业的) tennis player at the age of 20. 18. Madagascar is the most ________ (迷人的) place I have ever been to. 二.单项选择 1. The 5-year-old boy was the only one of the 115 passengers to ___ the terrible plane crash. A. remain B. survive C. afford D. live 2. If I remember right, this isn’t the first time you _____late to class this week, is it? A. came B. come C. have come D. will come 3. Jay Zhou has starred in several films, ___he is better known as a pop singer, I think. A. or B. so C. for D. but 4. —Shall I make a cup of tea for you? —Don’t ____. I’m leaving in a minute. A. worry B. need C. trouble D. bother 5. —I’ll get married to Marsha next week. —Oh, that’s nice. ___ ! A. What a pity B. Goodness C. Congratulations D. It’s fascinating 6. There is a ____restaurant along the street. Shall we have our dinner there tonight? A. nice seafood Chinese B. Chinese nice seafood C. seafood nice Chinese D. nice Chinese seafood 7. We ____ two thirds of the project so far and we’re sure to complete it on time. A. have finished B. will finish C. finish D. finished 8. It’s nice to ____from the busy work into the natural beauty of the countryside. A. get away B. break away C. take away D. look away 9. With Shanghai World Expo ____to an end, many people plan to visit it during the national day holiday. A. approaches B. approaching C. approached D. has approached 10. —What can I do for you? —I’d like to ___ this blue shirt for a bigger size. A. exchange B. become C. turn D. grow 11. The music __pretty sweet. Who do you know composed it? A. is sounded B. is sounding C. sounds D. has sounded 12. — Do you think the oil prices will keep ___? — I’m afraid so. A. lifting up B. putting up C. growing up D. going up 13. The British Isles lie ___ the west of Europe, and face France ___the English Channel. A. on; over B. in; on C. on; across D. in; across 14. The pay for the job is indeed , but I hate working long hours every day. A. gorgeous B. professional C. amusing D. attractive 15. The meeting has_____ for half an hour, but they haven’t made any decisions.

A. lasted B. played C. begun D. kept 16.(2010· 山东联考)I'm very sorry to have _____________ you with so many questions on such an occasion. A.forbade B.excused C.impressed D.bothered 17.(2010· 上海高考)_____________ the city centre, we saw a stone statue of about 10 metres in height. A.Approaching B.Approached C.To approach D.To be approached 18.(2010· 湖北高考)It is illegal for a public official to ask people for gifts or money _______ favors to them. preference to place of agreement with exchange for 19.(2010· 河北正定中学)—Let's go to the cinema tomorrow morning. —Sorry, I've got an important appointment at 9 o'clock and I can't _____________ to miss it. A.manage C.wait D.afford 20.(2010· 四川成都)To our great surprise, the old man _____________ the big earthquake in the basement where he stayed for 7 days without anything to eat. A.lived B.stayed C.survived D.remained 21.(2009· 永安模拟)The journalist had _____________ in Paris and he managed to get into ____ with her.; contact B.a contact; a contact; a contact D.a contact; contact 22.(2009· 山东高考)The number of foreign students attending Chinese universities _____________ rising steadily since 1990. B.are C.has been D.have been 23.(2007· 江苏高考)—Do you think that the housing price will keep _____________ in the years to come?—Sorry, I have no idea. A.lifting up B.going up C.bringing up D.growing up 24.(2009· 陕西高考)A notice was _____________ in order to remind the students of the changed lecture time. A.sent up B.given up C.set up D.put up 25.(2010· 浙江高考)After that, he knew he could _____________ any emergency by doing what he could to the best of his ability. A.get away with B.get on with C.get through D.get across 26.(2010· 福建高考)The girl had hardly rung the bell _____________ the door was opened suddenly, and her friend rushed out to greet her. A.before B.until D.since 27.(2009· 陕西高考)This is the first time we _____________ a film in the cinema together as a family. A.see B.had seen C.saw D.have seen 28.(2006· 山东高考)—How did you find your visit to Qingdao, Joanna? —_____________. A.Oh, wonderful indeed B.I went there aloneC.First by train and then by ship D.A guide showed me the way 29.(2010· 陕西高考)—What a fine day!Shall we go picnicking? —_____________. But we need to be home before six o'clock for the football match. A.Have a nice time B.Pardon me C.That's great D.You are right 30.(2010· 山东高考)Up to now, the program _____________ thousands of children who would otherwise have died. A.would save B.saves C.had saved D.has saved 31.(2010· 全国卷Ⅰ)When you are home, give a call to let me know you _____________ safely. A.are arriving B.have arrived C.had arrived D.will arrive 32.(2009· 全国卷Ⅱ)Progress _____________ so far very good and we are sure that the work will be finished on time. A.was B.had been C.has been D.will be 33.(2010· 福州质检)—How long _____________ the mobile phone? —For five years. A.have you had B.have you bought C.had you had D.did you buy 34.(2010· 南京调研)I ________with a foreigner, Mr. Green. I ______with him in the People's Park. A.have talked; have talked B.had talked; had talked; talked D.have talked; talked 三.改错 1. Last week, I met a great many of foreigners visiting my hometown . 2. Bruce’ voice sounds beautifully. 3. So far , I remembered more than 1500 new words. 4. With the price going up , I can afford to buy a computer . 5. There have a small apartment on sale. 6. This is one of the most attractive place I have been to. 7. My parents paid visit to Gulangyu island last week.. 8. It is three years before I came to Hainan. They never remained satisfiedly with their success.

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