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【金版学案】2014-2015学年高中英语(人教版必修1)同步练习:Unit 4 Earthquakes第二学时]

英语· 必修 1(人教版)


Learning about Language

一、用所给单词的适当形式填空 1 . The workers worked hard to dig out the treasures ____________ (bury)under the ground in Ming Dynasty. 答案: buried

2.I didn't mean to do her an ________(injure).


3.To solve the new problems,they decided to set up a political ________(organize).


4.We should avoid making unfair ________ (judge)of other's characters. 答案:judgement

5.He is frightened to use the ________(electricity) iron to iron his clothes. 答案:electric

6.The meat became ________ (smell) after a hot night.


7.He worked late last night,________ (prepare)for the classes the next day. 答案:preparing

8.The traffic rules in England are different from those of the other ________(Europe)countries. 答案:European

二、词语活用 用 trap 的相关词语完成下列小段落。 Some women think marriage as a 1.________.Men will try their best 2.________them into the 3.________they have set for women, promising them a true love and a good life.But after getting married, some women will find they 4.________an unhappy marriage. 答案:1. trap 2. to trap 3. trap 4. are trapped by

三、动词专练 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1 . ________(judge)from his accent, he must come from Guangdong. 答案:Judging

2. We will build a park ________(honour) those who died for our great country. 答案:to honour

3.The________man made me ________.(shock)


4.The girl burst out ________(cry) loudly when she saw her parents. 答案:crying

5.Everything in the house________(destroy) in the earthquake.

答案:was destroyed

6. These shoes aren't suitable for________(travel).


7.The number of the deaths ____________(be) over 1,000.


8.He was________(stand) against the wall,his hands crossed behind his head. 答案:standing

9.I will have you ________(speak) at the meeting to express our thanks to Mr.White. 答案:speak

10.A number of people ________(kill) during the war.

答案:were killed

四、将下列句子译成英语 1.经理根本不理会我的建议。(think little of) _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________

答案:The manager thought little of my suggestion.

2.可怜的女孩看到她的猫死了,突然哭起来。(burst) _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:The poor girl burst into tears when she found her cat was dead. 3.有数百人被困火中。(trap) _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________ 答案:Hundreds of people were trapped in the fire.

4.不到几秒钟,整个城市就变成了废墟。(ruin) _______________________________________________________ _________________ _______________________________________________________ _________________

答案:Within several seconds,the whole city fell into ruins.



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