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SEFC book1A 1-THE RESCUE 高中英语教师资格证说课超详细教案

The Rescue
Ⅰ. Teaching Material: The Rescue, taken from the Unit 4 unforgettable experience in Senior English for China Book1A, serves as the reading part as well as the key part of the whole unit. It focus on an unforgettable experience which represented by the flood experience of Jeff and Flora. The text also covers a great amount of verbs and many attributive clauses. Ⅱ. Teaching Objectives: 1. Ss can understand and learn and new verbs and expressions, such as: roar, seize, sweep, swallow,drag, struggle, strike, etc. 2. Ss can recognize the attribute clauses in the text, such as: 1) Before she could move, she heard a great noise, which grew to a terrible roar. 2) She looked at Jeff who waved his arms. 3) There she saw big mass of water that was quickly advancing towards her. 4) Flora, whose beautiful hair and dress were all cold and wet, started crying. 3. Ss can retell the whole story with the sequence word: First、Next、Then、Finally Ⅲ Teaching Important and difficult Points: 1. Important Points: ⑴useful words and phrases ,Such as: destroy, advance, swallow, fight for, and hold on to, get on one’s feet, pull oneself, tree after tree etc. ⑵The Attributive Clause with the relative pronoun “which, whose, who, whom, that” 2. Difficult Points: learn to use the appropriate and decent words to express their own experiences Ⅳ Teaching Aids: Multimedia and Blackboard, Handout. Ⅴ Teaching Method: Task-based language teaching. Ⅵ Teaching Procedure: Step 1 Revision (5’) Step 2 Lead-in (10’) Task 1:Talking about natural disasters. (Selected Pictures presented on PPT) 1. 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake 2. Invite two students to talk their own experiences and feelings on that day. 3. Questions: ⑴Have you ever experienced other natural disasters? (PPT Slides on SARS, Volcano,typhoon,fire, drought,tornado, flood) ⑵Can you describe what it was like and how you felt? ⑶What would you do if you are in the classroom when flood comes? Teacher does the sample answer First, tell all the students. Next, ran out of the classroom. Then, climb to the roof of the school building or a higher place. Finally, just wait for help. Step 3 Skimming with questions (10’) 1. Link with the text, to find out the answers to the following questions: ⑴What natural disaster did Flora and Jeff suffered? (Flood) ⑵Who were trapped? (Jeff and Flora) ⑶Where were they when the water came? (In the house)


⑷What rescued them? (Chimney) ⑸Why was Jeff looking for the chimney? ⑹What was the end of the story? 2. Guessing ⑴What was the house like? ( B ) A、a flat B、a house with two floors ⑵What words support your idea? Step 4 Intensive reading(40’) 1. Task 2: Dividing the whole passage according to the change of the places. Para 1:In the garden (para 1-2) Para2:On the way to the house (para 3-6) Para3:Inside the house (para 7-11) 2. Sentences Understanding Question⑴: “However , before she could think twice ,the water was upon her.” Which is Not the correct explanation to this sentence? ( ) A. She has no idea that the water came upon her so soon. B. She had no time to think more before the water was upon her . C. The water came upon her so soon that she had no time to think more. D. The water came upon her so soon that she didn’t think it for the second time. Question⑵: What does the darkened word refer to? 1. Before she could move, she heard a loud noise, which grew to a terrible roar. 2. There she saw a wall of water that was quickly advancing towards her. 3. She wanted to watch it. 4. Flora, whose beautiful hair and dress were all cold and wet, started crying. 5. For some moments both were silent. 3. Picture slides in with the responding paragraph. For a better understanding, teacher will explain the new and key words by acting out or paraphrasing, or giving sample sentences.

4. Some key points are designed in the answers to the questions, so while answering the questions, the students can help each other to solve the problems about language difficulties. If necessary the teacher can help. Step 5 Review and Check(15’) Ex. : Fill in the blank. First, in the garden, Flora looked around and saw Jeff____ and ____ his arms. Before she could move, she heard a loud noise, which grew to a terrible ____. And she saw_____(一堵墙似的) water that was quickly____ towards her. She was so ____ that she wanted to watch it. However, the water was ___ her. Jeff shouted to her and___ her arm. Then, on the way to the house, the first wave ___ her ___, ____ the garden. Jeff ____ her towards the house. Suddenly, a new great wave came,____ trees and ____ them ___ too. They both ___ under water. Next, in the house, Flora quickly began ____ the stairs. Another wave _____ the house and a strange noise began. The water moved up like a sea. Flora the stairs, but she stopped, the strange sound---the whole house


moved. Jeff was looking for the chimney. He looked out of the window. Tree after tree____ ____. The water must have been 3 meters deep and it completely ____ the garden. Finally, a terrible noise____ the house. A part of the house had ____and the floor moved ____. They both kept_____. Suddenly, Jeff found the chimney, which looked like a tower. Step 6 Discussion(10’): Will the disaster change Jeff and Flora’s life? And how? Step 7 Homework(1’): 1. Retell the story with the help of the pictures, using First, Next, Then and Finally. 2. Focus on language problems and find out your difficulties and underline useful expressions. Ⅶ Blackboard Design Unit 4 Unforgettable Experience Period 4 Reading The Rescue Main idea of each part: ? Para 1-2 In the Garden; First : roar, advance, wave, shout, surprised, puzzled ? Para 3-6 On way to the House; Next: sweep, swallow, flow, seize, drag, go down, open, pull, look into, hold, struggled, frightened Para 7-11 Inside the House. Then: strike, move up, destroy, climb, cry, hopeful Finally:



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