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高一英语总复习课件 新课标 人教版 必修3

Book 3 Unit One

Key words:

1. 祖先,祖宗
2. 起源,由来

ancestor origin arrival national gain

3. 到来,到达者 n.
4. 国家的,民族的

5. 赢得,获得
6. 独立,自主 7. 农业的,农艺的


8.欧洲的,欧洲人 9. 集合,聚集,搜集

European gather

11. 授予,判定 12. 精力充沛的 13. 衣服

award energetic clothing

14. 宗教上的,虔诚的 religious

16. 许可,允许 n.


17. 愚弄,欺骗
18. 溺死,淹没


19. 可爱的,有趣的


20. 明显的,显而易见的 obvious 21.对,双,夫妇 couple

重点短语: 1.发生,举行

take place
starve to death

2. 饿死

3.缺乏, 渴望,极需 starve for sth 4.对…满意 be satisfied with.. 5. 使某人满意的是 to one’s satisfaction 6.许多,大量的 plenty of

7. 导致,通向..

lead to …
in memory of … dress up be dressed in…

8. 为了纪念…
9.打扮,装饰 10. 穿着

11.开某人的玩笑 play a trick on … 12. 欺骗某人做… trick sb into doing … 13. 一到达就…

on one’s arrival

14. 授/颁奖给某人

award a prize to sb

15. 因某事而羡慕某人 admire sb for sth

16. 期望,期待,盼望
17.日夜,昼夜 18. 好像,似乎 19. 即使 20. 与某人玩得开心

look forward to
day and night as if / as though even if / even though have fun with sb


without permission turn up


23. 守信用,履行诺言 keep one’s word 25. 欺骗某人做… 26.屏息,屏气 27.上气不接下气 fool sb into doing … hold one’s breath

24. 某人做…是愚蠢的.It’s foolish of sb to do.

be out of breath


forgive sb for sth apologize to sb for sth

make an apologize to sb for sth

Book 3 Unit 2

1.消化,领悟 2. 平衡,天平 3. 蛋白质 4.苗条的,纤细的 5. 好奇心




6. 生的,未加工的 raw

7. 顾客,消费者


8. 弱点,缺点 9.强项,长处 10. 平静地



11. 轻轻地,轻柔地 gently 12.有限的 13. 叹息 14.项目,条款 limited sigh item


be on a diet

2) 均衡膳食

a balanced diet
ought to

5) 因感到劳累

be tired of
be tired from

6) 扔掉,丢弃 throw away 7) 被放过,(做坏 get away from… 事)不受惩罚 8)说谎 tell lies / a lie to sb 9)向某人说谎 lie to sb 10) 对进行研究 do some research on.. 11)摆脱,除去 get rid of …

12) 谋生

earn one’ s living
be in debt

13) 欠债

be in debt to sb 14)欠某人的债 / be in one’s debt 15)怒目而视 glare at … 16)盯着… stare at …

17)对…一瞥 18)受益于…

glance at..

get the benefit from 19) 把…与…相结合 combine …with .. 20)一包,一袋 a packet of

21.克服(困难,情绪等) get over …

22. 把…限制在…
23.减肥食品 24.难消化的食物 25. 好奇地… 26. 削减,砍伐 27. 使… 不安

limit …

slimming food
heavy food

with curiosity
cut down upset sb


amount to

29.把… 与…结合, combine …with… 合并 take… off 30. 去除,脱下 spy on… 31. 监视,侦察 have sb doing 32. 让某人一直 sth… 做...

1. Our teacher never looks tired . He is so full of ______ . A. power B. force C. strength D. energy 2. I don’t think you should _____ , you should eat more instead. A. put on weight B. lose weight C. put weight D. lose fat 3. There is something wrong with the machine . Can you get it _______ ? A. gone B. to go C. going D. to be going

4. The way he thought of ____ the problem is quite reasonable. A. solving B. to solve C. to solving D. sovled 5. --- I didn’t takes notes at yesterday’s meeting because I had left my pen at home. --- You ____ mine. I ___ it. A. must have borrowed , wasn’t using B. may have borrowed , didn’t use C. could have borrowed , wasn’t using D. should have borrowed , hadn’t used

6. Pop music is loved by lots of people , but it is not to evreyone’s _____. A. smell B. favor C. sound D. taste 7. The young man, ____ of working for others , is determined to start his own firm. A. being tired B. having tired C. to be tired D. tired 8. –Don’t have yourself ____ there. Come and help me. --- Where would you like to have the table _____ ? A. sitting , laid B. sitting , lain C. seat , lying D. sit ,lain

9.____ him and then try to copy what he does. A. Mind B. Glare at C. Stare at D. Watch 10.What a pity! He ___ the only chance of success. A. threw away B. put down C. gave in D. broke out 11. He ___ to me that his house ____ at the foot of a mountain. A. lay, lay B. lied , lied C. lied , lay D. lay , lied

12.She ____ her son to get up at 5 o’clock every morning. A. lets B. has C. gets D. makes 13. Theytasted of the failure __________________(尝到了失败 的滋味)for the first time. 14. He ____________(爱好) poems. has a taste for 15. This kind of apple tastes ____ and sells _____ . A. well , good B. well , well C. good , good D. good , well

8. I have something important ___ , so I have to go now. A. done B. to do C. to be done D. doing 9. Who would you like to have ____ the blackboard ? A. to clean B. cleaned C. cleaning D. clean

Book3U3 Revision

Words: incredible 1.难以置信的 ____________

unpaid 2. 不计报酬的_____________ 3. 耐心
patience _____________

silly 4. 愚蠢无聊的_____________
indeed 5.确实,真正地_____________

bow 6.鞠躬,弯腰 ______________

tiny 7.很少的,微少的__________

9. 故事,传说

bay __________
tale __________

appearance 10. 出现,外貌,外观____________ 11. 通道,船费 12. 幽默,诙谐 13.孤独,寂寞 passage _________ humour ______________ loneliness ______________

character 14.人物,性格,特征___________

16. 十年

playwright ___________
decade ____________

simply 17.仅仅,只不过 ____________
scene 18. 现场,场面,景色____________


1. 打赌
2. 处理

make a bet on sth / that… do with / deal with

3. 大量的

a large amount of

4. 前进,往下说 go ahead 5. 事实上 as a matter of fact 6. 偶然,无意中 by accident / chance

7. 盯着看,凝视 8. 放弃

stare at

give up

9. 导致,作出解释 account for 10. 坦城地说 11. 担心,关心 12. 送…出去

to be honest
care about

show …out

13.冒冒险,碰碰运气 take a chance 14. 衣衫褴褛 be / dress in rags 19. 对某人失望 be disappointed in sb 20.值得做… be worth doing 21. 当…

work as …

21.以粗暴的方式/方法 in a rude manner 22.妒忌… be jealous of …
23. 即使 24. 至于

even if / though
as for… be filled with

25.充满 26. 陷入困境,惹麻 get into trouble

27. 允许做某事

permit (doing) sth

28. 允许某人帮做某事 permit sb to do sth
29. 当心,小心某人/ 物 mind sth / sb. 30. 被认出 31. 正要做… 32. 迷路 33. 对某人耐心 be spotted by …

be about to do…
be/ get lost be patient with be patient of sth

Words : 1. You’ll have to be ______ (耐心的) patient with the young children . 2. To be honest , I don’ t like him at all jealous because he is always_______ (忌妒 的)of others’ success. decades 3. –it happened about four _______(十 年)ago. --- You mean forty years ago .

manners 4. It’s bad _________(礼貌)to talk with your mouth full . 5. Unbelievable ___________(难以置信), he has passed the final exam. screaming 6. stop _________(尖叫),we can hear you clearly. 7. Mark Twein had a good sense of ________(幽默). humour 8. You can’t get in without a permit _______ .(通行证)

1. I really don’t know how to _____ the naughty boy. A. do with B. deal with C. treat with D. play 2. I ____ go shopping when the telephone rang. A. was about to B. was to C. would D. was going to 3. The teacher doesn’t permit ____. A. smoke B. to smoke C. smoking D. to have a smoke

4.Tom wanted to find a job in the city , but he had ____ . A. no luck B. not any luck C. not a luck D. a bad luck 5.____ a certain doubt among the students as to the necessity of the work . A. It existed B. They had C. There existed D. There had

B3U4 Revision

violent 1. 猛烈的,激烈的___________
vapour 2.水蒸气 __________

carbon dioxide 3.二氧化碳 ____________
oxygen 4. 氧 ____________

planet 5. 行星 _____________
generally 6. 一般地,通常 __________

exist 7. 生存,存在 __________

dissolve 8. 溶解,解散 __________
spread 9.传播,伸展 __________

disappoint 10. 使…失望 __________
gradually 11. 逐渐地 _____________

lessen 12. 减少,减轻 ____________
exhaust 13. 用尽,耗尽 ____________

exclaim 14. 呼喊,惊叫 _____________

1. 把..看作…

think of …as … combine into … explode loudly in time cool down on the surface be different from

2. 合并成…
3. 猛烈爆炸

4. 及时,迟早
5. 冷却 6. 在表面上 7. 与… 不同 8. 环绕太阳转

go around the sun

9. 从…中消失 10. 长成…

disappear from…

grow into …
lay eggs

11. 下蛋
12. 遍布全世界

spread all over the world
prevent …from doing… escape from… cheer up

13.依靠,依赖,取决于 depend on 14. 阻止…做… 15. 逃离… 16. 振奋,高兴

17. 向前走 18. 跌倒

step forward
fall over be harmful to …

19. 掌握,理解,熟悉 get the hang of 20. 对…有害 21. 随着…的发展 with the development of… 22. 用这些办法 23. 对…失望 24. 既然… with these methods

be disappointed
now that

25. 突然爆发,发生
26. 利用望远镜

break out

through telescope
force…to do explain sth to sb

27. 迫使…做…

be known to sb 29.为…所知 语法:名词性从句之主语从句 1.句型; 2.主谓一致 的问题;

Unit Five Canada – The True North


Words and expressions



2. 稍微地,轻微地
3. 港市,港口 4. 海港 5. 使…恐怖,恐吓 6. 霜冻 7. 富有的,富人 8. 宽阔的


terrify frost wealthy broad


figure out

2. 定居,平静下来 settle down
3. 对…有天赋 have a gift for

4. 远至,一直到
5. 在远处 6. 一直,总是 7. 而不是 8.在黎明

as far as
in the distance all the way rather than at dawn

9.被…包围 10. 去市区

be surrounded by / with go downtown

12.电话亭 13.去游览…

maple trees
a telephone booth be on a trip to

14.梦想/梦见…dream of / about … 15.向东走 16.流入… go eastward flow into…

17. 登上塔顶

go up the tower

18. 俯瞰湖面
19. 眺望…

look across the lake
look over


across Canada
at the top end of

22.在…之内,不超出 within.. 23. 使…加速 speed up


Noun Clause as appositive clause

1.As we all know, the Antarctic is the coldest _________ on the earth. continent slightly 2. He was ________ hurt in yesterday’s accident. extremely 3. I’m __________ sorry for my delay. 4. Everything suggests that he is to become the next Prime Minister ________. 5. Distance is no problem on the _______ Internet . official 6. The _______ languages of Canada are English and French.

1. He often takes a walk ____ the hillside. A. as far as B. so far as C. as soon as D. as well as 2. ____ I know , English is the official language in Singapore. A. As soon as B. As far as C. As long as D. As well as 3. He _____ becoming a pilot. A. dream B. dream of C. dreams of D. dreams

4. The sunlight came in ____ the window of the roof and lit up the whole room . A. through B. across C. on D. over 5. The novel is so bad that I can hardly _____ what the writer is trying to say. A. find out B. figure out C. look through D. get through 6. The painting looks better if seen in the ______ distance.

7. _____ is the population of Shanghai? A. How many B. How much C. What D. How 8. He made a promise _____ he would help when I was in trouble. A. when B. what C. which D. that 9. His suggestion ____ to the cinema excited us all. A. that we go B. that we would go C. when we would go D. which we had gone

10. The news ____ is spreading around the airport is ___ a heavy storm is coming. A. what , / B. that , that C. / , that D. that , which 11.We all know the truth ____ there is air , water and sunlight there are living things. A. where B. wherever C. that D. that where



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