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2015-2016学年高中英语 Module3 Listening and vocabulary课件 外研版选修6

Read the passage on page 33 and answer the questions. 1. Are Liao Mei and Wang Chaosu still friends?
Yes, they are. 2. Why do you think the girls have kept in touch? Because they are old friends.

Do you think that good friends should
never quarrel?

Match the questions and the words in Activity 1. lively personality quarrel (v. & n.) regret 1. Which word describes someone’s personality?

Hurt (adj.) lively Quarrel (v. & n.)


2. Which word means to feel sorry about something that has happened or that you have done? 3. Which word means to argue with somebody?

Match the words in Box A with the words in Box B.

best get
have keep lose make only

child friend an interest (in) in touch on (with someone) touch up

Listen to the passage and answer the questions.

1. Why has Liao Mei never felt lonely? 2. Where did the two girls meet? 3. Where did they live? 4. What do we learn about the girls’ parents? 5. Why did the two girls quarrel?

My name is Liao Mei and I’m 20 years old. I’m an only child, and my friendships are very important to me. Ever since I was a kid, my parents always made sure that I had other children to play with, so I never felt lonely. I’ve also been very lucky because I’ve always had a best friend, someone who I’ve been really close to.

My best friend since the age of eleven was a girl called Wang Chaosu. We met at secondary school. We’d both just started there. I remember meeting her for the first time. I was walking home form school and she was going the same way. So we walked home together and discovered that we lived very near each other.

We got on with each other immediately. We’re two of a kind, Wang Chaosu and I—we’re both quite lively. We found that we shared a lot of the same interests. She loved all kinds of sport and so did I. We soon became best friends. We used to go around to each other’s houses all the time. Our parents got on very well too.

But having said this, I must say that Wang Chaosu and I quarrel from time to time. We had a really serious quarrel when I was sixteen. I became friendly with two girls that she didn’t get on with, and I stopped seeing her for a while. It wasn’t a nice thing to do and I regret doing that now. Wang Chaosu was really hurt. She didn’t talk to me for about six months. But then we made up and became friends again.

1. Why has Liao Mei never felt lonely?

Because her parents always made
sure she had friends to play with. 2. Where did the two girls meet? At secondary school.

3. Where did they live? Very near each other.

4. Why did the two girls quarrel?
Because Liao Mei made friends with two other girls whom Wang Chaosu didn’t like.

5. What do we learn about the girls’ parents?
They got on very well.

1. Where is Liao Mei’s college?

2. What does Liao Mei say you need to do to
keep your friends?

3. How many friends has Liao Mei lost touch
with? 4. Why has she lost touch with them?

Wang Chaosu and I stayed best friends up to the age of eighteen, but then we both went to different colleges. She stayed in our home town and I went to a college two hundred kilometers away. We’re still good friends, but we’re not best friends any more. It’s difficult when you’re so far away from someone.

I think that to keep you friends, there are certain things you have to do. For example, you must remember to keep in touch if you want to stay friends with someone. Wang Chaosu and I keep in touch through email when we’re at college, and of course, we see each other when I come back home. We always have a lot to say to each other. We talk about our feelings and are very honest with each other. I think that’s very important.

I regret to say that I have lost touch with four or five friends since I’ve been at college. It’s a pity, but I’ve changed and they’ve changed too. We just don’t click

any more. I think the reason why Wang
Chaosu and I are still friends, as I said

earlier, is because we have similar
personalities, and we’re both still crazy

about sport. It’s my guess that we’ll
always be good friends. I hope so.

1. Where is Liao Mei’s college?

200 kilometres away.
2. What does Liao Mei say you need to do to keep your friends? Keep in touch.

3. How many friends has Liao Mei lost touch with?
Four or five. 4. Why has she lost touch with them? Because they changed.


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