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the Attributive Clause 名词性从句

(一).定语从句 构成及种类: 1>.The school where we live and study lies west of the town.

2>.I, who am your Engli

sh teacher, will try my best to help you. 结构:

先行词 + 关系词 + 定语从句

(二).如何使用引导词: 1.关系代词 主语


定语 whose


which which whose that that when where ______ why 2. 关系副词 _______,______,


1.(2006北京) Women ______ drink who ▲ more than two cups of coffee have a greater chance of having heart disease than those ______ who ▲ don’t. 2.(2004上海) A fast food restaurant is the place __________, just as where ▲ the name suggests, eating is performed quickly.

3.(2003北京) We are living in an age ________ when many things are done on computer. 4.(2005北京春) Do you still remember the chicken farm _______________ that / which) we visited ( three months ago? 5.(1996NMET) After living in Paris for 50 years, he returned to the small town _________ where he grew up as a child.

6.(2006福建) Look out! Don’t get close to the house ________ whose roof is under repair. 7.(2002上海) Is this the reason ___________ (that /which) he explained to the meeting for his carelessness in his work?

1. 关系代词 that与which 的不同点 2.介词 + 关系代词 引导的定语从句
3. as 引导的定语从句 4.一些特殊词之后定语从句关联词的选择
5. 定语从句与其它从句、强调句型的比较

that 与 which 的不同点:
A.1).He handed everything ▲ (that) _______he had stolen.(1988MET) (that) we 2).The only thing _______ ▲ can do now is to work hard at our lessons. 3).This is the most exciting film ▲ _________ I have ever seen. (that) 4).They talked of the persons --------------and things ___________ they (that) --------------remembered in the school.

4).Who is the man ___________ is that ▲ standing over there? 总结: 下列5种情况下, 要用 that 引导 定语从句, 不能用 which. 1).当先行词是 all, much, little, something, anything, everything. nothing 等不定代词时; 或者先行词 被all, much, little,some any, every, no 等词修饰时;

3.当先行词被 the only; the very;

the first; the last 等词修饰时;
4.当先行词中既有人又有物时; 5. 当主句中有 who 或者 which 时, 为了避免重复, 定语从句只能用 that 引导.

B.1>. (2005浙江卷) Jim passed the -------------------driving test, ________ surprised which --------------everybody in the office. 2>.(1998NMET) Wilma became the first woman to win 3 Olympic gold medals in track, ________ which made her mother very proud. 3>.(2004北京卷) Luckily, we had brought a map without ________ which ▲ we would have lost our way.

总结: 下列两种情况下不能用 that 引导 定语从句: 1>.引导非限制性定语从句, 不能用that; 2>. 关系代词前有介词前置时,不能用that;

This is the classroom ______________ (that / which) we study in. This is the classroom in ____________ we study. which

介词 + 关系代词 的考查
1>.(2006湖南卷)We saw several natives advancing towards our party, and one of them came up to us,________ we gave some bells and glasses. which whom C.with whom D.with which 2>.(2005山东卷) He was educated at a local grammar school, __________ he went on to Cambridge. A.from which B.after that C.after which D.from that

3>.(2006浙江卷) I was given three books on cooking, the first_____ I really enjoyed. A.of that B.of which ★ C.that D.which 4>.(2005重庆卷) Mark was a student at this university from 1999 to 2003, ______ he studied very hard and was made Chairman of the Students’ Union. A.during which time B.for which time ★ C.during whose time that time

as 引导的定语从句 高考热点3: _______________
1>.(NMET)The teacher set us such ------a difficult problem ________ none as of us worked out. (对比: The teacher set us ------such a difficult problem ________ none that of us worked it out.) 2>.(2000上海春) These houses are sold at ------such a low price _______ as people expected.

As is known to 3>. (2001NMET) _______ everybody, the moon travels around the earth once every month. 总结:
1>. as 可以引导限制性定语从句, 先行词中有 such, as, so, the same 等词修饰, 构成固定搭配: such……as……; as……as……., so……….as……; the same….as…. 同时 as 充当从句的主语、宾语或者 表语.

2>. as 还可以引导非限制性定语从句, 代表主句的所有内容, as 从句既可以 放在主句前, 也可以放在主句后. 从句动词经常是: see, know, mention. imagine, mention, expect, point out 等词. as 的含义为 “正如, 像….一样” Notes: which 也可以引导非限制性定语从句, 代表主句的所有内容, 但是 which从句


as 与 which 引导非限制性定语从句 的区别: 1>.(1998上海) He was very rude to the which of customs officer, _______ course made things even worse. 2>.(1999NMET) Carol said the work would be done by October, which personally I doubt _________ very much. As is reported 3>.(2004北京) _______ in the newspapers, talks between the two countries are making progress.

4>.(2005浙江) _______ As I explained on the phone, your request will be considered at the next meeting.

一些特殊词之后定语从句关联词的选择: A.1>.(2003上海) I can think of many cases ________ where students obviously knew a lot of English words and expressions but couldn’t write a good essay. 2>.(2007陕西)Today we are going to discuss a number of cases ________ where beginners of English fail

to use the language properly.

3>.(2006山东卷) We are just going to reach a point _________ where both ---------sides will sit together and talk. 4>.(2007江西卷) After graduation she reached a point in her career _________ she needed to decide where ----------what to do. 但是,有时候需要克服思维定势, 具体问题具体分析: ----- Do you have anything to say for yourself? -----Yes, there is one point _______ (that) we must insist on. <2006江西卷>

B. <2004湖北卷> What surprised
us most was not what he said ________ that but the way ________ in which he said it. ________ ×

C. This is the third time _________ (that)
you have made the same mistake.


A.1).A modern city has been set up in _________ what was a wasteland ten

years ago. 宾语从句 2).A modern city has been set up in a place ________________ was which / that ---------a wasteland before. 定语从句 3).A modern city has been set up _________ where there was a wasteland ten years ago. 地点状语从句

B.1).----Where did you get to know
her? where ----It was on the farm ______ 定语从句 that I got she worked _______ 强调句 to know her. where 2).It was in the village ________ that he was born _________ the celebration was held.

C. 定语从句 与 同位语从句 1>.People were excited at the that news _________ China succeeded in launching 同位语从句 Chang’e One. that / which) 2>.The news ( ______________ he told us made us excited. 定语从句

1. 1).He has two daughters, both of ________ whom are doctors. 2).He has two daughters, and ▲ both of ________ them are doctors. 2. 1>.______ It is well known that China has launched Chang’e One successfully. As is known to all, 2>.______ Chang’e One has been launched successfully. 3>.________ What is known to all is that China has succeeded in sending up Chang’e One.

3.1>.He is such a good teacher ________ we all like him. that 2>.He is such a good teacher as ________ we all like. 3>. He is a good teacher,

as ________ we all know.
4>. He is a good teacher, _______ which makes us respect him.

where 4.1>.Is this the factory _________ he worked five years ago? that / which) 2>.Is this the factory (____________ he visited the other day? 3>. Is this factory ______________ the one (that) he visited the other day?

Little by little, one goes far



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