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【创新设计】2014高考英语一轮复习 Module 1 British and American English 外研版必修5

必修 5

Module 1

British and American English

维 A 单项填空 1.—You don't know what great difficulty I had________to get the two tickets. —Is the film really worth________twice? 研) A.managing;seeing C.managing;being seen 答案 B.managed;seeing D.managed;being seen (2013·抚顺调

A [句意:“你不知道我买这两张票费了多少劲。”“这部电影真的值得看两遍

吗?”what great difficulty 在句子中作先行词,在后面的定语从句中作宾语,have difficulty (in) doing sth“做某事而有困难”;而 be worth 之后加 v.?ing 的形式的 主动形式表被动意义。] 2.The policeman's_______traffic directions made all the drivers quite ______. (2013· 济 南 模 拟) A.confused;confused C.confused;confusing B.confusing;confusing D.confusing;confused

答案 D [句意: 警察那令人迷惑的交通指挥使得所有的司机都感到很迷惑。 confusing 用来修饰物,意为“令人迷惑不解的”;confused 修饰人,意为“(人)感到迷惑不解 的”。] 3 . You like surfing and chatting all night, too ? Don't you think we have so much________? common C.on common 答案 A B.of common D.with common (2013·太原高三模拟)


have much in common“有许多共同之处”。] 4.Don't worry about it.After all, you have________to make it. A.succeeded C.managed B.attempted D.failed


答案 B [succeed in doing sth“成功地做了某事”;attempt to do sth“试图做某 事”;manage to do sth“设法成功地做了某事”;fail to do sth“没有做成某事”。 该题从安慰的角度考虑,应选 B 项。] 5.As far as I know, it was the car accident due to drunk driving that led to________. A.him to be killed C.him having killed B.kill him D.his being killed

答案 D [lead to 意为“导致”,其中 to 是介词,后接动词?ing 形式;his 与 being killed 一起构成动词?ing 形式的复合结构作介词 to 的宾语。句意:据我所知,是那次 酒后驾驶引发的车祸致使他死亡。] 6.It makes no________to me what you say.I won't care. A.choice C.difference B.effort D.decision

答案 C [choice“选择”; effort“努力”; difference“不同”; decision“决定”。 根据句意应选 C 项构成 make no difference 表示“没有关系”。] 7.—How about your trip to Italy? —Oh,________the fine weather,we enjoyed ourselves indeed. A.but for spite of B.thanks to D.because for

答案 B [but for 意为“要不是由于”,一般用于虚拟语气;thanks to 意为“多亏, 由于”;in spite of 意为“尽管,虽然”;D 项本身错误。根据句意应选 B 项。] 8.We're going to________the hutongs of Beijing.Would you like to join us? A.get round C.get in B.get along D.get over

答案 A [根据句意,此处应指四处走动、参观胡同,故选 A。B 指相处;进展,C 指插 嘴,D 指克服,翻越。] 9.Most of the representatives attending the conference are not________the project, for it costs too much. spite of honour of 答案 case of favour of

D [考查短语辨析。句意:参加会议的大部分代表都不赞成这项计划,因为花费

太大。in favour of“支持,同意”,符合题意。in spite of“尽管”;in case of“万 一”;in honour of“为了纪念”,均不符合题意。] 10.________with his sister, Jerry is even more sensitive, and more easily troubled by emotional and relationship problems. 拟) A.Comparing C.Compare B.Compared D.To compare (2013· 南 昌 模

答案 B [句意:和姐姐相比,杰瑞更敏感,更易受情感和交往方面问题的困扰。Jerry 与 compare 之间为被动关系,故应选表被动的过去分词。compared with 为固定搭配, 意为“与??相比”,在句中作状语。] 11.She________her views to the committee very clearly. A.preserved C.provided 答案 B.presented D.supplied

B [考查动词辨析。preserve“保护,保存”;present“提出”;provide“提

供,供应”;supply“提供,供应”。根据句意判断答案为 B。] 12.Mary's dress is very similar________mine but they differ________quality.;in;from 答案;in;from

A [考查介词搭配。be similar to 意为“与??相似”,be similar in 表示

“在??方面相似”。differ from 意为“与??不同”;differ in 意为“在??方面 不同”。句意:玛丽的裙子与我的很相似,但是质量不同。] 13.A terrible air crash happened over the Atlantic Ocean,________150 passengers. (2013· 宝 鸡 高 三 质 检) A.having killed C.killed B.killing kill

答案 B [句意: 一场可怕的航空事故发生在大西洋上空, 造成了 150 人死亡。 terrible a air crash 与 kill 是逻辑上的主谓关系,故空白处应填现在分词 killing,表示飞机事 故带来的自然而然的结果。] 14.He has been preparing carefully for his English examination so that he could

be sure of passing it at his first________. A.purpose C.attempt B.desire D.intention

答案 C [at one's first attempt 表示“某人第一次尝试”。] 15.________it is true that a student's most important goal is to do well in his or her studies, it doesn't need to be the only goal. A.When 答案 B.As C.While D.Before

C [考查状语从句及连词。句意:尽管学生最重要的目标是在学业上做到优秀,

但这不必是惟一的目标。while 作连词, “尽管”,引导让步状语从句。] 维 B 完形填空 选材网站: 高考曾用材料:2010 山东卷完形填空 选材相似度:★★★★ 设题相似度:★★★ All my life people have told me that I was bright and that I had a lot of potential.I usually did really __1__in school and I even got a scholarship to a really good __2__ . The only thing that I wasn't good at was __3__friends.I was so shy that I had a hard time talking to people.I just didn't __4__anywhere. Then it all changed.I started __5__classes, getting into trouble and then I was__6__out of college.I started__7__with the other kids I grew up with that didn't have the same__8__I had.We lived in poor neighborhoods and we had no idea how much our __9__could affect our future.We weren't kids anymore and the only thing we __10__was the streets.I was looking up to the __11__people and I couldn't even recognize myself__12__ . To make a long story short, I went to prison.Twice.I __13__thought I would make it to see my family again, __14__I did. Now I'm with my __15__.I never cried through any of it, not even when I was in the hospital or in__16__.I suddenly felt so__17__to be home.My heart finally opened up and that __18__of being abandoned was gone.All I want to do now is give

to other people the __19__way I know now.Just decide who you want to be __20__someone else decides for you. Netes: potential n.潜力 1.A.well 2.A.score 3.A.helping C.valuing 4.A.move out C.keep up 5.A.attending C.missing 6.A.warned C.reminded 7.A.hanging out C.falling down 8.A.age 9.A.environment C.behavior 10.A.wandered about C.suffered from 11.A.wrong C.brave 12.A.somehow C.anymore 13.A.once C.never 14.A.and 16.A.danger C.or B.bad C.normal D.slowly D.grade

B.recognizing D.making in D.get along B.teaching D.visiting B.scolded D.kicked B.staying up D.moving out B.chances C.interests B.illness D.view B.lived by D.cared about B.tall D.kind B.clearly D.further B.occasionally D.always D.but C.wife C.rags D.children


B.friends B.prison

17.A.sorry C.disappointed 18.A.idea C.expectation 19.A.only 20.A.after B.before

B.grateful D.lucky B.opinion D.fear B.proper D.right C.while D.since

【语篇解读】 本文是夹叙夹议的文章。“我”曾经因为聪明、具有潜力,在中学表现 优秀而考上了好大学。然而上了大学后, “我”开始疏于学业,被学校开除。然后“我”自 暴自弃,与社会上的闲散人员在一起,走上了犯罪的道路。家人的关怀使“我”回到了正轨, 在回想自己过去时,别有一番滋味在心头。 1.A [联系空后的“and I even got a scholarship to a really good __2__ (college)” 我们知道,因为成绩优异, “我”考上了好大学。] 2. C [前面说了自己在中学的表现, 再联系空前的“got a scholarship”, 我们知道, “我”

得了奖学金,上了一所好大学。其他选项中,score 指“分数”,degree 指“程度”, grade 指“年级”。] 3.D [联系下文的“I was so shy that I had a hard time talking to people.”我们

知道, “我”性格内向,不善交际,不善于交朋友。] 4.B [联系前文“我”不善于交朋友,性格内向,我们知道, “我”不适应环境。fit in

的意思是“适应好”。其他选项中,move out 意为“迁出”,keep up 意为“保持” ,get along 意为“相处;进展”。] 5. C 6.D [联系空后的“getting into trouble”以及被赶出学校, 我们知道, “我”开始逃课。 ] [ 联系 下文 “We lived in poor neighborhoods and we had no idea how much

our__9__(environment)could affect our future.”我们知道,因为逃课,陷入麻烦, 学校把“我”开除了。] 7. [联系下文“We weren't kids anymore and the only thing we __10__(cared about)was A the streets.”我们知道, “我”与其他闲散青年一起在街上闲荡。] 8.B [联系前后文我们知道, “我”上了大学,而这些人是闲散人员。现在“我”与这些跟 “我”机遇不同的人逛荡。] 9.A [联系前文的“We lived in poor neighborhoods”我们知道,作者在这里讲述环境

对自己的影响。从后文的“I was looking up to the__11__(wrong)people”我们也可 以得出答案提示。] 10.D [联系空前的“the only thing”我们可以推断出, “我”所在乎的是大街上的人们。 其他选项中,wander about 意为“游荡”,live by 意为“住在旁边”,suffer from 意为“受??之苦” 。] 11.A [联系下文自己两次进监狱我们知道, “我”在大街上只是找那些与自己臭味相投的

人,因此是 wrong people。] 12.C [联系空前的“couldn't even recognize myself”我们知道, “我”自己再也不认

识自己了。] 13.C [联系“I went to prison.Twice.”我们知道,两次入狱, “我”从没有想到能见到 家人。] 14.D [空前后为转折关系。] 15.A [联系下文的“I suddenly felt so __17__ (grateful) to be home.”我们知道, 现在与家人在一起。C 和 D 均有一定的干扰性,文中没有提到作者的妻子或者孩子,因 此可以排除。] 16.B [联系空前的“in the hospital”我们知道,作者在讲述自己遭遇最困难时期的时

候,因此这里讲述自己住院和进监狱都没有哭过。] 17.B [联系“to be home”以及“My heart finally opened up and that __18__ (fear) of being abandoned was gone.”我们知道,家人接纳了自己,自己很感激。] 18. [空前有“My heart finally opened up”, D 空后有“of being abandoned was gone”, 因此这里指对别人放弃自己的担心。] 19.C [文章最后一句就是作者给出的建议,他觉得这是自己认识到的最好的建议了。] 20.B [显然,在别人为你决定前,你首先要决定自己成为什么样的人。]

维 C 阅读理解

选材网站 高考曾用材料:2010 山东卷 D 篇 选材相似度:★★★★


设题相似度:★★★ Despite the popularity of school spelling competitions, adults in the US performed poorly in a survey comparing how English speakers on both sides of the Atlantic deal with commonly misspelt words. Sixty?two percent of Americans got“embarrassed”wrong, against 54 percent of Britons who struggled with the word in a survey last year. Adults in the US performed less well on most of the ten words tested, including millennium (52 percent wrong, against 43 percent in the UK), liaison (61 percent to 54 percent)and

“accommodation”(42 percent to 36 percent).Only “definitely”and “friend”were spelt correctly by more Americans. Jack Bovill of the Spelling Society, which sponsored(发起)the research, said the high inaccuracy rates in both countries showed the need for the English spelling system to be modernized.“When asked, only a quarter of adults thought they had a problem with spelling.The answers in the test prove that

this_is_far_from_the_case, ”he said.“What is holding the UK and the USA back is the irregular spelling system.” Professor Edward Baranowski, one academic consultant for the project, said, “We have different spellings for the same sound, and a system which reflects how English was spoken in the 13th to 15th centuries, not how it is spoken today.So many sound changes have occurred in the language, which is not reflected in modern spelling, that we are left with a ‘fossilized(僵化的)’system.” The study found that 40 percent of the respondents would support updating words that caused problems while 16 percent opposed the idea.And 31 percent said it didn't matter. The US survey involving a sample of 1,000 adults was carried out online by Ipsos MORI last month, with the method based on a survey of 1,000 Britons in April last year. 1.The second paragraph is developed________. space time explanation comparison

2.The underlined word“inaccuracy”in Paragraph 3 can best be replaced by________. A.success C.correctness B.error D.growth

3 . The underlined part “this is far from the case” in Paragraph 3 implies that________. A.most of the Americans can spell correctly B.there are more people having spelling problems C.adults perform worse in spelling than kids is difficult to create a new spelling system 4.Professor Baranowski seems to agree that________. A.spelling should represent the sound of words B.we should learn how English was spoken centuries ago C.different countries should have different spellings D.sound changes have nothing to do with spelling 5.What would be the most suitable title for the passage? A.Who is responsible for our spelling B.The English language to be blamed C.Americans embarrassed by their spellings D.Words needed to be modernized 【语篇解读】 一项调查发现,美国人在单词拼写方面不如英国人。 1.D [论述手法题。第二段对美国和英国成年人单词拼写情况进行了对比,故选 D。] 2.B [词义猜测题。根据本句的“showed the need for the English spelling system to be modernized”,联系第二段英美成年人较高的拼写错误率,可知 inaccuracy 可用 error 来代替,都是“错误”的意思。] 3.B [推理判断题。联系上一句“When asked, only a quarter of adults thought they had a problem with spelling”可知,Bovill 是想说,这项研究表明,实际上很多人 都存在拼写问题。] 4.A [推理判断题。根据第四段 Baranowski 所说的话可知,他认为拼写应该表现单词的发 音。represent 意为“表现”,reflect 意为“反映”,此处两者含义一致。] 5. C [标题归纳题。 项标题一语双关, C embarrassed 一词既表明了美国人拼写的尴尬现状,




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