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初高中英语一词多义 (1)

初高中英语一词多义 1. accept ① vt. 接受 accept the proposal / invitation ② vt. 承担 accept the loss / responsibility 2. ① ② ③ account cn. 账户 open an account; bank account n. 解释,理由 on account of = because of v. 认为 We all account you a great chemist.

be affected with high fever 发高烧 8. against ① prep. 反对 be against ② prep. 倚靠 against the wall ③ prep. 以...为背景 The hill looks grey against the blue sky. 9. age ① n. 年龄 be of the same age 同龄 ② n. 年代,时代 information age 信息时代 ③ n. 很长时间 (常 pl.) for ages 多年 ④ v. 变老 We grow up quickly, and our parents age quickly. 10. agree ① v. 同意 I couldn't agree more. 我完全同意。 ② v. (气候、饮食等)适合 Seafood doesn't agree with me. 我吃不了海鲜。 ③ v. 一致、相符 What he does doesn't agree with what he says. 11. aim ① n. 目的 What's your aim? ② v. 瞄准 aim ... at ... 12. appear ① vi. 出现 = turn up ② link v. 显得,好像 It appears that ... 13. appearance ① n. 出现 ② n. 外表 Never judge a man by his appearance. 不要以貌取人。 14. appetite ① n. 胃口 have a good appetite ② n. 欲望 appetite for 对...的渴望

15. application ① n. 申请 application for 对...的申请 ② n. 申请书 application form 申请表 ③ n. 应用 application software 应用软件 app store 应用商店 16. apply ① v. 申请 apply for a job 求职 ② v. 适用于 apply to ③ v. 涂抹、敷药 17. appreciate ① v. 感激 appreciate doing I would appreciate it if you ... ② v. 欣赏 appreciate the music / novel ③ v. 意识到 appreciate the danger 18. approach ① v. 临近 Mother's Day is approaching. ② n. 方法 an approach to ... 19. area ① n. 面积 a total area of ... 总面积为... ② n. 区域 parking area 停车区 ③ n. 领域 in the area of ... 在...领域 20. arm ① n. 手臂 arm in arm 臂挽臂地 with open arms 张开双臂欢迎 ② n. 武器(pl.) lay down arms 缴械投降 ③ v. 用武器装备 be armed to the teeth 全副武装 21. around ① prep. 在...周围 around the world 全世界 ② prep. 大约 I will visit you around 9 o'clock. ③ prep. 绕过 around the corner

3. act ① vi. 行动 act as 担任 ② vi. 起作用 act on 对...起作用 ③ vt. 扮演 act out 表演 ④ n. 行为,动作 catch sb. in the act of doing sth.抓住某人干某事 ⑤ n. (戏剧)一幕 Act II 第二幕 ⑥ n. 法令,条例 education act 教育法 4. ① ② ③ address n. 地址 make out the address 认出地址 n. 演讲 deliver an address to...向...发表演讲 v. 向...讲话

5. admit ① v. 承认 admit sth. / doing sth. / that ... ② v. 允许进入,录取 be admitted to ③ v. 可容纳 The hall admits only hundreds of people. 6. adopt ① vt. 采纳 ② vt. 收养 adopt an idea adopt a child

7. affect ① vt. 影响,感动 ② vt. (疾病)侵袭,感染

④ adv. 四处地 go around 22. article ① n. 文章 an article on economy ② v. 东西,商品 duty-free articles 免税商品 ③ n. 冠词 the Definite Article 定冠词 23. ask ① v. 问,请求 ask the way 问路 ask sb. for advice 征求意见 if you ask me, ... (口语)依我看... ask for leave 请假 ② v. 让 ask sb. to do sth. ③ v. 招惹 ask for trouble 自讨苦吃 24. attack ① v. 攻击 attack the opponent 攻击对手 ② n. 攻击 air attack 空袭 under attack 受到攻击 ③ n. (疾病)发作 heart attack 心脏病发作 25. attend ① v. 出席,参加 attend the class / party ② v. 照料,看护 attend on / to sb. ③ v. 招待,接待 Are you being attended to? (口语)有人招呼您么? ④ v. 注意,倾听 Attend to me carefully. 26. bachelor ① n. 单身汉 bachelor party 单身舞会 ② n. 学士 bachelor degree 学士学位 27. balance ① n. 平衡 keep/lose one's balance 保持/失去平衡 out of balance 失去平衡 ecological balance 生态平衡 ② n. 天平,秤 spring balance 弹簧秤

③ n. 余额 account balance 账户余额 ④ v. 使平衡 balance oneself 28. ball ① n. 球 ball game 球赛 beef ball 牛肉丸 hit the ball 成功,做得好 ② n. 舞会 masked ball = masquerade 假面舞会,化妆舞会 29. band ① n. 乐队 rock band 摇滚乐队 ② n. 带,带状物 elastic band 松紧带 ③ n. 波段 wave band 30. bank ① n. 银行 blood bank 血库 bank account 银行账户 ② n. 河岸 along the bank of river 沿着河岸 31. bar ① n. 酒吧 internet bar 网吧 snack bar 快餐店 ② n. 条 chocolate bar 巧克力棒 bar code 条形码 ③ n. 吧台 32. bear ① n. 熊 Teddy bear ② v. 承受,忍受 =put up with = stand= tolerate I can't bear that. 我受不了了。 ③ v. 产生,生产 bear fruit 结出果实,奏效 ④ v. 承担 bear the cost of... 承担费用 bear the responsibility 承担责任 33. bill ① n. 账单 pay the bill ② n. 钞票 5 dollar bills ③ n. 议案 pass a bill

34. blow ① v. 刮风,吹 blow away 刮走 ② v. 爆炸 blow up 爆炸 ③ n. 打击 a heavy blow 沉重的打击 35. board ① cn. 板 chess board 棋盘 notice board 布告板 ② un. 伙食 board and lodging 食宿 ③ cn. 甲板 on board 上船 ④ n. 董事会 school board 校董事会 36. book ① n. 书本 hand book 手册 guide book 旅行指南 ② v. 预订 book a ticket 订票 37. bow ① n. 蝴蝶结 tie a bow ② n. 弓 ③ n. 鞠躬 make a bow ④ v. 鞠躬 bow to sb. 38. branch ① n. 树枝 cut down branches ② n. 支流 a branch of ③ n. 部门 branch office 分公司 39. build ① v. 建造 build a railway ② v. 建立 build (up) confidence 树立信心 ③ v. 培养 build interest and enthusiasm for reading 培养阅读兴趣和热情 40. burn ① v. 燃烧 burn up 烧起来 burn down 焚毁 be burnt to ashes 烧成灰烬 ② v. 晒黑

③ v. 点着 41. business ① n. 商业,生意 on business 出差 business permit 营业许可证 business card 名片 ② n. 事物,职责 none of your business 与你无关 42. capital ① n. 首都,省会 capital of China ② n. 大写字母 capital letter ③ n. 资本 working capital 流动资金 43. captain ① n. 上校,上尉 navy / army captain ② n. 船长,队长,机长,首领 Captain America 美国队长 44. case ① n. 箱子 (case 的一系列衍生词 briefcase, cardcase, suitcase) ② n. 事例,病例,案件 an emergency case 急诊 ③ n. 情况 as is often the case 情况常常是这样的 in any case 无论如何 in no case 绝不 in that case 那样的话 in case 如果,以免,以防,也许 in case of 万一 It is not the case. 并非如此 45. change ① cn. 变化 change for the better 好转 ② un. 零钱 have no small change

③ v. 改变 change one's mind 改变主意 ④ v. 兑换 change A for B 用 A 换 B 46. character ① n. 性格 strong character 性格坚强 ② n. 特点 ③ n. 角色 play a character 扮演角色 ④ n. 人物 main character 主要人物 ⑤ n. 文字 Chinese character 汉字 47. charge ① n. 费用 free of charge 免费 ② n. 管理 take charge of 负责 be in charge of ③ v. 充电 charge the battery 给电池充电 ④ v. 指控 charge sb. with sth. 控告某人某事 48. check ① v. 检查,核对 check out 查明,结账离开 check in 报到;检票 ② n. 支票 = cheque 49. coat ① n. 外套 mink coat 貂皮大衣 ② v. 覆盖,涂层 be coated with 50. company ① n. 公司 insurance company 保险公司 ② n. 陪伴 keep sb. company 陪伴某人 51. condition ① n. 条件 living conditions ② n. 状况 traffic condition ③ n. 环境,形势(pl.) economic conditions air condition 空调 on condition that 只要 52. content

① ② ③ ④

n. 内容 main content n. 目录 n. 含量 fat content 脂肪含量 adj. 满意的 be content with 对...满意

53. cook ① n. 厨师 chief cook 大厨,主厨 ② v. 做饭 cook dinner 54. cost ① v. 花费 It costs sb. some money to do sth. ② n. 成本 at the cost of...以...为代价 55. count ① v. 计数 count down 倒数,倒计时 ② v. 看作,认为 count as 算作 ③ v. 依赖 count on / upon 指望 56. cover ① n. 封面 cover girl 封面女郎 ② n. 盖子 engine cover 引擎盖 ③ v. 覆盖 be covered with cover 3 miles 走了三英里 57. cross ① n. 十字 Red Cross 红十字会 ② v. 穿过 cross the street 过街 ③ adj. 易怒的 be cross with (at) sb. 生某人气 58. date ① n. 日期 fix a date 约定个日期 ② n. 约会 make a date with sb. ③ v. 追溯到 date back to 59. degree ① n. 度数 zero degree 零度 ② n. 学位 graduate degree 研究生学位 ③ n. 程度 by degrees 逐渐地

60. deliver ① v. 投递,送 deliver a letter ② v. 发表 deliver a speech 61. depend ① v. 依靠 depend on ② v. 取决于 It depends. (口语)看情况 62. desert ① n. 沙漠 cultural desert 文化沙漠 ② v. 遗弃 desert one's post 离职 63. develop ① v. 发展 develop tourism 发展旅游业 ② v. 开发 develop technique 开发技术 ③ v. 养成 develop the habit of ... ④ v. 冲洗(胶卷)develop film 64. draw ① v. 画 draw a line 画线 ② v. 拉 draw one's attention 吸引注意 ③ v. 提取 draw blood 抽血 draw a conclusion 得出结论 draw lessons 吸取教训 draw ahead 领先,超前 ④ 平局=tie 65. drink ① n. 饮料 soft drink ② v. 喝 drink to ... 为...干杯 66. drive ① v. 开车 ② v. 驱使 ③ v. 逼迫 ④ n. 开车 drive a car drive sb. to do drive sb. mad / crazy 逼得某人发疯 10 minutes' drive 十分钟车程

67. drop ① v. 落下 drop out of school 退学 ② n. 滴 a drop of drop sb. a line 给某人写信 drop in sb. 顺便拜访 68. due ① adj. 预期的,预定的 They are due to arrive at 6. ② adj. 适当的,合适的 in due time 在适当时机 ③ adj. 应给的,应支付 due reward 应得的报酬 ④ adj. 到期的 The rent is due. 该付房租了。 ⑤ prep. 因为,由于 due to 69. duty ① n. 责任,义务 on duty 值班 ② n. 税 duty free shop 免税店 customs duties 关税 70. easy ① adj. 容易的 so easy ② adj. 舒适的 easy life 安乐生活 ③ adj. 随和的 easy going 好相处 ④ adj. 无约束的 free and easy ⑤ adv. 别急,慢些 take it easy Easy come, easy go. 来的容易,去的快。 71. excuse ① n. 借口 make an excuse 编个理由 ② v. 原谅 excuse me for doing sth. 72. exercise ① cn. 练习 do some exercises ② un. 运动 take exercise

73. expect ① v. 期待 expect too much of sb.对某人期望过高 ② v. 料想 as might have been expected... 正如所料... ③ v. 预计...可能发生 to be expected 可能发生,相当正常 74. experience ① un. 经验 have experience in sth. 有...经验 be of experience = be experienced ② cn. 经历 memorable experience 难忘的经历 personal experience 亲身经历 ③ v. 体验 experience life 体验生活 75. express ① v. 表达 express best wishes 表达良好的祝福 Words can't express what I feel. 我的感觉无法用语言来表达。 ② n. 快递 by express 通过快递 ③ n. 快车 by the midnight express ④ adj. 高速的 express highway 高速路 express delivery 快递 EMS 的全称 Express Mail Service 76. expression ① n. 表达 beyond expression 无法形容的 = beyond description ② cn. 表情,神色 without expression 毫无表情的 ③ cn. 词语,表达方式

"Practice makes perfect." is a familiar expression. 77. face ① n. 脸 lose face 丢脸 make a face 做鬼脸 come to face with sb. = meet sb. face to face take on a new face 面貌一新 ② n. 面容,表情 with a serious face 神情严肃地 ③ n. 表面,正面 the east face of the building 楼东面 on the face of it 表面看来 ④ v. 朝向,面对 face up to 勇敢面对,正视 be faced with 面临 78. failure ① n. 失败 Failure is the mother of success. ② n. 失灵,故障 power failure 停电 system failure 系统故障 ③ n. 失败者,失败的事 Tom is nothing but a failure. ④ n. 衰退 kidney failure 肾衰竭 79. fall ① n. 秋天 in fall 在秋天 ② n. 落下,没落 rise and fall 兴衰 ③ n. 瀑布 Niagara fall 尼亚加拉大瀑布 ④ v. 下落,下降 prices fall 物价下跌 ⑤ v. 发生 Night falls. 夜幕降临。 ⑥ v. 进入某种状态 fall ill 生病 fall behind 落后 fall in love with sb.爱上某人 80. fair

① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥

adj. 公平的 fair play 公平的比赛 adj. 晴朗的 fair weather (天气预报中常用) adj. (头发)金色的 a fair lady 金发美女 adv. 公平地 fair and square n. 博览会,展览会 world fair 世博会 n. 集市 night fair 夜市

① ② ③ ④ ⑤

adj. 晴朗的 fine day adj. 身体好 Are you fine? adj. 精细的 fine art 精细工艺 v. 罚款 fine sb. for sth. n. 罚金 pay a fine of $50

81. fat ① adj. 胖的 a fat lady ② n. 脂肪,肥肉 put on fat = put on weight a fat cat 大款 82. favor ① cn. 帮助 do sb. a favor = give sb. a hand do sb. the favor to do sth. in favor of 赞成,支持,有利于 in one's favor 有利于 ② un. 偏爱,欢心 out of favor 失宠 win one's favor 赢得好感 ③ v. 赞同,支持 favor sb. with sth. 83. field ① n. 田地 in the field ② n. 场地 battle field 战场 ③ n. 领域 in the field of 84. figure ① n. 数字 official figure 官方数字 ② n. 人物 a key figure 关键人物 ③ n. 体形 keep one's figure 保持体形 ④ n. 图形,图表 Figure 1 图表 1 ⑤ v. 估计 figure on 料想,估计 ⑥ v. 计算 figure out 想出,算出,断定 85. fine

86. fire ① un. 火 catch fire 着火 be on fire set on fire 焚烧,使情绪激昂 No fire without smoke. 无风不起浪。 ② cn. 火灾 fire safety 消防安全 fire alarm 火警 fire engine 消防车 ③ v. 开火,射击 fire on 向...射击 fire at ④ v. 解雇 fire sb. out 把...开除 87. firm ① adj. 结实的 firm price ② adj. 坚定的 be firm in ...坚决 ③ adj. 严格的 be firm with sb. ④ cn. 公司 advertising firm 广告公司 ⑤ adv. 牢固地,坚定地 hold firm 坚信 88. fit ① adj. 适合的 be fit for ② adj. 健康的 keep fit = keep healthy ③ v. 适合 fit for ④ v. 安装 fit on ⑤ v. 使...胜任 89. fix ① v. 修理,安装 fix up ② v. 确定,安排 fix a date for ... ③ v. 固定,集中 = focus fix one's eyes / mind / attention on... 90. flat

① adj. 平的 flat-faced screen 纯平电视 ② n. 一套房间,公寓 three-room flat 91. fly ① v. 飞,放 fly a kite How time flies! Time flies like an arrow! 光阴似箭! ② n. 苍蝇 (常 pl. ) 92. follow ① v. 跟随 Follow me! ② v. 仿效 follow sb. follow the example of sb. 以...为榜样 ③ v. 听从,遵循 follow one's advice follow the rule 遵守规则 ④ v. 沿着 follow the road ⑤ v. 明白 = understand as follows 列举如下 93. fool ① n. 傻瓜 April Fool's Day / April Fools' Day ② v. 愚弄,欺骗 fool sb. into doing sth. 94. force ① n. 力量 driving force 驱动力 ② n. 压力,暴力 by force 强迫地,靠武力 ③ n. 权力,影响力 political force 政治势力 ④ n. 军队(常 pl.) air force 空军 ⑤ v. 强迫,逼迫 force sb. to do sth. force on 强加 95. form ① n. 形式 ② n. 表格 ③ n. 形状 ④ v. 形成 in the form of...以...形式 an application form 申请表 the form of the body 体形 form the habit of doing sth.

⑤ v. 组成 form a company 96. fortune ① n. 运气,命运 have good fortune 运气好 tell sb. his fortune 给人算命 ② n. 财产 make a fortune 发财 97. free ① adj. 自由的 set free 释放 feel free to do sth. 随意做某事 ② adj. 免费的 for free = free of charge ③ adj. 空闲的 in one's free time ④ adv. 自由地,免费地 make free with 随意使用 ⑤ v. 释放,使摆脱 free sb./sth. from 98. full ① adj. 满的 be full of 充满 full time job 全职 (part time job 兼职) ② adj. 完全的,充分的 make full use of 充分利用 I'm full. [口] 我饱了。 99. fun ① un. 娱乐 have fun = enjoy oneself have fun (in) doing sth. ② un. 玩笑 for fun 开玩笑地, 为了好玩 make fun of sb. 取笑 = laugh at ③ un. 有趣的人或事 What fun it is to do sth.! 100. gain ① v. 获得,赢得 gain profit 获得利益 ② v. 加快,增加 gain weight = put on weight ③ v. 改善,进展 gain ground ④ n. 获利,盈利 net gain 净利 gain and loss 得失

No pains, no gains. [谚] 不劳无获 101. general ① adj. 普通的,一般的 general knowledge = common sense in general 总的来说 = in a word ② adj. 大体的,笼统的 general idea 大意 ③ adj. (职位)总...,首席的 general manager 总经理 ④ n. 将军 general of the Air Force 102. gift ① n. 礼物 free gift 赠品 ② n. 天赋 have a gift for...有......天赋 103. go ① vi. 去 go and see 去看看 go ahead 干吧,说吧,用吧;先走;进行 ② link v. 变得 go bad 变质 go wrong 出错 ③ v. 消失 be gone = be lost = be missing ④ v. 持续 go on to do sth. ⑤ v. 铃响 There goes the bell. (倒装句) ⑥ cn. 尝试 want a go 试一试 As time goes by, ... Pride goes before a fall. [谚]骄兵必败 It goes without saying that 不言而喻,不用说 104. goal ① 目标 fight for a goal 为目标而奋斗 ② 终点,目的地 reach the goal 到达终点 ③ 球门 kick a goal 踢进一球 keep goal 守门 ④ 得分 win by two goals 以两球获胜 105. good ① adj. 好的 be good at = do well in ② adj. 有益的 be good for 对...有益

③ adj. 善良的 be good to sb. 对...和善 ④ n. 好处,利益 for the good of 为...利益 It's no good doing sth. 做某事没有益处 There is no good in doing sth. for good 永远 as good as 几乎 good and + adj. [口] 很=very a good many + cn. 许多 106. ① n. ② n. ③ n. grade 年级 Grade 3 分数 grade report 成绩单 等级 high grade 高级的

111. ① n. ② n. ③ v. ④ v.

handle 把手 door handle 柄,把 wooden handle 拿起,搬运 Handle with care!小心轻放! 处理,应付 handle with = deal with

112. hang ① v. 悬挂 hang curtains 挂窗帘 ② v. 绞死 hang on = hold on 不挂断(电话) hang up = ring off 挂断电话 ③ v. 闲逛 hang about 113. happen ① v. 发生 happen to sb./sth. 发生在...身上 ② v. 碰巧 happen on 巧遇,偶然发现 It happened that... 114. hard ① adj. 硬的 hard nut ② adj. 艰难的 have a hard life ③ adj. 困难的 It's hard to say. ④ adv. 努力地 work hard ⑤ adv. 猛烈地 be hard on sb. 对某人严厉 115. head ① n. 头 shake one's head 摇头 ② n. 头脑 use one's head 动脑筋 ③ n. 顶端 at the head of ... ④ n. 首领 head of state 国家元首 ⑤ v. 领头,率领 head for 走向... Two heads are better than one. 116. hero ① n. 英雄 super hero ② n. 男主角

117. hold ① v. 抓握 hold up 举起 catch hold of ② v. 任职 hold office ③ v. 容纳 hold many people ④ v. 举行 hold a meeting ⑤ v. 控制 “ hold 住 ” 一度红遍网络,非常 fashion,指的是:轻松掌控全局;坚持住;从容应 对;加油 118. hot ① adj. 热的 hot line 热线 hot topic 热点话题 Strike the iron while it is hot. 趁热打铁 ② adj. 激烈的 hot argument 激烈的争论 ③ adj. 辣的 hot sauce 辣酱 119. human ① n. 人,人类 human beings ② adj. 人本性的 To err is human. [谚] 人非圣贤孰能无过 120. hunger ① un. 饥饿 die of hunger 饿死 ② n. 渴望 have a hunger for 121. hunt ① v. 打猎 go hunting ② v. 搜寻 hunt for 寻找 job hunting 求职 122. immediate ① adj. 立即的 give sb. an immediate answer immediate payment 即时付款 ② adj. 直接的 immediate superior 顶头上司 immediate family 直系亲属 immediate evidence 第一手证据 ③ adj. 目前的 immediate interests 眼前利益 123. innocent

107. graduate ① vi. 毕业 graduate from ② cn. 研究生 graduate course 研究生课程 108. ① v. ② v. ③ n. grasp 抓紧 grasp at 试图抓住 理解 grasp the meaning 领会,理解力 beyond one's grasp

109. green ① adj. 绿的 green light 绿灯 ② adj. 无经验的 green hand ③ adj. 不熟的 green fruit ④ adj. 脸青的 be green with envy 十分妒忌 110. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ n. ⑥ n. ground 地面 on the ground 运动场 tennis ground 网球场 立场 hold one's ground 坚持立场 基础 firm ground 牢固的基础 理由 on the ground of 由于... 背景 white ground 白底

① adj. 无辜的,清白的 innocent victim 无辜的受害者 ② adj. 天真的 young and innocent 少不更事 ③ adj. 无害的 innocent joke 无恶意的玩笑 124. instant ① adj. 立刻的 an instant hit 一炮打响,迅速蹿红 ② adj. 紧急的 instant task 紧急任务 ③ adj. 速食的 instant noodles 方便面 ④ n. 瞬间,片刻 the instant = as soon as for an instant 片刻,一会儿 in an instant = at once instant messenger 即时通讯软件 125. instruction ① n. 指示,命令 follow an instruction ② n. (pl.)说明书 instruction book 126. interest ① n. 兴趣 have no interest in with great interest 津津有味地 be of interest = be interesting ② (pl.)利益 to one's interest 符合...利益 ③ v. 使...感兴趣 interest sb. in... ④ n. 利息 bank interest rates 利率 ⑤ n. 股份 business interest 公司股权 127. ① n. ② n. ③ n. interview 面试 job interview 求职面试 采访 telephone interview 电话采访 会谈 have an interview with sb.

129. involve ① v. 牵涉,卷入 be involved in ② v. 包含,含有 involve doing sth. ③ v. 加入,参与 Don't involve me in your family affairs! ④ v. 忙于,从事 be involved in research 130. issue ① n. 重要议题 social issues 社会问题 ② n. 问题争端 at issue 在争论中 ③ n. 结果结局 an issue of...的结果 ④ n.(报刊)期 the latest issue 最近一期 ⑤ v. 发行发表 issue officially 正式发行 ⑥ v. 分发 issue sth. to sb. 131. jam ① n. 果酱 home-made jam 自制果酱 ② n. 阻塞 traffic jam 交通堵塞 (交通高峰 rush hours) ③ n. 困境 in a jam = in trouble ④ v. 塞满 jam with To jam into a bus is not really a pleasant experience every day. 132. join ① v. 加入 ② v. 参加 ③ v. 连接 join hands join the army join in = take part in = participate in 联手,合伙

judge by (from) 依据...来判断 134. just ① adj. 公正的 just price ② adv. 正好 just so 正是如此(表示同意) ③ adv. 刚刚 just now = just a moment ago ④ adv. 仅仅 just a minute/moment/second 请稍等 just in case 以防万一 just as well 幸好 Just do it ! 耐克的经典广告语 135. keep ① v. 保持 keep fit keep silent ② v. 保守 keep a secret ③ v. 遵守 keep one's promise ④ v. 保存 keep a seat ⑤ v. 经营 keep a hotel ⑥ v. 继续 keep working ⑦ v. 饲养 keep a family 养家糊口 ⑧ v. 记录 keep a diary 记日记 ⑨ v. 阻止 keep sb. from doing sth. keep off the grass 勿踏草坪 136. key ① n. 钥匙 lose a key ② n. 答案 the key to the puzzle 谜语的答案 ③ n. 关键,秘诀 the key to success ④ adj. 关键的 a key figure 关键人物 key words 关键词 137. ① n. ② n. ③ v. land 土地 on the land 国土 native land 降落 land on

128. introduce ① v. 介绍 introduce oneself ② v. 引进 introduce into

133. judge ① n. 法官,裁判 chief judge 首席法官 ② v. 判决 judge a case 审理案件 ③ v. 断定 Don't judge a man by his appearance.不 要以貌取人。

④ v. 登陆 land safely 138. last ① v. 持续 last forever 永存 May our friendship last forever! ② adj. 最后的 last name 姓氏 the last minute / moment ③ adj. 最不可能的 He is the last person to win. ④ adj. 上一个的 last night ⑤ n. 最后 at last = in the end = finally last but not least 最后但并非最不重要的 last price 最终定价 139. late ① adj. 迟的 be late for ② adj. 后期的 late spring 晚春 ③ adj. 最近的 the latest news 最新消息 ④ adv. 晚,迟 sit/stay up late 熬夜 Better late than never.[谚] 迟做总比不做好。 140. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. lay 放置 产卵 铺设 安排 lay the table 摆餐具 lay eggs lay down lay out

② v. 剩下 leave out 遗漏 ③ v. 让...处于某种状态 leave alone 让一个人待着 ④ n. 假期 ask for leave 请假 French leave 不辞而别 ⑤ n. 茶叶(leaf 的复数)tea leaves 茶叶 143. left ① adj. 左边的 left hand ② adj. 剩下的 Is there anything left? ③ n. 左边 on the left 144. lesson ① n. 功课 attend one's lesson 听课 ② n. 教训 teach sb. a lesson 给某人一个教训 145. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v. ⑥ n. lie 躺 lie in bed 卧床 位于 lie in/at/on/to 在于 lie with 处于...状态 lie awake 醒着躺在那 撒谎 lie to sb. 谎言 tell a lie 说谎 white lie 善意的谎言

④ n. 电梯 take a lift / elevator 148. light ① n. 光 moon light ② n. 灯 traffic light ③ v. 点亮 light a cigarette ④ v. 开朗起来 light up ⑤ adj. 轻的 light or heavy? ⑥ adj. 浅色的 light blue bring to light 揭露,发现 come to light 显露,曝光 149. ① v. ② n. ③ n. 150. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ v. ⑥ v. limit 限制,限定 limit the cost 限制成本 界限,限度 without limit 无限地 极限 beyond the limit 超过极限 line 线,绳 draw a line 排,行 stand in line 线路 Line is engaged. 电话占线 台词 forget the lines 沿...排列 line along 排队 line up

141. lead ① v. 领导,带领 lead the way ② v. 过...生活 lead a happy life ③ v. 通往 lead to the garden ④ v. 导致 lead to ⑤ n. 领先,带头 take the lead lead sb. by the nose 牵着鼻子走 142. leave ① v. 离开 leave for sp. 动身去某地

146. life ① n. 生命 save one's life ② n. 生活 lead a busy life ③ n. 生物 Is there life on Mars? ④ n. 活力 full of life come to life 复苏,死而复生 shelf life 保质期 service life 使用寿命 147. ① v. ② v. ③ n. lift 举起,提高 lift one's voice 鼓舞 lift one's spirits 搭便车 give sb. a lift

151. live ① v. 居住 live in ② v. 活着 live on 以...为生 Live and learn. [谚] 活到老,学到老。 ③ v. 过活 live a luxury life ④ adj. 直播的 a live concert 152. loss ① n. 损失 sell sth. at a loss 亏本卖 make up a loss 弥补损失 ② n. 丧失 loss of sight 失明

153. major ① adj. 主要的 major function 主要功能 ② adj. 重大的 major project 重点工程 ③ v. 主修 major in ④ n. 专业 English major 154. ① v. ② v. ③ v. 155. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. 156. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ v. manage 设法,终于 manage to do sth. 管理,经营 manage a company 处理,应付 I can manage it. manner 方式,方法 in this manner 举止,态度 good manners 有礼貌 风俗,习惯 table manners 餐桌习俗 风格 in the manner of 以...风格 mark 符号 question mark 问号 分数 full marks 满分 标志 trade mark 商标 痕迹,记号 make a mark 作标记 mark...with...

⑤ v. 比得上 159. matter ① n. 问题 a matter of life and death 生死攸关 ② n. 物质 organic matter 有机物质 ③ n. 事情 What's the matter?(作宾从时,语序不变) ④ v. 有关系,要紧 matter much 事关重大 as a matter of fact 事实上 as a matter of course 理所当然 to make matters worse 更糟的是 160. mean ① v. 意思是 What do you mean by...? ② v. 意味着 mean doing sth. ③ v. 打算,意欲 mean to do sth. ④ adj. 卑鄙的 a mean trick 卑鄙的诡计 ⑤ adj. 吝啬的 a mean boss ⑥ adj. 平均的 mean life 平均寿命 161. ① n. ② n. ③ v. ④ v. 162. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. 163. ① n. ② v. ③ v. measure 尺寸 措施 take measures to do sth. 测量 measure with 衡量 measure up meet 遇见 happen to meet 偶遇 满足 meet one's needs 满足某人需要 迎接 meet sb. 运动会 sports meet mind 思想,想法 make up one's mind 介意 mind doing sth. 注意,留心 Mind your step.

④ v. 照顾,照料 mind the baby 164. mine ① pron. 我的 a friend of mine ② n. 矿 a coal mine 煤矿 ③ n. 资源,宝库 a mine of information 知识宝库 ④ v. 开采 165. ① v. ② v. ③ v. miss 错过 miss doing sth. 想念 miss sb. very much 丢失 be missing = be lost = be gone

166. mistake ① n. 错误 make a mistake ② v. 误解 mistake sb. 167. ① n. ② n. ③ v. 168. ① v. ② v. ③ v. monitor 班长 elect sb. as monitor 监视器 monitor system 监视 monitor closely move 移动 move on 继续前进 搬家 move out 搬出去 感动 be moved by

157. master ① n. 主人 school master 校长 ② n. 能手 outstanding master 杰出的大师 ③ n. 硕士 master of Science 理科硕士 ④ v. 精通 master a foreign language 158. match ① n. 火柴 strike a match 划火柴 ② n. 比赛 boxing match 拳击比赛 final match 决赛 ③ n. 对手 meet a match ④ v. 相配 match with

169. narrow ① adj. 狭窄的 narrow path 狭窄的小道 ② adj. 狭隘的 narrow view of...狭隘的看法 ③ adj. 勉强的 narrow victory 险胜 narrow escape 九死一生, 幸免于难, 死里逃生 170. nature ① n. 自然 the balance of nature 生态平衡 nature reserve 自然保护区 ② n. 性格 good natue 好脾气

by nature 天生地,出于本性 human nature 人性 ③ n. 性质 have the nature of ... Only one earth! Love nature, love ourselves. 171. net ① n. 网 fishing net 渔网 ② adj. 净的,纯的 net weight 净重 net profit 纯利润 172. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ v. note 便条 纸币 笔记 注释 注意 thank-you note 感谢信 a three dollar note take notes 记笔记 editor's note 编者按 note that ...

176. occupy ① v. 占有,占用 occupy all of time ② v. 使忙碌 occupy oneself in (with) doing sth.忙于 177. ① v. ② v. ③ v. occur 出现 = appear 发生 accident occurred 事故发生 想起 It occurred to me to do sth.

⑤ adj. 开着的 keep one's eyes open 警觉,密切注意 ⑥ adj. 张开的 with open arms 热情地 ⑦ adj. 营业的 remain open 继续营业 ⑧ adj. 空缺的 The job is still open. ⑨ adj. 坦率的 be open with sb. ⑩ adj. 公开的 come into open 公开 182. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. operate 动手术 operate on sb. 运转 operate well 经营 operate a company 操作 operate a machine

178. offer ① v. 给予 offer help 提供帮助 ② v. 提出 offer one's service 主动帮忙 ③ v. 出价 offer price ④ n. 出售 on offer 出售中 public offer 公开发行 ⑤ n. 提议 make an offer ⑥ n. 录取通知书 job offer 工作邀请 179. office ① n. 办公室 booking office 售票处 ② n. 职务职责 take office 就职 in office 执政 180. once ① adv. 一次 once a week 每周一次 ② adv. 曾经 once upon a time 从前 ③ conj. 一旦 + 从句 yesterday once more 昔日重来,昨日重现 Once bitten, twice shy. [谚]一朝被蛇咬十年怕井 绳 181. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. open 打开 open one's eyes 醒悟 开业 open up 开放 open to the public 对公众开放 户外 in the open = in the open air 在户外

183. opinion ① n. 意见,看法 in my opinion ② n. 评价,印象 have a good opinion of... 184. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ v. ⑤ v. order 命令 obey order 服从命令 顺序 in order 按顺序 订单 get an order 得到订单 命令 + 从句(虚拟语气) 订购 order sth. for sb.

173. notice ① n. 通知,告示 further notice 另行通知 put a notice 刊登启事 notice board 警告牌 ② n. 注意 take notice of 注意 ③ v. 注意到 I noticed that... 174. obey ① v. 服从 obey orders ② v. 遵守 obey the rules 175. object ① n. 物体 art object 艺术品 ② n. 目标 object in life 人生目标 ③ n. 宾语 direct object 直接宾语 ④ n. 客观 ⑤ v. 反对 object to sb./sth./doing Money is no object. 报酬不成问题。

185. otherwise ① conj. 否则,要不然 = or/ or else ② adv. 以另外方式 ③ adv. 除此之外 but otherwise 然而在别的方面却 or otherwise 或相反,或其反面 and otherwise 等等 186. outline ① n. 外形,轮廓 draw an outline ② n. 草图,平面图 outline picture

③ n. 提纲,草案 outline of the speech 发言提纲 ④ n. 概要,要点 in outline 扼要地 ⑤ v. 概述,画轮廓 outline briefly 简要说明 187. ① v. ② v. ③ v. overlook 俯瞰 overlook from... 忽略 overlook one problem 宽恕 overlook a fault 宽容过失

⑤ n. 文件 sign paper 签署文件 scratch paper 便签纸 193. ① n. ② n. ③ v. park 公园 theme park 停车场 car park 停车 park the car

① n. 病人 cancer patients 癌症患者 ② n. 耐心的 be patient with 199. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ n. pattern 模式 follow the same pattern 图案 a fashion pattern 榜样 set a good pattern for sb. 式样 dress pattern 女装款式 句型 sentence pattern

188. owe ① v. 欠 owe sb. sth. = owe sth. to sb. ② v. 把...归功于 owing to 由于 I owe you for your help. 感谢你帮助我。 189. own ① adj. 自己的 on one's own 独自,靠自己 of one's own 自己的 ② v. 拥有 own a house ③ v. 承认 own up 190. pain ① n. 痛苦,疼痛 have a pain ② n. 劳苦,辛劳 spare no pains to do sth. 不辞辛劳做某事 No pains, no gains. 不劳无获 ③ n. 令人厌烦的事或人 191. ① v. ② v. ③ n. 192. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. paint 绘,画 paint a picture 粉刷,油漆 paint the wall 油漆,涂料 Wet/Fresh paint! 油漆未干! paper 纸 a piece of paper 论文 term paper 学期论文 试卷 test paper 考卷 报纸 daily paper 日报

194. part ① n. 部分 Part One ② n. 零件 automobile part 汽车零件 ③ n. 角色 play a leading part 演主角 ④ n. 部位 body part ⑤ v. 分开 part from 与...分开 for my part 就我而言=as far as I am concerned take part in 参加 195. particular ① adj. 特别的 in particular 特别,尤其 ② adj. 挑剔的 be particular about 196. pass ① v. 经过 pass by ② v. 通过 pass an examination ③ v. 度过 pass the time 消磨时间 ④ v. 传递 pass on 传给别人 ⑤ n. 通行证,护照 boarding pass 登机证 pass away 去世 197. past ① adj. 过去的 in the past two years ② prep. 超过 at half past six 六点半 ③ n. 过往,往事 in the past 在过去 All time is no time when it is past. [谚] 光阴一去 不复返 198. patient

200. pay ① v. 付钱 pay off 还清 ② v. 发工资 get paid 领工资 ③ v. 给予注意 pay attention to ④ v. 进行访问 pay a visit to ⑤ n. 工资薪水 a pay rise 加薪 Equal pay for equal work. 同工同酬 201. permit ① v. 允许 permit doing sth. permit sb. to do sth. if time permits = time permitting ② n. 许可证,执照 work permit 工作许可证 202. physical ① adj. 身体的 physical education (PE) 体育 physical and mental health 身心健康 ② adj. 物质的 the physical world 物质世界 ③ adj. 物理的 physical change 物理变化 ④ adj. 自然的 physical laws 自然法则 203. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. pick 挑选 pick out 摘 pick apples 偷 pick one's pockets 捡起 pick up

204. pity ① n. 同情,怜悯 have pity on sb. ② n. 憾事 What a pity! 205. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ n. ⑥ n. ⑦ v. ⑧ v. place 地方 places of interest 名胜古迹 处境 in one's place 名次 get the first place 职务 give place to 让位于 权力 lose place 座位 take your place=sit down 放置 place carefully 订购 place an order

⑧ n. 玩耍 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.只工作不玩耍,聪明的孩子也会变傻。 209. please ① intej. 请 if you please 劳驾,请 ② v. 使高兴 please sb. 取悦某人 ③ v. 使满意 Will you please...? 你愿意...么? 210. pleasure ① un. 愉快,高兴 for pleasure 为了消遣 with pleasure 非常乐意 to one's pleasure 使某人高兴的是 ② cn. 乐事,趣事 My pleasure. 不客气 211. pocket ① n. 口袋 pick one's pocket 扒窃 ② adj. 袖珍的 pocket dictionary 袖珍词典 ③ adj. 小型的 pocket PC 掌上电脑 ④ adj. 零用的 pocket money 212. point ① n. 尖,尖端 ② n. 点 three point six turning point 转折点 ③ n. 论点,要点 to the point 中肯,扼要 ④ n. 意义 the point of doing sth. ⑤ v. 指出 point out ⑥ v. 指向,瞄准 point to / at on the point of doing sth. = be about to do sth. 213. poor ① adj. 贫穷的 the poor 穷人 ② adj. 劣质的 poor quality ③ adj. 可怜的 poor boy ④ adj. 缺乏的 be poor in ⑤ adj. 能力差的 poor memory 214. popular

① adj. 普及的 popular culture 大众文化 ② adj. 流行的 popular music ③ adj. 受欢迎的 be popular with 215. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. position 位置,方位 地位,职位 处境,状况 态度,立场 in position 在适当位置 take a position 任职 financial position 财务状况 shift one's position 改变立场

206. plain ① n. 平原 on the plain ② adj. 朴素的 in plain clothes 穿着朴素 ③ adj. 浅显的 in plain English ④ adj. 清楚的 It is plain that... ⑤ adj. 相貌平常的 a plain girl 207. plant ① n. 植物 water plants 水生植物 ② n. 工厂 power plant 发电厂 ③ v. 种植 plant trees 植树 Tree-planting Day 植树节 208. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v. ⑥ v. ⑦ n. play 玩 play with fire 比赛 play a basketball game 上演 = be on 打球 play voleyball 弹奏 play the violin 扮演 play the part of ... 戏剧 TV play

216. positive ① adj. 肯定的 positive feedback 好评 ② adj. 积极的 positive attitude 积极的态度 ③ adj. 对...有自信的 be positive of positive energy 正能量 217. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ n. power 力量 Knowledge is power. 电力 power station 发电厂 政权 come into power 上台执政 权限 have the power to do sth. 强国 world powers 世界强国

218. practice ① un. 练习 Practice makes perfect.熟能生巧 ② un. 实际行动 put sth. into practice 付诸实践 ③ cn. 习惯 It is a practice for sb. to do sth. ④ vt. = practise practice doing sth. 219. present ① n. 礼物 graduation present 毕业礼物 ② n. 目前 at present 现在 for the present 暂时 ③ adj. 现在的 at the present time ④ adj. 出席的 be present at ⑤ v. 赠送, 给予 present sb. with 把某物赠给某人 ⑥ v. 呈现,陈述 present one's idea 表达观点

⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩

v. v. v. v.

引见,介绍 present sb1. to sb2. 上演,展出 present an opera 出席,到场 present oneself 表示,致以问候 present one's respect to sb.

⑤ v. 发射,射出 project onto a screen 225. promise ① v. 答应,许诺 promise to do sth. ② v. 有希望,可能会有 promise to be 有希望成为 ③ n. 诺言 make a promise 许诺 ④ n. 希望 great promise 大有前途 226. promote ① v. 促进 promote economic growth 促进经济增长 ② v. 晋升 be promoted to be 被提升为... ③ v. 促销 promote the sale ④ v. 筹划 promote a match 筹划一场比赛 ⑤ n. 升职 227. proof ① n. 证据 proof of purchase 购买凭证 ② n. 检验 put sb. to the proof 试验某人 ③ adj. 能抵挡的,能防护的 sound proof 隔音的 a water proof coat 防水外套 228. public ① adj. 公共的 public library ② adj. 公开的 public opinion 舆论 ③ n. 公众,大众 the public in public 当众地,公然地 229. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. pull 拉 pull a long face 停车 pull up 穿上或脱下 pull on 穿上 拖,拉,牵引

① v. 推 push over 推倒 ② v. 挤着走,推进 push on ③ v. 强迫,催促 push sb. to do sth. 231. race ① n. 种族,民族 race relations 种族关系 ② n. 比赛,竞赛 relay race 接力赛 a race against time 和时间赛跑,抢时间 232. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v. ⑥ n. raise 举起,抬起 raise one's hand 提高,增加 raise one's voice 养育 raise a family 饲养 raise a cat 筹款 raise money 加薪 get a raise

220. press ① v. 压,按 press the button ② v. 挤压,榨取 press oranges to get juice ③ v. 驱赶,推动 press on 向前推进,强加于 ④ v. 催促,劝说 press for 迫切要求 ⑤ n. 出版社 Oxford university press 牛津大学出版社 ⑥ n. 压,按 at the press of ⑦ n. 新闻,报纸 press conference 记者招待会 221. price ① n. 价格 at that price 以那个价格 ② n. 代价 at the price of 222. produce ① v. 生产,制造 produce electricity 发电 ② v. 产生,造成 produce results 产生结果 ③ v. 出示 produce your ticket 出示你的票 ④ n. 农产品 agricultural produce 农产品 native produce 特产 223. ① n. ② n. ③ n. 224. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ v. program 节目 TV program 程序 computer program 计算机程序 计划 teaching program 教学计划 project 计划,方案 graduation 毕业设计 工程 Hope Project 希望工程 事业,企业 计划,设想 project a program

233. range ① n. 一系列 a range of ② n. 山脉 mountain range ③ n. 范围,界限 a wide range of 大范围的 ④ v. 分类 range sth. according to... ⑤ v. 排列 in range with 和...并列 ⑥ v.(在一定范围内)变化 range from 234. rather ① adv. 相当,非常 rather hot ② adv. 有几分,有点儿 rather too ③ adv. 宁愿,宁可 would rather ④ adv. 更确切地 or rather 235. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. reach 到达 = get to = arrive 伸出 reach out 达成 reach an agreement 达成协议 力所能及的范围

230. push

beyond one's reach = out of one's reach 够不着 236. ready ① adj. 准备好的 be ready for ② adj. 愿意的 be ready to do sth. ③ adj. 易于 be ready to ④ adj. 现成的 ready at hand ⑤ adj. 简便的 ready meal ⑥ adj. 快速的 ready seller 畅销品 237. reasonable ① adj. 合理的 a reasonable request ② adj. 公道的 reasonable price ③ adj. 理智的 be reasonable 238. ① v. ② v. ③ v. receive 收到 receive an invitation 遭受 receive punishment 招待 be warmly received

242. ① v. ② v. ③ v.

reject 拒绝 reject the offer 丢弃 reject the belief 排斥

② v. 向...问好 Remember me to your family! 249. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v. remove 拿走,除去 remove from 从...中拿走 搬家,迁移 remove mountains 愚公移山 脱掉,摘掉 remove one's gloves 摘掉手套 除掉,消除 remove one's doubts 消除疑虑 开除,免除 remove sb. from office 撤职

243. relate ① v. 讲述 relate a story ② v. 关系到,涉及 relate to 244. relative ① adj. 有关的 a relative problem ② adj. 相对的 relative theory 相对论 ③ n. 亲戚 have no relatives 245. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ n. relief 减轻 relief from 救济 be in need of relief 需要救济 援助 disaster relief 赈灾 解除 tax relief 免税 安慰 in relief 如释重负,松了口气

250. respect ① v. 尊敬 respect oneself 自重 ② n. 尊敬 show respect for 对...表示尊重 ③ n. 问候 pay one's respects to ④ n. 方面 in this respect with respect to sth. 涉及,提及 Respect yourself, or no one else will respect you. 要人尊敬,必须自重。 251. ① n. ② n. ③ v. ④ v. rest 休息 have a rest 其余的人/物 the rest 使休息 rest one's brains 使脑子得到休息 安放 rest one's hope on sb. 寄托希望于

239. recognition ① n. 认出,识别 change beyond recognition 变得认不出 ② n. 承认,认可 receive worldwide recognition ③ n. 表扬,赏识 in recognition of 表彰 240. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. 241. ① v. ② v. ③ v. refer 查阅,参考 refer to 提到 Don't refer to the matter again. 涉及,有关 refer to 称作 refer reflect 反射 reflect sound/light/heat/images 反映 reflect the reality 反映现实 思考 reflect on/upon

246. remain ① v. 剩下 remain to be seen...仍有待... ② v. 逗留 remain at home ③ v. 留待 remain to do sth. ④ link-v. 仍然 remain silent 三缄其口 ⑤ n. 残留物 247. ① v. ② v. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ n. remark 评论,议论 remark on 说起,谈到 I remarked that... 评论,陈述,话 opening remarks 开场白 注意,观察 备注

252. restore ① v. 归还,交还 restore the money ② v. 恢复,使复位 backup and restore 备份与还原 restore factory defaults 恢复出厂设置 253. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ v. result 结果,效果 as a result 成功,成效 economic result 经济效益 比分,成绩 final result 决赛成绩 起因于 result from

248. remember ① v. 记得,想起 remember forever 永远铭记

254. review

① v. 复习,回顾 review one's lessons ② n. 复习,回顾 be under review ③ n. 评论 write a review of... 255. rich ① adj. 富有的 ② adj. 丰富的 ③ adj. 贵重的 ④ adj. 肥沃的 ⑤ adj. 油腻的 the rich 富人 be rich in rich prize 贵重奖品 a rich harvest 丰收 rich food 油腻的食物

③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦

v. v. v. n. n.

起床 上涨 反抗 上升 升起

early rising 早起 rise by ... 增长了... rise in arms 武装起义 on the rise 在上涨 sun rise 日出 rise and fall 起落

④ v. 驱动,驾驶 run a car ⑤ v. 竞选 run for ⑥ n. 时期 in the long run 长远 264. rush ① v. 冲 rush out of ② v. 加快进行 rush sb. 催促 ③ n. 冲,急速向前 rush hour 高峰期 ④ n. 赶忙,匆匆忙忙 in a rush 繁忙 265. safe ① adj. 安全的 safe and sound 安全无恙 ② adj. 谨慎的 a safe driver ③ n. 保险箱 266. satisfaction ① n. 满意,满足 with satisfaction 满意地 to one's satisfaction 令某人满意的是 ② n. 令人满意的事物 a great satisfaction ③ n. 实现 the satisfaction of desire 愿望的实现 267. ① v. ② v. ③ v. save 挽救 save one's life 保存 save money 存钱 节省 save energy 节能

259. role ① n. 角色 role play 角色扮演 ② n. 作用 play a role in 在...中起作用 260. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ v. ⑤ v. root 根 grass root 草根,基层 根基 have no roots in 没有根基 实质 at the root of 本质上 根除 root out 彻底根除 扎根 root in 扎根于 rough road 崎岖不平的路 rough and tough 粗鲁的 rough and ready 马虎的 have a rough time 度日艰难

256. right ① adj. 右边的 left or right ② adj. 正确的 right or wrong ③ adj. 最合适的 the right man ④ adj. 正常的 all right ⑤ adv. 正好,恰恰 right here ⑥ n. 正当,正义 defend the right 维护正义 ⑦ n. 右边 on the right 在右边 ⑧ n. 权力 human rights 人权 have the right to do sth. Adversity makes a man wise, not rich. 逆境出人才 Content is better than riches. 知足常乐 257. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. ⑤ n. ring 鸣,响 The bell is ringing. 打电话 ring off 挂断电话 按铃 ring a bell 环,环状物 Five-ring Olympic Flag 戒指 a diamond ring 钻戒

261. rough ① adj. 粗糙的 ② adj. 粗鲁的 ③ adj. 简陋的 ④ adj. 艰难的

262. rule ① n. 规则,规定 break the rule rules and regulations 规章制度 ② n. 习惯,常规 as a rule 一般说来 make it a rule 定为常规 ③ n. 统治 under the rule of... ④ v. 统治,管理 rule over 支配 ⑤ v. 支配,控制 be ruled by 263. ① v. ② v. ③ v. run 跑 run away 逃跑,失控 经营,管理 run a company 运转 keep sth. running

268. scene ① n. 场面,现场 come on the scene 到场 ② n. 风景 night scene 夜景 ③ n.(戏剧的)一场 play a scene 269. ① n. ② n. ③ v. schedule 时间表 ahead of schedule 提前 明细表 price schedule 价格明细表 计划,安排 schedule an appointment

258. rise ① v. 升起 rise from ② v. 起身 rise to one's feet 站起来

270. seat ① n. 座位 take a seat = sit down

② v. 就座 be seated, seat oneself ③ v. 容纳 The hall seats 300. seat belt 安全带 window seat 靠窗座位 271. secretary ① n. 秘书 senior secretary 高级秘书 ② n. 书记 general secretary 总书记 ③ n. 部长 Secretary of State 国务卿 secretary general of the UN 联合国秘书长 272. see ① v. 看见 see sb. do sth. ② v. 理解 I see.= I understand. ③ v. 拜访 see a doctor ④ v. 设法做到 see to it that 务必要... ⑤ v. 陪送 see sb. off 送行 Seeing is believing. = To see is to believe. 眼见为实 273. seek ① v. 寻找 seek and hide 捉迷藏 ② v. 追求 seek after / for ③ v. 征求 seek one's advice / help ④ v. 试图 seek to do sth. Nothing seek, nothing find. [谚] 无所追求,无所收获。 274. seize ① v. 抓住 seize an opportunity ② v. 夺取 seize power 夺权 ③ v. 理解 seize the meaning 领会意思 ④ v. 侵袭 be seized with fear 惶恐不安 ⑤ v. 逮捕 seize a thief seize the day 抓住每一天,把握当下(且行且珍 惜)

275. sense ① n. 感官,感觉 the sense of hearing 听觉 ② n. 理解力,判断力 the sense of duty 责任感 ③ n. 意义 in a sense 在某种意义上 ④ n. 意识 come to one's sense 苏醒 ⑤ v. 感到,觉得 make sense 有意义,理解(of) common sense 常识 There is no sense in doing sth. 做某事没意义 276. ① n. ② n. ③ v. sentence 句子 make sentences 造句 宣判 pass sentence on sb. 判某人刑 判决 sentence sb. to death 判死刑

⑥ v. 供职,工作 serve as 担任,充当 280. service ① n. 服务 service desk 服务台 ② n. 兵役 in service 在职,服役 ③ n. 维修保养 service life 使用寿命 ④ n. 公共设施 public services ⑤ n. 帮助,用处 be of service to 对...有用 after-sales service 售后服务 customer service 客服 281. set ① n.(一)套 a set of ② n. 设备 TV set ③ v. 放 set down 放下 ④ v. 布置 set the table ⑤ v. 确定 set the time ⑥ v. 落山 The sun sets. 282. ① v. ② v. ③ v. 283. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v. 284. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ v. settle 定居 settle down 解决 settle the problem 结账 settle the bill shake 摇动 shake one's hand 握手 颤抖 shake with cold 冻得发抖 动摇 shake one's faith 震惊 shake all the city 摆脱 shake off 甩掉 shape 形状,外形 body shape 体形 形式,样子 the shape of 情况,状况 in shape 状况良好 塑造,影响

277. seperate ① adj. 分离的 separate area ② adj. 隔开的 be separated by... ③ adj. 单独的 separate room ④ v. 分开 separate...from... ⑤ v. 分手 separate with sb. 278. serious ① adj. 严重的 a serious disaster 重灾 ② adj. 严肃的 a serious look 严肃的表情 ③ adj. 认真的 be serious about ④ adj. 重要的 a serious problem Are you serious? 你是认真的么? 279. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v. serve 招待,服务 serve tea 上茶 为...服务 serve the people 服役 serve in the army 服兵役 适合,满足 serve the needs of 符合需要 供应,供给 serve food

285. ① n. ② n. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v.

share 份,份额 market share 市场份额 股份 share prices 股价 共用 share a room 分享 share sth. with sb. 分担 share the joys and sorrows 同甘共苦

291. side ① n. 边 Which side are you on? 你支持谁? ② n. 侧面 on the side of... 在侧面 ③ adj. 副的,次要的 side effect 副作用 ④ v. 支持 side with 292. sight ① n. 看见 out of sight 看不见 ② n. 视力 lose one's sight 失明 ③ n. 景色 beautiful sight 美景 fall in love at first sight 一见钟情 293. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ v. 294. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. sign 招牌,标志 征兆,迹象 符号,记号 手势,示意 签字,签约 sink 下沉 消沉 衰退 水槽 traffic signs 交通标志 a sign of... ...的迹象 equal sign 等号 sign to sb. 示意某人 sign up for 报名参加

② n. 尺码,号码 What's the size of...? ③ v. 估计 size up 打量,估量,估计 298. solid ① adj. 固体的 ② adj. 坚硬的 ③ adj. 扎实的 ④ adj. 充分的 ⑤ n. 固体 299. ① n. ② n. ③ n. solid state 固态 solid wood solid foundation solid evidence 确凿的证据

286. sharp ① adj. 锋利的 a sharp knife ② adj. 陡峭的 a sharp bend 急转弯 ③ adj. 尖锐的 a sharp cry 尖叫声 ④ adj. 清晰的 a sharp outline 清晰的轮廓 ⑤ adj.灵敏的 a sharp sense of smell 灵敏的嗅觉 287. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ n. shoot 射击,打猎 射门,投篮 拍摄,摄影 发芽,长出 幼苗,嫩芽 shoot at sb. 朝某人射击 shoot a basket 投篮得分 shoot a film 拍电影 shoot out 伸出,长出 bamboo shoots 竹笋

solution 解决办法 the solution to sth. 溶解 chemical solution 化学溶解 溶液 salt solution 盐水

288. short ① adj. 短的 a short cut 捷径 ② adj. 矮的 short and fat 矮胖 ③ adj. 短缺 be short of 缺乏,不足 to cut a long story short 简而言之 = in short 289. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. show 展示 show your ticket 出示票 表明 show sth. to sb. 带领 show sb. around 领人参观 表演 talk show 脱口秀,访谈

sink into 陷入,沉入 heart sink 沮丧 sink under age 因年迈而衰弱 in the sink

300. sound ① n. 声音 sound of music 音乐之声 ② n. 语气 ③ v. 响 The phone sounded. ④ link-v. 听起来 Sounds great! ⑤ adj. 酣畅的 a sound sleep 酣睡 ⑥ adj. 合理的 sound advice 合理建议 ⑦ adj. 健康的 safe and sound 安然无恙 301. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. space 太空 in space 在太空 空间 time and space 时间和空间 空白 a blank space 空白,空格 间隔 at equal space 以同等间距

295. sit ① v. 坐 sit down ② v. 临时保姆 sit for one's baby baby sitter 临时照顾小孩的人 296. ① n. ② n. ③ n. situation 形势,情况 world situation 世界局势 处境 dangerous situation 危险境地 位置,地点 the best situation 最佳位置

290. shower ① n. 淋浴 take a shower ② n. 阵雨 be caught in the shower 被雨淋了

297. size ① n. 尺寸,大小 in size 在大小方面

302. spare ① v. 饶恕 spare one's life ② v. 节省 spare no efforts to do sth. 不遗余力 ③ adj. 空闲的 in one's spare time 在业余时间 ④ adj. 备用的 spare tyre 备胎 303. special

① adj. 特殊的 special offers 特价 ② adj. 专门的 special issue 专刊 304. spend ① v. 花费 spend time / money (in) doing sth. ② v. 度过 spend summer vacation 度过暑假 305. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. 306. ① n. ② n. ③ v. ④ v. 307. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. 308. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. spirit 精神 keep up one's spirit 振作精神 情绪(常 pl.)in high spirits 情绪高昂 勇气 break one's spirit 挫锐气 烈酒(常 pl.)a glass of spirits spot 点,斑点 地点,场所 on the spot 当场,在现场 点缀,弄脏 be spotted with 发现 spread 铺开 spread a table cloth 铺桌布 涂抹 spread with jam 用果酱涂... 伸展 spread out 展开 传播 spread disease 传播疾病 spring 春天 in spring 泉水 hot spring 温泉 弹簧 spring bed 跳跃 make a sprin

310. stage ① n. 舞台 on the stage 登台演出 ② n. 时期,阶段 stage by stage 逐步地 311. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ n. ⑥ n. ⑦ n. 312. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ n. ⑥ n. stand 站立 stand behind 支持 矗立 There stands a tower on the mountain. 竖起 stand the egg 使鸡蛋立住 忍受 = put up with, tolerate, bear 立场 take a stand 表明立场 摊位 fruit stand 水果摊 看台 reviewing stand 检阅台 start 开始 to start with 出发 start off 创办 start a company 创办公司 惊起 start a bird 惊动小鸟 起点 a start in business 事业的开始 动身 early start 早早动身

① adv. 仍然,还是 ② adj. 寂静的,不动 stand still 316. ① v. ② v. ③ n. stop 停止 stop doing sth. stop to do sth. 阻止 stop sb. from doing sth. 停车站 bus stop

317. store ① n. 商店 department store 百货公司 ② v. 储存 store up 318. strange ① adj. 陌生的 strange people 陌生人 ② adj. 奇怪的 strange to say 说来奇怪 319. straw ① n. 稻草 straw man 稻草人 ② n. 吸管 320. strike ① v. 划火柴 strike a match ② v. 咬 be struck by ③ v. 打动,迷住 be struck by ④ v.(钟)敲 The clock is striking 9. ⑤ v. 打击 An idea suddenly struck me. Strike the iron when it is hot. [谚] 趁热打铁 ⑥ n. 罢工 be on strike 在罢工 321. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ n. ⑤ n. study 学习 study abroad 出国留学 研究 study the matter 研究这个事 考虑 study a suitable answer 学习,研究 make a study of 书房 in the study

313. state ① n. 国家 the United States 美国 ② n. 州 state university 州立大学 ③ n. 状态 state of health 身体状况 ④ adj. 国事的 state visit 国事访问 ⑤ v. 陈述,声明 state oneself to be... 314. ① n. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ v. stick 棍,棒 walking stick 拐棍 粘贴 stick to 坚持 刺 stick a needle 扎一针 伸出 stick out 堵塞 be stuck in 困住

309. square ① n. 广场 Tian An Men Square ② n. 平方 ③ n. 正方形 draw a square ④ adj. 平方的 square kilometres 平方公里 ⑤ adj. 正方形的 a square table

315. still

322. succeed ① v. 成功 succeed in

② v. 接连发生 Day succeeds to day.日复一日 ③ v. 继承,接替 succeed the position 323. suggest ① v. 建议 suggest doing sth. ② v. 暗示 suggest that 324. suit ① n. 套装,西服 ② v. 适合 325. superior ① n. 上级,长辈 ② n. 优胜者 have no superior in... ③ adj. 上级的 superior to ④ adj. 优质的 superior quality 上等品 ⑤ adj. 杰出的 be superior in 326. ① v. ② v. ③ v. support 支持 support sb. 赡养 support a family 拥护 in support of

330. symbol ① n. 符号 a symbol for... ② n. 象征 a symbol of... 331. table ① n. 桌子 at table 吃饭 ② n. 表格 time table 时间表 332. taste ① v. 尝 taste tea 品茶 ② link-v. 尝起来 taste sweet 尝起来甜 ③ n. 味道 sense of taste 味觉 ④ n. 品味 have a taste for...爱好,有兴趣 333. tear ① n. 眼泪 break into tears 突然哭了 ② vt. 撕扯 tear sth. to pieces 撕成碎片 ③ vi. 撕破 tear up 撕毁 crocodile's tears 鳄鱼的眼泪 (形容假慈悲、 伪善) 334. tend ① v. 倾向,趋于 tend to ② v. 照管,看护 tend the patient 335. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. 336. ① n. ② n. ③ n. term 学期 last term 术语 scientific terms 科学术语 任期,期限 in the long term 从长远来看 条款 in terms of 依据,按照,在...方面 ticket 票,入场券 entrance ticket 门票 标签 price ticket 价格标签 罚款单

③ v. 联系,纽带 tie up with 38. time ① n. 时间 at the same time 同时 ② n. 次数 at a time 每次 ③ n. 倍数 three times 三倍 ④ n. 时代 behind the time 落后于时代 ⑤ n. 时期 the time of one's life Time and tide wait for no man. 时光如逝水, 岁月 不待人。 To save time is to lengthen life. 节省时间就是延 长生命。 339. tip ① n. 尖 finger tip 指尖 ② n. 小费 offer a tip 给小费 ③ n. 建议 warm tips 温馨提示 just the tip of the iceberg 冰山的一角 340. tongue ① n. 舌头 tip of tongue 舌尖 ② n. 语言 mother tongue 母语 A still tongue makes a wise head. 寡言者智 341. top ① n. 顶部,顶点 at the top of ② adj. 头等的 top secret 342. total ① adj. 全部的,总的 total amount 总数 ② adj. 完全的,绝对的 a total failure 彻底的失败者 ③ n. 总数,总计 in total ④ v. 合计 total up to 总数达到 343. touch ① v. 碰触 Don't touch!

327. swallow ① n. 燕子 One swallow does not make a summer. 一燕不成夏。 ② v. 吞咽 swallow up 用尽 328. sweep ① v. 打扫 sweep the room ② v. 扫视 ③ v. 蔓延,传播 sweep through ④ v. 打消,消灭 make a clean sweep of 彻底胜利 329. switch ① n. 开关 power switch 电源开关 ② v. 改变,变化 switch on/off 开/关

337. tie ① v. 系,扎 ② n. 领带 buy a tie

② v. 够着 ③ v. 感动 ④ v. 涉及 ⑤ n. 触摸 ⑥ n. 触觉 ⑦ n. 联系 344. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ v.

touch the branch 够到树枝 be touched by 被感动 touch on 提及,谈及 touch screen 触屏 sense of touch keep in touch with sb.

⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧

n. v. v. v.

疾病 ask for trouble 自寻烦恼 使烦恼 What troubles me is.... 麻烦 Sorry to trouble you. 折磨 be troubled with a headache

多种多样的 354. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. ⑤ v. ⑥ v. 355. ① n. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. view 观点 from my point of view 依我之见 景色 beautiful view 美景 观念 world view 世界观 观察 have a view of...看 看作 看,观察 visit 参观,访问 pay a visit to 参观,游览 come to visit sp. 拜访,访问 visit the doctor (灾害、疾病)侵袭

track 轨迹,行踪 follow one's tracks 跟踪某人 轨道 railway track 铁轨 路径,小道 mountain track 山间小路 跑道 track and field 田径赛 追踪 track criminal 追踪罪犯

349. trust ① n. & v. 相信,信任 trust in sb.= have trust in sb. ② n. & v. 托管,委托 trust sth. to sb. = trust sb. with sth. 350. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ n. 351. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. ⑤ n. ⑥ n. ⑦ n. try 尝试 try on 试图,努力 审讯,审判 考验,试验 尝试,试验 turn 转向 旋转 求助 变成 旋转 转弯 轮流 试穿 try to do sth. try the case 审案 try out have a try

345. train ① n. 火车 by train ② v. 训练 train ability 346. treasure ① n. 财宝 priceless treasure 无价之宝 ② v. 珍惜 treasure time 347. treat ① v. 对待 treat sb. as... 把...看作... ② v. 治疗 treat patients ③ v. 款待 treat sb. to sth. ④ v. 处理 treat with 处理,应付 ⑤ n. 款待 This is my treat. 我请客 trick or treat 不招待就使坏 (万圣节风俗) Dutch treat 各自付账 348. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ n. trouble 困难 have trouble in doing sth. 故障 What's the trouble with...? 辛苦 take the trouble to do sth. 不辞辛劳 烦恼 in trouble 处于苦恼中/麻烦中

turn right 向右转 turn round turn to sb. for help turn grey 头发白了 take a turn sudden turns 急转弯 It's one's turn to do sth.

356. waste ① v. 浪费 waste money ② v. 消耗 waste time ③ adj. 废弃的 waste paper 废纸 ④ adj. 荒芜的 waste land 闲置的土地 ⑤ n. 浪费 a waste of time ⑥ n. 废品 357. ① n. ② n. ③ n. ④ v. ⑤ v. ⑥ v. ⑦ v. watch 手表 站岗 on the watch 监视 keep sb. under close watch 观看 watch TV 照看 watch the baby 等候 watch your chance 当心 watch out

352. upset ① v. 打翻 upset the cup ② v. 使难过 upset sb. ③ adj. 打翻的 upset stomach 肚子痛 ④ adj. 难过的,混乱的 feel upset 353. variety ① n. 变化,多样性 product variety 产品多样化 ② n. 种类,品种 a variety of = varieties of

358. wave ① n. 波,波浪 micro-wave stove ② v. 挥手 wave one's hand

359. way ① n. 路 ask the way 问路 ② n. 方法 the way to do sth. ③ n. 方向 this way 请走这边 ④ n. 习俗 way of life 生活方式 Where there is a will, there is a way. [谚]有志者事竟成 360. ① v. ② v. ③ v. ④ v. wear 穿,戴 wear a cap 带有(表情) wear a happy smile 磨坏 be worn out 筋疲力尽 wear out

③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦

v. v. n. n. n.

对...惊奇 wonder at 对...疑惑 wonder about 惊奇 in wonder 奇迹 seven wonders 令人惊奇的人或事 It's no wonder that...

365. word ① n. 单词 spell the word 拼读单词 ② n. 话语 have a word with sb. ③ n. 消息 Word came that... A picture is worth a thousand words. 一画胜千言。

361. while ① conj. 当...时候 ② conj. 可是,然而 ③ conj. 尽管 ④ n. 一会儿 after a while Reading is to the mind while exercise to the body. 读书健脑,运动强身。 Strike the iron while it is hot. 趁热打铁。 Make hay while the sun shines. 良机勿失。 362. wind ① n. 风 against the wind 逆风 ② v. 蜿蜒 wind one's way 363. ① n. ② n. ③ v. wish 希望 have a wish to do sth. 想做 祝愿 best wishes 祝你好运! 希望 Wish you a good journey!

364. wonder ① v. 想知道 I wonder ... ② v. 惊奇 I wonder to see you there.



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