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A story of two pots 学案

A story of two pots 学案
Warmming up:
Enjoy a fable An ant was drinking at a river. Suddenly he slipped, and fell into the water. A dove took pity on him. She threw a small branch int

o the river. The ant seized the branch, and swam back to the shore. A few days later, the ant saw a hunter aiming a gun at the dove. He bit the man in the foot sharply. The man missed the shot, and the dove's life was saved. This is a fable. Fables are short stories which usually tell us morals. It tells us:

Here are some words and expressions taken from the reading passage. Make sure that you know the meaning of every word. pot crack leak out ashamed of apologize to sb take advantage of

Reading and comprehending:
Step 1. Read the passage quickly and choose the best answer for each blank.
1) We can find the moral of the passage ________. A. in the first paragraph B. in the middle C. in the last paragraph 2) The passage suggests that _____. A. one of the two pots cracked and the water leaked out. B. if we make good use of our weakness, they will turn into strength. C. one of the two pots helped the water bearer water flowers.

Step 2: Detailed-reading
Read the passage carefully, and then do the following exercises. 1.How many parts can the fable be divided into? Can you match each part of the story beginning The cracked pot was ashamed of itself, and said sorry to the water bearer. conflict We all have flaws, and we should take advantage of flaws. climax The water bearer told the cracked pot how he made use of its flaw. ending The water bearer had two pots, a perfect one and an imperfect one. 2.Fill in the blanks Para. Develop-ment Of the fable Pots The water bearer


The ____ pot felt_________ for carrying the full load of the water while the _____ pot felt __________ for carrying only half load of the water.

The water bearer had _________ to carry water.


Development Of the fable conflict


The water bearer The water bearer _________ the cracked pot, and asked it ___________ the flowers along the path.

The cracked pot ___________ the water bearer because its crack caused the water ________. So it ______________ its own imperfection. (flaw)


Development the fable Climax


The water bearer The water bearer explained that he___________the pot’s flaw, and made it water the flowers he planted on the pot’s side.

★Can you translate the two sentences into Chinese 1. For two years, I have been able to pick these beautiful flowers to decorate my table. (Para.7) 2. Without you being just the way you are, I would not have the beautiful flowers. (Para.7) Para Development of the fable conclusion The fable suggests that we should make full use of our _______, and find out _________in them.

Step 3. Discussion
Why did the author say “we are all cracked pots in some respects”? How should we treat our flaws?

Step 4. Write a summary of the fable with the help of the following words.
two large pots crack perfect be proud of be ashamed of leak out apologize to sb. for sth. feel sorry for take notice of take advantage of weakness strength

Please write a short passage on the following questions. (About 80 words) Which pot do you like better? Why?



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