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2015-2016学年江苏省新沂市第二中学高二英语教案:Unit 1 Project 2(新人教版选修6)

江苏省新沂市第二中学高中英语《Unit 1 Project (2)》教案 新人 教版选修 6
Students will learn and master the important language points in the two passages to understand them better. Learn and master the important language points in the two passages 难点 How to help the students to learn and master the important language points well. 个案调整 学生主体 活动


重点 教法及教具 教

A recorder, a projector and some slides.

学 内 容


Step 1 Revision Summary(1): One day, when Tony met Mike in the park,Mike said he was sitting on an i______bench,then, Tony joined in him.They both sat for a w____,and s_____, crossig and u_______ legs, reading a book. Then, Cathy and Paula joined in them,too.But Mike looked a_____ and stood up and w______over to the middle of the stage and sat down. Later, Ann came to them and asked if they were s_____ on an invisible bench. Step 2 Language points 1. as if to make room e.g.: 1)He moved his lips as if to say something. 2)他说话的样子好象他曾经去过美国似的. He said as if 2.make room e.g.: 1).你能让出点地方给我吗? 3.Mike looks annoyed. be/get annoyed at/ about/ by sth. be/get annoyed with sb. (about sth) e.g.: 1).丢失文件,我们感到很烦恼。


2).我粗心大意,他很生我的气。 3. annoy vt. 使……烦恼,打搅,烦扰 e.g.: 1)It annoys me when people forget to say “thank you”. 2).It is annoying to be interrupted. 4.Mike stands up and wanders over to…漫游,徘徊 1).He was wandering about in the forest. 2).The road wanders through the range of hills. 蜿蜒, 3).We seem to have wandered from the path. 离群 4).He realized his audience’s attention was beginning to wander. 思想(走神) , 5.I must have forgotten to tell you. 表对过去或已经完成的动作的肯定推测。 其他情态动词如:should,ought to,can, could,may,might 也可用于这种结构,但推测可能性不同。 e.g.: 1)You can’t have finished the novel so fast. 2)你本不该把孩子一个人留在家里的。 6.Servant bows, dashes out, re-enters with a newspaper. v. 猛冲,猛撞 e.g.: 1)She suddenly dashed into the street. 7. tear the paper in two . v.(tore , torn) 撕裂,撕开, 使苦恼 e.g.: 1)He tore the letter into pieces. n. 眼泪 3)He burst into tears. tear apart 拆散 tear (at) 撕扯(对象) tear down 拆毁 tear into 撕成(碎片) tear oneself away from 忍痛离开 be torn between…and… 在…和…之间左右为难 8. He glares at queen. (line 68) glare at: 怒目而视 stare at: 盯

glance at: 瞥一眼,快速地看一眼 e.g.: 1) It’s rude to _______ other people. 2) They didn’t fight, but just _______each other. 3) She ________ his watch, and told me, “You are always late.” 9. holds out a roll of toilet paper hold out 伸出/提出/坚持,不退让/维持 e.g.: 1)I can’t hold out any longer. I must find a toilet. 2)He held out his hands to express his warm welcome to us. hold back 阻止,抑制; hold up 举起,支撑,阻碍,使延迟 3)We will never be _______by difficulties. 4)The traffic was _________because of the heavy snow.

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