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1.【题文】Many pets got separated from their families almost two years ago, when Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast. A New Jersey family was one of them. They lost their dog. He got away from their backyard during the storm Chuck James said that his family searched for the brown-and-white dog named Reckless for months after the October 2012 storm. Reckless was a cute dog which brought much pleasure to the whole family, and the youngest daughter Tiffany loved him most They played together, watched TV together, ate popcorn together and Reckless even saw Tiffany off when she headed for the kindergarten every morning. Chuck James kept searching for the lovely dog in every possible way, but no luck "We reported him missing and called the shelters from time to time, just hoping they had him," James said. "We always kept our hopes up, but finally it was time to move on.‖ James said the family had planned to get a new dog. The dog was to he a tenth birthday surprise for their eldest daughter, Ally. The family of five went to the Monmouth County SPCA( Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)to adopt a new animal. When James and his wife walked close to the first cage, they saw a familiar face inside ―He was a little bigger than I remembered because they had fed him well," James joked. "But then he was lying on my wife's feet and I knew it was him. It was unbelievable. I know this dog is meant to be with our family.‖ When SPCA officials asked if they could prove the animal was their dog ,a friend sent a selfie showing the family with their dog before Sandy hit the East Coast ―We’re all so happy to Have him back." James said. The family is living in hotel while their home is being repaired. This weekend, the Jameses went on camping trip with Reckless to celebrate the dog’s return 1. What happened to the Jameses when Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast? A Their house lay in ruins after the storm B Their pet dog Reckless went missing C Their pet dog Reckless was adopted by another family D They found their pet dog Reckless badly injured 2. Having searched for Reckless for months , the Jameses found him in____ A an animal hospital B. one of their friends' houses C. the Monmouth County SPCA D the backyard which was under repair 3. The meaning of the underlined word "selfie" is closest to"______ " A document B. credit card C. text message D picture 4. What is the text mainly about? A. A dog got separated from his family in a storm. B. A lost dog found his way home with difficulty. C.A family looked for a new dog but found the old one instead D. Dogs are always devoted friends of human beings. 【答案】BCDC 【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】

2.【题文】 The modern world is full of useful objects that were invented by someone, from spoons and chopsticks in our kitchens to the Ipads in our handbags Each invention is an example of the creative power of the human mind. Where do inventors get their inspirations(灵感)? The inspiration behind each of these inventions varies. Take the shopping cart as an example. Sylvan Goldman was a grocery store owner. Like most businessmen, he wished that his customers would buy more so that he could make more money. He knew 山 at if they could carry more goods easily as they were shopping,山 en his sales would go up. While thinking about the problem one night, he had an idea. Working with a local handyman named Fred Young, he designed the first shopping cart. Today, retailers who use shopping carts sell more goods and make more profits. Nature has also inspired inventors throughout history. This is what happened to George de Mestral one day. While hunting with his dog in the Swiss Alps, he noticed how the burs(剌球) of certain plants stuck to his clothing and to his dog' s fur. After examining them under a microscope, he found they had tiny hooks that could easily stick to the fibers of clothing or animal hide. For the next ten years, George de Mestral searched for the hest way to produce his idea. The result of his original inspiration was Velcro, which is used in many modem objects, including sportswear, shoes, automobiles, and even space suits. These examples show us that there are at least two possible inspirations for human Creativity in the world of inventions - profit and nature. No doubt, the future will continue to breathe new life into the economies of the world with fresh ideas and inventions. How many of their creations will be inspired by natural phenomena? The world's problems require creativity and we can expect best solutions from future generations. 1. Why did sales go up in Sylvan Goldman's grocery store after he began providing shopping carts? A. Because grocery stores without shopping carts made less money B. Because he lowered the prices of his goods. C. Because customers liked the shopping cart’s creative design. D. Because customers were able to carry more items when shopping. 2. According to the article, which invention shows how nature inspires us? A. The bur. B. The shopping cart. C. Velcro. D. Spoon. 3. Which of the following statements would the author most likely disagree with? A. The future does not promise many useful inventions. B. There are many intereting inventions in the world today C. Companies often invent things out of profit. D. Nature inspires creativity. 【答案】DCA 【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 3.【题文】The World Health Organization reports a number of people have died of the Ebola virus in central Africa during the last few months. Ebola, also known as Ebola hemorrhagic (出血) fever or Ebola viral disease. is a rare and deadly illness with high death rates in humans and

primates. The natural source of Ebola virus remains unknown, although bats seem to be the most likely source. The Ebola virus began spreading after victims were discovered in northeastern Cabon . So far, it is the third time Ebola has spread through Cabon since 1994. Health officials believe people moving across the border spread the disease from Cabon co Congo Ebola is highly infectious and kills up to 80% of its victims. Researchers do not know the method with which the virus first appears in humans, but they believe it is through infected animals. The disease then spreads from person to person through blood and other body liquids. Ebola victims treated early have the base chance of survival. Signs of Ebola include a high temperature, diarrhea, muscle pains and bleeding inside the body. in severe cases, victims experience chest pains and death. There is no known cure for the disease and no way yet to prevent it. Scientists at the American National institutes of Health are working to develop a vaccine(疫苗) to prevent Ebola. Doctor Cary Nobel is leading the research effort at N-l-H testing center in the eastern state of Maryland. He says that during the past two years, the vaccine has been tested on small animals and monkey a for safety and effectiveness. In the most recent study, four monkeys who had been given the vaccine were completely protected from a deadly injection of the Ebola virus. the study was described in November in Nature magazine. Doctor Nobel says the tests appear to have moved scientists one step closer to a vaccine for humans. 1. Where does the Ebola virus come from? A. Bats. B. Monkeys. C. Infected humans. D. Something unknown. 2. When infected with Ebola virus, people may experience the following except____ . A. heart attack B. a rise in temperature C. chest pains D bleeding inside the body 3. What can we learn from the passage? A. Once infected with the Ebola virus. people can never survive. B. Half of the Ebola victims will lose their lives. C. No cure has been found for the disease. D. Scientists have succeeded in preventing Ebola. 4. What is Doctor Nobel's attitude towards the tests? A. Discouraged. B. Positive. C. Doubtful. D. Not mentioned. 【答案】DACB 【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 4.【题文】Greetings shareholders(胶东) , GLA Electronics of America Inc. is placed to show a summary of its yearly income report for the year 2014. Thanks to our recently-enlarged international markets, the total earnings reached US $ 160 million in 2014, with a net profit of US $ 40 million CapPhone Quarterly Sales GLA Electronics sold l.6 million CapPhones the whole year. with half of these being sold

during the fourth quarter, which ended September 24, 2014 In addition, the first quarter saw sales of 400:000 units. with the remaining units sales divided equally between the second and third quarters. CapPhone Sales Have Improved Greatly since 2011 We are excited to announce that we sold more CapPhones in 2014 than in the year of 2011 to 2013 combined. In 2011 , only 150,000 units were sold. Thanks to strong advertising afterwards, sales increased by 50% in 2012., and then double in 2013. Distribution of CapPhone Sales by Region Sales onside of North America made up nearly 50% of the total sales volume in 2014. Half of the units sold internationally were in Asian markers, with 300,000 units sold in Europe. The remaining units were sold in South America. A Vision of the Future GLA Electronics will continue to invest(投资) in the growth of our company. In 2015. we expect sales to increase by up to 300% , partly due to the upcoming opening of three large factories in China. Taiwan, and Malaysia. In addition, the demand for CapPhones continues to increase worldwide and shows no sign of slowing down. We are grateful for the success of 2014. Hopefully, the coming year will see continued growth. Sincerely , Br7an Finsher CEO , GLA Electronics of America Inc. 1. Based on the report, which of the following is true about GLA Electronics' earnings in 20147 A. The first half of 山 e year saw the most earnings. B. All four quarters showed similar earnings. C. The least successful quarter was the first. D. The most successful quarter was the fourth. 2. Which of these best describes CLA Electronics' sales since it started? A. Sales growth has continued year after year. B. Sales growth slowed down in 2013. C. All the units were sold in North America. D. Sales will increase thanks to strong advertising in China. 3. What does the underlined word "units" refer to? A Quarters B CapPhones C Dollar amounts. D Store locations 4. The last paragraph suggests that the writer is ________about the future of the company A. cautious B. modest C. confident D. worried 【答案】DABC 【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 5.【题文】Tips to Ease Migraines If you've ever experienced migraine headache, you know that it's no walk in the park Migraines are very painful type of headache. often felt on one or both sides of a head. Some

people experience migraines every now and then, while others get them more than once a week. 1Although they are not dangerous to life. migraines can seriously affect one's ability to function throughout the day Here are four tips for easing migraines I Learn to manage. Migraines are often caused by stress, so try not to get stressed out easily 2 Learning stress management techniques can reduce and even prevent the pain of a migraine headache. You can do this by taking a yoga lesson. If you prefer to practice relaxation at home, then try lying down on your bed or sofa and closing your eyes. Take slow, deep breaths and focus on relaxing each muscle group one at a time until you hate relaxed every single muscle in your body 2. Use ice massage(按摩) Another solution is the "ice massage". Put your fingers into ice-cold water and then press your temples(太阳穴)until the pain decreases. __3 3. Drink lots and lots of water You can also get migraines if your body lacks water. Avoid dehydration by staying out of the sun and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Carry a water bottle with you. 4 4._ 5 When you have a migraine, lights and sound can sometimes be your worst enemy Close your curtains, turn out the lights, and remember Io turn off the TV A .Add a few drops of peppermint(薄荷)oil for an even stronger effect B. Create a dark space to rest C. But never drink coffee. tea, or soda, for these may cause migraines D. But never wear headphones for too long, since it may cause migraines E. Avoid bright lights and loud noises F. Avoid using the computer for too long and going to bed late at night C. About 6 in every 100 people regularly experience migraine headaches 【答案】GFACE 【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 6.【题文】 One Saturday. I went shopping with my daughter, Helen, and son, Brandon. The car was filled with the children's laughing and singing As we 1 up, we saw a truck with a big sign on it that 2 "Petting Zoo. " The kids jumped up and asked, "Daddy, can we go?" "Sure." I said, giving them 3 a quarter (25 cents) before walking into the shopping center. They ran away and I felt free to take my time looking for 4 I needed. There are a hundred little baby animals of all kinas in the 5 zoo. Kids pay their money and stay there with the animals they like 6 their moms and dads shop. Several minutes later. I 7 and saw Helen walking along behind me. I was surprised to see she 8 to shop rather than play with the animals. And I thought the children had co wait oil the parents came to 9 them up I came up and asked what was wrong. She 10 at me with those big brown eyes and said sadly. "Well, Daddy. it cost 10cents. So, I gave Brandon my 11 . " Then she said the most 12 thing I ever heard. She repeated the family motto 13 is action!" She had given Brandon her quarter , and 14 loves little animals more than Helen. She had watched what both my 15 and I did for years around the house after we had said "love is action! " And now it had become a 16 of her

lifestyle. Then we went back to the petting zoo We stood 17 Brandon go crazy petting and feeding the animals I had 10 cents 18 a hole in my pocket J never 19 it to Helen, and she never asked for it Because she know the whole family 20 : Love always pays. 1. A drove B. drew C. dressed D. dragged 2 A. wrote B. said C. expressed D. warned 3 A either B. neither C. each D. every 4. A. who B. when C. that D. what 5. A. feeding B. caring C. petting D. nursing 6 A which B while C. where D whether, 7. A turned over B turned out C. turned away D. turned around 8. A. chose B. checked C. hesitated D. refused 9. A. bring B. put C. pick D. wake 10. A. looked up B. looked down C looked through D. looked over 11 A. pet B. coat C quarter D. candy 12. A successful B. beautiful C. harmful D. awful 13. A. Trust B. Understanding C. Honesty D. love 14. A. anyone B. no one C. every one D. someone 15. A. wife B. mother C father D. children 16. A. pile B pair C. puzzle D. part 17. A. seeing B. watching C. noticing D. feeling 18. A. digging B. making C. burning D hiding 19. A. paid B. delivered C. offered D. afforded 20. A. motto B. message C model D. matter 【答案】ABCDC BDACA CBDBA DBCCA

【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 7.【题文】Charity shops arc popular in the UK. The first charity shop__ 1_ ( be) opened by Oxfam in 1947. Now there are over 7.000 charity shops in the UK. The shops sell different things from 2 old book to a famous brand handbag. Here are the reasons why T often go to charity shops First, things in charity shops are much _3 (cheap) than those in street stores. People give things to charity shops 4 free. Most ―the things have been used _5 they are well cleaned and _6 (repair). So you cap buy useful things with less money in charity shop Second, people give their own thing to charity shops instead of 7 (throw ) them away Then other people who need the things buy them. It's good for the environment Third. 8 is for charity work that charity shops are set up. The money carned in charity shops is for people in need, 9 (especial)for homeless and disabled people after the things in charity shops are sold, the owner will receive a letter telling him about that. That's the main reason

why people like charity shops. So I hope there will be more and more charity shops in other__ 10 (place) 【答案】1. was 2. an 3. cheaper 4. for 5. but 6. repaired 7. throwing 8. it 9. especially

10. places

【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 8.【题文】Good relationships between teachers or students are important to teaching and learning Only with good relationships can student and teachers cooperate well. Good relationships depended on both sides. On the one hand, students should respect teachers and our hard work. They should polite Co teachers and ready to following their advice. On an other hand, teachers should be kindly, friendly and patient to students. They must be responsible on their teaching and help students. If both sides treat10 each other in a friendly way, teaching and learning in class will be highly efficient. 【答案】Good relationships between teachers or students are important to teaching and learning. Only and with good relationships can student and teachers cooperate well. students Good relationships depended on both sides. On the one hand, students should respect teachers depend and our hard work. They should ^polite to teachers and ready to following their advice. On an other their be follow the hand, teachers should be kindly, friendly and patient to students. They must be responsible on their kind for teaching and help students. If both sides treat to each other in a friendly way, teaching and learning 去掉 to in class will be highly efficient.

【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 9.【题文】 在英文单词“I”和‘you”之间填入不同动词,会表达不同的意义,如“I trust you” ; “I forgive you” ; “I promise you” ; “I understand you” ; “I support you” 。请从以上五 句话中选出你最喜欢

的一句作为题目,用英语写一篇短文。 内容要求:1.你对该句话的理解; 2.结合相关事例说明你喜欢这句话的理由; 3.恰当的结尾。 注意:1.文中不能出现考生的具体信息; 2.词数:100 左右。

【答案】One Possible Version: Among the sentences listed above , which we often come across in our life, stands out ―I trust you‖. It helps people get rid of depression. Few things help an individual more than letting him know that you trust him.. Whenever I am faced with difficulty and almost lose heart, my parents often say ―I trust you ‖, which gives me a lot of encouragement. Also, my teachers show a strong belief in me by smiling at me and offering practical assistance. Thanks to their trust, I achieve more, even beyond their expectation . Trust can really make a difference, so don’t forget to pass the message ―I trust you‖ on to others.

【解析】 【试源】2015 届新疆乌鲁木齐地区高三第一次诊断性测验 【结束】 11.【题文】Welcome to the National Museum The National Museum is the largest of its kind in the world, with over two million items in its collections. Twenty galleries display some of the finest sea affairs in historic buildings, which were formerly a school for the sons of seamen. Opening times 10:00—17:00 Winter hours 10:00—18:00 Summer hours Last admission is thirty minutes before closing. Smoking is not allowed in the museum. Eating and drinking are only allowed in some areas. Photography and video are not permitted inside the building. Bookings Our Central Booking Group handles all group visit enquiries ( 需求 ), from schools, group organizers and tour operators. Education and Interpretation Schools’ programmes operate in term-time. Programmes of talks, tours, workshops, storytelling, living history and interpretation (解说) are run throughout the year, especially at weekends and during school holidays. 1. This passage is about ________. A. the way to get to the museum B. the purpose to build the museum C. an introduction of the museum D. a description of the museum 2. Which of the following is certainly forbidden according to the passage? A. Eating and drinking wherever you are. B. Taking pictures in front of the museum. C. Trying to enter the museum after 5: 00 p. m. D. Smoking in or out of the museum.

3. From the passage we know ________. A. the museum runs a school and has students of its own B. students can receive different kinds of education here C. part of school education has to be done in the museum D. school programmes are only run at weekends and on holidays

【答案】CAB 【解析】 【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】 12.【题文】Revenge is one of those things that everyone enjoys. People don’t like to talk about it, though. Just the same, there is nothing more satisfying or more rewarding than revenge. The purpose is not to harm your victims but to let them know that you are upset about something that they are doing to you. Careful planning can provide you with relief from annoying coworkers, gossiping friends or talkative family members. Coworkers who make comments about the fact that you are always fifteen minutes late for work can be taken care of very simply. All you have to do is get up extra one day. Before the sun comes up, drive to each coworker’s house. Reach under the cover of your coworker’s car and disconnect the center wire that leads to the distributor cap, the car will be unharmed, but it will not start, and your friends at work will all be late for work on the same day. If you’re lucky, your boss might notice that you are the only one there and will give you a raise. Gossiping friends at school are also perfect targets for a simple act of revenge. A way to trap either male or female friends is to leave false messages on their lockers. If the friend that you want to get is male, leave a message that a certain girl would like him to stop by her house later that day. With any luck her boyfriend will be there. The girl won’t know what’s going on, and the victim will be so embarrassed that he probably won’t leave his home for a month. When Morn and Dad and your sisters and brothers really begin to annoy you, harmless revenge may be just the way it makes them quiet down for a while. The dinner table is a likely place. Just before the meal begins, throw a handful of raisins (葡萄干) into the food. Wait about five minutes and, after everyone has begun to eat, cover your mouth with your hand and begin to make strange noises. When they ask you what the matter is, point to a raisin and yell. ―Bugs!‖ They’ll throw their food in the dustbin, jump into the car, and head for McDonald’s. That night you’ll have your first quiet, peaceful meal in a long time. A well-planned revenge does not have it hurt anyone. The object is simply to let other people know that they are beginning to bother you. 1. According to the passage, a harmless revenge is ________. A. to amuse the victim B. to hurt nobody emotionally C. to react to those who bother you D. to prevent one from disturbing others 2. As a harmless revenge, you might come first and get a raise by ________. A. pleasing your boss B. destroying your colleagues’ cars C. making your colleagues come late D. getting up earlier than your colleagues 3. The family members threw their food in the dustbin because ________. A. they wanted to eat out B. they didn’t like the food with raisins C. they wanted to have a peaceful meal D. they thought their food had been ruined 4. The topic of the passage is how to ________. A. make a harmless revenge B. silence gossiping friends C. avoid talkative family members D. deal with annoying coworkers

【答案】CCDA 【解析】

【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】 13. 【题文】 We are all called upon to make a speech at some point in life, but most of us don’t do a very good job. This article gives some suggestions on how to give an effective speech. So, you have to give a speech—and you’re terrified. You get nervous, you forget what you want to say, you stumble(结巴) over words, you talk too long, and you bore your audience. Later you think, ―Thank goodness, it’s over. I’m just no good at public speaking. I hope I never have to do that again.‖ Cheer up! It doesn’t have to be that bad. Here are some simple steps to take the pain out of speech making. Ask yourself the purpose of your speech. What is the occasion? Why are you speaking? Then, gather as many facts as you can on your subject. Spend plenty of time doing your research. Then spend plenty of time organizing your material so that your speech is clear and easy to follow. Use as many examples as possible, and use pictures, charts, and graphs if they will help you make your points more clearly. Never forget your audience. Don’t talk over their heads, and don’t talk down to them. Treat your audience with respect. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Just remember: be prepared. Know your subject, your audience, and the occasion. Be brief. Say what you have to say and then stop. And be yourself. Let your personality come through so that you make person-to-person contact with your audience. If you follow these simple steps, you’ll see that you don’t have to be afraid of public speaking. In fact, you may find the experience so enjoyable that you volunteer to make more speeches! You’re not convinced yet? Give it a try and see what happens. 1. The main idea of this article is that ________. A. you can improve your speaking ability B. a poor speaker can never change C. one should make a short speech D. it is hard to make a speech 2. Paragraph 2 implies that ________. A. many people talk too long B. many people are happy to give a speech C. many people do not prepare for a speech D. many people are afraid of giving a speech 3. The phrase ―talk over their heads‖ means ________. A. speak too loudly B. look at the ceiling C. use difficult words D. look down upon them 4. The title for this passage may be ________. A. Try to Enjoy a Speech B. How to Give a Good Speech C. How to Prepare for a Speech D. Do Not Make a Long Speech 【答案】ADBB 【解析】 【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】 14.【题文】Because I will be away for a few days after Spring Break, I am writing this during the actual holiday, when I can use time to catch up on a number of purely administrative (管理的) items. First of all, you should have received the letter I sent out on April 2 advising of the transition (过 渡) arrangements to new leadership at ISM (International School of Moscow). In that letter I pointed out that Dr. Paul Malone will be arriving in Moscow on Monday, May 4th, and that I will work with him during that week to ensure smooth transition. My last day at ISM will be Friday, May 8th. Several people have asked me why I required Dr. Malone to come early. There are many problems

facing ISM at the moment which have major implications (影响) for the future, and it makes sense for the new director to come aboard before the end of the school year. This will give him the chance to play a major role in the planning process for 2014—2015 and beyond. The fact that Paul Malone is able to arrive in early May is good for the school. I have been working closely with him, and will do everything possible to see that he can move in easily when I leave. From here I will go to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks to spend time in my new situation, and then I will return to the United States for a few weeks’ vacation. In the most recent edition of the Compass(a kind of paper of ISM), I wrote briefly what I consider to be the major challenge for ISM in the future. I am sure that the new leadership of the school will be able to face those challenges in an active manner, which will ensure a strong future for the school. I shall certainly watch the progress of the school with interest. The results of the school for the past few years have been quite outstanding, and I fully expect that level of performance to continue. 1. We can infer from the text that the writer was the ________ of ISM. A. director B. employee C. teacher D. student 2. Why should Dr. Malone come to ISM early? A. To work closely with the author. B. To do everything possible for the school. C. To move in easily when the author leaves. D. To work with the author for a few days and make a future plan. 3. The underlined word ―situation‖ in the third paragraph means ________. A. place B. job C. appointment D. condition 4. From the text, we learn that ________. A. Paul Malone is a capable man B. the writer is a best friend of Paul Malone’s C. Paul Malone will work with the writer for several years D. the writer will do his best to help Paul Malone to work well at ISM

【答案】ADBD 【解析】 【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】 15.【题文】How to get started You might have more than one hundred channels on cable to choose; 1 However, the only real way to find idea is to get out there, see it and experience it. 2 Children under two years old travel free, so there is no excuse. Ideally you should discover one new city or country a year. Go to as many places as you have pages in your passports. The tourist can be very hard; the trick is to mix with the local people, respect their culture and the doors will open for you to explore. 3 . You can see what it looks like in the picture, but you don’t know what it is like on the inside until you have taken a bite. Take a risk and find a new favorite. Films and books are a great source of inspiration. The sound of Music will send you to Salzburg, Moulin Rouge to Paris; Picnic at Hanging Rock to Australia. 4 While Brain Stocker’s Dracula will pack you off to Pennsylvania. You will, of course, need to know something special ahead of time. You need to know the culture of the country you are visiting. In some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, shoulders should be covered. In Japan it is considered the height of bad manners to blow your nose in the street. 5 If you still don’t feel you’ve found the place you are looking for, you could cautiously ask to see a selection of your friends’ holiday plans, or go to the tourism website to see what destination they have on offer. A. Travel should start at an early age. B. Adults may travel as much as possible.

C. It is worth checking things out before signing the deposit (保证金). D. Everyone should visit the Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris at least once. E. Picking a destination is like deciding which chocolate to Choose from a box. F. You may be able to google any piece of information you like on the Internet. G. If you are feeling a literary dip into Tess of the D’Urbervilles, you will head to Dorset. 【答案】FAEGC 【解析】 【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】 16.【题文】一周前你去香港度假时在一家商店买了一件上衣,现有质量问题。请结合下面 提示向该店外籍经理写一封英文信。 所购衣物:绿色上衣,价格 268 港元。 问题:洗涤时褪色。 要求:退款或换衣。 注意:1. 词数不少于 50。 2. 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 3. 开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:褪色 fade in color Dear Sir, While I was on holiday in Hong Kong about a week ago, _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Yours sincerely, Li Hua

【答案】One possible version: Dear Sir, While I was on holiday in Hong Kong about a week ago, I bought a green shirt for 268 HK dollars in your shop, but there seems to be something wrong with it. When it is washed, it fades in color. Now I can’t possibly wear it. It’s not my fault, so I’d like you to solve the problem for me. I insist you change it for another one for me or give me a refund. I will appreciate it so much if my demand is met. I’m looking forward to your early reply. Yours sincerely, Li Hua

【解析】 【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】

17.【题文】假设你是红星中学高三(1)班的学生李华,请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,为校 刊“英语园地”写一篇短文,记述你教母亲使用微信的情况。 注意:1. 词数不少于 60。 2. 短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。 参考词汇:微信 Weixin/WeChat

With the rapid development of the mobile service, __________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

【答案】One possible version: With the rapid development of the mobile service, more and more people are using Weixin in their daily life. Seeing her friends and neighbors have circles of friends and chat anywhere and anytime, my mother bought a new cell phone and wanted to do that as others. But she had no idea how to do that. Noticing that, I showed her how to do it. When I was not at home, she still got confused. So I drew some pictures about the mobile, even each step for her. Day by day, She could operate it very smoothly. On watching her bright face when she chatted on Weixin or showed it to her neighbors, I felt satisfied because I could finally do something for my mother. 【解析】 【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】 18.【题文】Europe is home to a variety of cultural treasures. Lonely Planet, the world’s largest travel guide publisher, has offered pairs of cities for culturehungry but timepoor travelers. London and Paris It takes you about two hours to travel from London to Paris by Eurostar, a highspeed railway service. The two capital cities have been competing in fashion, art and nightlife for decades—but each secretly looks up to the other. No one can doubt the magnificent and impressive beauty of Paris’ Louvre Museum, but if you want to save money, you cannot skip the British Museum free to visit. Compared with London, Paris has more outdoor attractions such as the beautiful green walkway La Promenade Plantee. In Paris, you’ll see diners linger over red wine. While in London, you can try some afternoon tea, eat fish and chips or salted cake. Vienna and Bratislava Austrian capital Vienna and Slovakia city Bratislava are an hour apart by train. But since they are linked by the Danube River, the best way to travel is by ship. A tour of the two cities is the perfect way to experience everything from 17th century’s Habsburg dynasty splendor to sci?fi restaurants. Vienna is famous for Mozart and imperial palaces. You can appreciate the perfect meeting of architecture and nature in the grand Schonbrunn Palace, and reward yourself with a cup of Vienna coffee, which has made its way to the world’s cultural heritage list. Bratislava is best known for its fine dining—the remarkable UFO restaurant. You can enjoy a meatladen dinner here in an amazing setting. 1. What’s the relationship between London and Paris according to the text? A. They help each other. B. They attack each other. C. They don’t like each other. D. They admire each other. 2. What are the advantages of Paris mentioned in the article? a. The Louvre Museum b. Free access to museums c. More outdoor attractions d. Better wines and perfumes A. ac B. cd C. acd D. bcd 3. Which of the cities should you choose if you are interested in scifi restaurants? A. London. B. Paris. C. Glasgow. D. Bratislava.

4. Lonely Planet recommends these two pairs of cities because ______. A. they are not expensive to visit B. they are best known to the world C. they are close but different in many aspects D. they are always enemies between each other 【答案】DADA 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省忻州一中、长治二中等校高二上学期期中联考 【结束】 19.【题文】You might say that one reason Barack Obama is the President of the US is that he knows how to give a good speech. In 2004, when Massachusetts Senator(参议员) John Kerry was the Democratic Party’s nominee(被提名者) for the presidency, a little-known senator from Illinois gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. That senator was Obama. It was a remarkable speech—poetic, and inspiring. The people who heard it would remember it for a long time. Since 2004, Obama has written and delivered thousands of speeches. These are usually praised for two reasons: he treats the audiences like intelligent adults, and he is able to express complicated ideas in an easy, natural way. Before becoming president, Obama was a lawyer, a college professor, and a successful writer. The skills he needed to succeed in his previous jobs have also contributed to his success as a speechmaker. Writing team: Obama has a team of people who write his speeches. The writers chat with Obama for hours about what he wants to say. They listen to recordings of past presidential addresses and seek advice from advisers. Obama usually edits and rewrites the drafts several times. Obama’s tricks for a lighthearted speech that stays on message: Make fun of the guests. Obama starts his speech by gently teasing his guests. His opening lines grab the audience’s attention while giving them an opportunity to relax and laugh at themselves and each other. Make fun of himself. A good rule for speechmakers: If you’re going to make a joke about someone else, be sure to make one about yourself, too. Obama mocks his own poor choices for filling the position of Commerce Secretary, saying, ―No President in history has ever named three Commerce Secretaries like this quickly.‖ 1. Obama made the poetic and inspiring speech in 2004 as ______. A. president B. a senator C. a nominee for the presidency D. a secretary 2. What’s the meaning of the underlined word in paragraph 2? A. Difficult to understand. B. Easy to understand. C. Different from others. D. Interesting to say. 3. According to paragraph 3, we know that ______. A. Obama writes his speech himself B. Obama is serious with his speech C. the writers never listen to recordings of past presidential speeches D. the writers chat with Obama only for minutes before writing

4. What’s the best title of the passage? A. Secret of Obama’s successful speeches. B. Obama’s successful speeches. C. Obama’s way of making speeches. D. Problems of Obama’s speeches. 【答案】BABA 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省忻州一中、长治二中等校高二上学期期中联考 【结束】 20.【题文】Last week, after learn a lot about recycling and other ways to help with the Earth, our class decided to teach people around about Earth Day. First, we borrow 500 big brown paper bag from a local food store. Then we decorated the bags Earth Day messages and pictures. Later, we returned the bags to a store so that shoppers which used the bags to take home their groceries could know about Earth Day. The Earth is humans’ only home, as we need to try our best to protect it. Actions speak loud than words. It is time for us to do anything to save the planet. 【答案】Last week, after learn a lot about recycling and other ways to help with the learning Earth, our class decided to teach people around about Earth Day. First, we borrow borrowed 500 big brown paper bag from a local food store. Then we decorated the bags∧ bags with Earth Day messages and pictures. Later, we returned the bags to a store so that the shoppers which used the bags to take home their groceries could know about Earth who/that Day. The Earth is humans’ only home, as we need to try our best to protect it. so Actions speak loud than words. It is time for us to do anything to save the planet. louder something 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省忻州一中、长治二中等校高二上学期期中联考 【结束】 1.【题文】假设你是一名班长,学期结束时老师要你给同学们用英语作简短的评价,班里的 林华同学这个学期以来变化很大。根据下表用英语写一篇短文。 过去 学习不努力,经常与同学吵架; 乱扔垃圾,经常打电脑游戏到深夜。 自从老师找他谈话以后有了较大改变。 与同学相处融洽,爱护校园和班级环境。 参加各类活动。 ……

现在 希望

【答案】We are glad Lin Hua has improved a lot this term. As we all know, he didn’t study hard and always quarreled with his classmates in the past. He used to throw about rubbish. He often played computer games till very late at night. However, he has changed a lot since our teacher talked to him. Now he gets along well with his classmates and takes good care of the environment in our school and our classroom. He enjoys taking part in all kinds of activities. We all hope that he will behave better in the future.

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省忻州一中、长治二中等校高二上学期期中联考 【结束】 2.【题文】A Leap(跳跃)to Honor Leaping on a narrow balance beam(平衡木)is not easy. But Lola Walter, a 13-year-old gymnast, is an expert at it. To perfect her skills, Lola 1 for four hours a day, five days a week. At the state championships in March, she finished seventh out of 16 girls. That’s especially impressive, 2 she is legally blind, born with a rare condition that causes her eyes to shift(移动) constantly. She often sees double and can’t 3 how far away things are. When she was little, her mom 4 that even though she couldn’t see 5, she was fearless. So her mom signed her up for gymnastics when she was three. She loved the 6 right away and gymnastics became her favorite. Though learning gymnastics has been more 7 for her than for some of her teammates, she has never quit. She doesn’t let her 8 stop her from doing anything that she wants to. She likes the determination it takes to do the sport. Her biggest 9 is the balance beam. Because she has double vision, she often sees two beams. She must use her sense of touch to help her during her routine. Sometimes she even closes her eyes. ―You have to 10 your mind that it’ll take you where you want to go.‖ says Lola. To be a top-level gymnast, one must be brave. The beam is probably the most 11 for anyone because it’s four inches wide. At the state competition, Lola didn’t fall 12 the beam. In fact, she got an 8.1 out of 10—her highest score yet. Lola doesn’t want to be 13 differently from the other girls on her team. At competitions, the judges don’t know about her vision 14 . She doesn’t tell them, because she doesn’t think they need to know. Her mom is amazed by her 15 attitude. Lola never thinks about 16. She is presently at level 7 while the highest is level 10 in gymnastics. Her 17 is to reach level 9. She says she wants to be a gymnastics coach to pass down what she’s learned to other kids 18 she grows up. Lola is 19 of all her hard work and success. She says it’s helped her overcome problems in her life outside gymnastics too. Her 20 for others is ―just believe in yourself‖. 1. A. runs B. teaches C. trains D. dances 2. A. since B. unless C. after D. though 3. A. tell B. guess C. assume D. predict 4. A. suspected B remembered C. imagined D. noticed 5. A. deeply B. well C. ahead D. closely

6. A. task 7. A. boring 8. A. talent 9. A. doubt 10. A. examine 11. A. fearful 12. A. to 13. A. greeted 14. A. pains 15. A. positive 16. A. defending 17. A. standard 18. A. until 19. A. proud 20. A. plan

B. sport B. enjoyable B. quality B. advantage B. express B. harmful B. on B. treated B. stresses B. friendly B. quitting B. range B. as B. tired B. advice

C. event C. difficult C. nature C. challenge C. open C. unfair C. off C. served C. injuries C. flexible C. winning C. view C. when C. ashamed C. reward

D. show D. satisfactory D. condition D. progress D. trust D. inconvenient D. against D. paid D. problems D. cautious D. bargaining D. goal D. before D. confident D. responsibility

【答案】CAADB BCDCD ACBDA BDCAB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省康杰中学高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 8.【题文】I believe in miracles(奇迹) because I've seen so many of them. One day, a patient was referred to me who was one hundred and two years old. " There's a 1 in my upper jaw , " she said. "I told my own dentist it' s nothing, but he 2 I come to see you." Her eighty-year-old son accompanied her. He would 3 to add something ,but she stopped him. She wanted to tell everything herself. I found a large cancer that spread over most of the 4 of her mouth. A careful examination later 5 that it was a particularly bad sort of cancer. During her next appointment, I explained to her the 6 of the problem. She clasped my hand in hers and said , ― I know you’re worried about me, but I’m just 7 ‖ I thought otherwise. After considerable 8 on my part , and kindness on her part because she wanted to 9 me , she agreed to have me refer her to a cancer surgeon. She saw him, but as I expected , 10____ treatment . About six months later she returned to my office, still energetic and 11 . ― How are you?‖ I asked. " I'm just fine, honey," she responded 12____ high spirits. "When can I get started on fixing my dentures(假牙) ? " Surprised to see her at all, I answered 13 , " Let me take a look in your mouth and we'll see about it ." " I couldn't believe my eyes. The cancer that had 14 nearly the entire roof of her mouth was gone -- only one small area of redness 15 . I had read of such things happening ,but had 16 seen them with my own eyes. That was my first miracle. Since then I’ve seen many others, because they keep getting 17 to see. In fact, miracles are daily events for me now. And people are all miracles, 18 through them we

have a chance to know ourselves and to 19 the miracles of one another. Since my first miracle, I’ve come to understand that the time and place for a miracle is ___20 we choose to find it. 1. A. cut B. wound C. pain D. cancer 2. A. declared B. doubted C. insisted D. promised 3. A. determine B. continue C. manage D. attempt 4. A. corner B. roof C. bottom D. surface 5. A. considered B. established C. proved D. concluded 6. A. possibility B. seriousness C. importance D. solution 7. A. old B. sick C. glad D. fine 8. A. permission B. support C. effort D. deduction 9. A. please B. persuade C. encourage D. astonish 10. A. provided B. refused C. received D. required 11. A. healthy B. optimistic C. elegant D. humorous 12. A. to B. between C. in D. by 13. A. confusedly B. worriedly C. patiently D. confidently 14. A. spread B. reached C. covered D. grown 15. A. cured B. disappeared C. remained D. expanded 16. A. ever B. also C. already D. never 17. A. rarer B. easier C. happier D. closer 18. A. or B. so C. for D. yet 19. A. read B. see C. keep D. make 20. A. whatever B. whoever C. wherever D. whichever 【答案】CCDBC BDCAB BCACC DBCBC

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 15.【题文】Four days ago, I was taking a taxi. On the way, I just had the __1__ stop at a store to buy something. A woman __2___me to let her hitchhike (免费搭车). I___3___ and picked this woman up. I thought she was too fat; she __4___ about 120 kg. But she was very sweet and kind-hearted, so I didn’t___5__. She was talking to me ___6__ while going back to her place about how she got everything for her___7__. So I thought to myself she must have a happy family. But nothing special ___8__ yet. I got to her apartment ___9___ she needed help getting all the things she got to her place. I just helped her out and while I was __10__ the stuff inside her house, I __11___ that her husband walked in from the back of the apartment. So she was talking to him in her __12___ voice, ―Honey, I got you this; Honey, I got you that.‖ But what I came to notice was that her husband was __13___. And then I looked close to how they were together and I knew for that moment I was seeing ―TRUE __14__. They cared for each other so__15__ and what they looked like was not 16 at all.

I was just deeply __17___ by the true love between them. Sometimes I think about going back to the apartment and tell them what I __18___in them and to thank them for sharing their ___19__with me, even it is for a few ___20__. I like the blind couple care about each other; it is a very happy and romantic thing. 1. A. Stranger B. Waiter C. Passenger D. driver 2. A. reminded B. allowed C. asked D. helped 3. A. nodded B. promised C. hesitated D. explained 4. A. carried B. weighed C. supported D. lifted 5. A. remember B. mind C. worry D. leave 6. A. gladly B. nervously C. slowly D. calmly 7. A. friend B. husband C. daughter D. neighbor 8. A. stayed B. continued C. stopped D. happened 9. A. unless B. if C. because D. although 10. A. moving B. searching C. arranging D. observing 11. A. imaged B. noticed C. believed D. expected 12. A. polite B. tired C. high D. sweet 13. A. painful B. foolish C. blind D. ill 14.A. LOVE B. FRIENDSHIP C. JUDGMENT D. STORY 15.A. frequently B. deeply C. thankfully D. quietly 16.A. useful B. clear C. secret D. important 17.A. encouraged B. surprised C. touched D. shocked 18.A. hid B. built C. put D. saw 19.A. lives B. troubles C. food D. memory 20. A. days B. hours C. minutes D. seconds 【答案】DCABB ABDCA BDCAB DCDAC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 20.【题文】There were two warring tribes(部落) in the Andes,one that lived in the lowlands and the other high in the mountains. The mountain people invaded(侵略)the lowlanders one day, and __1__ part of their robbing, they took away a __2__ of one of the lowlander families and took the baby __3__ up into the mountains. The lowlanders didn’t know how to climb the mountain. They didn’t know the __4__ that the mountain people used,and they didn’t know where to find the mountain people or how to __5__ them in the steep surroundings.__6__,they sent out their best party of fighting men to climb the mountain and __7__ the baby home. The men __8__one method of climbing and then another. After several days of __9__,however, they had __10__ only several hundred feet. Feeling __11__and helpless,the lowlander men decided that the __12__ could not be achieved. With no means left,they _13__ to return to their village below. On their way home, they saw the baby’s mother __14__ toward them. They realized that she was __15__ the mountain that they hadn’t _16__ how to climb. And then they saw that she had the baby strapped(捆)to her __17__ .How could that be? One man __18__ her and said,―We couldn’t climb this mountain. How did you do this when we, the __19__ and most able men in the village,couldn’t do __20__ ?‖ She shrugged her shoulders and said,―It wasn’t your baby.‖

1. A. to 2. A. goat 3. A. back 4. A. sense 5. A. grab 6. A. Even so 7. A. take 8. A. learned 9. A. protection 10. A. examined 11. A. senseless 12. A. goal 13. A. managed 14. A. smiling 15. A. heading toward 16. A. figured out 17. A. arm 18. A. welcomed 19. A. tallest 20. A. it

B.for C.on D.woman C.away D.under B.way C.wonder D.manner C.kill D.track B.In case C.On the contrary D.Therefore B.force C.move D.bring[] B.accessed C.tried D.provided B.effort C.difficulty B.compared C.proved D.climbed B.worthless C.hopeless D.fearless B.achievement C.idea D.exploration B.adventured C.wanted D.prepared B.walking C.viewing D.crying B.coming down C.looking up D.passing by B.looked out C.turned out D.brought out B.back C.hand D.head B.greeted C.followed D.received B.oldest C.shortest D.strongest B.them C.her D.that

【答案】DCABD ADCBD CADBB ABBDA 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同一中高二上学期期末考试 【结束】 3.【题文】If you like exploring the wilderness, you should read the following suggestions from search-and-rescue rangers (搜救队) in the national parks. 1 Before you head out on a hike, check the weather, take plenty of water, and make sure someone knows where you’ll be and when you’ll be back. Bring clothes to keep you warm when wet, like a waterproof jacket. Avoid cotton, which traps damp. 2 Take basic precaution, such as waterproof matches, a folding saw, a good knife, a first-aid kit, a flash light, and batteries. The minute you think you might get lost, stop. 3 And you should stay calm and think rationally(理性地). If you are not alone, focusing on the needs of others can help hold your own fears at bay. Keeping a sense of humor helps too, it reduces stress and promotes creative thinking. In general, people who try to find their own way out are far worse than those who stay put(呆在原 处). 4 In a wide-open area, make a signal with colorful gear, make a big X out of rock, or dig a shallow trench, which are easy to spot from above. You can go several days without eating, so in most cases, you’d better not search for food, since there are lots of poisonous plants in the wild. But you need to stay hydrated(含水的). 5 If you are lost in your car, stay there: You are more visible to rescuers. And the car provides shelter. A. Stay visible so anyone searching can see you. B. First, you’ve got to acknowledge you’re in trouble. C. And you have no idea where to go. D. The search-and-rescue people call it death clothes. E. First of all find a shelter and stay in it in order to keep dry.

F. These suggestions may keep you alive in emergencies. G. If you run out of water, it’s usually better to drink from a stream with suspect water than to go without.

【答案】FDBAG 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省康杰中学高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 4.【题文】 One day Walt Disney had a vision. It was a vision of a place where children and parents could have fun together. The more Walt dreamed of a "magical park," the more imaginative and elaborate it became. The original plans for the park were on 8 acres next to the Burbank studios where his employees and families could go to relax. Although, World War II put those plans on hold. During the war, Disney had time to come up with new ideas, and creations for his magical park. It was soon clear that 8 acres wouldn't be enough. Finally in 1953, he had the Stanford Research Institute conduct a survey for a 100-acre site, outside of Los Angeles. He needed space to build rivers, waterfalls, and mountains; he would have flying elephants and giant teacups; a fairy-tale castle, moon rockets, and a scenic railway; all inside a magic kingdom he called "Disneyland." The search for the best venue for the park ended in the rural Anaheim, California with a purchase of a 160-acre orange grove near the junction of the Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) and Harbor Boulevard.Construction for Disneyland began on July 21, 1954, 12 months before the park was scheduled to open. Some 160-acres of citrus trees had been cleared and 15 houses moved to make room for the park. However, when the real designing came around, Disney met with inevitable questions. How do you make believable wild animals, that aren't real? How do you make a Mississippi paddle ship? How do you go about building a huge castle in the middle of Anaheim, California? Disney asked his movie studio staff for answers. The design of Disneyland was something never done before. There would be four uniquely different theme parts: Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Tomorrow land. Bit by bit, Disneyland got ready for Opening Day. The staff worked around the clock to get ready. But opening day was a terrible disaster. Besides the terrible opening day conditions, the park did eventually pick up. By 1965, ten years after opening day, 50 million visitors had come through the gates. 1. The passage is mainly about___________. A. How Disneyland came into being B. The difficulties Disney met in building Disneyland C. What visitors can enjoy in Disneyland. D. A brief introduction to Disneyland 2. Which of the following dates would probably be the opening date of Disneyland? A. 1953 B. 1954 C. 1955 D. 1965 3. Which of the following statements is Not True?

A. World War II had some influence on the building plan of the Disneyland. B. Disney must have met many difficulties in building Disneyland. C. Disney was a great man with great imagination and creativity. D. About 50 million visitors have visited Disneyland so far. 4. The underlined phrase in the last paragraph probably means _________. A. collect B. improve C. find D. open 【答案】ACDB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 5.【题文】It was Sunday yesterday and my son and I walked a couple of miles in the morning. We got hungry so we decided to stop for a meal in a restaurant. While we were waiting in a line, a woman came in. She was very angry and talking about a beggar who had asked her for money. In her opinion, those people had the ability to earn their bread and butter. I was feeling uncomfortable with the situation and wondering what I should say to my son later. I had told him that we should help those who were in need of help. At that time the lady said, ―Today is my birthday, and nobody can bother me.‖ I knew this was my chance to help her change her thinking and to help her feel cared for on her birthday. I asked the waitress for help, telling her I wanted to pay for the woman’s meal. The waitress looked at me in surprise. I paid for our meal and that of the woman. When the woman finished eating her food, the waitress told her that it was I who had paid for her meal. Then the woman came to our table and tried to force her money on us. She even said, ―I can’t take your money, because I didn’t help the person who asked me for money for food!‖ I just smiled and said, ―I just hope you have a very nice birthday.‖ She ended up sitting near us and talked with us. It turned out that she was crazy about animals. Hearing our stories of pet adoptions really cheered her up. ―You are a nice father,‖ she said. She left, seeming to be happier and more thoughtful about all that had happened. I’d say it was worth the price. 1. The author and his son stopped walking that morning because . A. they were too tired to walk any farther B. the author felt sick and had to return home C. they were hungry and needed to eat something D. a woman stopped them and asked for some money 2. What did the author do to show his care for the woman? A. He paid for the woman’s meal. B. He gave the woman some money. C. He bought a birthday gift for the woman. D. He talked with the woman about pet adoptions. 3. By ―I’d say it was worth the price‖, the author meant . A. the restaurant gave him a big discount B. one should be generous with his money C. what he did for the woman was meaningful

D. the price he paid for the meal was reasonable

【答案】CAC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 6.【题文】It’s well-known that meditation (冥想) has many benefits, but do you know how to practice it for a beginner? Set a proper scene Find a space for meditation. It should be private and quiet. Make sure the temperature is comfortable. Sit on a cushion (垫子) if the floor is uncomfortable. You may play soft music if you like. Take a moment to loosen up. Remember that the goal of meditation is to relax. Loosen your clothing, remove your shoes and have a good stretch. Do your best to ease any muscle tension that might keep you from achieving relaxation. Make an effort to relax your facial muscles. Focus on your breath Sit down in the space you’ve prepared. Close your eyes and breathe. Each time you breathe in, count ―one‖. Each time you breathe out, count ―one‖. The idea is to strengthen being in the moment — the last breath doesn’t matter, and the next one doesn’t matter; only this one matters. Feel your breath inflate (胀大) your lungs and push on your diaphragm (隔膜). Feel how sweet it is to inhale the fresh air. As you do this, your body will gradually begin to relax and all of your attention will be centered within your mind. Return to real life Once you feel fully centered in your mind, allow yourself to gradually drift back to real life. Move your fingers and toes and slowly wake your body up. Open your eyes and remain there for a few minutes until your senses come back, and then slowly stand up. Even if you can’t make it fully into your mind, you still get some benefits from it. If you want to feel better, you just need to practice. Set about 10 minutes around the same time every day and repeat this exercise. 1. The text is about . A. the best way to stay relaxed B. tips on how to breathe slowly C. the benefits of practicing meditation D. steps in practicing meditation for beginners 2. Which of the following can best fill in the blank? A. Forget yourself. B. Avoid being disturbed. C. Prepare yourself for it. D. Pay attention to your inner self. 3. The underlined word ―inhale‖ in the text can be replaced by ― ‖. A. look for B. take in C. keep away D. think of 4. To gain greater benefits of meditation, beginners are advised to . A. practice it in a daily basis B. listen to some popular music C. do some exercise in advance D. spend a long time in practicing it

【答案】DCBA 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 7. 【题文】 The campaign is over. The celebrations have ended. And the work for US president-elect Barack Obama has begun. The 47-year-old politician rose to the highest post because of his stand against the war in Iraq and his plans to fix a weak economy. But what will the first 47-year-old African-American president do for race relations? Obama’s victory appears to have given blacks and other minorities a true national role model. For years, many looked to athletes and musicians for inspiration. As Darius Turner, an African-American high school student in Los Angeles, told the Los Angeles Times, ―Kobe doesn’t have to be everybody’s role model anymore.‖ Recent polls (民意测验) also suggest that Obama’s victory has given Americans new optimism about race relations. For example, a USA Today poll found that two-thirds of Americans believe relations between blacks and whites ―will finally be worked out‖. This is the most hopeful response since the question was first asked during the civil rights revolution in 1963. However, it’s still too early to tell whether Obama’s presidency will begin to solve many of the social problems facing low-income black communities. Although blacks make up only 13 percent of the US population, 55 percent of all prisoners are African-American. Such numbers can be blamed on any number of factors on America’s racist past, a failure of government policy and the collapse( 瓦 解 )of the family unit in black communities. It is unlikely that Obama will be able to reverse (扭转) such trends overnight. However, Bill Bank, an expert of African-American Studies, says that eventually young blacks need to find role models in their own communities. ―That’s not Martin Luther King, and not Barack Obama,‖ he told the Los Angeles Times. ―It’s actually the people closest to them. Barack only has so much influence.‖ In the opinion of black British politician Trevor Phillips, Obama’s rise will contribute more to multiculturalism than to race relations in the US. ―When the G8 meets, the four most important people in the room will be the president of China, the prime minister of India, the prime minister of Japan and Barak Obama,‖ he told London’s The Times newspaper. ―It will be the first time we’ve seen that on our television screens. That will be a huge psychological shift (心理转变) for both the white people and the colored ones in the world.‖ 1. For years, before Obama was elected president of the US, __________. A. Kobe was the only role model for all the blacks B. blacks could only find role models on the basketball court C. minorities in America couldn’t find role models in their real life D. American blacks had no role model who was successful in political area 2. According to Bill Bank, ____________. A. it’s better for young blacks to find role models in those who are close to them

B. young blacks should not be so much influenced by Obama C. blacks should find other role models because Obama is far from their reality D. Obama is not the proper role model for African-Americans 3. What would be the best title for this passage? A. The First African-American President B. America’s New Role Model C. Obama-- A Successful Black . D. Choosing a Right Role Model 4. What will be the huge psychological shift Trevor mentioned at the end of the passage? A. The other three leaders all support Obama. B. Obama is an African-American president. C. None of the four leaders is white. D. The other three leaders except Obama are from Asian countries. 【答案】DABC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 9.【题文】Necessity is the mother of invention. This proverb just means that there is nothing like 1________ urgent need for setting people to work to find a way of meeting it. 2________ we could get all we want from nature, we should not bother to invent anything. As we can’t, we 3________(force) to find out ways and means to satisfy 4________ needs. In the early days of mankind, the necessity of communicating 5________ one another led men to the invention of languages. Later, the necessity of keeping some record of 6________ people did or said led to the invention of writing. Later still, the necessity of spreading the 7________(late) news and knowledge led to the invention of printing. And now, working and studying efficiency 8________(increase) since computers were invented. After the Internet was invented, information can be so easily got that the world now seems more to be a village. These are only a few illustrations to prove that from the very 9________(begin) of human life people have been making inventions and discoveries out of necessity. Therefore, we recognize ―necessity‖ 10_______ the cause of progress for the human race.

【答案】1. an 2. If/When 3. are forced increased 9. beginning 10. as

4. our

5. with 6. what

7. latest

8. has

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 10.【题文】A young man asked Socrates where the secret to success was. Socrates took them to a river and they walk into the water together. When the water got up their necks, Socrates took the young man by surprises and pushed him into the water. The man was struggled in the water for a while before Socrates finally pulled him in of the water. Socrates asked, ―What did you want the most if you were there?‖ The man replied, ―Air.‖ Socrates said, ―That is a secret to success. When

you want success as good as you wanted the air, then you will get it. There is no other secret.‖ 【答案】A young man asked Socrates where the secret to success was. Socrates what took them to a river and they walk into the water together. When the water got him walked up ∧ their necks, Socrates took the young man by surprises and pushed him into the water. The man to surprise struggled in the water for a while before Socrates finally pulled him in of the water. out Socrates asked, ―What did you want the most if you were there?‖ The man replied, ―Air.‖ Socrates said, when ―That is a secret to success. When you want success as good as you wanted the air, then you will get it. the badly There is no other secret.‖

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 11.【题文】 One day, a train was approaching the small town of Cheekyville. On the train was a young man with a big suitcase. He was called William Warbler, and he looked very common indeed. What made him most unusual, though, was the fact that whenever he needed to communicate he did it by singing opera (歌剧). It didn’t matter to William whether it was simply a matter of answering a brief greeting, like ―good day‖. He would clear his voice and respond, ―Gooood dayyy to youuuuuuuu... toooooo!‖ No one could get a normal spoken word out of him and no one knew how he made his living. As he lived quite simply, always wearing his same old second-hand suit, people often looked down on him. William had been in Cheekyville for some years, when, one day, word spread round town like wildfire: William had played a role in a very important opera in the nation’s capital. Everyone in the capital went to see it, and it was a great success. Everyone in Cheekyville felt it was a surprise. But something more surprising was, when William was being interviewed by reporters, he answered their questions by speaking rather than singing. And he did it with great manners, and with a clear and pleasant voice. From that day, William gave up singing at all hours. Now he did it only during his stage appearances and world tours. Some people suspected why he had changed, but others continued believing him to be somewhat mad. They wouldn’t have thought so if they had seen what William kept in his big suitcase. It was a large stone, with a hand-carved (手工雕刻的) message on it. The

message said: ―Practice, my boy. Practice every second, for you never know when your chance will come.‖ Little did people realize that he only got the role in the opera because the director had heard William singing while out buying a newspaper. 1. Why did people in Cheekyville consider William strange? A. He always carried a big suitcase. B. He always spoke by singing opera. C. He always greeted people gladly. D. He always wore an old suit. 2. Hearing the news about William, people in Cheekyville felt it was _____. A. unbelievable B. satisfying C. disappointing D. interesting 3. According to the text, William _____. A. had no idea whether he should continue doing something mad B. was nervous and didn’t know how to sing when he was interviewed C. was selling newspapers when the opera director heard him singing D. practiced singing whenever possible before he became famous 4. What can we learn from the story? A. Live and learn. B. Better late than never. C. Practice makes the master. D. Experience is the best teacher. 【答案】BADC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 12.【题文】 Australia’s koalas could be wiped out within 30 years unless urgent action is taken to stop the losing in population, according to researchers. They say development, climate change and bushfires have all combined to reduce the number of wild koalas sharply. The Australian Koala Foundation said a recent survey showed the population could have dropped by more than half in the past six years. Previous estimates (估计) put the number of koalas at more than 100,000, but the latest calculations (计算) suggest there could now be as few as 43,000. The foundation collected field data from 1,800 sites and 80,000 trees to calculate the numbers. In one area in northern Queensland estimated to have 20,000 koalas a decade ago, a team of eight people could not find a single animal in four days of searching. The foundation said besides problems caused by cutting down forests, hotter and drier conditions because of global warming had reduced the nutritional (营养的) value of their staple food, eucalyptus leaves, leading to poor nutrition for them. Koalas, which live in the forests in Australia’s east and south, are very fussy (爱挑剔的) about what types of the leaves they eat. Foundation chief Deborah Tabart said: ―The koalas are missing everywhere we look. It’s

really no tree, no me. If you keep cutting down trees you don’t have any koalas.‖ She is hoping the new figures will persuade the government’s Threatened Species Steering Committee (TSSC) to list the koala as threatened. But committee chairman Bob Beeton said a decision was not likely recently and the koala’s status as one of the country’s favourite animals would not be a factor. ―There’s a number of species which are attractive and people have special feelings towards them. We don’t consider that,‖ Mr Beeton was reported as saying by the AFP agency. 1.The writer gives the example of the area in northern Queensland in Paragraph 3 to show that _____. A. the forests are being damaged heavily B. the environment is being polluted seriously C. the number of koalas is dropping quickly D. koalas usually live in wild mountainous areas 2. Global warming is an important cause of koalas’ reduction because _____. A. koalas can hardly stand the hot weather B. koalas cannot get enough water to drink C. the leaves koalas eat are losing nutritional value D. the leaves koalas eat cannot grow in hot weather 3. According to Bob Beeton, _____. A. koalas are his favourite animals B. a decision will be made to protect koalas C. they needn’t pay special attention to koalas D. koalas needn’t be protected at all 【答案】CAB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 13.【题文】(Reuters) — A group of Chinese scientists and explorers are looking for international help to organize a new search for the country’s answer to Bigfoot, known locally as the ―Yeren‖, or ―wild man‖. Over the years, more than 400 people have said they saw the half-man, half-ape (半猿) Yeren in a remote, mountainous area of the central province of Hubei, state news agency Xinhua said on Saturday. Expeditions (探险) in the 1970s and 1980s found hair, a footprint, and a sleeping nest suspected of belonging to the Yeren, but there has been no conclusive proof, the report added. Witnesses describe a creature that walks upright and is more than 2 meters tall with grey, red or black hair all over its body, Xinhua said. Now the Hubei Wild Man Research Association is looking for volunteers from around the world to join them on another expedition to look for the Yeren. ―We want the team members to be devoted, as there will be a lot of hard work in the process,‖ Luo Baosheng, vice president of the group, told Xinhua. But the team will have to come up with about 10 million yuan ($1.50 million) first, and is

talking to companies and other bodies to secure the money, so there is no timetable yet for when they may start, the report added. China is no stranger to cryptozoology. There are many tales about mysterious, monster-like creatures in remote parts of the country. For example, Tibetans have long talked about the existence of the Yeti (喜马拉雅雪人), or ―Abominable Snowman‖, in the high mountains of their snowy homeland. 1. What the volunteers for this expedition need most is _____. A. experience B. enthusiasm C. confidence D. devotion 2. The timetable for starting the trip depends on _____. A. the number of explorers B. government’s support C. the finance D. local people’s guiding 3. According to the text, the underlined word ―cryptozoology‖ in the last paragraph probably refers to _____. A. the study of mysterious animals B. the study of human beings C. dangerous expeditions D. tourism industry 4. What would be the best title for this text? A. Volunteers for an expedition needed B. Scientists to look for China’s Bigfoot C. International cooperation in finding wild man D. Yeren appeared in Hubei again 【答案】CCDA 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 14.【题文】Our story began in 1768 in Madrid, Spain. The king of Spain, Charles the Third, had recently received reports that worried him. The reports said Russian explorers were in the northern part of the territory (领土) called California. 1___ But Spain had no settlements in California. King Charles knew if the Russians began to settle the area, Spain might lose control of California forever. King Charles decided the best way to keep the Spanish claim (主权要求) to California was to build settlements there. So he decided to order the creation of a series of small farming communities along the Pacific Ocean coast of California. 2____ Spanish citizens might want to settle there. Therefore, the Spanish claim to California would be safe. 3 ______ King Charles and his advisors decided that the farming settlements would begin with churches called missions. Missions were places where Roman Catholic religious leaders converted people to the Christian religion. 4____

King Charles decided Roman Catholic priests would build the missions and settlements with the help of Native American Indians. The priests would teach the native people the Christian religion, the Spanish language and how to farm. A religious group within the Catholic Church called the Franciscans would build the settlements. 5_____ Serra was born in 1713 on the island of Mallorca, Spain. After he became a Franciscan priest, he taught at a university in Mallorca. A. The settlements would provide trade and grow into larger cities. B. Spain had claimed most of that area more than 200 years earlier. C. But there was no one on the coast of California to begin the work. D. King Charles decided to fight against Russia as quickly as possible. E. Visiting the beautiful missions along California’s coast can learn history. F. The Franciscans chose a young priest named Junipero Serra to begin the work. G. They taught the religion to people who wanted to become members of the church. 【答案】BACGF 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 16.【题文】WeChat was launched on Jan. 12, 2011, and took more than a year ____1____ (draw) 100 million users. By September,2012, it ____2____ (reach) the 200 million mark, Tencent said. ―The number of people _____3___ (use) WeChat, a voicemessaging service developed by the Internet giant Tencent Holdings, has hit 300 million in less than two years ____4____ the service was released,‖ the Shenzhen?based company said on Wednesday. ―The 300 million number is ___5_____ milestone for WeChat, and we hope the service will be ready to perform ___6_____ the global stage in 2013,‖ Pony Ma, Tencent chairman and chief executive officer, said on his microblog on Wednesday morning. The function of WeChat is very similar to the text messaging and voice call services____7____are provided by telecom carriers. Late last year saw the ____8___ (introduce) of an English version of WeChat in a bid to draw more international users. Tencent has released versions in Arabic, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese and Thai. Tencent said it is ____9____(most) pursuing its expansion plans in emerging Asian markets. It said the company finds_____10___easier to reach its goals in such places, in part because they have cultures that are similar to China's. 【答案】 draw 2.had reached 3.using 4.since 5.a 6.on 7.that/which 8.introduction 9.mostly 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 17. 【题文】 Two years ago, Mr. Smith taught myself English. He was friendly to us student. Though he was strict in the students, he was respected. However, he was always careful and forgot things,

that brought him a lot of trouble. For example, once he was on the holiday by the sea and he forgot which hotel he was staying in. After dark, he didn’t know where stay for the night. It was his wife who find him under a big tree behind the hotel. Heard this experience, we all burst into laughter. Such are Mr. Smith, a man whom everyone looks up to. 【答案】1. ... taught myself English. myself → me 2. ... friendly to us student. student → students 3. ... he was strict in the ... in → with 4. ... was always careful ... careful → careless 5. ... that brought him ... that → which 6. ... was on the holiday... 去掉 the 7. ... didn’t know w here stay... where 后加 to 8. ... find him under a big tree ... find → found 9. Heard this experience ... Heard → Hearing 10. Such are Mr. Smith ... are → is 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 18.【题文】音乐被公认为全人类共同的语言,是我们生活中必不可少的一部分。请你根据 以下提示信息,写一篇关于音乐的英语短文。 · 音乐的重要性; · 你所知道的音乐类型; · 你最喜欢哪一类音乐?说明你喜欢的理由。 注意:1. 词数 100 左右 2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 【答案】 Music is the universal language to all human beings, which plays a very important part in our life. It can make our life more colourful and help us to relax ourselves. Without music, our world would be like a wild desert. There are different varieties of music, such as popular music, classical music, country music, jazz music, rap music, and rock music. Of all the music, I like popular music best. For one thing, with beautiful melody, it is pleasant to hear; for another, most popular music deals with the topics of love and friendship, which appeal to us young people. 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 3 月月考 【结束】 19.【题文】TUESDAY, July11 SHANGHAI---The 12th International Processing, Packaging & End-Line Printing Exhibition opens at Shanghai New International Expo Centre ( to July 13)

Tel: 021 6209 5209 HONGKONG---The Hong Kong International Textile and Garment Machinery and Technology Fair 2006 opens at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ( to July 14). Tel: +852 2584 4333 THURSDAY, July 13 SHANGHAI---The China(Shanghai) International Wedding Photographic Equipment Exhibition (Autumn) opens at Shanghai Mart ( to July16 ). Tel: 021 6272 2828 HARBIN, Heilongjiang Province---The Ninth Harbin International Automobile Industry Exhibition and Sports Centre ( to July 17 ). Tel : 0451 5363 5464 FRIDAY, July 14 HONG KONG---The Hong Kong Wedding, Banquet & Wedding Accessories Expo 2006 opens at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre ( to July 16 ). Tel: +852 2367 8385 WEDNESDAY, July 19 SHANGHAI---The 14th Shanghai International Advertising Technology & Equipment Exhibition / Shanghai International Media Technology & Equipment opens at Shanghai New International Expo Centre ( to July 22 ). Tel: 021 6328 8899 SHANGHAI---The Shanghai International Outdoor AD Illuminating Technology & Equipment Exhibition, Outdoor Media Promotion Exhibition opens at Shanghai New International Expo Centre ( to July 22 ). Tel: 021 6321 7522 SHANGHAI---PAPERTECH Shanghai 2006 opens at Shanghai New International Expo Centre ( to July 22 ). Tel: 021 6328 8899 1.More exhibitions are held in _______ A.Shanghai New International Expo Centre B.Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre C.Shanghai Mart D.Harbin International conference, Exhibition and Sports Centre 2.How many exhibitions can you attend on July 15______ B.two C.three D.four 3.The text is likely to be a (an)________ diary B.product advertisement C.private timetable D.magazine 【答案】ACA 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 10 月月考 【结束】

20.【题文】2012 年秋,新生入学伊始,北京、上海等地多所学校开出“苹果班”教程,学 生上课时使用 iPad 回答问题,放学后家庭作业也需要用 iPad 来完成。对此不少家长产生疑 虑,认为加重了经济负担;孩子也可能沉迷游戏、影响学习。但也有不少家长反映,用高科 技教学,不仅能提高孩子的兴趣,更能减少“拉箱书包”给孩子造成的负担。请围绕这个话 题写一篇英语短文,并谈谈你的看法。 注意:词数为 100 词左右。

【答案】Rencently, iPad are being used for teaching in many schools in Beijing and Shanghai. People have different opinions on it. Many people are for the new measure because they think that iPads are light to carry and convenient to use. The students today are familiar with electronic products, which can help to arouse their interest in learning. However, others argue that reading on the screen is harmful to students’ eyes in the long run. They may also lose their ability to write by pressing the keys instead of writing with pens. In my view, students should always write with pens. Meanwhile, electronic products can be used in class to make learning more interesting.

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省山大附中高二 10 月月考 【结束】 1.【题文】 If you’re a foreigner looking for a place that has everything, there’s only one place to visit, and that’s New York. It’s a whole world in a city. The World of Theater All of New York is a stage, and it begins with Broadway. Where else can you find so many shows in one place? Only in New York ! The World of Music Spend an evening with Beethoven at Lincoln Center. Swing to the great jazz of Greenwich Village. Or rock yourself silly at the hottest dance spots found anywhere. The World of Art From Rembrandt to Picasso. From Egyptian tombs to Indian teepees. Whatever kind of art you like, you will find it in New York. The World of Fine Dining Whether it is roast Beijing Duck in Chinatown, Lasagna in Little Italy, or the finest French coq au vin(chicken cooked in wine) found anywhere, there is a world of great taste waiting for you in New York. The World of Sights What other city has a Statue of Liberty? A Rockefeller Center? Or a Bronx Zoo? Where else can you take a horse-drawn carriage through the Central Park? Only in New York! 1. What do you think the underlined word Rembrandt was / is? A. A musician. B. A place in the World of Art C. A place in New York. D. An artist.

2. Which of the following programs can a visitor have only in New York? A. To spend an evening with Beethoven. B. To see the Statue of Liberty. C. To taste the finest French coq au vin. D. To enjoy the Beijing roast duck. 3. The purpose of writing this text is to ___________ . A. help the readers get a better understanding of New York B. supply the readers with some information about New York jobs C. try to persuade the readers to visit New York D. tell the readers where New York lies

【答案】DBC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期末考试 【结束】 2.【题文】 Leonardo da Vinci began painting the Mona Lisa in 1503. He was working _1_ a special painting for a church at that time, __2__ the church painting was not __3__ well. An Italian businessman asked da Vinci to paint a picture of his second __4__. This is the woman who _5__ be seen in the Mona Lisa. All in all, the Mona Lisa is a very good example of da Vinci’s __6__ and it satisfied the husband. Da Vinci used __7__ and light in a clever__8__ in the painting. Da Vinci loved science and _9__. Right away a person can see that there is a lot of geometry(几何形状) in the Mona Lisa. The face of the Mona Lisa is made of many circles and __10__ shapes like__11__. Even her _12__ can be seen as a small part of a large circle. The woman in the __13__ is sitting on a balcony, and __14__ can be seen behind her because Da Vinci loved to study rocks, and these can also be seen_15__ in his other paintings. The woman is sitting with her knees __16__ the side. Her head is turned to look out of the painting. Her hands are __17__ together in front of her. This way of __18__ is now used by many __19__ when they are __20__. The Mona Lisa is a remarkable master. 1. A.up 2. A.but 3. A.doing 4. A.servant 5. A.must 6. 7. A.heaviness 8. A.way 9. A.chemistry 10. A.square 11. A.balls B.thus B.going B.daughter B.should B.picture B.maths B.round B.sticks C.on C.however C.making C.nurse C.might C.novels C.darkness C.hand C.geography C.long C.vases D.about D.working D.wife D.can D.oils D.eye D.biology D.egg D.boxes

12. 13. 14. A.trees 15. and by 16.A.on 17.A.caught 18.A.painting 19.A.women 20.A. being painted

B.shout B.painting B.buildings B.held B.actresses B.painting

C.cry C.sofa C.mountains C.supported C.smiling C.girls C.being played

D.anger D.up and down D.beyond D.hung D.sitting D.models D.played and there C.over and over




【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期末考试 【结束】 3.【题文】Dear Zhou Lu, I'm writing a letter ask you for some help. As you know,Zhang Fei and I used to be good friend. However,on one day,Zhang Fei read my private letter in secret and tell others what was written in it. Knowing this,I was extreme angry. I told her I would not be his friend any more. Hearing what I said,Zhang felt very surprised and no longer stayed with me. Facing with this,I felt very upset. I am much angry with her improper behavior,so I can't forget the wonderful time when I stayed with her. I wonder whether I should forgive her. And I'm afraid if I offer to make friends with her,she will refuse me. How should I do? Your friend, Li hua 【答案】1.ask—to ask 2.friend—friends 3.on one—one 4.tell—told 5.extreme—extremely 6.his—her 7.facing—faced 8.much—so—but 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期末考试 【结束】 4.【题文】 Charles Lyell, a great youth, had different ideas. He wrote a book about them

called Principles of Geology. The earth, according to Lyell, was not only thousands of years old; it was millions of years old. As to the common belief that changes in the earth’s surface happen suddenly because of a single earthquake or flood, he said that this might happen once in a while, but usually these changes took place very slowly. He believed that the surface of the earth had been changing from the beginning of time. The changes, he said, were caused by the long-term action of the winds and seas, and by forces such as volcanoes breaking out under the earth’s surface. Once in a great while he thought, a mountain might appear for the first time after an earthquake. But usually mountains would experience a slow and steady rise. A professor named Henslow was interested in Lyell’s ideas, but he did not actually believe

them. Charles Darwin could not make up his mind about them. But they set him thinking along lines which would later change the beliefs of thoughtful people under the sun. At the University of Cambridge, Charles Darwin studied just enough to pass the examination, and received his college degree in 1831. During this time, he had become more and more interested in geology. At the end of the school year, he went to North Wales with one of his teachers to examine the rock formations and to search for fossils. Fossils are the remains of ancient living things. They are usually fixed in rocks in the earth’s crust. Fossils may be of animals, such as fish, insects, birds, or humans. They may be of plants from tiny leaves to huge trees. When a living creature dies, it usually decays or is eaten by animals. However, if it sinks into a riverbed or is quickly covered by the blowing sands of a desert storm, the bones are kept up in the earth. Over many years the soft inner parts of a bone disappear, leaving the inside hollow. Water containing minerals enters into the hollow. Slowly the minerals harden and make the bone hard and heavy like bones over the time. 1. According to Charles Lyell, mountains came into existence ___________. A. not because of volcanoes but because of seas B. quickly instead of steadily C. more on account of an earthquake than of winds D. at quite a slow rate rather than all of a sudden 2. Charles Lyell probably holds the belief that the earth has been formed like today’s shape _____________. A. from the very beginning of time B. over a rather long course of time C. just due to scores of big earthquakes D. owing to a very long period of big flood 3. What is Darwin’s main purpose of going to North Wales ? A. To collect dead animals and plants B. To do research into the rock information C. To make a research into fossils ever existing D. To search for varieties of tiny or huge plants 4. Charles Darwin, unlike Professor Henslow, ___________. A. turned Lyell’s ideas over before developing them later B. thought about what people thought about the then world C. did make up his mind not to accept Lyell’s ideas D. failed to think of Lyell’s ideas as right 5. What’s your opinion about Charles Darwin’s study at college? A. Excellent B. Undistinguished C. Diligent D. Disappointing 【答案】DBCAB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 5.【题文】Over three million people are at risk from indoor air pollution because of the heating or

cooking fuels. Most live in Africa, India and China. They use fuels like wood, crop waste, animal waste or coal. These fuels may be the least costly fuels. But they are also a major cause of health problems and death. For more than thirty years, the Aprovecho Research Center has been designing cleaner, low-cost cooking stoves. Dean Still is the director of the group and he points out that every year more than one million and five hundred thousand people die from breathing smoke from solid fuels. ―And half of the people use wood for cooking. These are the poorer people, and the richer people use oil and gas. It’s estimated that wood is running out more quickly than oil and gas. And so it’s very important for the poorer people to have very efficient stoves that protect their forests and their health,‖ he says. Every year Aprovecho holds a ―stove camp‖ at its testing station. Engineers, inventors and others come together to design and test different methods and materials for improving stoves. Over the years, the group has made stoves using mud, bricks, sheet metal, etc, most of which look like large, deep cooking pots and have an opening at the bottom for the fire and a place on top to put a pot. In the late nineteen seventies, Aprovecho produced a popular stove called the Lorena. The Lorena was very good at reducing smoke and warming homes. But new tests years later found that it was not very efficient. The Lorena used twice as much wood as an open fire, and took much longer to heat food. Since then, Dean Still says they have experimented with countless other designs. Aprovecho has partnered with a stove manufacturer (制造商) in China. The company is making Aprovecho’s stoves. They are said to use forty percent to fifty percent less wood than an open fire, and produce fifty percent to seventy-five percent less smoke. A company is selling them through its website for less than ten dollars. Dean Still says that more than one hundred thousand have been sold so far. 1.What’s your opinion about the purpose of the first paragraph? A. To lay the foundations of introducing cooking stoves. B. To show the fact of many people’s suffering from air pollution. C. To let readers know the poverty of some developing countries. D. To introduce cheap fuels available to poor people. 2. What do Dean Still’s words imply? A. The forests will disappear from the earth B. The poor should be forbidden to cut down the forests C. It’s urgent to change the present situation of using fuels D. Using fuels such as gas and oil cannot cause deaths 3. People hold the stove camp every year in order to ______. A. encourage people to find new fuels B. test different methods for improving stoves C. find new ways of designing beautiful stoves D. celebrate the invention of the best efficient cooking equipment 4. What’s your assessment on the popular stove called the Lorena? A. Energy-saving. B. Very compact. C. Smokeless. D. Less efficient. 5. The best title of the text is ___________. A. How to make full use of fuels? B. Breathing easier: the art of stove making

C. Health problems related to cooking fuels D. Environmental improvement needs everybody’s effort 【答案】ACBDB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 6.【题文】It is well known that the Frenchmen are romantic, the Italians are fashionable and the Germans are serious. Are these just stereotypes or is there really such a thing as national character? And if there is, can it affect how a nation succeed or fail? The answer is YES, at least one group of people is certain that it can. A recent survey of the top 500 entrepreneurs (企业家) in the UK found that 70% felt that their efforts were not appreciated by the British public. Britain is hostile (敌意的) to success, they said. It has a culture of jealousy(嫉妒). 1 Jealousy is sometimes known as the ―green-eyed monster‖ and the UK is its home. Recently scientists at Warwich University in the UK tested this idea. They gathered a group of people together and gave each an imaginary amount of money. 2 Those given a little were given the chance to destroy the large amount of money given to others – but at the cost of losing their own. Two thirds of the people tested agreed to do this. 3 But there is also opposite evidence. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development recently reported that the UK is now the world’s fourth largest economy. That is not bad for people who are supposed to hate success. People in the UK also work longer hours than anyone else in Europe. So the British people are not lazy, either. ―It is not really success that the British dislike,‖ says Carey Cooper, a professor of management at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. ―It’s people using their success in a way that seems proud or unfair or which separates them from their roots.‖ 4 They set out to do things in their way. They work long hours. By their own efforts they become millionaires. 5 It hardly seems worth following their example. If they were more friendly, people would like them more. And more people want to be like them. A. The one who owns most money in the end is the winner. B. This seems to prove that the entrepreneurs were right to complain. C. It is not true that British people are born jealous of others’ success. D. As a result, the survey said, entrepreneurs were ―unloved, unwanted and misunderstood.‖ E. But instead of being happy they complain that nobody loves them. F. Perhaps it is the entrepreneurs who are the problem. G. Some were given a little, others a great deal.

【答案】DGBFE 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】

【题文】 Many language learners think their pronunciation is good enough because their teacher doesn't correct them too often or because other students can ____1_____ them. Pronunciation is the area which is __2___ the least attention to in language learning. Most teachers___3___just let their students speak and stop them__4___they say something completely wrong. Working on each student's pronunciation in class is just __5___. Also, the stud ents who are ____6___ at pronunciation may be afraid that it will embarrass their classmates if they help ___7____ their mistakes. If you believe your pronunciation is good enough to ___8___ because it is good enough for your teacher and other students, you may be ___9___ when you actually go to a foreign country. One of my friends was the best student in his __10__ class in Poland. When he went to America, he found Americans didn't understand ___11___ of what he said. Your pronunciation may still be quite __12__ that of a native speaker. If this is the __13__, other people will find it __14__ to understand what you're saying and will not be comfortable with you. __15__, don't think you can communicate in a foreign language __16___ you've tested your skills on real native speakers. __17___ for native or near-native pronunciation so that people you talk to can communicate with you ___18__. In order to achieve this goal, there's ___19__ that you will need to start thinking about pronunciation and __20___ time on it. 1. A. mistake B. understand C. notice D. watch 2. A. paid B. drawn C. fixed D. called 3. A. never B. even C. usually D. ever 4. A. if only B. only if C. if ever D. even if 5. A. fantastic B. important C. necessary D. impossible 6. A. good B. poor C. kind D. strict 7. A. make out B. work out C. point out D. try out 8. A. travel B. pronounce C. communicate D. exchange 9. A. happy B. embarrassed C. disappointed D. excited 10. A. Polish B. English C. French D. German 11. A. none B. rest C. lot D. half 12. A. near to B. far from C. different from D. close to 13. A. occasion B. case C. matter D. fact 14. A. hard B. easy C. beneficial D. convenient 15. A. In a word B. On the contrary C. In conclusion D. In short 16. A. when B. if C. until D. while 17. A. Aim B. Stand C. Look D. Account 18. A. difficultly B. smoothly C. truly D. practically 19. A. no way B. no need C. no wonder D. no doubt 20. A. take B. cost C. kill D. spend 【答案】BACBD ACCBB DBBAC CABDD

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期中考试

【结束】 10. 【题文】 I’m no swim instructor, but I did once teach a friend to dive. She could swim as long as her head 1 above the water, but she feared diving. I 2 feared swimming. But I wasn’t about to let her know it. ―Come on,‖ I said patiently. ―It’s 3 to dive. Just hold your breath and jump into the water.‖ ―What if I don’t come back up?‖ she expressed 4 about it. I hesitated. ―What if I don’t come back up?‖ she 5 . ―You’ll jump in and save me, right?‖ Jump in? I 6 to myself. What is she—crazy? I can’t jump in there. It’s nine feet 7 ! ―Don’t worry,‖ I vowed. ―I’ll be right here to save you.‖ That wasn’t a 8 . After all, she was my best friend. I’d get her out if I had to 9 the pool to do it. She smiled and gave me a 10 look. ―Go on, jump,‖ I pressed. ―You can do it.‖ ―All right,‖ she said, holding her breath. ―I’ll 11 .‖ She took several determined steps 12 the diving board, then with one quick bounce, she was up in the air and down in the 13 . I had never seen such a beautiful dive before. I couldn’t wait 14 she came up so I could tell her how 15 I was. Right about now she’d be 16 up. But she was still invisible. As I ran to 17 911, I heard her call out to me. Turning back I saw she was on the diving board again. ―That was a blast!‖ she said, diving into the water 18 more. I walked back to the pool and breathed a 19 of both relief and pride. I’d actually taught someone how to dive. 20 felt great and wonderful! 1. A. floated B. hung C. remained D. held 2. A. even B. besides C. still D. hardly 3. A. something B. everything C. anything D. nothing 4. A. question B. doubt C. surprise D. idea 5. A. asked B. repeated C. said D. cried 6. A. thought B. whispered C. shouted D. talked 7. A. high B. deep C. long D. far 8. A. word B. promise C. lie D. permit 9. A. dig B. block C. close D. empty 10. A. encouraging B. expecting C. cheering D. trusting 11. A. go B. do C. run D. begin 12. A. along B. on C. at D. over 13. A. river B. water C. wave D. bottom 14. A. when B. since C. until D. if 15. A. disappointed B. satisfied C. impressed D. excited 16. A. going B. coming C. diving D. swimming 17. A. dial B. deal C. search D. find 18. A. any B. some C. one D. once 19. A. word B. feeling C. breath D. sigh 20. A. I B. She C. It D. We 【答案】CADBB ABCDD AABCC BADDC 【解析】 【试源】2015 届陕西省普通高中示范校高三下学期零模考试 【结束】 8. 【题文】 Berlin is fast 1 (become) a hub for technology firms. In my first few weeks here, I 2 (rent) a desk in a 3 (share) office space. My neighbors were a host of digital start-ups, and each day I 4 come in 5 (find) a new sign 6 (tack) up on a wall or 7 old one in the bin, as a baby firm moved on to greater things or 8 (consign 交付, 托 付) to oblivion. Berlin 9 (feel) like a city 10 the move.

【答案】1. becoming 2. rented 6. tacked 7. an

3. shared 4. would 5. to find 8. was consigned 9. feels 10. on

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 9.【题文】As we all know it, many children have to spend their weekends and holidays attending various training courses though they are unwilling to. That’s why their parents don’t want him to fall behind at the starting line. Instead, they hope their children are equipping with as many skills as possible. Therefore they won’t lose face when comparing their children with others’. Beside, they are sure these extra classes will help their children standing out and become more competitive in the future. Actually, it was unwise to force children to do that they don’t like. Too many training classes will be heavy burden for children. Parents shouldn’t push their children too hardly. 【答案】As we all know it, many children have to spend their weekends and holidays attending various training courses though they are unwilling to. That’s why their parents don’t want because him to fall behind at the starting line. Instead, they hope their children are equipping with as them equipped many skills as possible. Therefore they won’t lose face when comparing their children with others’. Beside, they are sure these extra classes will help their children standing out and Besides stand become more competitive in the future. Actually, it was unwise to force children to do that is what they don’t like. Too many training classes will be heavy burden for children. Parents ∧ a shouldn’t push their children too hardly. hard


【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 10.【题文】假定你是李华,David 是你的美国笔友,他对中国鼓励使用环保购物袋很感兴 趣,来信向你询问此事。请你给他回信。 1. 感谢他的关注 2.简要介绍相关情况 3. 谈谈你 的想法。 Dear David, _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua 【答案】Dear David, I’m glad that you’ve noticed our efforts directed towards environmental protection. Thank you for your concern. As too much use of plastic bags has caused serious white pollution, our government encourages us to use environmental –friendly shopping bags. These bags are made of a variety of materials that can be easily treated when they become rubbish. Besides, they can be reused. More and more people have realized the advantages of such bags and started using them. I believe that the wide use of these shopping bags can greatly improve our environment. This is one of the many steps we are to make our country an even cleaner place. Yours, Li Hua

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二上学期期中考试 【结束】 11. 【题文】 THERE is an old saying: ―Don’t judge a book by its cover.‖ It means that you shouldn’t build your first impression of someone on his or her looks alone. But according to a new study, the famous saying might not be correct after all. A group of US scientists have found that the first impression we have of someone else is actually right most of the time. In the study, scientists asked participants to look at a photograph of a person and make a quick judgment about him or her. A month later, the participant and the person in the photo were introduced, and scientists were shocked to find that their judgments often match those that they had made originally.

It’s true that simply looking at someone won’t provide you with as much information. But, according to scientists, when making a first impression, people rely more on their instincts (直觉) than on logic (逻辑). ―They focus on how that person makes them feel,‖ Paul Eastwick of the University of Texas told Live Science. ―It is very hard to get a sense of this information when simply viewing a profile(简介). As soon as one sees another person, an impression is formed and what we see can sometimes dominate what we know.‖ Of course, no one can be right about everything and your instincts can go wrong sometimes. But even if it is proven to be wrong, once people form an opinion about someone, they have a hard time getting over that opinion later on. The findings help explain why people always tidy themselves up before meeting guests or doing job interviews. ―Their face constantly reminds us of that first impression,‖ said Rule. People may learn more about another person over time once they get close to each other, but first impressions remain very important and seem difficult to forget. 1. What did the US scientists of the University of Texas find out in their recent study? A. It’s unwise to judge a book by its cover. B. It’s better to judge by logic than by instincts. C. First impressions tend to last more often than not. D. Profiles provide more information than you have imagined. 2 . The underlined word ―dominate‖ is closest in meaning to . A. determine B. change C. cover D. acquire 3. We can conclude from the article that ______. A. first impressions never go wrong B. it’s difficult to change a wrong first impression C. it takes a long time to form a first impression D. first impressions are easy to change after people know each other better 【答案】CAB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二 12 月月考 【结束】 12.【题文】At the thought of a documentary (纪录片), you may think of it as a long, boring program. 1 With fascinating stories, CCTV’s Documentary Channel has produced many highly-praised programs such as A Bite of China, Silk Road: The Journey Goes on. So what makes a good documentary? What should we pay attention to when watching one? Here, we offer a few easy strategies to help you to get the most of watching documentaries. ●Pay attention to the themes While watching a documentary, be concentrated on the themes people talk about and what ideas they focus on. The themes of a documentary can go a long way in telling you its purpose. 2 . Is it meant to be informative or create a certain emotional response? ● Think critically Listen to what the people in the documentary are saying and ask yourself the following questions. If you were debating a point with someone or trying to accurately introduce a new concept, would you say the things the people in the documentary are saying? Do the arguments make sense? 3 . Documentaries always encourage us to think about issues we wouldn’t necessarily know about. ● 4 If you’re sitting at the computer and can’t think of anything to do, why not look up the points the documentary made and see if they are accurate? You could even read about the people that were interviewed in the documentary to see if they had hidden motivations for appearing in it. ●Who are the creators? 5 . For instance, the documentary Blackfish, which was partially backed by CNN, is

sympathetic to the situation of the killer whales. A. Check the sources B. Collect resources available for research C. Critical thinking is an important factor in the arts field D. And then determine the facts or subject without prejudice E. The creators will usually be involved with how the subject is presented F. However, it provides basic clues as to the accuracy of the information you’re getting G. But it can be wonderful and bring stories from the real world into our homes

【答案】GFDAE 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二 12 月月考 【结束】 13.【题文】As is known to all, we student should learn to get along well with others. But how? First of all, we should respect others. Everybody have their own way to do things, so we should understand each other. Secondly, this is important for us to communicate with each other and share their happiness and sadness. In addition to, we should be willing to do everything what we can to help those in trouble. More importantly, if we lived in the school’s dormitory, we should always be carefully not to disturb others. Don’t bring friends back to the dorm in the mid-night, or playing computer games with some loud music on. Such behaviors will certainly hurt relationship between you and your roommates. 【答案】As is known to all, we student should learn to get along well with others. But how? First of all, we students should respect others. Everybody have their own way to do things, so we should understand has each other. Secondly, this is important for us to communicate with each other and share their it our happiness and sadness. In addition to, we should be willing to do everything what we can to help to that 或 what those in trouble. More importantly, if we lived in the school’s dormitory, we should always be live carefully not to disturb others. Don’t bring friends back to the dorm in the mid-night, or playing careful play computer games with some loud music on. Such behaviors will certainly hurt∧ relationship the between you and your roommates. 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二 12 月月考 【结束】 14.【题文】假如你叫李华,是某中学的一名高中学生。最近你校在为一批来自美国的交换 生征询住宿家庭,请根据下表提供的信息用英语写一封申请信。

住房条件 语言优势 参观游览 其他

宽敞,离学校近 自己擅长英语,父母是英语教师 父亲可驾车陪同参观附近名胜 ……(内容由考生自己添加)

注意: 1.文章必须包括所有要点。 2.词数:100 左右。信的开头与结尾已为你写好,不计入总词数。 Dear sir / Madam, I’m very happy to know that some exchange students will come to our school next month. I’m writing to apply for the valuable chance to be one of the host families. _________________________________________________________________________ Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely yours, Li Hua

【答案】One possible version: Dear sir / Madam, I’m very happy to know that some exchange students will come to our school next month. I’m writing to apply for the valuable chance to be one of the host families. We have a large house with three bedrooms, which lies not far from our school. I’m good at English and my parents are both English teachers, so I’m sure we won’t have any difficulty communicating with the exchange student. In addition, we will be glad to show the exchange student around some nearby places of interest in our own car since my father is an excellent driver. More importantly, my mother likes cooking and she cooks well, so the student will be able to enjoy delicious food in our home. I’d appreciate it if I could have the chance to make friends with them. Looking forward to your reply. Sincerely yours, Li Hua

【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省太原五中高二 12 月月考 【结束】 15.【题文】Helen Keller was born in America in June, 1880. 1 was all right when she was born. 2 when she was nineteen months old, and attack of fever 3 her blind and deaf for the rest of her life. She became blind so 4 that as she grew older, she did not 5 being able to see; and she became deaf 6 she had any idea of the importance of human speech. She 7 in darkness and silence.

As she grew older, she, too, wanted to express her ideas and 8 .But she understood that she was 9 from others. Her 10 greatly worried. How could anyone get in touch with Helen’s mind, intelligence in darkness and silence without 11 ? Helen was 12 seven before a teacher was 13 .Her name was Sullivan. Miss Sullivan had a lot of 14 in teaching Helen Keller. As the child could neither see nor hear,she had to use manual alphabet(手语). But Helen’s energy, intelligence and strong spirit, 15 with Miss Sullivan’s skill and patience (耐心), 16 all the difficulties. As Helen grew up, she became an able student, passed examinations and finally took a university degree 17 English literature. She then 18 all herself to helping the blind and the deaf. Her personal 19 , together with the work she has done for others, made her one of the greatest women in modern times. She 20 many books and The Story of My Life is a remarkable(不寻常的) one. 1. A. Something B.Nothing C.Everything D.Anything 2. A.And B.But C.Or D.So 3. A.had B.let C.gave D.left 4. A.young B.sudden C.early D.quick 5. A.mind B.remember C.remind D.seem 6. B.when C.after D.before 7. A.lived B.stayed C.remained D.played 8. A.views B.opinions C.feelings D.thoughts 9. A.cut out B.cut off C.given up D.sent away 10. A.teachers B.friends C.parents D.neighbours 11. B.knowledge C.sound D.speech 12. A.nearly B.likely C.totally D.quietly 13. A.brought B.appeared C.came D.found 14. A.difficulty B.ways D.stories 15. A.agreed B.combined C.dealt D.corresponded 16. A.won B.beat C.overcame D.overturned 17. C.on D.with 18. A.devoted B.took C.set D.enjoyed 19. A.ideas B.experience D.success 20. B.bought C.wrote D.borrowed 【答案】CBDAB DACBC DADAB CBADC 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同市第一中学高二 3 月月考 【结束】 16.【题文】Many years ago the idea of disabled people doing sport was never heard of. But when the yearly games for the disabled were started at Stoke Mandeville, England in 1948 by Sir Ludwig Guttmann, the situation began to change. Sir Ludwig Guttmann, who had been driven to England in 1939 from Nazi Germany, had been asked by the British government to set up an injuries centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital near

London. His ideas about treating injuries included sport for the disabled. In the first games just two teams of injured soldiers took part. The next year 1949, five teams took part. From those beginnings, things have developed fast. Teams now come from abroad to Stoke Mandeville every year. In 1960 the first Olympics for the disabled were held in Rome, in the same place as the normal Olympic Games. Now, every four years the Olympic Games for the disabled are held, if possible, in the same place as the normal Olympic Games, although they are organized separately. In other years Games for the disabled are still held at Stoke Mandeville. In the 1984 wheelchair Olympic Games, 1064 wheelchair athletes from about 40 countries took part. Unfortunately, they were held at Stoke Mandeville and not in Los Angeles, along with the other Olympics. The Games have been a great success in helping the progress of international friendship and understanding, and in proving that being disabled does not mean you can’t enjoy sport. One small source of disappointment for those who organize and take part in the games, however, has been the unwillingness of the International Olympic Committee to include disabled events at the Olympic Games for the able bodied. Perhaps a few more years is still needed to persuade those fortunate enough not to be disabled that their disabled fellow athletes should be included. 1. The first games for the disabled were held after Sir Ludwig Guttmann arrived in England. A.40 years B.21 years C.10 years D.9 years 2. This text tells us that Sir Ludwig Guttmann . A. was an early organizer of the games for the able-bodied B. was welcomed by the British government C. was an injured soldier D. was from England 3. From the passage, we may know that the writer is . A. one of the organizers of the games for the disabled B. a disabled person who once took part in the games C. against holding the games for the disabled D. in favour of holding the games for the disabled 【答案】DBD 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同市第一中学高二 3 月月考 【结束】 17. 【题文】 I always felt sorry for the people in wheelchairs. Some people, old and weak, cannot get around by themselves. Others seem perfectly healthy, dressed in business suits. But whenever I saw someone in a wheelchair, I only saw a disability, not a person. Then I fainted(昏倒)at Euro Disney due to low blood pressure. This was the first time I had ever fainted, and my parents insisted that I rest for a while after first aid. They said to me, ―Never mind!‖ I agreed to take it easy, but as I stepped toward the door, I saw my dad pushing a

wheelchair in my direction! Feeling the color burn my cheeks, I asked him to wheel that thing right back to where he found it. I could not believe this was happening to me. Wheelchairs were fine for other people but not for me, as my father wheeled me out into the main street, people immediately began to treat me differently. Little kids ran in front of me, forcing my father to stop the wheelchair suddenly. Bitterness set in as I was thrown back and forth. ‖Stupid kids! They have perfectly good legs. Why can’t they watch where they are going?‖ I thought. People stared down at me, pity in their eyes. Then they would look away, maybe because they thought the sooner they forgot me the better. ‖I’m just like you!‖ I wanted to scream.‖ The only difference is you’ve got legs, and I have wheels.‖ People in wheelchairs are not stupid. They see every look and hear each word. Looking out at the faces, I finally understood: I was once just like them. I treated people in wheelchairs exactly the way they did not want to be treated. I realized it is some of us with two healthy legs who are truly disabled. 1. What do the underlined words mean in Paragraph 2? A.Don’t mind. B.Don’t worry. C.Don’t forget it. D.Don’t hurry. 2. The author once when she was healthy. A.helped disabled people B.looked down upon disabled people C.imagined herself sitting in a wheelchair D.saw some healthy people moving around in wheelchairs 3. The experience of the author tells us that . is the best teacher B.people often eat their bitter fruit is so changeable that nobody can foretell should not do to others what he would not like others to do to him 【答案】BBD 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同市第一中学高二 3 月月考 【结束】 18.【题文】Nowadays a vegetarian lifestyle is becoming more and more popular. Leading health experts agree that maintaining a vegetarian diet is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our families. 1 . A well planned vegetarian diet provides us with all the nutrients we need and avoids fat, cholesterol(胆固醇) and the pollutants found in animal flesh, eggs, and dairy products. And it can provide protection against various kinds of diseases, including the three biggest killers: heart disease, cancer, and strokes. The American Dietetic Association states that vegetarians have lower

rates of death from heart disease, lower blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and lower rates of hypertension(高血压) . 2 . Scientists have also found that vegetarians have stronger immune systems than their meat eating friends. 3 Vegetarians live, on average, 6 to 10 years longer than meat eaters. 4 . Animals raised for food consume the vast majority of their calories simply in order to live, just as we do. We feed more than 70 percent of the grains and cereals we grow to farm animals, and almost all of those calories go into simply keeping them alive, not making them grow. Only a small amount of the calories consumed by farm animals are actually turned into the meat that people eat .So it’s really a huge waste, isn’t it? Try your best to find tips for maximizing(最大化) the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. 5 A. All of these diseases are more likely to happen to meat eaters B. Living on plants also saves energy C. Growing all the crops needed to feed animals requires massive amounts of water and land D. This means that they are less likely to be affected by everyday illnesses like the flu. E. Vegetarian diets are the only diets that work for long term weight loss F. It’s never too late to turn over a new page. G. Healthy vegetarian diets support a lifetime of good health. 【答案】GADBF 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同市第一中学高二 3 月月考 【结束】 19.【题文】艾萨克· 阿西莫夫(Isaac Asimov)是美国科学家兼作家,1920 年 1 月 2 日出生 于俄罗斯, 1992 年 4 月 6 日于纽约去世。1948 年他获得了化学博士学位。第二年在波士顿 大学的医学院任生化教师。1958 年他放弃了教学工作成为专职作家。一生中,他写过大约 480 本书,包括怪诞小说、科学和历史方面的书,甚至还写过有关《圣经》和莎士比亚的书。 但使他最负盛名的作品是他的科幻小说, 如《基地》三部曲, 《我,机器人》等。

【答案】Isaac Asimov was an American scientist and writer, who was born on 2 January, 1920 in Russia, and died in New York on 6 April, 1992. In 1948 he got his PhD in chemistry. The next year he became a biochemistry teacher at Boston University School of Medicine. In 1958 he gave up teaching to become a full-time writer. Throughout his life, he wrote around 480 books that included mystery stories, science and history books, and even books about the Holy Bible and Shakespeare. But he is best known for his science fiction stories, such as the Foundation trilogy and I, Robot. 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同市第一中学高二 3 月月考 【结束】

1.【题文】There is a serious problem to our earth. That's global warming. No doubt the tons of carbon dioxide being thrown up into the air are dangerously warming the earth. It is clear that average temperature has risen during the last century. Not everyone can believe that carbon dioxide is responsible. A new study shows us it is not all the fault of carbon dioxide. Some scientists studied the sun and found that when the sun becomes more active,the earth warms up. When the sun quiets, as it did in the 1950s and 1960s,temperature takes a dip (下 降).So some scientists said the sun's changeable moods may be more important than carbon dioxide in warming the earth. You might think that ―global warming‖ means nothing more than a rise in the world's temperature. But rising sea levels caused by it have affected our environment and living standard in many ways. We can't change the sun's moods .So in order not to make the earth warming up, what we can do is to control the amount of giving off carbon dioxide. Studies have shown that humanrelated emissions (排放物) of carbon into the atmosphere is causing, and will in the future cause seriously global warming. Many countries have already made some laws to stop sending carbon dioxide into the air directly. As an ordinary person,we use fewer cars when we go out. We can ride a bike or walk.It is not only good for environment, but also good for our health. Are you ready?It is the time that we do something for the global warming. Let us go for it. 1.What makes the earth become warmer and warmer? A.Carbon dioxide B.The sun C.The air D.A and B 2.The scientists also said that the sun's changeable moods may be________than carbon dioxide in warming the earth. A.more serious B.more difficult C.more terrible D.more important 3.What should we do in order not to make the global warming?[] A.We should try to change the sun's changeable moods. B.We should control sending carbon dioxide into the air directly. C.We should make some laws to prevent people from driving. D.We should make the sun become more active. 【答案】DDB 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同一中高二上学期期末考试 【结束】 2.【题文】There is no doubt ______1_______the earth is becoming warmer but there is fierce debate over whether it is human activity that has caused this global warming or whether it is just a natural phenomenon. Many scientists like Dr. Janice Foster believe that people have caused the increase in the earth’s temperature ______2______ burning of fossil fuels like coal,natural gas and oil to produce energy ______3______byproducts are called ―greenhouse‖ gases , the most important one ______4______carbon dioxide. These gases trap heat from the sun and therefore warm the earth, without which the earth ______5______(be)about thirty three degrees Celsius cooler than it is. But increased amount of carbon dioxide means that ______6______ heat energy is trapped in the atmosphere,______7______(cause)the global temperature to go ______8______. On ______9______other hand,scientists like George Hambley believe that any warming will be mild with few bad ______10______ (environment) consequences and more carbon dioxide is actually a positive thing.

【答案】1.that 3.whose 4.being 5.would be 7.causing 8.up 9.the 10.environmental 【解析】 【试源】2016 届山西省大同一中高二上学期期末考试 【结束】




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