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短文改错 四十二

短文改错 四十二
Passage One Today we went to climb Wuyi Mountain. Early in the morning we meet at the school gate and took bust there. At nine o’clock we got to the foot of the mountain and start climbing. The mountain was very high and some of us got tired soon, and all of us were very excited. We cheered happily when we arrived at the top. The view was wonderful. We had the lunch there and enjoyed ourselves very much. Unfortunately when we began to walk down the mountain, we were caught by a storm. Faced with the unexpected situation, our teacher remained calmly, asking us to help each other. So we shared our umbrellas for raincoat with each other and walked more cautiously. Finally they all got to the parking lot and got on the bus head back home. Despite the unexpected rain and wind, we still had a good time. Passage Two Last week, I bought an English dictionary in a bookstore near my home. So when I came home and read carefully I found that several page of the dictionary were missing. Worse still, the misprints spread everywhere the dictionary and serous affected my reading. I went to a bookstore to ask for a replacement. But to my surprised, the staff of the bookstore turn down my request rudely and even denied the poor quality of the dictionary. It goes without saying what a high standard service is needed in today ’s society. However, to my regret. Many businessmen are fail to achieve this standard. The quality of the staff needs improve. Passage Three Dear Ms Li, I’m very happy to have you as our English teacher. As the world was becoming a global village, English is getting more and more importance. So master English means we can see the world through a new window. My English is just OK. The two main problems in my study is that I feel it difficult to learn new words by heart and I often feel nervous when speaking English. We really hope that you can give me many good advice on how to memorize new words. Other suggestion is to give me more chances to practice speaking. I believe in that I can make rapid progresses in English with your help

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