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人教版高中英语必修5 unit2 The United Kingdom reading课件 (共79张PPT)

人教课标 高二 必修 5 Unit 2

A brief introduction to the UK

The United Kingdom is a great country. It has a long history. It consists of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Great Britain is made up of three countries, that is, England, Scotland and Wales. So the United Kingdom is actually composed of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

London is its capital. The 2012 Olympic Games was held in the city.

This is the famous Heathrow Airport. If you want to visit the country, you can go to London by air.

If you leave at 11:15 Beijing time from Beijing airport, you will get to London Heathrow Airport at about 15:10 London time. Beijing is seven hours earlier than London.

This was the Prime Minister of the UK.

And this was the Queen. The queen is the head of state, but it’s in name only. The most powerful one is the Prime Minister, who controls everything in the UK.

There are 23 provinces in China. But in England, people don’t use the word “province”. Instead, they use the word “county”. There are more than eighty counties in the UK.

The River Thames is the longest river.

Let’s have a quiz.
How much do you know about the UK? Try this quiz and find out.

1. How many countries does the UK consist of?
A. two

B. three C. four

2. How long does it take to fly from Beijing to London Heathrow Airport? A. about 6 B. about 10 C. about 16 hours hours hours
London Heathrow Airport


3. Who rules the UK: the Prime Minister or the Queen?
A. the Queen B. the Prime Minister C. both

Her position is ceremonial: opening Parliament, welcoming heads, going on tours.

The Prime Minister together with ministers (called Cabinet) and his Members of Parliament make important political decisions and the laws.

4. What are the provinces called in England?

A. counties B. departments C. states

5. Which is the longest river in England? A. the River Avon B. the River Thames C. the River Severn


338 km

Avon 120 km


290 km

6. Which flag is the national flag of the UK?


Union Jack B.



7. Which is the national flower of the UK?

A. Cherry

B. Rose

C. Peony (牡丹)

8. Which is the national animal of the UK?

A. Beaver 海狸

B. Redbreast 知更鸟

C. Bald eagle 秃头鹰

Let’s enjoy some pictures Do you know them?

River Thames 泰晤士河

London Tower Bridge 伦敦塔桥

the House of Parliament 国会大厦

Big Ben 大本钟

Buckingham Palace 白金汉宫

London Eye 伦敦眼

St Paul’s Cathedral

Royal Greenwich Observatory (格林威治天文台)

Westminster Abbey, England 威斯敏斯特修道院

Oxford University

Cambridge University


Information about the UK
Skim the text, and tick out what are mentioned in the text. sports history life styles

London cultures


literature(文学) food England



geography England sports culture language history → invaders


What is the text mainly about?

An introduction of the United geography Kingdom about its __________, history culture _________. ________,

1. Match the main idea of each paragraph.

Para 1

A. How the United Kingdom came into being. B. States the topic of the passage. C. Explains the differences of the four countries.

Para 2

Para 3

Para 4

D. London is the greatest historical treasure.
E. The evidence of the invaders in the British countryside. F. Explains England is divided into three zones.

Para 5

Para 6

Which countries make up the UK? England, Wales, Scotland,

Northern Ireland.

1. When was Wales linked to England? In the thirteenth century.

2. Which countries form Great Britain?
England, Wales, Scotland.

3. When were England and Wales joined to Scotland?

In the seventeenth century.
4. When did Southern Ireland break away and Northern Ireland join with England Scotland and Wales to form the UK? In the early twentieth century.

Read Para 2, complete the form.
In the 13th Century In the 17th Century

Wales ______ was linked to England.
England and Wales were joined to Scotland __________.

Southern Ireland broke away and _________ In the early Northern _________ Ireland joined with th 20 England Wales and _________ Scotland _________, Century the United Kingdom to become ____________________.

Part 1-Geography
the UK = The United Kingdom consist of the four countries.
Northern Ireland Belfast Wales Scotland

Para 1

England + Wales + Scotland + Northern Ireland


England Dublin
Cardiff Republic of Ireland London

Cross of St George (England) Cross Cross of of St Andrew Patrick (Scotland) (Ireland) Union Jack


1. Which areas do the four countries work together? the currency and international relations. 2. What are the four countries’ differences?

different educational and legal systems as well as different football teams for competitions like the World Cup.

1. England can be divided into _____ three parts. They are: ________________ North of England ____________ Midlands _________ South of _____________ England

2. What are the features(特征) of the South? Most of the population settled in the South. 3. What are the features of the Midlands and

North of England?
Most of the large industrial cities are in the Midlands and North of England.

4. Where can you find more about British

history and culture?
older but smaller towns first built by the Romans.

London ? Why did capital London become the cultural center of England? There are a lot of historical treasure in London. ? Why are there so many historical treasures in London? London has been influenced by some invaders.

In the England history, there are several invasions. They the Anglo-Saxons ___________, are:the ___________, Normans _______________, the Vikings ___________. the Romans

What did they leave?

towns and roads

Language and government

the Vikings:
Influence the vocabulary and place-names of the North

the Normans:
Castles and words for food

Which group of the invaders did not influence London?

The Vikings

In the history of the UK, there are some important invasions. Those invaders ruled the country for some time.

They brought pains to the local people, but at the same time, they also brought something new to the country, which is important for making up its history.

3. Fill in the blanks with proper words. The full name of England is the United ______

_________ Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern
Ireland. It consists of four parts, they are

________, England _________, Scotland ______ Wales and
________________. Northern Ireland People always think ______ Wales is a part of England. The flag of the UK is called the ___________.

The four countries have different educational and _____ systems as well as __________ legal _______ England is the different _______ football ______. teams ________ largest of the four countries and it is divided ______ ____ into three parts. Most of the people settled in the ______, South but most of the large industrial cities in the _________ Midlands and the ______. London North The capital of the UK is _______, which has many great places of interest.

Complete the sentences using the 1 words in the box.

England Wales Scotland Northern Ireland Republic of Southern Ireland 1. The countries that make up Great Britain are __________________________. England, Wales and Scotland 2. If we speak of England we mean England and Wales ____________________.

England, 3. The United Kingdom includes ________ Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland __________________________________. 4. The part of Ireland that separated from Republic of Southern England is called ___________________

Ireland _________.
England/ 5. London is the capital city of _________ ___________________. Great Britain/the UK

Part 2-England Look at the map of England and Wales in the following page to see how England is divided into 3 zones

Para 4



Para 4

the North Leeds, York, Sheffield, Manchester

the Midlands
Coventry, Birmingham the South of England Reading, London, Brighton, Plymouth

1. Divide the text into three parts according to the main ideas given. Part 1 (Para _____ 1-3 )

How the UK came into being? Part 2 (Para ____ 4 ) England is divided into 3 zones. Part 3 (Para _____ 5-6 ) The cultural importance of London.

2 Read the passage and answer the
questions. 1. The Union Jack flag unites the flags of
three countries in the United Kingdom. Which country is left out? Why?

The country left out is Wales. It is
usually assumed to be part of England.

England Scotland

Ireland Union Jack

2. What three countries does British
Airways represent?

England 2 ________ 1 _______ Scotland 3 ______ Wales
3. Which group of invaders did not

influence London?
The Vikings didn’t influence London.





Leeds, York,



Reading, London,

Brighton, Plymouth



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