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高中英语 Unit2 period ⅰ warmingup & reading课件 新人教版选修6

Unit 2 Poems
Section Ⅰ Warming Up & Reading

一、课文大意填空 simple The passage tells us some (1)________ forms of poem, such nursery cinquain as (2)________ rhymes, list poems, (3)________ , and haiku, which is very popular with English speakers.And it also refers to the Chinese poems, which have been (4)________ into English. translated

二、根据课文内容,选择最佳答案 1.In Poem A, the author uses the poem to express his feelings to his ________. B A.parents C.lover B.child D.friends

2 . Which poems contain strong rhythm among the following
poems? ____ A A.Poems A & B.

B.Poems C & D.
C.Poems E & F. D.Poems G & H.

3.Both cinquain and haiku have ________ in common. B A.17 syllables B.a clear picture and a special feeling in a few words C.five lines D.listed things 4.According to Poem H, the title of the English translation of a Chinese poem must be ________. D A.长信怨 C.桃花溪 B.水夫谣 D.望夫石

5.It can be inferred from the different types of poems that the
author shows ________. C A.poems are the most beautiful language in the world B.people from child to adult have to learn poems C.poems are written differently depending on nations D.people all over the world like poems very much

三、阅读课文,然后完成下列表格 is used to tell a story or (1)________ what will give us a describe Poetry strong impression, or it is used to convey certain (2)________. emotions delight a common type of children's poetry, (4)________ (3)_______ children because of rhyme and strong rhythm and also Nurser rhymes _________ repetition, and make them easy to learn and (5)________ recite when they learn about language. a poem, made up of (6)________ lines, where students five Cinquain convey can (7)___________ a strong picture in just a few words. Japanese a (8)________ form of poetry rather than a traditional form of English poetry, has (9)__________, and gives a 17 syllables Haiku clear picture and creates a (10)________ feeling in just a special few words. Tang Poems a Chinese form of poetry.

Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way
that will give the reader a strong impression.有些诗是为了叙 事,或者说是描述某件事并给读者以强烈的印象。 1.先行词为way 的定语从句 解析 本句为定语从句,先行词为 way,在定语从句中作

主语,关系代词用 that 或 which。如:
Can you tell me the way that/which can be used to solve the problem? 你能告诉我可以用来解决这个问题的办法吗?


way 在定语从句中作状语时,关系词用 in which 或


What surprised me was not what he said but the way in
which/that he said it. 令我惊讶的不是他说了什么而是他说的方式。 运用 完成句子 I didn't like the way (in which/that) ( 方 式 ) my father talked to ___________________ me.

Others try to convey certain emotions.而有些诗是为了 传达某种感情。 2.convey vt.传达;运送 典例 I found it hard to convey my feelings in words. 我觉得难以用言语来表达我的感情。 A wire conveys an electric current.电线传导电流。 拓展 convey sb./sp.向某人表达??/将某物运送到 某地 运用 完成句子 ①We often use body language to convey our meaning ( 表 达 ________________ 我们的意思). ②The hotel ______________________ ( 载 送 乘 客 到 ) the conveys passengers to air terminal by bus.

The language is concrete but imaginative, and they delight small children because they rhyme, have strong rhythm

and a lot of repetition.童谣的语言具体但富有想象力,而且能使
小孩子们快乐,因为他们押韵、节奏感强,而且重复多遍。 3.concrete 解析 (1)作形容词,意为“具体的”,其反义词为 abstract, 意为“抽象的”。如: He gave me a concrete explanation. 他给了我一个具体的说明。 (2)作名词,意为“混凝土”。如: A lot of buildings are made of concrete now. 现在很多建筑都用混凝土建造。

拓展 concrete examples 具体的例子

be set in concrete 固定不变
运用 完成句子

concrete objects Books and blackboards are ________________ ( 具 体 的 东

The poems may not make sense and even seem contradictory, but they are easy to learn and recite.童谣不一定 合乎常理,甚至有的看起来自相矛盾,但是它们容易学也容易

4.contradictory adj.引起矛盾的;好反驳的(无比较级和最高级) 典例 His two statements are contradictory. 他的两种说法互相矛盾。 拓展 be contradictory to 与??相矛盾 运用 完成句子 contradictory to The prisoner's statement was ________________ (相矛盾的) the one he'd made earlier.

...if we hadn't taken it easy,

if we hadn't run out of

5.take it easy 轻松;不紧张;从容 典例 You must take it easy sometimes. 有时候你必须放松一下。 拓展 take one's time 不慌不忙,从容不迫,慢慢来 take things easy 不紧张;轻轻松松 运用 完成句子

Take it easy ________________ (别着急), we'll take care of everything. out of 用完

解析 run out of 为及物动词短语,主语一般为人。如:
We are running out of water.我们快用完水了。 拓展 用 run out 意为“用光”,为不及物动词短语,主语 为物。如: Water is running out.水快用完了。 运用 用 run out of/run out 的适当形式填空 ①We ________________ the gas on the freeway last night. ran out of ②My money has ________________. run out

Another simple form of poem that students can easily write is the cinquain, a poem made up of five lines.另外一种学 生容易写的简体诗是由五行组成的,叫做“五行诗”。 made up of 由??构成 解析 本句中 made up of 为过去分词短语作定语,修饰 a poem, made 前不用 be 动词。be made up of 相当于 consist of。 作谓语时要带 be 动词,其主动形式为 make up。如:

Two doctors and five nurses made up the medical team.( 主动
语态中不用介词 of) The medical team is made up of two doctors and five nurses.(被动语态中要用介词 of) 两个医生和五个护士组成了这个医疗队。

拓展 be made for 专门为??制作 be made from 用??制成(从成品上看不出原材料) be made of 用??制成(从成品上可看出原材料) be made into 被制成/加工成 make up for 弥补 make up 组成;化妆;编造 make out 填写;辨认出;理解

运用 用上面所提供的短语的适当形式填空 made up of ①Imagine that you live in a society ________________ different races. ②This kind of paper ________________ wood. is made from ③I bought a toy ________________ glass. made of ④Wood can ________________ desks and chairs. be made into

Teasing, shouting, laughing 爱闹,爱叫,又爱笑 8.tease vi.& vt.取笑;招惹;戏弄 典例 Don't take it seriously—he's only teasing. 别把它当真,他只不过是在开玩笑。

拓展 tease sb.about sth.因某物取笑某人
laugh at/make fun of/play jokes on/play trick on 取笑 运用 完成句子 keep teasing it ①The dog may bite you if you ________________ ( 不停地 逗惹它). ②Mary ______________________ ( 因 ?? 取 笑 吉 姆 ) his teased Jim about big glasses.

A fallen blossom is coming back to the branch. 落下的 花朵回到了树枝上。 9.branch 解析 (1)n.树枝;支流,支线;(学科的)分科;部门 A bird has just lighted upon that branch. 一只鸟儿刚好落到那根树枝上了。 The river has three main branches. 这条河有三条主要的支流。 English is a branch of the Germanic family of languages.英语 是日耳曼语系的一个分支。 The bank has branches all over the country. 该银行在全国各地均有分行。

(2)vi.出枝;分叉 The tree near the house branched over the roof.

拓展 branch away (道路、河流等)分叉,岔开

branch accounts 联行账;支店(分店)账户;分类账
运用 完成句子 ① The company located its ________________ ( 分 公 司 ) in branch offices the suburbs. ② You'll have to ________________ ( 折 断 枝 干 ) to get break the branches through the thick forest.

It is easy to write and, like the cinquain, can give a clear picture and create a special feeling using the minimum of words.它容易写,而且像“五行诗”一样,可以用最少的词语 呈现出一幅清晰的画面,表达出一种特殊的感情。 10.minimum 解析 (1)n.最低限度;最少量;最小数 You must practise each day for a minimum of 30 minutes. 你 必须每天至少练习 30 分钟。 (2)adj.最小量的;最低点的;最低限度的 The minimum wage is 4.25 dollars an hour. 最低工价为每小时 4.25 美元。

拓展 其反义词为 maximum。如: Our goal is to achieve the maximum of efficiency. 我们的目标是取得最高的效率。

运用 完成句子 The cost should be kept to ________________ ( 一个最低限度). a minimum

Did you know that English speakers also enjoy other forms of Asian poetry—Tang poems from China in

particular?你知道吗?说英语的人也喜欢其他类型的亚洲诗, 尤其是中国的“唐诗”。 particular 尤其;特别 典例 I noticed his eyes in particular, because they were such

an unusual color. 我尤其注意到了他的眼睛,因为它们的颜色非同寻常。 She stressed that point in particular. 她特别强调了那一点。

拓展 in particular=particularly,作“特殊地,具体地”讲
时常用在 anyone, anything, anywhere, no one 等不定代词的后 面。

运用 完成句子 in particular/particularly Is there anything _______________________ ( 特 别 ) you'd like for dinner?

Never looking back, transformed into stone.化为石,不 回头。 12.transform vi.& vt.转化;转换;改造;变换 典例 The magician transformed the frog into a prince. 魔术师把青蛙变成了王子。 The situation has been greatly transformed. 形势已经大为好转。 拓展 transform...into...把??转化/改造成 运用 完成句子

Heat can transform water into (把水转化成) steam. ________________

Should the traveller return, this stone would utter speech.行人归来石应语。

解析 这是一个倒装句,相当于 If the traveller return, this

stone would utter speech. 。如果非真实条件句中有 were, had,

should 等助动词时,可将 if 省略,而把 were, had 或 should 置
于句首,来表达以 if 引导的条件句的相同意思。如: Should it rain/Were it to rain tomorrow, the sports meet would be put off. 如果明天下雨,运动会将会推迟。

运用 同义句转换,每空一词 If he had seen you yesterday, he would have returned your book. Had he seen you ________ ________ ________ ________ yesterday, he would have returned your book.


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