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on account of in addition to on the/an) average for the better in any case in case of incase in no case in charge (of) (a) round the clock in common in conclusion on condition that in confidence in connection with in consequence in consequence of on the contrary in contrast with / to at all costs at the cost of in the course of in demand in detail in the distance on earth at all events in any event in the event of in the face of in force in future in the future in general at hand hand down in hand on hand at heart in honor of on / upon one 's honor at intervals at length in (the) light of in line(with) at a loss as a matter of fact by all means by means of by no means at the mercy of at the moment for the moment on occasion (s) on one 's own in place

in the first place on the point of to the point in practice out of practice for the present in proportion to in public in question at any rate by reason of as regards with/in regard to in relation to with respect to as a result as a result of in return (for) as a rule in the long run for the sake of on a...scale in secret in a sense in (good) shape on the side at first sight in sight out of sight in spite of on the spot ^ in step out of step in stock in sum in terms of for one thing at a time at no time at one time aim at accuse ...of... devote to engage in cannot/couldn't help insist on keep from look forward to persist in prevent … from … set about think of … as … have/gain access to

take... into account take advantage of pave the way for do / try one's best get / have the best of make the best of get / have the better of catch one's breath take a chance fake charge keep. . .company take (a) delight in make a difference carry / bring / put into effect come / go into effect take effect catch sb's eye keep an eye on find fault with keep sb's head lose sb's head get / catch / take hold of throw / cast light on / upon bear / keep in mind have in mind bring / put into operation come / go into operation keep pace with take the place of put into practice give rise to make sense catch sight of take in (one's) stride take one's time keep track of lose track of put to use give way make way assert oneself break away from come true come up to come up with do away with fall back on fall in with get along with get down to give oneself up give way to go along with

go back on go in for hang on to jog sb's memory lend itself to let alone let go of live up to look up to make up for put up with refer to. . .as… serve ... right set in not to be sneezed at stand up for stand up to at times for the time being from time to time in no time in truth by turns in turn in vain by virtue of by way of in a way in no way in sb's / the way on the whole in the wings in a word in the world appeal to attempt at attitude to / towards a great / good deal of influence on interference in interference with no doubt no matter no wonder be worse off be sick of be strict with be suited to be supposed to do sth. be sure to do be surprised at

be through with be tired from be tired of be unconscious of be unequal to be unfit for be well up be willing to do be worried about above all leave alone anything but many a … make the most of (every) now and then all at once once (and) for all other than ever so or so what if … and yet abide by adapt to adhere to apologize (-ise) to... for … cling to collide with compensate for comply with conceive of conform to consult with cooperate with cope with derive from deviate from dispose of put into use be satisfied with come to a conclusion decline invitation agree on / upon may (might) as well argue about… take (make) a stand for take (make) a stand against come after in support of dwell on / upon hinder from impose on originate in / from

participate in preside at / over prevail over prevail on / upon reconcile to restrain from specialize in testify to queue up exposure to objection to preference for / to proficiency in requirement for / to thirst for by comparison in sequence at stake in accordance with on behalf of in excess of
第一部分:语法 1. a/an/the 例子:_____ food system must be built up without delay. 搭配1:such a+形容词+名词 搭配2:so+形容词+a+名词 2. 双重所有格

例子:我碰到了我姐姐的一个朋友 -I met a friend of my sister. -I met a friend of my sister’s. 3. A: 物主代词 I love Hemingway’s novels

because __ are the best. B: I love your novels because yours 比较级

are the best. 4.

-比较级平衡性 -复杂比较 句型1:It is not so much A as B. 句型2:It is less A than B 句型2:No sooner had I entered than the telephone rang. 句型3:more than 句型4:anything but 句型5:nothing but

5. 虚拟语气

时态 (照应、 主被动、 虚拟语气)

-If+did, I would(might/could)do. -If+had done, I would have done.

-If only I had done!(I didn’t do it) -But for+名词,I could not have -I advise (suggest/recommend/) that some measures be taken.(被动) -It is necessary/important/urgent that some measures be taken. -It is time that some measures were taken. -I would rather stay at home./I would rather you stayed at home. -I wish that I could land on the Moon. 6. 分词

-out of -contribute (success/failure) to + -ascribe failure to+名词; -名词 be attributed to+名词 -owe success to -选择:or/ or so=about: -and的特殊使用 A few days’ rain or a wicked storm or two and it will flood. 2. Complex sentence: 五组关系 -让:although/though/even though(in spite of/despite fact that) -对比:while/whereas -时间:while doing, …./when +动词 -条件:if/only if/as long as -原因:because/on account of 三个词: -until: I didn’t leave until six o’clock. 直 到…….才(就) -例子:It was not until 16th century that English people developed the habit of smoking cigarettes. -before: 直到,才,就 例子:Newton was born three months before his father died. -unless: if not

-现分/过分 -动名/现分doing stop doing/stop to do; remember doing/remember to do; regret doing/regret to do -几个to doing的表达 be used to doing; be accustomed to doing; look forward to doing; stick to doing; object to doing; be committed to 现在分词的句子构型 -名词+doing+do -句子,doing. -句子,名词+doing. -It is+形容词to do something. -It is too形容词to do 7. 定从/同位从/what引导名词化从句 /where引导名词化从句 8. 强调句

第二部分:连词 1. 句子种类 -simple sentence -compound sentence(复合句) -complex sentence(复杂句) 2. -转折: Compound:平行 but, however, Nevertheless in fact, actually, rather, -对比:I learn English, but she learns French. -not only, but …as well -原因:for -结果:so,(so that), as a result, consequently, Tip:其他因果词汇 -owing to; due to -thanks to -As a result of



三、常见短语搭配 1. 介词与动词的搭配 account for 说明(原因等) add to 增添,增加;补充 adhere to 附着,粘着 agree to 同意,赞成 aim at 瞄准,对准;旨在...


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