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必修五 Unit 4 Making the news-Language points[新人教版课件]

人教课标版 高二 必修5

Unit 4

1. occupation n. 1) 工作, 职业 Please state your name, address, and occupation. I hope that teaching will be my future occupation. 2) 业余活动, 消遣 Fishing is a peaceful occupation.

3) 占领,占有
She was born in France during the

German occupation.
<知识拓展> occupant n. 占有人, 占有者 occupational adj. 职业的, 职业引起的 occupy v. 占领,占有,使从事,使忙于

3. Never will Zhou Yang forget his first assignment at the office of a popular local newspaper. 这里是倒装(Inversion), 此句的正常句序是: Zhou Yang will never forget his first assignment at the office of …. 注意: 当一些否定词, 如: never, little, hardly, scarcely, seldom, not, not only, no sooner放在 句首时, 句子部分倒装, 即句序为: 否定词+ 助动词+主语+谓语

Maybe you have been to many countries,

but nowhere else can you find such a
beautiful place. (否定词nowhere置于句首, 对句子结构 进行部分倒装) I finally got the job I dreamed about. Never in my life had I felt so happy. (否定词never置于句首,对句子结构进 行部分倒装)

Never in my wildest dreams _____ these

people are living in such poor conditions.
(安徽 2006)

A. I could imagine B. could I imagine
C. I couldn’t imagine D. couldn’t I imagine [点拨] 选B。表示否定意义的词如never, hardly, seldom等位于句首时,句子要部分 倒装。

4. His discussion with his new boss, Hu Xin, was to strongly influence his life as a journalist. be to +动词原形, 这里表示将来的时态, 有注定的意味。 He is never to see his wife again. His continuous effort is to make him a successful man.

be to +动词原形可以表示一种责任, 需 要, 警告或命令的语气。 You are to be back before 10pm. I am to inform you that your wife was killed in the accident.

be to +动词原形也可以表示一种不会 改变的安排或意向。

They are to be married next month.
The conference is to be held on March


否定形式be (not) to +动词原形表示 一种可能性。 The lost child was not to be found. He was not to come on time.

n.影响力;有影响力的人或事 5. influence v.影响(某人)对…起作用 influential adj. 有影响力的

The influence of parents is very important. It’s very clear that her painting has been influenced by Picasso. I don’t want to influence you, so I don’t want to tell you my opinion.

6. delighted: very pleased and happy delighted to do something Sandy will be delighted to see you. delighted (that) I’m delighted that we have settled the matter. delighted with/by/at She was delighted with her new home. I am delighted by the result. Andrea was delighted at the chance to go to the ballet ball.

7. assistant adj. 助理的;副的 e.g. assistant manager / director / cook / professor / journalist etc. assistant n. (C) : someone who helps someone else in their work, especially by doing the less important jobs e.g. a sales / shop assistant e.g. Hughes, who was Mott's assistant, will now become head coach. e.g. Lydia is the assistant to the Director of Finance.

8. put sb. …to sb.: to arrange for someone
to follow sb., or to make sb. go to a place e.g. Remember to put the children to bed at 8 o’clock. put sb. up to sth.: to encourage someone to do something stupid or dangerous e.g. 'Did Shirley put you up to this?'

'No, it was my own idea.'

10. Later you can cover a story and submit the article yourself.


1) cover v. 采访, 报道 Journalists are soon sent to cover the terrible attack / cover the local election. v. 覆盖, 遮掩 2/3 of the earth is covered with water. He laughed to cover his nervousness.

v. 包括, 涉及

His lecture covered the subject thoroughly.
He made a research that covers a wide field. n. 盖子, 避难所, 书刊封面 I bought the book only for its cover. We took cover/sheltered under a tree. They escaped under the cover of darkness.

12. professional adj. 职业的,专业的, 从事 职业的 I can’t imagine he is a professional

I want to be a professional journalist.

professional team / standards / advice

profession n. occupation requiring advanced education and special training e.g. She is a lawyer by profession. e.g. The acting is a good profession at the moment.

14. concentrate on (doing) sth.
concentrate v.

1) 专心致志,全神贯注
His whole mind was concentrated on one thing--- how to pass the exam. I can’t concentrate on my studies with all that noise going on.

2) 聚集, 集中
The troops concentrated near the station. The crowds concentrated in the centre of the city.

15. Not only am I interested in photography,

but I took an amateur course at
university to update my skills.

Not only…but also引导的并列句, 如not
only位于句首, not only 所在句倒装。 Not only will I go, but also I will take my parents there.

17. course n. 课程; 过程; 一道菜 An event that changed the course of history 改变历史进程的事件 a four-course dinner 有四道菜的正餐

20. acquire v. gain or get by one’s effort

acquisition n. 获得, 习得, 获得物
I managed to acquire two tickets for the concert. The company has acquired a new office building in Guangzhou.

The acquisition of a second language is
different from learning it.

He is a valuable acquisition to the firm. 他是公司不可多得(宝贵的)人才。 注意:不要把 acquire (获得, 学到)和

inquire (询问, 问明, 查究)混淆

21. have a nose for 有探究和发现事物的能力 He has a sharp nose for others’ trouble. Experienced teachers often have

sharp noses for students’ problems.

<拓展> have an eye for 很能鉴赏(判断);对…感兴趣 He has an eye for beauty, so he has an eye for color and style in clothes too.

23. inform v formally or officially tell someone about something or give them information inform somebody about/of something ? Please inform us of any change of address as soon as possible. inform somebody (that) ? We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected.

25. deadline n a date or time by which you have to do or complete something deadline for ? The deadline for applications is May 27th. deadline of ? It has to be in before the deadline of July 1st. meet /miss a deadline (= have or not have something finished on time) ? working under pressure to meet a deadline

27. accused…of 控告; 控诉 to accuse sb of murder/theft. 控告某人谋杀/盗窃 28. so as to 以便 The test questions are kept secret, so as to prevent cheating.

试题必须保密, 以防作弊。

31. demand v to ask for something very firmly, especially because you think you have a right to do this demand sth. of sb. ? Some children demand too much of their parents. (同义词) require; need ? This sorts of work demands great patience.

demand that (从句中should可省略) ? He demands that he be told /demands to be told everything. ? They demanded that the military government free all political prisoners. demand to know / see / have sth. ? He kept demanding to know how it got there.

I. 根据句意,选择适当的词填空。 1. profession; professional; professor professor a. He was a famous _________ in Jilin University. profession b. He took up the __________ of doctor when he was 30. professional c. You need a ___________ expert to direct your paper.

2. technique; technical; technically a. The book is too technical for general ________ readers.

b. This kind of material is produced
technique using a traditional _________. Technically c. ___________, the building is a masterpiece, but few people like it.

3. gift; gifted gift a. He has a ____ for music. gifted b. He is ______ in singing and dancing. 4. thorough; through Through a. _______ the kitchen window, I saw

the mailman walking up to the house.
b. Researchers have to be very ________ thorough to make sure the results are accurate.

5. colleague; college colleague a. I’d like to introduce a _________ of mine, David from our office. college b. My brother never went to ______, but he still has a very good job. 6. concentrate; concentration a. I can’t concentrate on my studies __________ with so much noise going on. b. The tennis players need total _____________ during play. concentration

7. course; cause

a. Breast cancer is the leading ______ of cause
death for American women in their

b. All people applying for driving licenses are required to take a driving ______. course

8. record; recorder recorder a. She took her Sony tape _________ out of her bag and placed it down. b. According to your medical _______, records

you had an operation five years ago.

II. 根据括号内所给的提示将下列句子翻 译成英语。 1. 我们必须致力于改进教育工作。 (concentrate ... on) We must concentrate our efforts on improving education.

3. 他被派去报道那次会议的有关情况。 (cover) He was sent to cover that meeting. 4. 那本书找不到了。(be to do) The book was not to be found. 5. 只有当你经历了很多磨难后, 你才知 道幸福的可贵。(only if) Only if you experience much hardship

can you value the happiness.

6. 他被指控杀人并被宣判死罪。(be

accused of)
He is accused of murder and sentenced to death. 7. 为了占到好座位,我和玛丽很早就去

了。(so as to) Mary and I went early so as to get
good seats.

8. 我以为我们今天会领到电影票呢。(be
supposed to) I thought we were supposed to get

movie tickets today.
9. 在场的所有人都认为他没有说实话。 (tell the truth) All the people present thought he didn’t tell the truth.


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