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Unit18 L1 What is beauty教学设计

Unit 18 Lesson 1 What is beauty?

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Unit 18 Lesson 1 What is beauty?
I. Learning aims By the end of this lesson, you should be able to: grasp the general idea of the text through skimming. know what can influence people’s judgment of beauty and know the importance of inner beauty through scanning and discussing. talk about “true beauty” in your eyes. II. Important and difficult points 1. How to find out the specific information correctly. 2. To know more about physical beauty and inner beauty. 3. To guide the students to realize true beauty and look for true beauty around us. III.Teaching Methods 1.Brainstorm before reading. 2.Read for detailed information,question-and-answer activity and discussion. 3.Individual, pair or group work to make every student work in class. IV.Teaching Aids multi-media, blackboard,pictures V.Teaching procedures Step1. Warm-up and lead-in Let the students look at some pictures first, and voice out their opinions about this question,”Do you think the people in the pictures are beautiful?” (Display the pictures using multi-media) After talking, come to the conclusion that traditions and fashions change with time as well as history, society and culture.Then let the students guess the meaning of this expression,”Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” on page 34. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that is to say, beauty is quite different in the eyes of different people. Let the students read the passage and find waht can influence people’s judgment of beauty. Step2.Fast-reading(skimming) Read the text fast and match the topics for each paragraph. ( ) A. Ideas of beauty change with time. ( ) B. Inner beauty is much more important.

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C. There was no consistent views on beauty. D. Culture remains a major part in determining ideas of beauty. E. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. F. There are no precise criteria for judging what is beautiful.

Step3.Careful-reading(scanning) Read the text again carefully, and then finish the tasks on the screen. The tasks are below: 1: Why do we say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? There was no ___________view on beauty. Standards of beauty ________ across time and cultural groups. 2:Culture influences our ideas of beauty: In some countries: Young women follow _________ diets to lose extra kilos in preparation for their wedding day. In other cultures: Looking a little ___________ is considered more attractive. 3: According to the text , tell True or False. ( ) a. People could see beauty in difference and depth. ( ) b. We could only see beauty within a set of limited criteria. ( ) c. There are no precise criteria in judging what is beautiful. When the students finish the tasks, they should display the answers and check them on the blackboard, I will give their groups some scores if they do a good job. Step4. Listening Listen to the text and fill in the form. The students can be volunteers to gain some scores in groups. Our ideas of beauty change with time: In the past now Women _________ wear corsets to It is no longer considered _______. achieve a ____________. Men would wear woollen shawls across It is not seen as _________. their ___________. used tattoos as an addition to costumes to They are seen as a form of _______. show __________________ or to mark ___________. Step5. Discussion After reading twice and listening, the students have already known the general idea of the passage,so next have a discussion. Why is inner beauty more difficult to determine than physical beauty? Step6. Important sentences

1.Traditions and fashions, like society itself, change and adapt with time, so it is reasonable that our ideas of beauty change as well. it is reasonable that… ……是合理的 2.Life-long commitment and, indeed, the survival of society itself rely on people seeing beauty in difference and depth. seeing beauty in difference and depth 是现在分词短语做后置定语 3. …it is inner beauty that requires us to truly see. 本句为强调句型 Step7. Voice your opinions Let the students watch a video and talk about what they can learn from the video. Then speak out the “true beauty” that they find around them Step8. Homework 1. Read the text “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” loudly. 2. Write something about your own beauty. That’s all. Thank you!



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