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外研版 高一年级 (必修1) Module 1


We can send our best wishes to our friends by email.

Email is bridging the distance between people.

Read the email from an American student and answer the question.
1. Who is writing the email? Martha, a 16-year-old girl from New York. 2. Why is she writing? She wants students to tell her about their memories of their first year at primary school.

3. What does she remember? The smell of wall paint; Molly, her friend; Miss Sharp’s smile; her favorite activity: drawing pictures.

Hello, my name is Martha, I’m16 years old and live ___ in New York I’m in _________. tenth _____ grade in Senior High school. My favorite subjects are______ and _______. history Spanish I’m also studying _______ Chinese in the evening class. Main idea of the passage: Martha’s self-introduction.

What is the main idea of Paragraph 2? Martha has some questions about Li Kang’s memories of his first year at school. What is the main idea of Paragraph 3? Martha’s memories about her first year at school.

Write a reply, answering the questions in the email. Sample: A:What is your first memory of school? B: My first memory of school was the smell of paint. A: What was your favorite activity when you were in first grade? B: My favorite activity in first grade was drawing pictures.

A: Who was your first best friend? Is she still your best friend?

B: My first best friend was a girl
called Molly and we were friends

for about three years. But then she
moved to California. She still write

to me.

Language points
1. in the evening class 在上夜校 2. Would you mind answering the questions for me? 你介意回答我的问题吗? Would you mind doing …? 你介意做……吗?

Do you mind my/me shutting the door? 我关门你介意吗? Would you mind giving me a piece of paper? 请给我一张纸好吗?

如果表示“愿意”,应该说: No, I don’t mind. 我不介意(不反对)。

No, go ahead. 我不在乎,请吧!
Of course not. 当然不反对。

Not at all. Please do.
一点也不介意,请吧! 如果表示“不愿意”, 则用I’m sorry, but…

3. at the start of the the year在本学年初

start为名词, 意为“(工作等的)开
始,着手,最初,最初部分 ”。如:

I have to be home before the start of
the school.

Everything went well from the start. 从一开始一切都顺利。

at the start 起初;最先 from start to finish 从头到尾 give a start (of …) (因??而) 吃一惊,吓一跳 give …a start

make a start 出发;起跑 他赛跑时起跑得很好。 如:

He made a good start in the race.

4. My favorite activity in first grade was

drawing pictures.
drawing pictures在句中作表语,说

明主语的内容。 5. She had the biggest smile in the world.
have the biggest smile笑容满面,灿 烂的笑容

1. How are you doing? 你的情况怎么样啊? do 用作不及物动词, 表示“进展, 进 行”。又如:

The patient is doing well. 病人情况良好。 His business did well. 他的事业顺利。 do常与will, won’t 连用, 意为“适当; 管用; 行”。 如:

Any magazine will do. 任何杂志都可以。 Those shoes won’t do for climbing. 那双鞋对登山不管用。
2. So have I. 我也去过。 1) “so +助动词/情态动词/系动词+主 语”,表示前面所说的情况也适合于另 一个人或物。如: He is an artist, so is she. 他是艺术家,她也是。

Tom is a college student, so am I.

Nancy can play the violin, so can I.

“I saw the movie.” “So did I.” “我看过那部电影。” “我也看了。”

2) “nor/neither+助动词/系动词/情态动 词+主语”表示否定,意为 “?? 也不” 。 如: Bob wasn’t at school yesterday, neither/nor was Jack. 昨天Bob没有来,Jack也没有来。 If they do not go, neither will I. 你若不去,我也不去。 “I don’t want to go. “Neither do I.” “我不要去.” “我也不想去。”

3) 如果是对上文描述的内容进行肯定,表

助动词/系动词/ 情态动词”。

-He is good at English.

-So he is. 是的,的确如此。 “They work hard.” “So they do.”
“他们很努力。” “的确如此。”



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