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B-3 词汇测试(2) 自己刷的,看着办吧

名称 B-3 词汇测试(2) 状态 已完成 分数 得 2.3 分,满分 3 分 说明 问题 1 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The researchers examined the risk of developing breast cancer among women who had never smoked, but who had a history of __________ to secondhand smoke either at home, at work or in social settings 所选答案: D. exposure

问题 2 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 To get rid of such a __________ and life threatening factor, other alternate natural energy sources such as wind, sun, waves, should be sought and implemented 所选答案: B. hazardous

问题 3 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The tests themselves are merely methods with characteristics that can be measured with reasonable __________ under specified condition. 所选答案: A. precision

问题 4 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Keeping your head, instead of crowding and pushing to get to an exit, may __________ between life and death when fire breaks out. 所选答案: C. make all the difference

问题 5 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The Olympic Park will be located to the north of downtown area and to the east of a district ___________ science, education and historical relics. 所选答案: D. renowned for

问题 6 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 In his new job, John felt ___________ his surroundings and his associates due to the cooperative relationship and ambience cultivated by the enterprise. 所选答案: B. in tune with

问题 7 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 If you plan your time in this way, you can focus your effort and energy productively and __________ towards reaching your goal. 所选答案: A. take steps

问题 8 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The Eurostar which had been halted after six trains broke down in the tunnel trapping __________ 2,000 passengers resumed operations on the English Channel tunnel last month. 所选答案: D. approximately

问题 9 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 We should encourage clean production and enterprises that discharge pollutants stipulated standards should __________ the situation within a specified time. 所选答案: B. recover

exceeding the

问题 10 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Several days ago I went to the Number One Hospital and the much experienced doctor told me that swimming was one of the effective ways to --__________. -所选答案: C. work out

问题 11 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 Not long after they crossed the Continental Divide, __________ before them was the most beautiful sight of the whole trip – the Tetons. 所选答案: C. expanded out

问题 12 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Come on, take a -__________. You may lose, but it's worth trying. I'm not reckless, but I don't mind taking a risk now and then. 所选答案: A. chance

问题 13 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Wrinkles, bags and dark circles in the delicate skin around your eyes increase your “apparent age” more than changes in any other facial feature. Tired eyes __________ your age. 所选答案: A. betray

问题 14 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 I live in __________ and silence in a small Lincolnshire village and have taken a vow to stay here for the rest of my life. 所选答案: B. alone

问题 15 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 What a __________ in Kim's bedroom! He needs your help to clean up. 所选答案: C. mess

问题 16 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 As a consensus emerges that the US economy has entered a recession, we are now in a position to ___________ the full business cycle of the 2000s. 所选答案: B. convert

问题 17 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 The legislative branch, one of the three branches of America’s government system, contains the two houses of __________ -- the House of Representatives and the Senate. 所选答案: B. Conference

问题 18 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 A research shows that there is a strong __________ against Muslims in UK after the 7/7 London Bombing. 所选答案: A. temper

问题 19 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Two armed robbers were yesterday found __________ of the murder of a middle-aged housewife

as they attempted to rob her Rolex watch and other valuable jewellery in the backstreet. 所选答案: A. guilty

问题 20 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 As the falling real-estate and stock markets __________ their savings, many aging Americans are delaying retirement, electing labor over leisure in uncertain times. 所选答案: A. erode

问题 21 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 I’ve been to Scotland with my family twice, and we did enjoy the __________ landscapes there. 所选答案: A. splendid

问题 22 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 It was __________ that both parties reached an agreement and decided to withdraw their troops from the border after several diplomatic dialogues. 所选答案: D. transparent

问题 23 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Traditionally, we Chinese people are reluctant to show off what we are good at. We always value highly being __________. 所选答案: A. modest

问题 24 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The negotiator burst into tears several times when he was __________ attacked by his opponents at the conference yesterday 所选答案: A. viciously

问题 25 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The manufacturer will establish, document and ___________ a quality system as a means of ensuring that the product conforms to specified requirements. 所选答案: C. maintain

问题 26 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 You should __________ the worn and sleazy paint from the wall before you decorate the room. 所选答案: C. stripe

问题 27 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 It was not possible to repair the classroom buildings without considerable __________ on them, and the school drafted a budget to the supervisor accordingly. 所选答案: C. expenditure

问题 28 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Although we have so many difficulties before us, we still __________ accomplishing the project on time if we keep on working hard. 所选答案: B. have a hope of

问题 29 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Excuse me, sir. This ticket doesn’t __________ you to travel first class. You took a wrong seat. 所选答案: D. entitle

问题 30 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 You can’t just do it however you like – you must follow the __________. 所选答案: B. procedure

问题 31 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 We were excited to see a __________ figure waving her hands and shouting at the top of the mountain that day.

所选答案: C. tight

问题 32 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分

Guo Moruo, one of the famous writers in Chinese history, wrote several ________ plays in his lifetime, notably Qu Yuan in 1942. 所选答案: D. historical

问题 33 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 Faced with the financial crisis, that company introduced no __________ new ideas but encouraged its senior professionals to make constructive suggestions to turn it around. 所选答案: C. frankly

问题 34 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 According to the requirements of sustainable development, the urban transportation should not only meet the transporting demands of urban area, but also fit the objective __________ of resources and environment 所选答案: A. restriction

问题 35 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 Motivation is some kind of __________ drive that encourages people to pursue a course of action. 所选答案: B. fatal

问题 36 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 The young nurse was so reliable and responsible vocationally that she was appointed in charge of ___________ the medicine to the lonely old sick women in that community. 所选答案: A. prescribing

问题 37 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 One glance at the pyramid can leave the viewer __________ its beauty and splendor. 所选答案: B. in awe of

问题 38 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 As the UN Climate change conference in Copenhagen got under way, a BBC journalist reported

how British government __________ energy use. 所选答案: A. cut down on

问题 39 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 We are testing the ____________ of a new drug which is reported useful in relieving headaches. 所选答案: A. efficacy

问题 40 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 I didn’t give a second thought as the snow __________ my clothes. “Let’s stop work and get home now!” 所选答案: D. melted into

问题 41 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The ISSA Certification is recognized and accepted in __________ every nation in world, commanding the highest respect and prestige. 所选答案: B. virtually


问题 42 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 A university of __________ is nationally recognized by education professionals as an excellent school and an active campus with many opportunities for personal development. 所选答案: D. distinction

问题 43 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Small shareholders of that company own only 215 of the shares __________ on the stock exchange in America. 所选答案: C. quoted

问题 44 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 That old lady’s will contains instructions to sell her house and car and _________ the proceeds among the poor in her neighborhood. 所选答案: A. distribute

问题 45 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Soils are normally much better able to __________ acidification than lakes, rivers and streams, and so they can take much more acid without noticeable ecological drawbacks. 所选答案: A. resist

问题 46 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 In the ___________ of ancient Troy, the Greeks got into the city by hiding in a wooden horse, which is globally known for Trojan Horse. 所选答案: B. legend

问题 47 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 College students ought to have a clear recognition of our future. Whatever other people say, we should stick to goals and pursue our dreams. It is ourselves who decide our own __________. 所选答案: D. destiny

问题 48 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Suzhou is widely-known for its incomparably (无比的) exquisite gardens, and Hangzhou for its __________ scenery around the West Lake. 所选答案: C. fascinating

问题 49 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 She prefers conservative trousers to fashionable skirts as she thinks wearing the latter would __________ her movement. 所选答案: A. hamper

问题 50 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The Pentagon may command the most powerful military machine on earth, but it still has insufficient troops to comfortably __________ all of the missions assigned to it.

所选答案: A. carry out

问题 51 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 I grabbed the nearest bat and quietly __________down the stairs only to find that the voices were from the TV. I thought I had turned it off. 所选答案: C. walked

问题 52 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The young man succeeded in getting his parents’ support and married the girl, who is a __________ girl 所选答案: C. submissive

问题 53 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 118 Russian sailors died when the supposedly __________ Kursk submarine sank in 2000. 所选答案: A. indestructible

问题 54 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 Any __________ method that is not marked as active after stack scanning is marked as dead and the reference to it is removed from the compiled method table. 所选答案: B. obsolete

问题 55 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 He was an able man, so everyone was willing to vote him when he was __________ the election of the Trade Union. 所选答案: C. put up for

问题 56 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 An unending flow of private and public criticism suggests that the people of the United States suffer from government, national, state and local, which is corrupt and __________. 所选答案: A. indifferent

问题 57 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 If every Canadian family replaced one regular light bulb with a CFL (compact florescent light), it would __________ 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gases, the same as taking 7.5 million cars off the road. 所选答案: C. eliminate

问题 58 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 The debate among some governmental agencies continues about whether these industries should be under public or private __________. 所选答案: C. ownership

问题 59 得 0 分,满分 0.05 分 A person’s __________ income is the money they earn before tax is deducted from it. 所选答案: D. reasonable

问题 60 得 0.05 分,满分 0.05 分 As a representative in our school, I __________ take part in the National English Oral Contest and was granted the second award gloriously. 所选答案: B. was honored to

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