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Unit3 Under the sea
课前预习 Warming up and reading 一 中译英 英译中 1. 轶事;奇闻 2. 每年的;年刊;年鉴 3. 当场见到;目击;证人 4. 住所;住宿 5. 岸;海滨 6. 在…对面;相对的;相反的 7. 暂停;中止 8. 跳水 潜水(的动作); 俯冲 9. 逃避;逃跑;逃离 10. 拖;拉;扯 11. 催促;极力主

张;驱策 二 根据汉语释义写出单词及相应的单词形式 1. vi.&vt.慢跑;轻推→(现在分词) → n. n.意识;明白 adj.宽的;广阔的;广泛的 n.卷笔刀;磨具 →(过去分词)

12. 放弃;遗弃;抛弃 13. help…out 14. sort out 15. yell out/call out 16. draw close (to) 17. a pack of 18. aim at 19. in the meantime 20. bring in 21. without pausing 22. let go

2.reflect vi.&vt. 3. 4. adj. 6. 7. 闪光+


adj.狭窄的;有限的;狭隘的→(反义词) → 灯→

vi.&vt.削尖;磨快;使敏捷;变锋利→ n.闪光灯;手电筒 adj.好吃的;可口的

n.&v.味道;品尝;尝起来→ → →(反义词) adj.平坦的→(反义词) 海洋+ 海洋+ 边;旁边→ 杂草;草→

8.scare vt.&vi. 9.deep adj. 10. 11. 12.

adj.害怕的;惊恐的 adj.浅的;肤浅的;浅显的 adj.陡峭的 n.&adj.海边(的) n.海草

三 课文句子翻译 1. 那个时期,虎鲸(当时被称为”杀手”)帮助捕鲸人在每年须鲸迁徙时捕捉须鲸。

2. 啊,它们在协同作战呢——那些虎鲸正往鲸的出气孔上扑去,不让它呼吸。

3. 我坐在温暖的夜空下,手里拿着一瓶冷饮,回忆着当天的故事——这真是神奇的一天。

4. 然后还有两条灰色的珊瑚鲨,每条大约 1.5 米长,它们突然从珊瑚礁后面游了出来。

Using Language 英译中 1. (be)scared to death 2. be/become aware of 3. upside down 4. watch for 5. get close to 6. wake up 7. slow(…)down 8. throw away 9. in danger of 10. lay the table close range fond of

词汇串记 The annual holiday was coming. We decided to go to the seashore which is not very far. The moment we arrived at the shore and made our accommodation, we went to the seaside with my telescope. Without pausing, I jumped into the sea. The first thing I became aware of was all the vivid colors surrounding me. And all kinds of fishes were fantastic to me. I especially loved the little orange and white fish that hid in the waving seaweed. Suddenly with my telescope I saw an enormous animal opposite us throwing itself out of water and then dived into the sea. It was a shark, which had sharp teeth. It was grey. I was scared to death and fled back to the shore at once. Then we went to watch the show of seals and dolphins. How interesting it was!



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