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2013 届高三一轮总复习考点提升训练英语试题集(二十五)
单项选择 21. 2012 届河北省邯郸市高三第一次模拟考试】 The color of that T-shirt 【 33. made all the other clothes pink. A. went B. disappeared C. ran D. fell and

22. --Why does the river smell terrible? --Because large quantities of water__________. A. have polluted C. has been polluted B. is being polluted D. have been polluted

23. Eating too much fat and sugar can_____ heart disease and high blood pressure. A. result from C. devote to B. attend to D. contribute to

24. My parents strongly ________ my going to college out of Jiangsu province, because they don’t like my being far away from them. A. enjoy B. oppose C. oppose to D. object

25. It is a fact that there is a_____ towards regional cooperation. A. attendance C. pretence B. tendency D. fancy

26. There is an interesting _______ to make movies describe violence and sex. A. strength B. trend C. tradition D. direction

27. With the price of oil ______, the economy of that country is slowing down. A. bringing up C. going up B. rising up D. raising up

28. Native English speakers can understand each other ________they don’t speak the same kind of English. A. only if B. so long as C. in case D. even if

29. She let herself get into a_____ before the examination began. A. condition C. state B. situation D. form


30. According to the newsman,as a result of been closed up until further notice. A.a;the B.the;不填

heavy fog,

expressway has

C.不填;an D.the;the

31. —Do you ______ the idea of living a low-carbon life? —It sounds tough, but it is a tendency. A. correspond to B. apply to C. cater to D. subscribe to

32.【2012 届河南省郑州市高三第二次质量预测】29. You shall get a film ticket free _______ you use your credit card twice this month. A. until B. since C. if D. Unless

33. I dislike those programs ______ viewers call in to talk about their private problems. A. where B. that C. when D. which

34. My parents don’t mind what job I do ________I am happy. A. even though C. as soon as B. as long as D. as though

35. “It is commonly believed that women love to chat. But, ________, men chat more than women do.”, says a new study. A. as a result C. believe it or not 三、完形填空 Staring at a computer semen,Patty Hall noticed all e-mail from Christopher Mutuku, driver she knew when volunteering in Kenya. a People in his village of Kathmlgu were 36 ,he wrote.”The river has dried up and there is no water.Do you know anyone who can raise 37 to build a dam(坝)?” Imagining a huge expensive concrete dam,Hall 38 .At 57 ,she was about B. as it is D. generally speaking

to retire.after 35 years of 39 .Much as she wanted to help Kenya, she didn’t want to get 40 in a time-consuming project like this.She knew, 41 ,that the

lack of clean water was a life-and-death problem in rural villages . Animals contaminated(污染)the rivers, main 42 of drinking water. summer, rivers the In the dried up completely.

“How much would it 43 .”she wrote to Mutuku.”About $7,000,”he answered. That might be doable(可做的),she 44 . Hall showed her students slides of Kenyan mud huts(棚屋)and asked them to 45

living without running water.She shared photos of young girls carrying h11ge containers of 46 on their backs. The girls were 47 to attend school because they

spent most of their day walking 48 four miles to and from rivers,springs,or the well in a nearby village. 49 to help,the Class decided on a name—H2O for Life—and set to work.Students

50 H2O for Life wristbands(手带),holiday crafts and African-themed note cards.A student pianist held a 51 that brought in $400 . A group of girls sold

valentines(情人节卡)and collected $300. In just six months,the kids 52 over $12,000. Later, Hall flew to Kenya and visited Kathungu.The villagers held a 53 to welcome her and then showed her the dam that traps and filters(过滤)water so that it's 54 and drinkable all the year round. Since that first e-mail,H2O for Life has 55 to 14 schools and raised $130,000 to bring clean water to communities in Africa and Central America. 36.A.anxious 38.A.delayed 39.A.working 40.A.involved 41.A.therefore 42.A.resource 44.A.wondered 45.A.think 46.A.water 47.A.unlucky 48.A.far B.diligent B.awareness B.puzzled B.teaching B.committed B.moreover B.source B.spend B.decided B.balance B.unwilling B.above C.stressful C.material C.hesitated C.serving C. buried C.instead C.origin C.cost D.desperate D.contribution D.quitted D.volunteering D.occupied D.however D.root D.need

C.convinced D.expected C.predict C.crop C.unable C.beyond D.imagine D.drink D.unskillful D.some

49.A.Likely 50.A.sold 52.A.loaned 53.A.opening 54.A.available 55.A.extended 四、阅读理解

B.Eager B.bought B.contest B.raised B.greeting B.accessible B.spread

C.Fond C.wore C.concert C.donated

D.Active D.offered D.exhibition D.contributed D.reception D.acceptable D.intended

C.celebration C.adaptable C.expanded

A The day was warm and the sun shone down like a new beginning on my life. I was waving goodbye to my son, the last one of my fledglings (刚会飞的鸟)to leave home and go to new woods. "University actually" I felt so lighthearted after spending many years looking after my four children-cooking, washing, ironing, teaching them how to look after themselves and manage their financcs-that I nctually thought “At long last, freedom". But, as I watched my last one leave, although it was a joyous occasion, I realized I had not really prepared for this day, I was too tied up with bringing up these adults of the future to realize that they would all leave the nest and lives independently. At first I didn't know what "I" wanted to do. I tried a part time job, which ended in me running out in tears. I started a business making soft furnishings, but that didn't work either. I got my own veggies and fruit, which lasted 3 years,

until I was advised by my doctor that my feet couldn't take any more "tools” driven through them. It began wondering if I did have a future of my own, I cried for the life I was used to, and hadn't known or wanted anything different. Then one day I saw an advert for foster parents, I discussed it with my husband who was always behind everything I tried and with great disturbance I rang up the number. I now laugh and sing with my 14-year-old foster daughter, even when my cooker

is a mess and my bathroom is a disaster area. I now know, 8 years later, what “I” was meant to be doing with all the spare hours, days, and weeks I had on my hands when my hands when my last fledgling flew them. The sun shines once again in my home. 56.How did the mother first feel when her last child went off to university? A.Lonely. B.Anxious. C.Relieved. D.Annoyed.

57 . The underlined phrase “was tied up with” in the second paragraph means “ ”. B.was associated with D.was addicted to .

A.was occupied in C.was tired of

58.In the third paragraph, the poor mother did all the things just to a greener and healthier life B.earn more money for her kids’ education C.shift her attention and case her anxiety D.start her own decorating business 59.What did the empty-nested mother think of her husband? A.Skilled B.Supportive C.Stubborn . D.Open-minded

60.Thanks to the foster daughter, the author rid of her busy work C.found a suitable job

B.forgot her other children D.knew what she really wanted B

All police officers should be made to take an annual fitness test, with a pay cut for those who repeatedly fall, a review said. In the Metropolitan Police, more than half (52 percent) of its male officers are overweight, a fifth (22 pe cent) are obese, and one in 100 are "morbidly obese" the report showed. For women officers in the Met, a third (32 percent) are overweight, 16 per cent are obese and 2 percent are morbidly obese. Tom Winsor, who has carried out the widest-ranging review of police pay and conditions in more than 30 years, said those who fail the test three times should be subject to disciplinary procedures and a pay cut. He also recommended that strict testing should become a requirement of promotion.

“It is clear that the existing pay system is unfair and inefficient. It was designed in 1920 and has remained largely unchanged since 1978.” Mr. Winsor said, “I think the public will be surprised that after passing a fitness test at the point of becoming a policeman, except in special units like firearms, physical fitness is not tested again in an over-30-years career.” He also added, ''Officers who work on the front line, exercising their powers as constables in the most difficult circumstances, have nothing to fear from this review.'' But this should get tougher by September 2018, along similar lines to the test currently used in Northern Ireland. This includes climbing over walls and pulling bodies and was designed to reflect situations which "police officers do and can become involved in". "We are not looking for supermen." Mr Winsor predicted that many officers would welcome the proposals, saying they would see it "as a necessary protection for themselves and the public". 61.At the beginning, many figures are used to show .

A.why so many police officers are being troubled by obesity B.whether most of the police officers are qualified for their job serious overweight problems are among the police officers D.what are different between the male and female officers’ diets 62.According to Mr Winsor, .

A.a police officer cannot work over 30 years B.the present pay system is long out of date C.firemen don’t need any fitness tests D.the front-line officers don’t need such tests 63.Which could be included in the fitness test according to the passage? ①push-ups ⑤climbing A.③④⑤ ②hockey ⑥wrestling B.②⑤⑥ C.①③⑤ D.①④⑥ ③swimming ④badmintons

64.Why did Mr. Winsor believe the police officers would support him? A.Because testing is helpful to both their health and safety.

B.Because most of them dream of becoming a superman. C.Because he promises them an increase in salary. D. Because the government support him to make a reforem.

65.What’s the best title of the passage? A.No Jobs, No Hope. C.A Test or A Challenge B.Less Weight, Fewer Chances D.Lose Weight or Lose Money C We human beings need to stay in touch with nature—many studies show how much better people feel when in sight to trees. Yet even more importantly, nature itself needs us to stay in touch. Many politicians and scientists have told us that we can "conquer(征服)" nature, but in reality nature will always be beyond our control-we do have the power to destroy it. The fate of all the animals and their habitats depends largely on our attitude towards them. Whether or not we ourselves survive depends on how well we look after the rest. For our sake as well as theirs, we need to consider it seriously. But how can we give a damn if we spend our lives indoors? Born South London at the end of the Second World War, at least I knew what a sparrow was (they're rare now) and you couldn't put a spade into our tiny garden without cutting a worm in half. We knew, too, that milk comes from cows and that old men can grow amazing carrots on poor land. Ultra-urban (极度城市化)we may have been, but at least we were in touch. Now we have a generation who frankly are not. So how can they care if the countryside is sold off to the highest bidders, and used to park helicopters, and our crops come courtesy of Monsanto and our livestock lives in factories? They will know no other way. But if we settle for the ultra-urban life, if we allow all wilderness to be compromised and hand our farming over to industrial chemists then, quite simply, the world will fall apart – as it is doing already. We have to rethink what agriculture is really for, and why, and why conservation matters – to us, as well as to other creatures. Changes of strategy begin with attitude and attitude begins

with awareness. 66.Which of the following opinions will the author be for? A.Technology will help humans control nature completely. B.Conquering nature is the pltinote of human socicty. C.Humans have to find a way to live in harmony with nature. D.We will lose control of nature with the development of society. 67. The second paragraph is intended to tell us that city people in the past A.were in close touch with nature B.managed to survive in the war C.killed the worms in the earth cruelly D.had a healthier diet than us 68 . The new generation show no concem about the ultra-urban pattern just because . .

A.modern agriculture don’t need hard work B.high profits can be made by selling city land C.they are completely cut off from nature D.livestock living in factories is cheaper and tastier 69.From the passage we guess that Monsanto is likely to be A.a chemical fertilizer plant C.a construction corporation .

B.a scientist good at farming D.a big agricultural company .

70.Towards the end of the passage, the author reminds us to A.move to the countryside C.leave space for wild animals

B.reflect on our past b behaviors D.turn farms into big factories D

Anyone driving on Highway I between San Francisco and Los Angeles recently may have, glimpsed a Toyota Prius with something curious-looking on the roof. Harder to notice was that the person at the wheel was not actually driving. The car is a project of Goole, which can drive themselves, using artificial intelligence software that can sense anything near the car and imitate the decisions made by a human driver. Driverless cars are years from mass production, but technologists who have long

dreamed of them believe that they can transform society as profoundly as the Internet has. Robot drivers react faster than humans, have 360-degree perception and do not get distracted, sleepy or intoxicated, the engineers argue. They speak in terms of lives saved and injuries avoided — more than 37,000 people died in car accidents in the United States in 2008. The engineers say the technology could double the capacity of roads by allowing cars to drive more safely while closer together. Because the robot cars would eventually be less likely to crash, they could be built lighter, reducing fuel consumption. But of course, to be truly safer, the cars must be far more reliable than, say, today’s personal computers, which crash on occasion and are frequently infected. The Google research program using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the automobile is proof that the company’s ambitions reach beyond the search engine business. Yet Goole did not yet have a cheer plan to create a business from the experiments. Under the current law, a human must be in eontrol of a car at all times, but what does that mean if the hom ant is not really paying attention as the car erosses through a school zone, figuring that the robot is driving more safely than he would? And in the event of an accident, who would be liable-the person behind the wheel or the maker of the software? 71.The purpose of the author writing the passage is persuade Americans to buy driverless cars introduce a new application of artificial intelligence inform us of the latest development in the Internet show Google is an ambitious high-tech company 72 . The except engineers . B.the greater capacity of roads D.less fuel consumption believe driverless cars will bring great benefits .

A.the fewer car accidents C.more seats in vehicles

73.What is most important to make sure driverless cars are absolutely safe?

A.More reliable corrupters. C.Good driving habits.

B.Special road systems. D.New laws on driving. .

74.From passage we can learn that Google

A.has decided to expand its business into the car business. B.has set a clear schedule to make profit from the business C.cares little about the influence made by the new program D.will completely change the way people drive cars 75.What conclusion can we draw from the last paragraph of the passage? A.The driverless cars will be forbidden in school zones. B.The Google researchers neglect the related legal issuers. C.The Google’s technology is ahead of the law in many areas. D.Drivers will not be responsible for the accident in future. 五、书面表达 你所在的城市最近计划修建地铁, 这件事引发了人们的广泛争论。 请根据所给信息写一 篇英文报道,客观陈述人们的不同看法,并表明自己的观点。 赞成观点 1. 解决交通拥堵问题,方便市民生活。 2. 提供一种新的交通方式,促进环境保护。 你的观点?? 注意: 1. 开头已给出,但不计入总词数; 2. 不要逐句翻译,可适当增加内容使行文连贯; 3.词数 120 左右。 参考词汇:促进 promote Recently, people are having an argument on whether a subway should be built or not in the city. Opinions vary from person to person. _______________________________________________________________________________ ____________ 反对观点 1. 建设时间长,影响日常生活。 2. 投入资金过大,成本回收过慢。



21【解析】选 C。考查动词词义辨析。此处 ran 意为:褪色。句意:T 恤衫的颜色掉了把其 他所有衣服都染成了粉红色。 22D 23【解析】选 D。句意:吃大量的脂肪与糖会导致心脏病与高血压。contribute to 导致, 有助于;result from 因为;attend to 照看;devote to 奉献于。 24B 25【解析】选 B。句意:事实上,这里有一种地区合作的趋势。tendency 趋势;attendance 出席;pretence 假装;fancy 想像力;幻想。. 26~28 BCD 29【解析】选 C。句意:考试开始之前,她先让自己进入了状态。state 状态;condition 条件;situation 形势;form 形式。 30 D 31 D 32D 33-35ABC 32【解析】选 C 考查状语从句的连接词。句意:如果你这个月使用两次信用卡,你就可以 得到一张免费的电影票。 36-40 DACBA 41-45 DBCBD 46-50 ACDBA 51-55 CBDAC

56-60 CACBD 61-65 CBCAD 66-70CACDB 71-75 BCADC 五、One possible version Recently, people are having an argument on whether a subway should be built or not in the city. Opinions vary from person to person. Some people think it necessary to build a subway. For one thing, building a subway can help solve traffic problems and people will enjoy a more convenient life. For another, it provides a new means of transportation, which is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, others hold the opposite opinion. From their point of view, the long process of construction is bound to influence people’s daily life. What’s more, too much money will be spent building it, and it will take a long time to get the money back. Weighing the pros and cons, I support the idea that a subway should be built because not only will the environment be protected but also more space will be saved.




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