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复现方面 1. 复现的方式:相同词,同根词, 同义词,近义词。

Think about how we D 10 . We know something new from reading or another person; then we hope to try it out, and then we make mistakes. Over and over again, we learn from those 11 B until we’ve learned how to do it. By C 12 from mistakes as we are babies and kids, we gain a lot of experience when we grow up. 同词复现 10. A. write B. think C. behave D. learn 11. A. problems B. mistakes C. examples D. things 12. A. defending B. borrowing C. learning D. demanding

Many countries celebrate World Book Day and the C 6 is yearly held in different ways. 6. A. performance C. celebration

B. activity D. design

One way to get rid of the polluted air is to build a car that does not pollute. … 同义词,近义词复现 D is to take the place Another 10 of the car engine by something else. …

10. A. aspect C. problem

B. advantage D. means

In this way we can live a(an) B 20 life rather than waste time doing meaningless things.

20. A. comfortable C. messy

B. meaningful D. empty

复现方面 2. 复现的跨度: 近距离(较多) 远距离(较少)

Exam anxiety is something that almost every person experiences during his or her student life. Little anxiety actually helps one concentrate and work hard for the exams. However, if students spend all their time feeling C , a lot of valuable time would be 2 wasted. 近距离复现

2. A. curious C. anxious

B. confident D. calm

Every summer, hundreds of thousands of students travel to other countries looking for work and adventure. …

B hope to The trouble is that 15 have an easy time of it. 15. A. children B. students C. employers D. parents

第二段… 第三段…


上下义词汇关系 总----分-关系

A doctor friend, Mr. Lied, told me about a man who came to him with a variety of D 6 : headaches, heart trouble and insomnia(失眠症).
6. A. questions C. complaint B. reasons D. signs

Each year there is an increasing number of cars on roads and streets as millions of new cars are produced. One out of every six Americans D 1 at putting together the parts of cars, driving trucks, building roads or filling cars with gas. 1.A. arrives B. aims C. produces D. works

If we eat more vegetables and less meat, there will be more food available. Land for C 16 , such as rice, corn and wheat, feeds five times more people than land where animals are kept.

16. A. food B. flowers C. crops D. plants

搭配方面 1. 固定搭配。

Around twenty years ago I was living in New York. Though I had a lot of A 1 experience and a Master’s degree, I could not find satisfying work. 1. A. working C. writing B. traveling D. managing

When Jack was in kindergarten, his father died. And his mother was ill just after Jack started high school. Jack had to drop out of school because his mother had no money to pay his school bills. Jack and his mother started working in people’s gardens to B 2 enough money for him to go back to school and finally he returned to school.

2. A. share C. spend

earn/make/get money B. make D. give

搭配方面 2. 根据文意选择搭配。

Still some are 9 D about traveling, believing that it provides them with more chances to know more about the different cultures and customs in different parts of the world, while others choose to stay alone and 11 A up a book and read quietly because in their view, reading can add to their knowledge and make them learn more about the outside world. 9. A. curious B. concerned C. careful D. crazy 11. A. pick B. make C. show D. set

搭配方面 3. 与句中动词的搭配。

The whole group was thrown out of one hotel because of the D 12 they made.
12. A. promise C. complaint B. progress D. noise

逻辑关系 逻辑关系即理解文章意思,有时 候只需理解一句话,有时候要理解整 段话。

Most Americans find it hard to C 3 what life would be like without a car. However, some have realized the A 4 problem of air pollution by cars. The B 5 air is poisonous and damaging to health. 句意:大多数美国人会难以想象,如果没有 汽车,生活会是怎样的。 3. A. intend B. face C. imagine D. seek 4. A. serious B. violent C. changeable D. various 5. A. protected B. polluted C. expanded D. surrounded

If you want to shop for clothes after work, you might call to ask how A 14 the store is open before you travel all the way there.

14. A. late C. soon

B. fast D. early

利用特殊词选择答案 and or but

2016广州一模 Occasionally, humans would bring their ill or 35 children to swim with her . C

35. A. skiful C. disabled

B. clever D. shy

In the old days I used to reach for the tissues until I realized that passing a person a tissue may be just another way to take them out of their experience of 14 D and pain. Now I just listen. 14. A. pride C. enjoyment B. surprise D. sadness

Most of them do more reading on that day, believing they can change the world by changing themselves through reading. D . Reading makes us wiser and more 11
11. A. hard-working C. serious B. skilled D. learned

Reading helps us to follow the latest developments of science and technology. Reading enables us to have a good knowledge of and have a better understanding of foreign cultures and 14 D . 14. A. exhibitions C. habits B. experiences D. customs

…while others prefer to surf the Internet for news or D 6 , by which they can know what is happening around the world.

6. A. titles C. songs

B. education D. information

Fire can help people in many ways. … But fire can also be very A 2 . Big fire can burn trees, houses, animals or people, which can bring severe injuries and even lead to many deaths. 2. A. harmful C. useful B. painful D. hopeful

段首句挖空 在一段文章的第1句挖空,考查 的是对整段文意的概括。先不要急 着选择答案,看完下文再选。

Fires 14 C people every year. From time to time, it’s reported on television that a fire has broken out in a factory or company where a number of people lost their lives. 14. A. help C. kill B. benefit D. frighten

Not everyone D 9 the experience. Sarah James once worked as a guide and was responsible for forty American children in Europe. During the trip, one child lost his passport; four children were lost in Madrid for a whole day; … 9. A. has C. forgets B. remembers D. enjoys

常考搭配 deal with sth 处理事情 be recognized as 被评为 regard /treat/see/look on…as

be concerned about 担心,关心 spend…(in) doing sth 花费时间 give sb some advice 给某人建议 be pleased with 对…满意 offer sb sth 为某人提供 provide sb with sth be familiar with 熟悉 change one’s life 改变生活

fall on (节日)在某月某日 make great contributions to做贡献 at …price 以…价格 flood into/crowd into 涌入 have a good knowledge of 对…了解透彻 economic losses 经济损失 on some occasions 在一些场合 play with…玩耍

take away 带走 fill…with 把…装满 take the place of 代替 It takes/took/will take sb +时间 +to do sth 某人花费…时间做 prevent/stop/keep…from doing 阻止某人做某事 make a mistake/make mistakes do something wrong 犯错

save a broken relationship 挽救破裂友谊 It’s never too late to do…不迟 to a large extent 在很大程度上 run out of … 用尽 make no sense 没有意义 stick to 坚持

be responsible to 负责 in practice 实际上 be different from 与…不同 depend on 依靠 build up one’s 建立,树立 be in low spirits 情绪低落 be keen on 喜欢 keep the balance between 保持平衡

in advance 提前 under great pressure压力很大 take a break/take breaks 休息 have …effects/impact on 对…有影响 leave sb a…impression 给…印象 be to blame 谁该负责任 in addition 另外 in particular 尤其 when it comes to 当提到

act as better examples 做好榜样 set an example 树立榜样 give an example 举例 take sb for example 拿谁做例子 be likely to do sth 有可能做某事 make great progress 有很大进步 be connected with 与…有联系 for the sake of 为了…目的 have something/nothing to do with

no exception / without exception 毫无例外 on average 平均 used to do sth 以前常做某事 be used to doing sth 习惯做某事 bring back 令…回想起… by means of 通过…方式、途径 keep an appointment 赴约 have/make an appointment 约会

book a ticket 订票 make a call 打电话 express one’s thanks 表达谢意 I will appreciate it if you … 日常英语: 生火 make a fire 做饭 do some cooking 沏茶

日常英语: 我来付款 It is on me. 别烦我 leave me alone 请坐 take a seat / be seated 应该是 be supposed to 我饱了 I am full. 算上我 Count me on 他和我同岁 He is my age

日常英语: 我做到了 I just made it 我全力支持你 I’m on your side 真便宜 What a good deal 别让我失望 Don’t let me down




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