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非谓语动词 专项练习1

非谓语动词专项练习 1 霍老师整理作答 霍老师整理作答
1. 非谓语动词(不定式)40 非谓语动词(不定式) 1. My uncle asked me ____ him the next day. see B. see C. have seen D. will see 2. He seemed ___ his work. A. finish B. to finish have finished D. finishing 3. The two cheats pretended ____ hard. A. work B. working be working working 4. These students want ____ to work in our company. send be sent sent have sent 5. The assistant seemed ___ three days ago. fire be fired have fired have been fired 6. I'll give you a magazine ______. read read it be read have been read 7. Would you bring me a bench______? sit sit on be sat be sat on 8. Lesson Ten is easy _____. recite be recited recite it be recited it 9. Here is a baby _____. A. taking care of take care of be taken care be taken care of it 10. Which of the following is right? A. To live mean to create B. To live means to create C. Live means to create D. To live means creating 11.____ is necessary ___ more attention to spoken English. A. That, to pay B. It, to pay C. This, to say D. It, paying 12. The motor refused _______. A. start start C. starting starting 13. The baby wants _____. A. eat eat C. eating eating 14. I thought ______ impossible______ there in half an hour., to arrive, arriving C. that, to arrive D. this, arrive 15. They know _____ cloth. weave B. how to weave C. why to weave D. how weave 16. He expects ____ him. avoid seeing avoid to see C. avoiding seeing D. avoiding to see 17. John persuaded me ____ him with his lessons. A. help help C. helping D. helped 18. Than man sent for the doctor ___ on his wife. A. operate B. operating operate D. operated 19. Father often ____ my brother ____. A. forces, kneel B. has, to kneel C. orders, kneel D. has, kneel 20. ____ him ____ a doctor. A. Get, see B. Get, to see C. Get, seeing D. Have, to see 21.Was the thief noticed ____ the house? A. leave leave C. leaving D. left 22. A student began to make faces ____ the other students ____. make, to laugh B. make, laugh make, laugh D. make, to laugh 23. He often helps me ____ housework and I find him ____ friendly., to be B. to do, be, be D. doing, to be 24. I ___ you to see him again. A. hope B. suggest C. wish D. propose 25. I suggest ____ a plan. A. him making B. him make C. him to make D. he makes 26. She did all she could ____ him. A. save save save D. saving 27. I'm busy ____ my lessons. A. review review C. reviewing D. for reviewing 28. European football is played in 80 countries, _______ it the most popular sport in the world. A. making B. makes C. made make 29. The group leader told me that he had a meeting ____. attend B. attend C. attending be attended 30.My cousin hired a room ____. live live in C. living be lived 31.Hurry up ____ downstairs. go B. going C. and go D. go 32.He ____ his daughter to swim with her. A. promised B. allowed C. permitted D. let 33. The prisoner had no choice but _____ . A. obey obey C. obeying D. obeyed 34. Do you like to go boating now? _________. A. Yes, I like B. Yes, I like to C. Yes, I will like D. No, I like not 35. I had rather ___on my feet than ____on my knees. A. die, live B. die, to live die, live die, to live

36. At that time I could not help but ____ the medicine. A. take take C. taking D. took 37. I did no more than _____ the work. A. finish finish C. finishing D. finished 38.Why ___ some shopping? not do B. not to do C. not do D. don't do 39. The girl was ____ frightened to move. B. such C. very D. too 40._____ a teacher of the people we must first be their pupils. A. In order to be B. Be C. In order that D. So to be 2. 非谓语动词(动名词)22 非谓语动词(动名词) 1. My uncle didn't mention ____ my aunt. A. meeting B. having met have met meet 2. He didn't mind ____ at home. be left B. to leave C. leaving D. being left 3. I forgot ____ about it. A. having been told B. having told have told D. telling 4. The radio wants ____. A. fix B. fixing C. being fixed fix 5. The picture is well worth _____. A. looking B. being looked C. looking at D. being looked at 6. ____ is a great deal of good ____ English every morning. A. That, practicing B. This, practicing C.It, practice D. It, practicing 7. In five minutes he finished ____ a beautiful horse. A. draw draw C. drawing D. having drawn 8. The tiger missed ______. A. shooting B. being shot shoot be shot 9. Do you consider ____ any good _____ again?, to try B. that, to try, trying D. that, trying 10. His advice couldn't help ____ her English, so she couldn't help ____. A. improve, cry B. improving, crying C. improve, crying D. improving, cry 11. When the teacher stopped ____ him he stopped ____ at once. A. looking at, talk look at, talk C. looking at, talking D. to look at, talking 12. I ____ seeing her once somewhere. A. know B. realize told D. remember 13. I regret ____ her the news, which made her very sad. A. tell B. telling tell D. for telling 14. Let's try _____ the work some other way. do C. doing doing 15. We hate ____ with persons of this kind. A. work work C. working working 16. I was beginning ____ angry and she began ____ what I meant. get, to understand B. getting, understanding get, understanding D. getting, to understand 17. After reading Lesson Nine, he ____ his homework. A. went doing B. went on to do C. went on doing D. went to doing 18. For half an hour I ____ Lesson Ten. A. went on to read B. went on reading C. went to read D. went reading 19. We don't allow ____ in the classroom, especially don't allow students ____ in the classroom. A. smoke, smoking B. smoking, to smoke smoke, to smoke D. smoking, smoking 20. After ____ he set out to work. A. arriving B. arrive arrive D. arrival 21.________ going won't be of much help. I suggest ____ staying at home. A. His, him B. His, he C. Him, him D. Him, his 22. They boy kept on ________ when his mother came in. A. reading a newspaper B. lying in bed C. sitting on a chair write a letter 23. The picture _______ on the wall is painted by my nephew. A. having hung B. hanging C. hangs D. being hung 3. 非谓语动词(分词)30 非谓语动词(分词) 1. Did you enter the hall ___ him or ___ by him? A. followed, followed B. following, following C. followed, following D. following, followed 2. We found her body ____ with a flag. A. cover cover B. covering D. covered 3. The man drinking ____ water was scalded by ____ water yesterday. A. boiled, boiled B. boiling, boiling C. boiled, boiling D. boiling, boiled 4. ____ her homework, my wife went to do some shopping. A. Finishing B. having finished C. To finish D. Finished 5. The building _____ now is our physics lab. A. built B. having been built C. being built D. building

6. Are you _____ tired?Yes, I'm ____ tired by the task. A. very, very B. very, much C. quite, very D. too, very 7. The box, which ____ made by him, ____ made of wool., is B. was, was C. was, is, was 8. The lady ____ with your teacher is a nurse. A. talked B. talks talking D. talking 9. The lake ____ on the west of Hangzhou is called the West Lake. A. lies B. lieing C. lain D. lying 10. The books ____ in this ____ house sell well. A. published, published B. publishing, publishing C. published, publishing D. publishing, published 11. Things ____are mightier than things____. A. seen, heard B. seeing, hearing C. seen, hearing D. seeing, heard 12. The museum ____ is significant. A. rebuilt B. having been rebuilt C. rebuilding D. having rebuilt 13. _______ blind, how could they see an elephant? A. Be B. To be C. Being D. Been 14. Don't mention this while _____ to him. A. talk B. talking talk D. talked 15. His wife died in 1953, _____ him with two children. A. leave leave C. leaving D. left 16. Just then the rain came _____ down. A. and pour B. pour C. poured D. pouring 17. When the gas is gone, everyone will be _____ cold. A. freezing B. freeze C. frozen D. froze 18. _____ in the leg, the soldier had to lie in bed. A. Wounding B. Wounded C. To wound D. Having wounded 19._____ more time, we are sure to finish it. A. Give B. To give C. Giving D. Given 20. Having finished their lessons _____ to go to bed. A. their father asked them B. they were asked C. they told D. mother forced them 21._____ to one hundred degrees, water will boil. A. Heating B. Heat C. To heat D. Heated 22. Suddenly he heard someone ____ after him. A. run B. ran C. running run 23. The boss ______ all day. A. made us to work B. made us working C. made us work D. got us work 24. I have heard him _____ as a kind man. A. speak B. speak of C. spoken D. spoken of 25. He has ________ a lot of wine. He is a _________ man. A. drunk, drunk B. drunken, drunken C. drunk, drunken D. drunken, drunk 26. She was ____ with his manners. A. struck B. stricken C. stuck D. stricken 27. The child has _____ to me. A. lain B. laid C. lied D. lay 28. The robber stood there, with a _____ cigarette in his mouth. A. lighted B. lit C. lighting D. lighten 29. Holding a _____ stick he went into the dark cave. A. burning B. burnt C. burned D. burn 30. She was ____ in 1960.Now she has ____ two children. A. born, born B. borne, borne C. born, borne D. borne, born 4. 非谓语动词综合练习 40 1. All the staff in our company are considering __to the city center for the fashion show. go B. going have gone D. having gone 2.________ and happy,Tony stood up and accepted the prize. A. Surprising B. Surprised C. Being surprised D. To be surprising 3.We often provide our children with toys,footballs or basketballs,___ that all children like these things. A. thinking B. think think D. thought 4.Eugene’s never willing to alter any of his opinions. It’s no use ________ with him. argue B. arguing C. argued D. having argued 5.I was told that there were about 50 foreign students _____ Chinese in the school,most ____ were from Germany. A. study; of whom B. study; of them C. studying; of them D. studying; of whom 6.If you think that treating a woman well means always ______ her permission for things,think again. A. gets B. got get D. getting 7._____ and I’ll get the work finished. A. Have one more hour B. One more hour C. Given one more hour D. If I have one more hour 8.My cousin came to see me from the country,___ me a full basket of fresh fruits. A. brought B. bringing bring D. had brought

9. The parents suggested ____ in the hotel room but their kids were anxious to camp out during the trip. A. sleep sleep C. sleeping D. having slept 10. There are hundreds of visitors ______ in front of the Art Gallery to have a look at Van Gogh’s paintings. A. waited wait C. waiting D. wait 11. It’s necessary to be prepared for a job interview._____ the answers ready will be of great help. A. To have had B. Having had C. Have D. Having 12.You should understand the traffic rule by now. You’ve had it _______ often enough. A. explaining explain C. explain D. explained 13.He got well-prepared for the job interview,for he couldn’t risk _______ the good opportunity. lose B. losing be lost D. being lost 14. All these gifts must be mailed immediately _____ in time for Christmas. order to have received order to receive as to be received as to be receiving 15._______ in the mountains for a week,the two students were finally saved by the local police. A. Having lost B. Lost C. Being lost D. Losing 16. He hurried to the station only _______ that the train had left. find B. finding C. found D. to have found 17. Helen had to shout ____ above the sound of the music. A. making herself hear make herself hear C. making herself heard make herself heard 18.“We can’t go out in this weather,” said Bob,________ out of the window. A. looking look C. looked D. having looked 19. Alice returned from the manager’s office _____ me that the boss wanted to see me at once. A. having told B. tells tell D. telling 20. According to a recent U.S. survey, children spend up to 25 hours a week ___ TV. watch B. to watching C. watching D. watch 21. I don’t know whether you happen ____, but I’m going to study in the U.S.A. this September. be heard be hearing hear D. to have heard 22.____ by the beauty of nature,the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm. A. Attracting B. Attracted C. To be attracted D. Having attracted 23. The old man, _______ abroad for twenty years,is on the way back to his motherland. work B. working have worked D. having worked 24.The news reporters hurried to the airport,only ____ the film stars had left. tell B. to be told C. telling D. told 25.________ with the size of the whole earth,the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. A. Compare B. When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared 26.___ the program, they have to stay there for another two weeks. A. Not completing B. Not completed C. Not having completed D. Having not completed 27. If you are planning to spend your money having fun this week, better ______ it —-you’ve got some big bills coming. A. forget B. forgot C. forgetting forget 28. The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain ______ as the plane was making a landing. A. seat B. seating C. seated be seating 29. Victor apologized for ________ to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able B. him not to be able C. his not being able D. him to be not able 30. A cook will be immediately fired if he is found _____ in the kitchen. A. smoke B. smoking smoke D. smoked 31. The teacher asked us _____ so much noise. A. don’t make B. not make C. not making D. not to make 32. __ time, he’ll make a first-class tennis player. A. Having given B. To give C. Giving D. Given 33. — How do you deal with the disagreement between the company and the customers?

—The key ________ the problem is to meet the demand _______ by the customers. solving; making solving; made C. to solve; making solve; made 34. In some parts of London,missing a bus means ________for another hour. A. waiting wait C. wait be waiting 35. With a lot of difficult problems ______, the newly-elected president is having a hard time. A. settled B. settling settle D. being settled 36. __ late in the afternoon, Bob turned off the alarm. A. To sleep B. Sleeping C. Sleep D. Having sleep 37. Sandy could do nothing but ___ to his teacher that he was wrong. A. admit B. admitted C. admitting admit 38. Mr. Reed made up his mind to devote all he had to ____ some schools for poor children. A. set up B. setting up C. have set up D. having set up 39. I’ve worked with children before,so I know what ___ in my new job. A. expected B. to expect be expecting D. expects 40. __ in 1636,Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States. A. Being founded B. It was founded C. Founded D. Founding




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