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高二英语 Unit2《 Robots》-listening and writing 课件 新人教版选修7

Speaking, listening and writing task

Supposition and belief
I think… I don’t think… I wonder… I doubt… I don’t believe… I suppose… I guess… Maybe… I believe…

Robots can be found in the manufacturing industry, the military, space exploration, transportation, and medical applications. Well, for my conclusion I guess that robots are the way of the future and will be used on a daily use without

being controlled remotely or by a person. I think they'll be different robots for different uses, some will be used for law enforcement and others will be used for constructive uses only. Others will be building cars, and the rest will be building the new schools we learn in and the houses we live in.

Listening task

1. What kinds of animals do you think they are? 2. Would you like to own one? Which one? Give reasons. 3. Do you think having a robot as a pet is a good idea? Give reasons why and why not.

ROBOT PETS Amanda (A), Victoria (V) and Jamie (J) are reading about four robot pets and then discussing whether robot pets can be real pets.

PART 1 A: (reading) Aibo can walk, sit, lie down and wag its tail. It learns the name you give it and can answer when you call it. It develops its own personality. It can learn about 50 commands.

V: (reading) Furby like being patted. At first he speaks his own language, then he gradually switches to English the more time you spend with it. (not reading) He looks like a big – eared bird. Isn’t he so cute, Jamie?

J: Well, Victoria, I think he looks strange. I like these ones, though. (reading) Paro can open and close its eyes and move its flippers. Tama recognises her own name. She purrs when she’s patted. That shows she’s happy, but if you hit her she’ll give you an angry hiss. Gradually her behaviour changes and she develops her own personality.

PART 2 A: I don’t understand the point of a robot pet. Why wouldn’t you get a real one? J: Well, you don’t have to feed a robot dog or take it for walks. And they don’t bark or bite! V: And it wouldn’t make your house dirty!

A: Yeah but it’s not a real pet, is it? It’s a toy. V: Well, Amanda, I must say Aibo and Furby look like real animals. J: I don’t think it matters if the robot looks like a real pet or not. If someone thinks of the robot as a pet, then it is a pet.

A: But Jamie, don’t you think it’s sad if the person thinks of the robot as a real pet? J: No, I don’t think so, not if he gets enjoyment from it. A: Well, I don’t believe a robot can be a true friend even if it does develop its won personality.

I mean stroking a dog or cat makes you feel good because you’re making it happy. You can’t make a robot “happy”. V: But you can make Tama happy. It all depends on how you treat her. A: That’s true, but she’s programmed to be like that .

J: Anyway, I think robot pets would be good kinds of pets for people who cannot have a live pet or who can’t care for one – like people who are old, sick or disabled.

Writing task
Imagine you are a robot pet that belongs to a child. Imagine what life would be like with a child. Then write a diary from the robot pet’s point of view.

A sample
October 12th, 2007 I had a terrible morning. When Terry got up, he carried me to the table by my tail and made me sit on the table while he ate breakfast. He is such a messy boy and I got bits of food all over me.

Unfortunately, he must have woken up in a bad mood because when his mother asked him to get dressed, he shouted at her and then hit me. So I was very angry and hissed at him. Then he hit me again and I hissed even more. Luckily he left me at home while he was at school and I had a very peaceful time.

When he got home he was much happier and was very nice tome. He sat for a long time on the sofa, patting me and saying “Tama, I love you” over and over. I loved it and couldn’t stop purring.

I wish he were like that all the time. Meanwhile, he has promised to take me to the park tomorrow. I can’t wait.


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