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unit 4 定语从句关系代词练习++

Unit 4 Earthquakes 同步练习
1.I know the boy ____________ you gave the book____________. A.whom;to whom;to A.that C.on which A.whose A.that C.from which A.that A.the place A./ which A.which A.its title that 10.I want to use the same dictionary ____________ was used yesterday. A.which A.that A.when A.that A.who is C.they are C.are working A.that B./ B.which B.what B.on which B.which C.this C.which that B.who are D.that come working D.has been working D.being D.what D.what which D.if 11.He is good at English,____________ we all know. 12.I’ll never forget the days ____________ we spent together in the countryside. 13.This is the best film ____________ I have ever seen. 14.He is the only one of the students ____________ from Shanghai. B.that B.whose title B.where B.which B.which;to D.that;to him B.which which C.that B.from whom D.whom C.they C.which B.on which D.when C.who D.she C.the title of it D.the title of D.who D.that D.where

2.Harbin is the very place ____________ I’m anxious to pay a visit.

3.Have you been to Hangzhou,____________ West Lake is the most beautiful in our country? 4.I know the student ____________ you borrowed the pen.

5.Here are players from Japan,____________ are our old friends. 6.They arrived at the farmhouse,in front of ____________ sat a small boy. 7.That is the day ____________ I’ll never forget.

8.The letter is from my sister,____________ is working in Beijing. 9.I lost a book,____________ I can’t remember now.

15.Mr Scott is one of the foreign experts who ____________ in China.

16.I,who ____________ in America,feel proud of being a Chinese. 17.The boy failed in the exam again,____________ made his parents disappointed. 18.The doctors and nurses did ____________ they could to help the wounded.

A.all what A.that A.for what

B.all which B.which B.which

C.everything what C.whom C.for which

D.all that D.where D.that

19.He’ll never forget the people and the place ____________ she visited in Beijing last year. 20.Do you know the reason ____________ he was late?

1~5 ADABD 6~10 CACBD 11~15 BCAAC

16~20 CBDAC



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