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新概念英语第二册第课 16 课练习题(原创版 版权所有谢绝外传)
本课语言知识复习 A:写出下列单词 1.停放 2.指示牌 3.交通 7. 提示 8.无视,失败,

4.罚款单 5.便条 6.地段 9.服从 拓展单词: 1.失败(名词)

本单元语法:条件,时间状语从句: 用正确的时态填空 1. If it _______ (rain ), I shall take an umbrella with me . 2. You never ________ (pass ) this test, if you don’t work hard. 3. If he _____ (be ) here before 10 o’clock , I shall see him . 4. If he plays well, he ______ (get ) into the team . 5. If he ______ (enjoy ) concerts, why doesn’t he come with us? 6. Tell him to wait for me if he ______ (be ) not in a hurry . 7. Don’t get off the bus until it ___________. a. stopped b. will stop c. has stopped d. is stopping 单项选择: 1.I can’t see the picture _____ glasses. a. with b. without c. on 2. What __________ the police doing ? They are running after a thief. a. is b. are 3. Three __________ were keeping guard on the airfield. a. police b. policeman c. policemen 4. You should pay attention ____ your handwriting . (书写, 书法) . a. to b. of c. on 5. Usually snow is the _________of winter. a. sign b. signal 6. Please ______ me __________ the date of the important meeting. a remember , of b. remind , on c. remind , of d. remember , about 7. This is ___________ area. a. No Parks b. No Parking c. Not Parking d. None Parking 8. He failed ___________ the phone when he was taking a shower. a. to receive b. to answer c. answering d. receiving 9. She told me that she _____ it the next day. a. will do b. would do c. has done d. did 10. If he ____ hard , he will fail the exam . a. doesn’t work b. don’t work c. won’t work d. not work 翻译句子: 1. 失败是成功之母 . 2. 我在瑞典过得很愉快。 (enjoy, stay ) 3. 请提醒他不要把车错了地方. (remind, park ) 4. 你是不会不遵照执行一个有礼貌的请求的. (fail, obey ,request ) 5. 如果警察没给你罚单就让你走了, 算你走运。

book2-16 答案 本单元语法:条件,时间状语从句: 用正确的时态填空 1.rains 2. will pass 3. is 4. will get 5. enjoys 6. is 7. c 单项选择: 1.B 2. B3. C4. A5. A 6. C 7. B 8.B 9. B 10. A 翻译句子:1.Failure is the mother of success. 2. I enjoy my stay in Sweden . 3. Please remind him not to park his car in the wrong place. 4. You can’t fail to obey a polite request. 5. You will be lucky if the policeman lets you go without a ticket.



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