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2013届高考英语一轮复习 unit1 Art课件 新人教版选修6


① aim n. & v.

(1) She went to London with the aim of finding a job. (2) He took aim at the bird,fired and missed it. (3) I drove fast,aiming for / at catching the last bus. (4) The hunter aimed at the lion and fired.

① aim n. & v. 根据语义找匹配 A.目标,目的 (n.) B. 瞄准 (n.) C. 瞄准,对准 (v.)

D. 意欲,旨在 (v.)
答案 (1) A (2) B (3) D (4) C

① aim n. & v.

without aim 漫无目的地 with the aim of 以期……,意在…… achieve one's aim 达到目的 miss one?s aim 希望落空,失败 take aim at 向……瞄准 aim at 瞄准 aim at(for) doing sth./aim to do sth. 旨在做某事 be aimed at 目的是,旨在……

① aim n. & v. 链接 aimless adj. 无目的的 aimlessly adv. 无目的地

① aim n. & v. 活用 翻译下列句子:

(2)我的话不是针对你的。 (3)她说她的生活好像没有目标。 答案 (1)What is your aim of life? (2)My words were not aimed at you. (3)She said that her life seemed aimless.

② adopt vt. 根据语境猜词义

(1) My mother was adopted when she was four. A
(2) Our school has adopted a new teaching method. B 根据语义找匹配

A. 收养,领养
B. 采用

② adopt vt.

adopt an approach / strategy / policy

采用某方法 / 战略 / 政策
an adopted son 养子

② adopt vt. 活用 用adopt的适当形式填空

When Tracy discovered that she was an ( 1 ) __________ child, she felt depressed. She thought for two days and then decided to (2) __________ her best

friend Charlie's suggestion — to find her birth mother.
答案 (1) adopted ( adj. ) (2) adopt (v.)

③ possession n.
根据语境猜词义 (1) The car Tom was in possession of was once in the possession of his uncle. (2) The finance company now has possession of the house. (3) We lost all our possessions in the terrible earthquake.

③ possession n.
根据语义找匹配 A. 失去了所有财产 B. 拥有……

C. 拥有……的所有权
D. 为……所有 答案 (1) B;D (2) C (3) A

③ possession n.

in the possession of
in one's possession take possession of have possession of

为某人所占有 占有,拥有 占有

③ possession n.
链接 possessions possess sb. of 财产(用复数) 使某人拥有 possess vt. 控制,占有

be possessed of


③ possession n. 活用 用possess的适当形式填空
With his business going on well, he was at first

(1) ________ of big houses, cars; and later he took (2)
__________ of stocks of different companies. Then, he found that everything he dreamed of was in his (3) __________. But he was told that the meaning and success of life was not measured by the (4) _________

he had, but the devotion he made to the society.

③ possession n. 活用 答案
(1) possessed (v.)


(2) possession (n.)
(3) possession (n.) (4) possessions (n.)

④score n. & v. 根据语境猜词义 (1) My score on the test was 85. A (2) A score of people was found missing in the storm. B (3) He scored high in the IQ test. C 根据语义找匹配

A. 分数

B. 20

C. 得分

④score n. & v. 短语 scores of 许多,大量

a score of


④score n. & v. 链接 three score eggs 60个鸡蛋 three score of these eggs 这些鸡蛋中的60个

表示“20”,其复数形式通常不加 -s,且 其后一
般不接介词 of。当其后的名词前有the,these,those 等表示特定的限定词修饰时,或当其后接 us , them , you等人称代词时,score 后加of。

④score n. & v.


B. Three scores D. Three score of

D the engineers are watching over the project. ______
A. Scores of C. Scores 解析

句意:这些工程师中的 60人正在视察这项工


⑤attempt n. & vt. 根据语境猜词义 (1) I let them talk on, without any attempt to interrupt them. (2) She made every attempt to go.

(3) They attempted to finish the work within a month.
(4) They have attempted a difficult task.

⑤attempt n. & vt. 根据语义找匹配 A. 不想做…… B. 试图做…… C. 开始(任务)

D. 千方百计地
答案 (1) A (2) D (3) B (4) C

⑤attempt n. & vt. 短语 make an attempt to do sth. 试图做某事 make an attempt on 试图对……攻击

in an attempt to do sth. 链接


attempt sth. / to do / doing sth.

attempted adj. 企图的,未遂的

⑤attempt n. & vt. 活用 用attempt的适当形式填空 A hungry lion make several (1) ___________ on the bull without success. It seemed that neither of them

was to give up. Again, the lion (2) ___________ to kill
his prey but still failed. It was a long and hard work. 答案 (1) attempts (n.)

(2) attempted (v.)

⑥ specific adj. & n. 根据语境猜词义 (1) I gave you specific instructions. A (2) The money was collected for a specific purpose. C (3) Aspirin is a specific for headache. 根据语义找匹配 A. 具体的 B. 特效药 C. 特定的


⑥ specific adj. & n. 短语 a specific aim 一个特定的目标 一种特定的疗法 a specific remedy

specifically adv. 明确地,具体地,特意地

specification n. 详述; 说明书

⑥ specific adj. & n. 活用 用specific的适当形式填空 As I (1) _________ mentioned last time, we should never start doing something without a (2) __________ purpose; or you are likely to fail. You will then feel sorry

but there is no (3) __________ for regret. 答案
(1) specifically (adv.) (3) specific (n.) (2) specific (adj.)

⑦ figure n. & v. 根据语境猜词义 (1) How does she manage to keep her figure when she

eats so much?
(2) Where did you get these figures? (3) He was one of the leading political figures of this century. (4) I can't figure out why he quit his job.

⑦ figure n. & v. 根据语义找匹配 A. 想出 (v.) B. 人物 (n.) C. 数字、数据(n.)

D. 体型(n.)
答案 (1) D (2) C (3) B (4) A

⑦ figure n. & v. 短语 keep one's figure a political figure figure out 保持体型 一位政治要人


⑦ figure n. & v. 活用 用figure的适当形式填空 Being a popular social (1) _______, she always had to appear with a fine (2) _______and (3) _______ out ways to attract the attention of the majority. 答案

(1) figure (n.)

(2) figure(n.)

(3) figured (v.)

⑧ appeal v. & n. 根据语境猜词义 (1) The police are appealing to the public for information about the crime. (2) The opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics

appealed to the audience all over the world.
(3) He appealed to his friends for support. (4) This case was appealed to a higher case. (5) She made her last appeal to his mother to forgive her.

⑧ appeal v. & n. 根据语义找匹配 A.上诉(vt.) B. 有感染力,吸引(vi.)

C. 呼吁(vi.)
D. 恳求(n.) E. 求助(vi.) 答案 (1) C (2) B (3) E (4) A (5) D

⑧ appeal v. & n. 短语

appeal to sb. for sth.
appeal to sb. appeal for sth. appeal to sb. to do sth.


吸引某人 恳求,呼吁

⑧ appeal v. & n.



In his (1) _______to me for help, he said something (2) ____________. But for his bad reputation, his words didn't seem to (3) __________ to me.

(1) appeal (n.)

(2) appealing (adj.)
(3) appeal (v.)

by coincidence 巧合地 (1) By coincidence, the day I got married was the
same as the day my close friend John married.

婚的。 (2) What do you think of the coincidence of two accidents? 你如何看待这两起事故的巧合性?

by coincidence 巧合地
链接 coincidence n. 巧合 coincident adj. 巧合的 短语 be coincident with 与……一致,巧合的

by coincidence 巧合地
活用 用coincidence的适当形式填空

The agent's sudden disappearance was (1)
_________ with his sudden death, which Tom thought

was not just (2) __________.

(1) coincident (2) by coincidence

In the late 19th century, Europe changed a great deal, from a mostly agricultural society to a

mostly industrial one.(P2)


为了避免重复,句中使用one代替意义相同的 “society”。也就是:one可以代替前面刚提到过的同一 类人或物,其复数形式为ones。 注意:that和one代替上文提及的名词时,不包括该名 词所带的定语。that 的定语一般是后置的短语、分词 或定语从句;one的定语除了前置的形容词、指示代词 及this, that 外,还有后置的形容词、从句或短语。 A color TV set made in Japan costs more than one made in China. 一台日产的彩色电视机比国产的要贵

活用 用适当的词完成句子 (1)我没有钢笔,我必须去买一支。 one I haven't got a pen. I have to buy ________. (2)我有一本新的故事书和几本旧的故事书。 ones I have a new storybook and several old ________. (3)从井里抽出来的水比从河里抽上来的水干净得多。 The water pumped from wells is much cleaner than that pumped from rivers. _____ (4)这件衬衫和我昨天买的一样好。 that I bought yesterday . The shirt is as good as ______



more importantly _______________ start a career ____________

3.随着人们健康意识的提高 with people's awareness of healthy life raised _____________________________________ 4.学会必修的知识和技能 get the required knowledge and skills _______________________________

the best time of one's life 5.一生中最美好的日子 ____________________ show one's gratitude to 6.对……表示感激 ____________________

一、写作词汇 in the past three years 7.在过去的三年时间里 ____________________ for the purpose of 8.目的是 ________________

last but not least 9.最后但同等重要的是 ________________ highlypaid people 10.高收入的人群 __________________
11.起重要作用 12. 与……交谈 play an important part ___________________ have a talk with ______________

二、句型操练 1.虽然我有了更多的自由,但同时我意识到作为成人 不仅意味着这一点更意味着责任。(although) 2.我一直梦想大学毕业后成为一名优秀的医生。 (dream of) 3.做完这些事,我的高中生活就不会留有遗憾了。 (with 独立结构) 4.还有一些我特别珍惜的事。(定语从句) 5.为了不留遗憾,我会征求我的同学给我提些有价值 的建议。(in order to)



1. Although I can enjoy more freedom, at the same time
I realize that being a grownup not only means this, but

also more responsibilities
2. I've been dreaming of becoming an excellent doctor after graduating from university.


答案 3. With these things done, I will have no regrets in my high school life. 4. There's something more that I especially treasure.

5.In order to leave school with no regrets, I'll ask my
classmates for some advice which may be of great

value to me.

三、实战演练 从学校毕业,或上大学,或步入社会,毕业意 味着前进、意味着选择。请以Graduation and Moving on为题,写一篇120词左右的毕业感言。首 句已经给出,不计入总词数。 要求: 1.毕业前活动:照相、留言等; 2.心情(依依不舍,又要前进)及原因等。

Graduation and Moving on Graduation is a time when we move on, from school to university, or out into the real world. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

One possible version: Graduation and Moving on Graduation is a time when we move on, from school to university, or out into the real world.

Before graduating from school, We usually have a
variety of activities, like taking pictures, leaving encouraging words to one another in memory of our friendship, or giving presents to our teachers express our thanks and show respect.

However, I have mixed emotions about moving on.
I want to stay and have more fun with my friends, but I will have to move on. Graduation means taking a step forward — moving onward and upward. Thus I can learn more and will be more skilled and experienced.

Graduation is coming whether we are ready or not.
Let's make efforts so that our dream will come true.



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