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2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:必修3 Unit 4

必修 3
Unit 4 Astronomy:the science of the stars 能力演练
一、语法填空 阅读下面短文,根据上下文及中文提示填入适当的词语,或使用括号 中所给词的正确形式填空。? A nurse took the tired,anxious soldier to the bedside.“Your son is here,” she said to the old man.She had to repeat the words seven times 1 the patient,s eyes opened.Heavily sedated(镇静)because of the pain of his heart attack, vaguely saw the young uniformed Marine he 2 (stand)outside 3 tightly,

the oxygen tent.He reached out his hand.The Marine held conveying a message of love and encouragement. 4 young Marine sat there in the

the night the

5 (poor)lit ward(病房), holding the old

man,s hand and offering him words of love and strength.? Occasionally,the nurse suggested that the Marine take a walk and rest a while.He refused.Now and then she heard words.The 7 6 say a few gentle

(die)man said nothing,only holding his son,s hand

tightly the whole night.Towards dawn,the old man died.The Marine released the now lifeless hand he nurse.Later,he asked 9 8 (hold)and went to tell the

that man was.The nurse was shocked.The when he

Marine told her that he hadn,t met him before in his life, 10

realized the old man badly needed him,he stayed.The next time someone needs there.“Stay,and you,ll be glad you did.”? 二、完形填空? 完形填空? 解题技巧(3) 利用固定搭配确定选项 固定搭配是完形填空的重要考查内容之一,所以,同学们在平常的学 习中一定要尽可能多记一些固定词组和惯用句型,有了丰富的积累, 考试时才能应付自如。? ◆活学活用 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? Not long ago I wasn,t doing very well in exams and I was full of disappointment and negative thinking.While on the new friends,but one in particular 2 we 1 ,I met many

.His nickname is Colorful Day and at age 15,and felt the

3 on the Web.He told me he lost his 4

whole world had closed its door to him.? He was 5 so fast that I couldn,t believe he was blind!But he continued

to 6 ,“Five years ago,I realized it was time to change my life.I had read about Helen Keller and understood her life and 7 .So I developed a website about her life 8 mine called Three Days to See.”?

I visited his website which was well 9 and vividly presented.? I asked,“How did you 10 to build such a website?”He said:“Owing to the new technology,I can use software specially 11 for the blind.?

12 I point the cursor(光标) will just read it out to me.We can do far ,it more things and 13 more information than we could before.”?

I then asked:“Didn ? t you have great difficulty with it?”? He hesitated and then began his 14 have faith in myself to 15 with a smiling face,“Yes,but I

my colorful day,and modern technology

gives me this medium and opportunity to do it.”? I was greatly moved and determined to fulfill my life.? 1.A.Internet C.street 2.A.turns out C.comes out 3.A.argued C.told 4.A.eyesight C.courage 5.A.speaking C.typing 6.A.follow 7.A.friendship C.happiness well as ? D.stage B.stands out ? D.looks out B.interviewed ? D.chatted B.hearing ? D.confidence B.saying ? D.spelling B.write ? D.copy B.marriage ? D.hardships long as ? hard as 9.A.helped C.delivered 10.A.try C.attempt 11.A.designed C.planned 12.A.Wherever C.Whatever 13.A.send C.lose 14.A.webpage C.words 15.A.create C.recognize 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解? soon as B.produced ? D.found B.come ? D.manage B.suggested ? D.imagined B.However ? D.Whichever B.obtain ? D.change B.speech ? D.complaints ? D.organize

专题训练(三) 理解作者的观点、意图及态度(2)? 专题训练( 理解作者的观点、意图及态度( ) ◆技巧点拨 要正确理解作者的观点、写作意图和对某事的态度,关键是在解题时 不要加进自己的观点, 也不要把社会上对某个问题的普遍看法或观点 强加给作者,特别是不要误选符合考生自己看法的选项。? ◆活学活用

阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务。? I was born and raised in France into this way of life:French women don,t get fat.There is a very good reason for that.Among the French middle and professional classes, is totally unacceptable for a woman to be fat.Little it girls, from a very young age, learn not to eat too much.It is mainly a class thing.When I read that “French woman love to shop and prepare food” , I laugh.Many of us who work and have a family would rather put our feet up with a good book.To describe France as the country of slender women is a lie.A quick trip to Calais or any town of the industrial north is guaranteed to be an eye ? opener.? Yes, 44, am still amazingly slim.This is hardly surprising; apart from at I the time when I was pregnant,I think I have been underweight for most of my life.There is no glory in this,since the truth must be said:I eat very little,not out of force,but mostly out of habit.? Yes,I like shop and cook like a traditional Frenchwoman,but I don,t think this is something you can easily pass on to British women.I tend to go to local shops every day and this is not something people are used to doing here,mainly because it takes a lot of time.I can afford to do so, since I work only on a part-time basis.? Of course, still enjoy a good meal at a(French)restaurant, I will have I and a glass of wine at dinner, only one glass, but since drinking other than one with food is a social taboo for women in France.To be seen drunk for a

woman is a social embarrassment from which she is not likely to recover. ? Dear British friends,do not believe that patronizing myth about French women.The thing is that many of us French women are probably unaware of how little we eat,simply because it has become second nature.? Ⅰ.以约 30 个单词概括短文要点。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________? Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择正确答案,注意第 1 和第 5 题的解题思路。 1.The author,s main purpose in writing the passage is to __________.? A.respond to an article about French women ? B.comment on an article about French women ? C.correct the opinion of an article about French women ? D.criticize the writer of an article about French women ? 2.Which of the following statement is NOT correct?? A.It,s totally acceptable for a French woman to keep slender.? B.Most of French women in the industrial north are actually fat.? C.Most of French women are forced not to eat too much for figure.? D.French women will feel embarrassed when seen to drink in public.? 3.Why does the writer go to local shops every day?? A.She wants to support the British opinions.?

B.She is a traditional French woman.? C.She needs something to cook every day.? D.She wants to send away her spare time.? 4.Why did the writer mention the fact that “French women don,t get fat”? A.To point out a fact.? B.To give an argumentative topic.? C.To support her opinion.? D.To tell her own experience.? 5.What,s the conclusion of the writer in this passage?? A. 〖ZK(#〗French women love to shop and prepare food.? B. French women don ? t get fat because they eat less from a very young age.? C.French women aren,t used to going shopping,not to speak of preparing food.? D.French women spend much less time shopping and preparing food than British women.?

一、? 1.解析:before 在陈述句中可译成“……才” 。? 答案:before

2.解析:see sb.doing 看见某人正在做。? 答案:standing 3.解析:it 指 his hand。? 答案:it 4.解析:throughout(表示时间)自始至终; 在……期间。? 答案:Throughout 5.解析:poorly 副词修饰过去分词 lit(light 的过去式及过去分词)? 答案:poorly 6.解析:him 指代 the young Marine。? 答案:him 7.解析:dying 快要死的,垂死的。? 答案:dying 8.解析:he 作定语修饰 lifeless hand,在这之前他一直都握着。? 答案:had been holding 9.解析:句意是问他是谁。? 答案:who 10.解析:but 连词,表转折。? 答案:but 二、? 1.解析:根据后面的“website”可知答案。? 答案:A

2.解析:“stand out”意为“突出,与众不同” 。? 答案:B 3.解析:根据空后的“on the web”可知此处选 D 项。? 答案:D 4.解析:根据第二自然段第一句中的“that I couldn,t believe he was blind!”可知此处选 A 项。? 答案:A 5.解析:由前文的“on the web”可以推断出此处选 C 项。? 答案:C 6.解析:由前文的“on the web”可知本句意思为: “但是他继续写(打 字)道……。 ”选 B 项。? 答案:B 7.解析:本句意思为: “我读了 Helen Keller 的故事, 理解了她的生活和 困境。 ”选 D 项。? 答案:D 8.解析:本句意思为: “因此我开办了一家网站,也命名为‘给我三天 光明’”由此可知此处所填词意思是“也” 。 ,选 A 项。? 答案:A 9.解析:根据句意可知所填词意思是: “制作” ,选 B 项。? 答案:B 10.解析:所填词强调结果,后跟动词不定式,意思是: “设法做到” , 选 D 项。?

答案:D 11.解析:本句意思为: “因为新科技,我可以使用专门为盲人设计的软 件开办我的网站。 ”选 A 项。? 答案:A 12.解析:所填词引导地点状语从句,意思是“无论哪里” ,选 A 项。 答案:A 13.解析:句子意思为: “我们可以做更多的事情,获得更多信息。 ”选 B 项。? 答案:B 14.解析:begin one ? s words: 开始说他的话” 其他三项与语境不符。 “ 。 答案:C 15.解析:句子意思为: “我相信我自己能创造出我的多彩的未来” 。选 A 项。? 答案:A 三、? Ⅰ.? In response to an article about French women,the writer talks about her own experience , pointing out French women aren,t used to going shopping,not to speak of preparing food.? Ⅱ.? 1~5 ACDCC ? 温馨提示: 1 题考查对作者意图的理解。 第 见第一段 “When I read that

“French woman love to shop and prepare food.”I laugh. To describe France as the country of slender women is a lie.? 第 5 题考查对作者态度的理解见 Many of us who work and have a family would rather put our feet up with a good book.?


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