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Hello Spenser! We can eat in ?La Farinda? restaurant. I can come at nine o?clock. You can park your car in a free car park behind the restaurant. Kisses, Anna Dear Penfrined, My name is Omar and I?m 16 years. I have three brothers and no sisters. My hobby is playing football with my brothers. Write soon, Omar Hello my dear friend, I want you to know I have finished my birthday. I have a motorbike as a present. My brother bought me the motorbike. I like it so much because I want to race with the other motorbikes. See you soon. Yours, Clara Hi Ally, I haven?t seen you for ages. At the party I ate a pizza with my friends, Jean and Marie. We saw a film and I had got a lot of presents, including many CDs and a computer game. It was great fun. Love, Andrea


Good morning, madame/sir. What's your name? May I know your name? Can you tell me your name? My Chinese name is …, and you can call me … Could you spell your surname? Yes, sure. Zeng, z-e-n-g, Zeng. Please tell me your number.

My number is … Where do you come from? I come from China. Where are you from? I’m from China. Where do you live? I live in Zhichun Road, Beijing. Are you a student? Yes, I am. Where do you study? I study at … Primary School. What class/grade are you in? I’m in Class … Grade … What subjects do you study? I study Chinese, Maths, English, Art, Music, P.E., Computer and Science. What is your favorite subject? My favorite subject is English, because it’s fun. Which subject do you like best? I like Chinese best, because I am very good at writing. Tell me something about your family.

There are 3 people in my family. They are my father, mother and me. My father is a … my mother is a …, and I’m a student. Have you got any brothers or sisters? I haven’t got any brothers or sisters, but I have … cousins. What’s your hobby or interest in your spare time? I like reading books. My favourite book is … it tells about a …. It’s very interesting. I like playing badminton. It’s fun to do sports. I feel very happy when I play badminton with my friends. Do you like watching TV? Yes, I do. I feel happy when I watch TV. I like cartoons most. They’re funny. No, I don’t. It’s bad for my eyes to watch TV. I prefer to do sports when I have time. Do you like playing sports? Why or why not? Yes, I do. I feel great when I do sports. And I love playing soccer best. I usually play soccer with my friends on the playground once a week. Where would you like to go to on vocation?

I’d like to go to Hainan for my vocation. Because first, it’s a beautiful place. Second, I can go to the beach and swim. Third, I can enjoy a lot of delicious seafood in Hainan. I’d like to go to Hongkong Disneyland on holiday. Because first it’s beautiful. Second, there are a lot of funny games for me to play. Third I can play with some famous cartoon characters, such as Snow white, Cinderella and so on. Tell me something about the kind of TV program you like. I like nature shows best, because I like animals. They are cute. And I can learn a lot from the shows. They are very interesting. I like comedies best, because they’re very funny. I often laugh a lot when I watch comedies. They make me very happy. Do you like reading books? Why or why not? Yes, I do. I like reading books, because I can read a lot of interesting stories. And also I can learn a lot from the books. What did you have for breakfast? ? I ate two pieces of bread and drank a glass of milk for breakfast. What are you going to have for lunch? ? I’m going to have rice and chicken for lunch.

What do you usually have for dinner? ? I usually have some soup and noodles for dinner. What’s your favorite food? ? My favorite food is chicken, because it’s delicious and good for my health. What’s the difference between Chinese food and western food? ? First, Chinese food is more delicious. There are many different kinds of Chinese food, such as spring rolls, Chuan cuisine, jiaozi and so on. Second, Chinese food is healthier than western food. It contains much protein, vitamin and fiber. But western food has a lot of sugar, fat and salt. Do you like traveling? Yes, I do. I like traveling very much. Because I can go to different places, meet different people and enjoy different delicious food. How many places have you been to? I have been to 3 places. They are Hainan, Dalian and Jiuzhai Valley. They are all very beautiful. And I want to go there again. Which place do you like best?

I like Jiuzhai Valley best. Because first, the scenery is beautiful. Second, people there are friendly. Third, the local food was fantastic.

Part 3 常见交际用语 Where do you come from? How did it happen? Are you sure? May I leave now? 1.问候 Greetings&介绍 Introductions Good morning/afternoon/evening. Hello/Hi! How are you? Fine,thank you. And you? Very well,thank you. This is Mr./Mrs./Miss./Ms.…/These are…and they are… How do you do? Nice/Glad to see/meet you. My name is…I'm a student/worker etc. 2.告别 Farewells I think it's time for us to leave now./I'm afraid I must go now. Goodbye!(Bye-bye!Bye!) See you later/tomorrow.(See you.) Good night. [注]晚上见面时,只能说 Good evening,睡觉前要用 Good night 来告别。 3.打电话 Making telephone calls Hello! May I speak to…? I?d like to speak to… Is that…(speaking)? Hold on,please. This is…speaking. He/She isn't here right now/at the moment. Can I take a message for you? I called to tell/ask you… May I leave a message? 4.感谢和应答 Thanks and responses Thank you(very much)。 Thanks a lot. Many thanks. Thanks for… That's very nice of you. It's very kind of you to say so/do it. Thank you all the same. Not at all. That's all right./It's my pleasure. You're welcome./That's OK. 5.祝愿、祝贺和应答 Good wishes,congratulations and responses Good luck!

Best wishes to you. Have a nice/good time. Congratulations! Happy birthday to you. Thank you. [注]回答对方只是对自己某一方面时,用“Thank you.”而共有的节日要用 “The same to you.” Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! The same to you. 6.意愿 Intentions I'm going to… I will… I'd like to… I want/hope to… 7.道歉和应答 Apologies and responses I'm sorry.(Sorry.) I'm sorry for/about… Excuse me. That's all right. It doesn't matter. That's nothing. Never mind. 8.遗憾和同情 Regrets and sympathy What a pity! I'm sorry to hear that. 9.邀请和应答 Invitations and responses Will you come to…? Would you like to…? Yes. I'd love to… Yes. It's very kind/nice of you. I'd love to. But… 10.提供帮助和应答 Offers and responses Can I help you?/May I help you? What can I do for you? Here,take this/my…/Here you are. Let me…for you. Would you like some…? Thanks. That would be nice/fine. Thank you for your help./Thank you for helping me. Yes,please. No,thanks/thank you. That's very kind of you,but…

11.请求允许和应答 Asking for permission and responses May I…? Can/could I…? Yes/Certainly. Yes,do please. Of course(you may)。 That's OK/all right. I'm sorry,but… You'd better not. 12.表示同意和不同意 Expressing agreement and disagreement Certainly/Sure/Of course. Yes,please. Yes,I think so. That's true. All right/OK. That's a good idea. I agree(with you)。 No,I don't think so. I'm afraid not. I really can't agree with you. Yes,maybe. You may be right. 13.表示肯定和不肯定 Expressing certainty and uncertainty I'm sure. I'm sure(that)… I'm not sure. I'm not sure whether/if… Maybe/Perhaps. 14.喜好和厌恶 Likes and dislikes I like/love…(very much) I like/love to… I don't like(to)… I hate(to)… 15.谈论天气 Talking about the weather What's the weather like today? How's the weather in…? It's fine/cloudy/windy/rainy… It's rather warm/cold/hot etc. today,isn't it? Shopping What can I do for you?May/Can I help you? I want/I'd like…/Let me have…kilo/box… How much is it? That's too much/expensive,I'm afraid. That's fine. I'll take it.

How many/much do you want? What color/size/kind/do you want? Do you have any other kind/size/colour? 17.问路和应答 Asking the way and responses Excuse me,which is the way to…? Excuse me,can you tell me the way to…? How can I get to…?I don't know the way. Go down this street. Turn right/left at the first/second crossing. It's about…meters from here. 18. 预定房间/航班 reservation Are there any beds vacant? Can I have a double room for tonight, please? Could you reserve a single room for me? Have you got any accommodation? How much is a room for one night? All our rooms are fully occupied. We're practically full until Sunday, but I'll see. Let me see. Oh, yes , you can have a double room on the fifth floor. Please fill in the arrival card. Here's your key and the lift's just round the corner. Dialogue 1 Receptionist: Can I help you? Guest: We want to book two rooms. R: For how many nights? G: For two nights. R: Ok, then, would you like two double rooms or one double room and one single room? G: One double room and one single room. R:Ok. May I have your name? G: Mary White. M-A-R-Y W-H-I-T-E. R: Thank you, Mary White. Wait a moment, please. (After a few minutes) I've got it. Your room numbers are 401 and 402. 401 is a single room, and 402 is a double room. Dialogue 2 A: Hello, can I help you? B: Yes, please. I'd like to make a reservation from Hong Kong to Tampa with a stopover in Houston. A: When to leave? B:I would like to leave Hong Kong September the first and leave Houston for Tampa on September the 12th. A: Ok. Can I have your name, please? B: Lily Smith. A: And your telephone number?

B: Hong Kong side 3854295. A: OK. Right then. B: Thank you. 文化差异 鼓励、寒暄、赞美 Go ahead! --Thank you for your help. --No thanks. It?s my duty. --You are welcome. --Your new bag is very beautiful. --Just so so. --Thank you. It?s very nice of you to say so. --Would you like to my birthday party? --No, I'm busy. --I?d love to, but I?m afraid I can?t. I have to babysit my sister. --Mum,I have passed the exam. --Study hard next time. --Congratulations. --Thank you for looking after Polly for me while we?re away. --No thanks. --With pleasure. --Hello! Could I speak to the headmaster, please? --Who are you? --Who is that? --I am sorry for having wasted a lot of your time. --Thanks a lot for your help. I?m afraid I must be leaving now. I do not get in the rush hour. --You must have had a tiring journey. --Did you have a good trip? --How soon will you be ready? --Two days. --In two days. --Hi, haven?t seen you for ages! You look fine! --You look well too. --Thanks. You look well too. 陷阱 --Would you mind me opening the windows? --同意:Not at all./Certainly not. 不同意 Yes./I?m sorry. --What?s he like? --He likes English. --He is old. --How much are they? --Half a kilo, please. --50 dollars.

特殊疑问句 用什么问,用什么答,注意时态 What time? Where? Which? Who phoned me? When? Why? How? How much? How long? How often? How far? How soon? 一般疑问句 Are you sure? May I leave now? Do you like? Are you free? Shall we …? Do you speak…? Did you …? 陈述句 求表扬 求祝福 求认同 求帮助 求询问 百搭答句 It?s up to you. I think so. Can you say that again? We can?t decide. Can?t you stay? Would you like some help? I?ll check for you. In a minute. I?ll just check for you. Why can?t you? Have you got anything else? It often is. They are both great. Not really. Not exactly.

Good idea! --That?s right. --That?s all right. --All right. --Not exactly / Not really. --Take your time./ Take it easy. --Forget it. --Don?t mention it. --Help yourself. Why not? I can?t help it.我无能为力。 It?s Ann speaking.是 Ann, 说吧。电话用语,常用于接到电话时。 Are you free this Tuesday?这周二你有时间吗? I can be, if it?s very important。如果事情非常重要,我可以找时间。 In a minute.马上。 Not very often.不是非常经常。偶尔



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